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Thursday, September 5, 2013


The proof that Britain's Secret Services MI5 in British Occupied ireland, are hell bent on undermining the Irish Peace Process, can be found in the contrasting treatment of Orange Order Loyalist Stephen Irwin, perpetrator of the Greysteel Massacre and the internment without charge or trial of traditional irish Republican, Martin Corey. If the Irish Peace Process works, MI5 will be out of their multi-million pound, State of the Art Palace Barracks in Holywood, County Down, minus their multi million pound budget, the prize of their turf wars with competing Secret Service MI6.

Releasing a loyalist mass murderer early, to do so some more of their British State Terrorism, dirty work, coupled with provoking republicans, with the injustice of their internment without charge, trial and prejudiced secret evidence against Martin Corey, is precisely the same injustice, that fuelled the conflict for more than the last 40 years. As every interdenominational mongrel on an Irish street knows, enduring peace with such provocative injustice, is simply impossible

Orange Order mass murderer Stephen Irwin has been freed again from prison, for the second time, just before the 20th anniversary of his Greysteel massacre. Irwin 40 was released previously under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement but was imprisoned again 8 years ago, for visciously slashing a fellow football fan at a soccer match with a knife. He was told at that time, he would have to serve out his full sentence, for the eight murders at the Rising Sun Bar massacre. He was granted early release last week by the parole board and walked out of prison after commissioners ruled his release immediately. East Derry's John Dallat one of the very few Members of Stormont Parlaiment {SDLP MLA} who is not compromised to the British Secret Services, described it as “unbelievably insensitive” coming so soon, before the anniversary of the Greysteel massacre.

John said: “This will only fuel the widely-held belief that Irwin and his fellow killer Torrens Knight were and most likely still are on the payroll of British Secret Servic MI5 and that that affords them the kid glove treatment.I have it on excellent authority from a well placed source that both Irwin and Knight were agents and met their MI5 handlers at Ebrington and Shackleton Barracks when they were in operation.

People are not stupid and they know there are many unanswered questions about the Greysteel slaughter and the killing of four men in Castlerock earlier the same year that Torrens Knight also committed using the same weapon.Those questions will only be answered if an independent inquiry is held and access is given to files on Irwin and Knight.I am sure the relatives of those murdered and maimed in Greysteel 20 years ago will be sickened as I am that someone who was clearly unbelievably insensitive thought it was a good time to put this killer back on the streets.”

Sentence Review Commissioners contacted declined to comment. This purports to be Due Process in Peace Process Ireland, when on October 30, 1993, Stephen Irwin, Torrens Knight, Geoffrey Deeney and Brian McNeill, all fellow Orange Order members, went into the Rising Sun Bar in Greysteel armed.They massacred eight people, six Catholics and two Protestants. The victims were: John Burns, Moira Duddy, Joe McDermott, Victor Montgomery, James Moore, John Moyne, Stephen Mullan and Karen Thompson. One of the gang after release stated, his only regret, was that he didn't kill more. Irwin was given eight life sentences but was released after just a few years under the Good Friday Agreement.

Martiin Corey was born in the "Murder Triangle" of British Occupied Ireland and saw first hand the sectarian work of the"Glenanne gang." From being a teenage vigilante protecting his community, he volunteered for the IRA, the only defence his community had at 19. The name "Glenanne gang" is derived from a farm at Glenanne near Markethill, County Armagh, used as the Orange Order gang's arms dump and bomb-factory.Most of the Glenanne gang's attacks took place in parts of County Armagh and mid-Ulster, which later became known as the "murder triangle." The Orange Order loyalist extremists carried out sectarian attacks, from the beginning of the 1970s on a sectarian basis, against Irish Catholics, in a violent campaign, that eventually provoked a tit for tat reaction. Commanded by British Military Intelligence and RUC Special Branch, they also carried out attacks all over Ireland.

