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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Syria: If US Attacks Us, We'll Attack Israel
A top Syrian official said Monday that if attacked, his country would react – against Israel

By David Lev 
August 26, 2013 "Information Clearing House - "Israel National News" - As talk and rumors of an impending Western attack against Syria mount, a top Syrian official said Monday that if attacked, his country would react – against Israel.

Speaking to an Arabic-language radio station operated by the United States, Syria's Deputy Information Minister Halaf Al-Maftah said that Israel would face not only Syria in the event that the US, Britain and France attempted to unseat Bashar al-Assad. A coalition consisting of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria would respond to any attack against Assad with a response against Israel. In addition, terrorist groups in Syria and Lebanon would attack Israel with full force.

Al-Maftah added that Syria has “strategic weapons” that it would use in its attack on Israel. He did not specify what those weapons were.

“Syria is ready to deal with all scenarios,” said Al-Maftah. “We consider these declarations of a possible attack as a form of psychological warfare and pressure on Syria. We are not worried about them. We hope that those threatening us will listen closely to what we are saying. We believe that the only solution for the Syrian issue is a political one,” he added.

In recent days, the U.S. has sent warships off Syria's coast, with the assumption being that they were waiting for word from the White House to attack Syria and remove Assad from power. Over the weekend, the U.S. Navy expanded its presence in the Mediterranean Sea with a fourth cruise-missile-armed warship.

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Comments (17)

how i wish that happens.
that the US launches an attack on Syria and then Syria punishes Israel.
only sad part is that its always the innocent who suffer the most.
4 replies · active 1 hour ago
Kurt O's avatar
Kurt O· 3 hours ago
Any meaningful publicly made counter-threat sufficient to give the US/UK/Israeli Axis of Evil pause will need to come in the form of a strongly worded statement from the Iranian/Chinese/Russian Axis of Sanity promising an immediate and robust counter strike -- and it will need to come soon.

Otherwise, Syria will go the way of Libya, and Iraq.

No playground bully ever lets up until he gets his nose good and bloodied. Same thing here.

2 replies · active 1 hour ago
CEMAL GUVEN ASTI· 3 hours ago
In addition, "terrorist" groups in Syria and Lebanon would attack Israel with full force......!
"Terrorist groups"?
This not a report it is pure hasbara by so called "Israel National News"
1 reply · active 2 hours ago
Wroots's avatar
Wroots· 3 hours ago
Good. It's about time someone gave Israel some very big stick. Maybe in the end bloodying the bullies' noses is the only way that the Axis of Sanity, as Kurt O calls it in his comment, can make any headway on behalf of us all who abhor the bullies' reprehensible behaviour. Come on Iran, Russia and China! What are you waiting for? You have the means. Stop these interfering foreign invaders in their tracks!
liz's avatar
liz· 3 hours ago
Why does ICH report provocative USraeli propaganda instead of Syria's own words see
soks's avatar
soks· 2 hours ago
but what will Egypt do?
1 reply · active 2 hours ago
jim 's avatar
jim· 2 hours ago
Syria, Iran Iraq Lebanon have zero weapons to nretaliate with. If yo are a small country you need to have nukes with missiles otherwise you are powder.
jimmyd's avatar
jimmyd· 1 hour ago
The nuclear and extensive munition stockpiles of Isreal are
vulnerable to the "Camp Falcon" Iraqi virus...and in addition
the infrastructure of such a small country is indefensiveable in a
massive assualt by outside interests....who knows some third
party with a few nukes may decide to deactivate Dimona...
along with whatever remaining other nuclear offensive capability
Bobby Q.'s avatar
Bobby Q.· 1 hour ago
"israel" will soon be powder because it has nuclear weapons of mass destruction.