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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Nine British paramiltary police were injured during in a loyalist incident in north Belfast where the city's mayor had to be escorted by police away from loyalist protesters and away from Belfast
British Sinn Féin's Martin Miller (Máirtín Ó Muilleoir) was brought to hospital following several kicks to his balls, at Woodvale Park.The paramilitary British police were injured when violent fighting broke out at the official opening of a park.
A large crowd gathered in the area with rocks and bottles thrown at the British paramilitary police as well as at British Lord Mayor Mr Miller of British Sinn Fein. His lovely expensive vehicle was also damaged by the British loayalists.

BritishPolice said the injured officers sustained cuts and bruising in what they described as "violent scuffles". North Belfast Area Paramilitary Police Commander Chief Inspector Andy Freeburn said: "The PSNI will be investigating this appalling incident with a view to identifying those responsible."
"This should have been a positive day about the opening of a children's play park in the area, but instead was marred by disorder which has left a number of our community officers injured."
There were five nights of Loaylist rioting in the Woodvale area last month following a Parades Commission decision not to allow the Orange Order make their return journey past the nationalist Ardoyne area on 12 July. The PSNI are also investigating, if the Pensive Quill was drinking with the North Belfast loyalists before attack.

Lord Martin Miller a Provo, mentored for several years, along with his fellow boy wonder Donnelly, into being Lord Mayors of Belfast, before he fills Gerry Adams shoes, mentored by no less than Tom Hartley the previous British Snn Fein Lord Mayor..

Martin Miller is currently, British Sinn Fein's, newly installed Lord Mayor of Belfast. They say Lord Miller was born in 1959 and never dirtied his hands in the IRA, while he always had the ear of key movers and shakers, within the provo leadership. He belonged to the armalite-and-ballot-paper jet set, who never liked the 'armed struggle.

Tom Hartley a previous provo, Lord Mayor of Belfast, was very keen to find a high profile, public role for his proteges Lord Miller and Lord Donnell, in the early '80s. Miller's first attempt as a local council candidate for the Lower Falls, failed in 1985, but Tom fitted him in nicely at a by-election later in October 1987, with a safe seat. 

Like another previous Provo Lord Mayor of Belfast they were both very young boys at that stage. The Unionists were not happy with the whiff of Miller, using the camouflage of a Gaelic name, like the other Hartley teenage camouflaged protege Lord Donnell.

Within minutes of donning the Mayoral chain the former nominal republican, let it be known, that he would not be taking down his belowved royal portraits of her majesty, from his mayoral office and that he would attend war remembrance events, while holding onto all the Royal trappings of nobility and titles, like Lords, Counts etc., etc.,

Now every Fenian child knows that republicans, do not carry titles of nobility, its just basic stuff, confirming what many have concluded, a long time ago that Hartley has mentored many Unionists, camouflaged under Gaelic names and what have you, to replace himself, as a former Lord Mayor. Tom is now known around City Hall as his majesty.

Hartley and his entourage, were apparently spotted many years ago, engaged in a spot of bird watching in King's County and in the splendour of its castles, which is considered by some as an important, contributing, factor in the metamorphosis of Provisional Sinn Fein, into being a neo Unionist party, with its ongoing evolution, into being a compliant Irish client of the British Commonwealth when the provos take power, with Miller being a classic example of that change.

Apparently Lord Miller, is the perfect candidate to succeed Gerry Adams as Provo Sinn Fein President, being a businessman and extremely successful entrepreneur, along with also being a high flying media mogul, he is regarded as definitely being a safe pair of hands, for the British Unionist establishment. Neither will he be hang around City Hall for very long more either but will as First, First Unionist Minister, camouflaged under both a Gaelic personal and party name. All the influential figures in Provisional Sinn Fein and in the corridors of power at Stormont, can't wait to see Lord Miller of Belfast being there.