This gang of British State terrorists, included soldiers in the British Army, its Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), British Police in the form of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), the loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) some Ulster Defence Association (UDA) members. Former members alleged they were commanded from London and the one common bond, everyone belonged in the Orange order. The Pat Finucane Centre has listed 87 murders, as the crimes of the Glenanne gang, which includes the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, the Miami murders and the Reavey and O'Dowd murders. A sworn affidavit in the 2003 Barron Report by Glenanne gang member and RUC Special Patrol Group officer John Weir confirms this. The RUC Special Patrol Group, a specialised police unit tasked with counter-terrorism was instead engaged in sectarian murders

It is important to understand this background, in the context of Martin Corey volunteering to join the IRA and be the only protector of his totally defenceless community in Lurgan, being systematically murdered by British State terrorism and the later disbanded paramilitary police of the RUC. Martin was found guilty of shooting two of them in an IRA ambush almost 40 years ago. He served almost 20 years and was released unconditionally at that time. This then is the background to a heavily censored discussion on why Martin is interned almost 4 years again without charge and without trial.The censored debate in the pensive quill, followed an opening piece from Jim McIlMurray afriend of Martin's, on the the continued internment of Martin Corey' on hi s63rd birthday which went as follows:

" September 2, 2013, is the 63rd birthday of Martin Corey.

Today is also the date the Parole Commissioners were to commence Martin’s annual Parole hearing. We received communication on Friday, the 30th of August, informing us that this open hearing to review Martin’s ongoing detention would not commence on this date, with no alternative date being suggested or discussed with us.

Martin is entitled by law to an annual Parole hearing, and yet he has not received one in over two years.
A variety of reasons have been given for the delay, including blaming Martin himself for his "legal challenges" against his detention under Article 5 (4) (the right to have a court decide the lawfulness of his detention under the European convention of Human Rights).

Recent violations of Human Rights in the Middle East have received worldwide condemnation, including by the British government who stated that they 'will continue to play an active and forthright role in international institutions that promote and protect human rights.' They also emphasised the UK’s own commitment to strengthen human rights, both domestically and internationally.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2012 that it was unacceptable to deny an annual parole hearing to anyone held in custody. This ruling ollowed a case of a man who waited 14 months for a parole hearing. Martin Corey has now waited 25 months.

The Secretary of State in a recent communication stated, 'an individual who served a life sentence
can be returned to prison if they pose a risk to the public or commits further offences.' Since Martin’s arrest in April 2010, he has never been charged with a crime, questioned by police regarding a crime, or given any explanation as to the risk he poses to the public.

Martin served 19 years in prison prior to his release in 1992. He has now served the equivalent of a
seven year sentence since his arrest in 2010.

Martin has not committed any crime. He poses no risk to the public and I am calling for his immediate release today.

I spoke with Martin this morning and he wishes to express his gratitude to those who sent messages and cards and also for their continued support in highlighting the ongoing injustice perpetrated upon him by
the British government.

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Pauline says:

10:06 AM, September 02, 2013Reply

Martin Corey is a name that pops into my head almost daily. I can't understand why there isn't more of an outcry outside of the campaign for him. The man is held at the whim of a politician with no mandate in north on alleged advice from the parole commission that she employs and if she so chooses can dismiss. Held on the strength of evidence that neither he nor his legal team are give access to, which begs the fundamental question, how do you challenge what you can't see?

In England MPs have spoken out against the use of 'closed material' branding it the product of Tyrants and repressive regimes. This puts a question mark over the attitude of the Stormont Executive's position on the use of closed material evidence, and I believe that the parties and MLAs in Stormont whether holding ministerial positions or not should clarify their individual and party position on the use of such draconian measures. I would urge all interested parties to write to their MLA's and ask them do they support the use of closed material evidence and if not what they are doing about it?

A very dangerous precedent has been set here!

AM says:

10:45 AM, September 02, 2013Reply

The PSNI probably have it in for him given the conviction he has for killing two of their colleagues. They are getting their revenge because they can.

Now, that might be understandable in terms of sheer human emotions. But if human emotions hold a veto over what goes on in society, there would never be any progress, the jails would be packed and we would probably have the death penalty for offences considered trivial by modern era standards.

Martin Corey is being held for what a court said he did in the 1970s - for which he has served his time - not for anything a court said he has done in recent years. He is being held at the whim of a politician - political policing par excellence.

itsjustmacker says:

3:13 PM, September 02, 2013Reply

Firstly , Birthday Greetings to Martin , I have intentionally omitted "Happy".

Martin is being held on secret evidence , It stems from the HET/ex RUC Special Branch and MI5 ,That's the Brits way of getting their own way. Every Ex pow should be out onto the street enforce demanding his release , lest they forget , He is still a comrade. As Anthony stated, Martin served his time , How many ex RUC murderers are going to be arrested under the secret evidence scam, Dare I say it , "NONE" , nor , any Murdering British Soldier. Its heart rendering to say the least, so called ex comrades allowing a 63 year old pensioner still interned and they do nothing about it, I hope some of them, especially in the Fellons club are reading this and I hope they die in shame.

