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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sectarian bigotry is inseparable from the whole set-up in British Occupied Ireland, founded in 1921, when Britain partitioned Ireland in order to hold on to six of is 32 counties in the north.

They created a 'Protestant state for a Protestant people' which required force of arms from the beginning. to the present day, against the majority of people in the island of Ireland who voted back then for independence from Britain. As a result the Catholic minority found themselves trapped in a state founded on a sectarian headcount, where they are still regarded as second class.

Those enlightened Protestants who rejected the idea that Catholics were inferior were silenced by fear of he whole fascist paraphernalia of Orangeism-marching through Catholic neighbourhoods, chanting anti-Catholic songs with supremacists rituals about cementing Protestant workers behind the British Unionist elitist establishment and British rule. Every institution in British Occupied Ireland was shot through with sectarianism, from the police tojudiciary, to housing, education and employment.

Opposition to that led to a civil rights 
movement  in the 1960s that was batoned off the streets. The violence of the British Occupied scum state has provoked almost half a century of open conflict. The peace process was meant to put an end to that but the British Government has enabled Ulster Unionism to  bring the peace process to an end as a result of entrenching the sectarian division between Protestant and Catholic.

Most people, Protestant and Catholic in Ireland want peace and an end to sectarianism. A recent opinion poll revealed that only 26 percent of people in Britain believe that Occupied Ireland should remain part of the UK.  People are appalled at the sectarian scenes of the Orange Order.

Those behind the violence rely on the continued presence of the British state in Occupied Ireland. That state shores up a monstrosity, placating the official bigotry of Orangeism and perpetuating the basis for violent Orange fascism. To end sectarian violence in Ireland demands one thing, pulling the plug on the sectarian scum state that sustains it. The British Government created the sectarian nightmare. It is morally obliged to get out and allow the long suffering people who have endured it, bring it to an end.