Fionnuala Perry says:

1:42 PM, September 03, 2013Reply

What happened to putting manners on the Brits?
Last night we went as a family to watch a play written by Rosaleen Watson about the short life and tragic death of Tom Williams.
Throughout the short and very moving drama there was an atmosphere of shock and disbelief that something as horrendous as Tom's eventual murder took place.
There was an atmosphere of past- tense, an atmosphere of having moved away from these awful times.There was almost a feeling of detachment an invisible line drawn to distinguish past from present.
I wondered as I left the prison was I the only person there who felt, all these years later nothing has changed they would hang us all over again if they could? Who knows?

itsjustmacker says:

4:16 PM, September 03, 2013Reply


"as I left the prison was I the only person there who felt, all these years later nothing has changed they would hang us all over again if they could?"

They wouldn't take a millisecond to hesitate.

Pauline says:

7:22 PM, September 03, 2013Reply

My husband's grandfather was interned in Crumlin Road Gaol with Tom Williams at the time he was executed. My husband would often remark that his grandfather never spoke of it, such was the impact it had on him. Any time the name of Tom Williams comes up you can be sure my husband will be muttering the following passage from Tom Williams' letter to Hugh McAteer. As he was reading this thread earlier he went into it!

''But shall we make the mistake of '21? no, no, tis men like you and your staff will see to it. That no farcical so called Treaty shall in no way be signed by a bunch of weak-kneed and willed Irishmen. Better that the waves of the mighty oceans sweep over Erin than take and divide our nation, murder her true sons again. Better would be that heavens would open and send fire to destroy Erin, than to
accept another Treaty like it''

Another point of interest is that Paddy McGrory the father of the current DPP was actually taking a case to Europe over the internment of my husbands grandfather and others around 1958, I think, how times have changed you definitely couldn't say like father like son.

Maitiu Connel says:

9:11 PM, September 03, 2013Reply

I simply find this a crime against human rights. At the weekend I was researching through a few articles / writings about loyalism and part of my results included recent UTV and BBC articles in which they stated openly, the names of well known UDA men and that they were leaders. The same man who openly speaks from time to time on the news with the title " UDA leader " under his name. How can these people be publicly named as leaders of an illegal terrorist group and never face arrest. Today we have 5 supposed PIRA men being charged with membership from 1997 - 2000. We watched Marian Price spend years in prison there for holding a piece of paper. It seems MI5 love to turn a blind eye to it's operators whilst still the Irish suffer.

frankie says:

10:56 PM, September 03, 2013Reply

I think you hit the nail on the head Anthony...Pure and simple bitterness.

Judges can't find a reason to hold him, cops aren't interested.

Unless, as several posters have mentioned before they (powers that be) are simply testing the water to see how far they can push the boundaries..

itsjustmacker says:

12:20 AM, September 04, 2013Reply

Maitiu Connel:

Those five are out on £250 bail , They are SF, That's unheard off in Nationalists terms, not that I would want to see them being remanded , I am just making a point , Its the same on both sides of the divide, Its not what you know , its who you know , but , there is more to this case than just being accused of being a member of PIRA.


I have always stated that. They are pushing as far as they want now because they won't bang up any Pro treaties. I was well pleased on the Anti Internment March , all the banners of those still Interned , Also those of Michael Campbell, and of course those of Martin Corey.

Snowtorch says:

9:05 AM, September 04, 2013Reply

If Shinners such as Padraig Wilson support the British rule of law then I'm sure he would have no problem facing due process and taking a spell on remand, after all Sinn Fein are fond of due process. However I think what's keeping them off remand is that Padraig Wilson had requested to go on the republican wing when it was looking like he was going to be locked up a few months ago. Now that wouldn't look to well for the shinners one of their leading members requesting to be housed with those they have condemned as criminals and traitors."




The missions tasked to the Increment are so-called 'black ops' - deniable missions that would be disavowed by the British government if compromised. These can include:
  • secret military assistance to foreign powers
  • clandestine insertion and extraction of intelligence agents
  • covert reconnaissance / intelligence gathering
Naturally enough, no official confirmation of the existence or operations of such a unit has ever been forthcoming.
The most reliable report in the media so far that such a MI6-UKSF cadre exists was in a January 2012 BBC report on MI6/UKSF operations in Libya that makes mention of an 'E Squadron', noting that the unit was "formed five years ago to work closely with the intelligence service, MI6, and is mainly involved in missions where maximum discretion is required". The BBC report goes on to say that E Squadron is "the modern-day successor to the shadowy cell sometimes referred to as the Increment."
It is believed that the Increment ranks feature SAS and SBS operatives who have been specially trained and selected to work with MI6. It has been reported that every SIS station chief has a direct line to the SAS Duke of York's Barracks in London and that close ties exist between the two units. The Secretive unit is also manned by operatives from the Joint Support Group, the SRR and the Intelligence Corps.
It is thought that the SAS Anti-Terrorist team often provide the men for Increment operations. Men from M Squadron, the SBS Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) unit also provide manpower. When working for SIS, the SBS is rumoured to have used its skill at operating underwater to place trackers on vessels docked in foreign ports. It's also believed they use SDVs to ferry SIS agents to and from foreign shores.
When air support is required, 7 and 47 Squadron RAF (or other elements of the JSFAW) can be called on. Such support might include covert infill/exfil of SIS agents or assets from foreign countries, as well as directly supporting Increment operations.
Those seconded for the Increment are usually the more experienced ranks and all are vetted by SIS. Their backgrounds, friends and families are all thoroughly examined for potential security risks. Increment operatives receive specialised training.
Some sources state that the Increment work alongside another shadowing group known as UKN, a highly specialised surveillance unit, also run by SIS. UKN appear to specialise in surveillance in foreign countries and it has been speculated that they act as the increment's eyes and ears, identifying and tracking targets for operations.
There are somewhat wild and unsubstantiated rumours that The Increment / UKN have been involved in several high profile events such as:
  • the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed
  • the death of Dr David Kelly
  • the planned assassinations of foreign leaders such as Libya's Colonel Gaddafi and Serbia's Milosovich

Greysteel Killer Stephen Irwin Freed

Mass murderer Stephen Irwin has been freed from prison for the second time just weeks before the 20th anniversary of the Greysteel massacre.

The 40-year-old Irwin was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement but he was imprisoned again in 2005 for slashing a football fan at an Irish Cup final.
He was told then that he would have to serve out his full sentence for the eight Rising Sun Bar deaths.
But he submitted an application to the Sentence Review Commissioners for early release and last week walked out of Maghaberry after the commissioners ruled his application should be granted and he was released immediately
East Derry MLA John Dallatdescribed the move as “unbelievably insensitive” coming so soon before the anniversary of the Greysteel massacre.
He said: “This will only fuel the widely-held belief that Irwin and his fellow killer Torrens Knight were and most likely still are on the payroll ofMI5 and that that affords them the kid glove treatment.
“I have it on excellent authority from a well placed source that both Irwin and Knight were agents and met their MI5 handlers at Ebrington and Shackleton Barracks when they were in operation.
“People are not stupid and they know there are many unanswered questions about the Greysteel slaughter and the killing of four men in Castlerock earlier the same year that Torrens Knight also committed using the same weapon.
“Those questions will only be answered if an independent inquiry is held and access is given to files on Irwin and Knight.
“I am sure the relatives of those murdered and maimed in Greysteel 20 years ago will be sickened as I am that someone who was clearly unbelievably insensitive thought it was a good time to put this killer back on the streets.”
Confirming the release, a spokesman for the Northern Ireland Office said: “The SRC is an independent body and it is for them, not the Secretary of State, to determine eligible prisoners' suitability for release.
“The Sentence Review Commissioners determined that Mr Irwin's application for early release should be granted.”
The Sentence Review Commissioners were contacted but declined to comment.
On October 30, 1993, Stephen Irwin led Torrens Knight, Geoffrey Deeney and Brian McNeill, all fellow UFF members, into the Rising Sun Bar in Greysteel.
Eight people — six Catholics and two Protestants were shot dead. 19 others were injured. The victims were: John Burns, Moira Duddy, Joe McDermott, Victor Montgomery, James Moore, John Moyne, Stephen Mullan and Karen Thompson.
Irwin pleaded guilty to the killings and was given eight life sentences but was later released under the Good Friday Agreement. In 2005 he was jailed for four years for knifing a football fan.

MI6 and SAS 'united in Princess Diana death plot'

THE Scotland Yard inquiry into claims that the SAS murdered Princess Diana took a new twist last night when an author offered to hand over his secret dossier to detectives.

Target-Diana-in-Angola-during-her-high-profile-anti-landmines-campaignTarget: Diana in Angola during her high-profile anti-landmines campaign
Alan Power claims Diana, who died in a Paris car crash 16 years ago yesterday, was killed by MI6 with military help.
The Sunday Express has learnt that a former SAS soldier who claims to have served in an assassination team known as The Increment worked closely with him on his explosive new book, The Princess Diana Conspiracy. Mr Power says he will protect his sources but we have learnt that he has twice offered to hand over sensitive files to Yard officers. Last night he said from his home on the Isle of Man: “I am happy to help them in any way I can but they have not taken up my offer so far. I am tempted to consider they don’t want to know. That is my belief.”
However, we understand detectives have given him a crime number, RCAD3177, and that officers will be contacting him in the coming weeks.
Police launched their investigation after being told that another former SAS soldier, unknown to Mr Power, informed his estranged in-laws that the regiment was behind the crash that killed the 36-year-old Princess, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, 42, and chauffeur Henri Paul.
As flowers were laid at the Alma ­tunnel in Paris and outside Kensington Palace in London yesterday in memory of the Princess, Mr Power insisted he was not trying to cash in on the tragedy, saying he was seeking “justice for ­Diana”. In his preface for the book, he states: “Diana was murdered by MI6 with military aid’’ but does not produce overwhelming ­evidence to support his theory or name the assassins.
Explaining the role of the so-called Increment team, he wrote: “The secret paramilitary organisation comprises troops from the SAS and SBS military for the purposes of carrying out lethal operations, as described by ­Richard Tomlinson.”
Former MI6 agent Tomlinson told the inquest into Diana and Dodi’s deaths that he was aware of a colleague’s proposal to kill Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic by using a strobe light in a tunnel to distract his driver, causing a crash. At the inquest Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the Secret Intelligence Service, denied MI6 was involved in Diana’s death, claiming that Tomlinson’s evidence about the strobe light was “spurious” and that he had elaborated bits of information he had heard to make mischief for the service.
He denied that security service staff were trained to use strobe lights for disorientation.
Princess Diana, Alan Power, death, conspiracy, SAS, M16, Dodi Al FayedYesterday: Well-wishers left flowers at Paris tunnel
I offered my evidence but maybe they don't want to know
Alan Power
Lawyer Michael Mansfield, QC, said the Milosevic assassination suggestion entailed the use of “the Increment, a small cell of SAS and SBS specially selected and trained to carry out operations for MI5 and MI6”.
Sir Richard responded: “I am not going to speculate or comment. There are a number of capabilities that SIS had. I am not going to confirm or deny whether the ones you are mentioning are part of the service’s capabilities. The services’s capability is the service’s capability but I do not think that has anything to do with this inquest into the death of Princess Diana.”
Asked to comment on Mr Power’s claims, Scotland Yard said: “The Metropolitan Police is scoping recent information regarding the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. This scoping exercise is not complete.”
In a separate development a man who worked with Diana on her landmines campaign has come forward to claim she was killed because she was upsetting ­shadowy figures in the arms industry.
Retired soldier Rory Allen said her condemnation of a host of lethal armaments had upset certain “figures”. Shortly before she died, Diana visited Bosnia to highlight the death and injury caused by landmines there.
South Africa-based military consultant Mr Allen claims she was also planning to expand her campaign to the Middle East by joining him in a mine clearance exercise. She had offered to support his Operation Khamsin project to clear mines at El Alamein in Egypt’s western desert. “She was going to make a big speech in Egypt and speak in other countries,” he claimed.
A letter from The Office of Diana, Princess of Wales to Mr Allen, signed by Mrs Colin MacMillan, says: “The Princess was touched that you took the trouble to write following the documentary film of her visit to Angola and was interested to read of your various projects.
“The Princess of Wales hopes that the world now has a better understanding of the suffering caused by anti-personnel mines and that there will be an opportunity to visit some of the 65 other countries affected in the same manner. Your letter meant a great deal to the Princess who has asked me to send you her heartfelt thanks.”
Mr Allen, who is recovering in England after an illness, said: “Through my contacts in the mine clearance ­industry I was reliably informed that the humanitarian efforts of Diana had incurred the ­disapproval of certain figures because of her declared condemnation of the use of cluster-bombs, depleted ­uranium shells and phosphorus munitions, all of which greatly boost the lethality of the regions over which ­hostilities have been waged.
Princess Diana, Alan Power, death, conspiracy, SAS, M16, Dodi Al FayedScene of the crash
“She had been calling for an international ban on the production and deployment of these items, which had been produced in a number of countries, including the UK, and used in the Kosovo and Serbian conflicts.”
At the inquest into her and Dodi’s deaths, coroner Mr Justice Scott Baker told jurors Diana’s friend Simone Simmons said the Princess was preparing a report that she was going to call “Profiting Out Of Misery”.
It was said she was going to name names and show that the British Government and public figures were profiting from the proliferation of landmines. Top of the list of “culprits” was allegedly going to be the SIS.
In 2008 the jury returned verdicts that the Princess and Dodi had been unlawfully killed and blamed the driving of chauffeur Henri Paul, who had been drinking, and the driving of “following vehicles”.
Witness Francois Levistre said a white flash of light was directed at the couple’s Mercedes, causing the crash. Mr Levistre said he stopped near the tunnel exit and claimed he saw a motorcycle passenger get off, approach the car, look inside and make a hand gesture to the bike’s driver before they sped away. Those two and drivers of other vehicles have never been traced.
The Scotland Yard spokesman yesterday added: “The deaths of Diana and Dodi were thoroughly investigated by Operation Paget.
“All the material gathered was fully disclosed, and witnesses made available, to Justice Scott Baker. The jury’s verdict was unlawful killing, grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes


EXCLUSIVE: Cover-up scandal as vital evidence over Princess Diana’s car were not revealed

VITAL evidence from the wreckage of the crash in which Princess Diana died was ignored by investigators, the Daily Express can reveal today.

Diana-died-with-her-lover-Dodi-Fayed-and-chauffeur-Henri-PaulDiana died with her lover Dodi Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul
French authorities failed to hand over a key part of the Mercedes from the Paris tragedy.
And an official report was omitted from inquiries into the 1997 crash – with clues highlighted by a top British investigator withheld from the inquest into Diana’s death.
World renowned accident examiner David Price meticulously deconstructed the luxury car. But he told last night how he was “surprised” never to have been called to give evidence at the hearing. The shambolic handling of the initial investigation into the accident even saw parts of the car destroyed while in the possession of the French authorities.
But the most explosive revelation to emerge from his report was that a foot-long section of brake pipe – leading to the front right brake – was never handed over to British investigators, making it impossible to disprove tampering.
The revelations come after claims Diana was killed by an elite team of SAS and MI6 agents on motorbikes acting on orders from Buckingham Palace.
Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators expert Mr Price conducted a forensic examination and his report was used by the authors of Operation Paget, the police probe into the fatal crash.
But the blunders cast fresh doubt on the credibility of official inquiries after Diana died alongside her Muslim lover Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul.
The vehicle’s brake fluid was found to contain a level of water that could have interfered with braking efficiency, but it was brushed off as post-crash contamination.
Its front right tyre contained “a considerable quantity of water”, which was never measured or analysed to determine its origin, potentially affecting the handling of the vehicle.
Reports that the car had been handling poorly before the crash were never recorded as part of Operation Paget, the inquiry led by Lord Stevens which investigated conspiracy theories surrounding the accident.
Mr Price, 55, who worked for the Forensic Science Service for 31 years, told the Daily Express from France last night: “It was a surprise I was not called to deal with some of these issues.
“The inquest spent a lot of time with witnesses who saw things and heard things but it didn’t ask questions about the car itself. Issues were being raised such as brake tampering so I was surprised not to have been called.
“The frustrating thing for me is that my report is not freely available because this was such a high-profile case and I’m not trying to hide anything.”
In his report he wrote: “I am not able to exclude the possibility of brake pipes having been cut prior to the incident, although I consider it highly unlikely that they had been, as it should have been readily obvious to the French investigators when they removed the ABS modulator.
Princess Diana, evidence, wreckage, crash, investigator, cover-up, ParisThe aftermath of the crash in the Paris
The frustrating thing for me is that my report is not freely available because this was such a high-profile case and I’m not trying to hide anything
Examiner David Price
Chauffeur Olivier Lafaye drove the car hours before the crash and reported the back end “slewing out” at speed. His comments were not recorded in Paget and he was not called at the inquest.
“Whilst I did not observe any signs of staining that I considered might have resulted from brake fluid having been ejected during use, I consider the extent of the damage and the existence of smashed oil-containing items, such as the engine, precluded me from being entirely certain.”
The report, obtained under Freedom of Information laws, showed the car’s Electronic Control Unit, responsible for the brakes, had a “fault” code stored.
Mr Price wrote: “I consider it most probable that one or more wheels had skidded. I am not an expert in electronics and so I consider it probable the only persons who could provide expert evidence in the precise functioning of the units would be design engineers.”
He added: “Only they are likely to have knowledge of the precise operating parameters.” But Paget ignored this lead, simply stating: “David Price concluded that no additional testing was possible.
“He considered that the conclusions reached by the French investigators, that the codes had been created at the time of the crash, were most probably correct.”
Paget concluded both the French and British examinations of the Mercedes showed there were “no mechanical issues with the car that could have in any way caused or contributed to the crash”.
Paint taken from the tunnel and the car and its front right door were lost in an “unexplained fire” in 1999. Its front wing was also destroyed on the orders of a French judge in 2003.

EXCLUSIVE: SAS launch probe over sensational Princess Diana death claim

THE SAS has launched an ­internal inquiry into how the elite regiment became embroiled in allegations that it killed ­Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

Claims-over-Princess-Diana-s-death-have-embarrassed-the-SASClaims over Princess Diana's death have embarrassed the SAS
Chiefs want to know when the sensational claim surfaced and who in the regiment knew of it.
Senior officers have also been ordered to find out what action was taken against the soldier who allegedly made the boast.
General Sir Peter Wall, head of the British Army, is said to be furious the SAS’s reputation has been tarnished.
Sources close to General Wall said the controversy was “the most embarrassing and potentially damaging event in the regiment’s 70-year history”.
One officer called it a “fiasco” for a ­regiment “supposed to operate in the shadows”.
The startling allegations over Diana and Dodi’s deaths surfaced at last month’s court ­martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, the SAS sniper convicted of illegally stashing a pistol and ammunition in his bedroom in Hereford.
The claims were contained in a letter from the mother-in-law of Sgt Nightingale’s former housemate – a fellow sniper referred to as Soldier N – which was sent to SAS headquarters in September 2011.
It is understood the letter was passed to military ­prosecutors prior to the Nightingale trial’s start but has only just been brought to the attention of Scotland Yard.
Detectives are currently analysing what they describe as “new information” but have not launched a fresh inquiry into Diana and Dodi’s fatal car crash in Paris on August 31 1997.
Dodi’s family are thought to want a full police investigation.
The seven-page letter by ­Soldier N’s mother-in-law was written when her daughter’s marriage to him was falling apart after a police raid following a confrontation between the estranged couple.
It is understood the letter was passed by the SAS to the Service Prosecuting Authority before the Nightingale trial began. The authority removed all references to the SAS before releasing the documents to the court.
The letter says that Soldier N, a ­sergeant, told his wife the SAS had “arranged” ­Princess Diana’s death and it was ­“covered up”.
diana, princess, death, paris, crash, probe, sas, investigation, killed, claimSolider N was the chief prosecution witness in the case of sniper Danny Nightingale (pictured)
All the warning signs were there but were ignored. Instead of dealing with Soldier N’s family issues he was sent to Afghanistan for six months
A senior source
It also makes other allegations including that Soldier N threatened to murder his wife and in-laws. It states: “He is a real threat to all of us here. He reminded my daughter of a man in his unit who had matrimonial trouble and he went home and shot her and the family.”
“He also told her that it was the XXX (the word SAS was removed by the authority) who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up. So what chance do my daughter and I stand against his threats.”
It adds: “We are just a normal decent family and we have no wish to be subjected to this information.”
One senior source said last night: “This whole mess was all entirely preventable. All the warning signs were there but were ignored. Instead of dealing with Soldier N’s family issues he was sent to Afghanistan for six months.
“This is a problem of the SAS’s own making.”
Another source said: “This has been the worst year on record for the SAS in terms of bad publicity. The Danny Nightingale case was followed by the deaths of three Territorials on an SAS selection test last month. Now comes the claim that the SAS was somehow involved in Diana’s death.”
Soldier N, chief prosecution witness in the case against Nightingale, was jailed for two years after admitting unlawful possession of weapons.