What about Martin Corey and the 42 years of sacrifices made, I hear you say ? What about the hunger strikers and martyrs? Well I suppose Lord Miller and his elite will turn up at their commemorations too, like Fianna Fail did over the years, still calling themselves, the republican party turning up at Bodenstown, while passing the white envelope of bankster confetti around. What about Wolfe Tone's people of no property, I hear a few reds under the beds cry ? Ach sure the poor will always be with ye and Gerry Adams will say a decade of the rosary for them. As for Martin Corey and all those currently, politically, interned, like their soon to be partners in crime Fianna Fail, during the Hunger Strike, Lords Miller, Donnell and Hartley couldn't give a fiddlers, apparently!



Guest writer Sean Bresnahan with a piece on the upcoming Tyrone event to commemorate two IRA volunteers who died in 1973.  It was written on the 1st August 2013.

Some noise going on here in Tyrone this week as the DUP's Tom Buchanon leads the charge against the "glorification of terrorism" with his party driving itself wild at the prospect of a parade passing through the town of Castlederg to commemorate local IRA Volunteers Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn, who died in a premature explosion 40 years this month.

Having sung of these two men for years when down in the GAA social club in Aghyaran it's with pride that I'll attend the independent commemoration on August 11th at the spot where they died. These men have held a special place in my heart since first I heard my mother sing the ballad written in their memory many years ago so I'd hope as many of us as can make it will be there to pay a fitting respect to these lads who paid the ultimate cost for the people of Tyrone and Ireland.

But one place I'll not be is at the Sinn Fein sponsored event later that evening as they once again hijack the memory of Tyrone's Volunteer dead for their own party-political interests. In that respect for once I'm of the same mind as the arch-bigot Buchanon, this parade has no place in Castlederg - but not for the reasons good old Tom would have us believe.

Sinn Fein have no business using and abusing the names of Harvey and McGlynn given the recent outburst of Belfast Lord Mayor Mairtin O'Muilleoir, when he condemned the tactics of the IRA during its armed campaign, and those of his erstwhile leader, the Big Lad himself, when he was made a fool of by Miriam O'Callaghan on RTE and tried to rescue his credibility by disowning the very men who put him where he is today - by describing them as murderers. Together they have criminalised the Harvey's and McGlynn's of our struggle, they've done what the British couldn't when they attempted this very same thing in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh.

As I write this I'm mindful of Kevin Lynch from Dungiven, who's anniversary falls today, a man who died to prove that what Gerry Adams now believes to be true was nothing but a British falsehood. So they have no place making political speeches in Castlederg to lay claim to Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn and they've no place laying claim to the Volunteers of Oglaigh na hEireann with their so-called 'Tyrone Volunteer's Day' - not when the party leader agrees that when Martin McCaughey and those who
fought alongside him took out a team of SAS (yeah those same soldiers who apparently died in a car-crash in Germany or somewhere) they had somehow become 'murderers'. No doubt Lynagh, McKearney, Gerry and Martin Harte, Declan Arthurs and Big Brian Mullin were murderers too or had murder in their mind's constitution. Some of us still beg to differ.

When O'Muilleoir condemned the IRA's tactics part of what he remonstrated against was its bombing campaign, yet Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn died transporting a bomb. Just last month we commemorated the lives of Paddy Carty, Sean Loughran and Dermot Crowley, who died in a premature explosion in Omagh when the bomb they were carrying went off as they made their way into the town. Many other Volunteers died in similar circumstances.

Effectively what O'Muilleoir and Sinn Fein have done is to condemn them all, and just so they could appear as the honest John's with their phony 'outreach to Unionism' - which Unionists themselves can see is nothing but a dishonest ploy. You see the problem is they want their cake and they want to eat it. They want to stand in front of the media and portray themselves as the honest brokers even should that mean disowning the IRA and its actions, even going so far as to call them murderers - McGuinness and Adams
have both went along with this on the record in recent times.

But then on the other hand and to a different audience they want to claim these men as their own, to stand making speeches in their memory, to tell us how their sacrifice has been redeemed by the progress Sinn Fein has made in recent times and the position the party now finds itself in. It's nothing but wanton hypocrisy, you simply can't have it both ways. People are tired of it.

No doubt the adverse publicity from the Unionist outcry will aid Sinn Fein in it's efforts to lay claim to the Volunteer's of Tyrone, no doubt it will help draw a sizeable crowd to help massage their badly mauled ego. Because the republican people of Tyrone can see right through them in ever-increasing numbers and they know it. It's likely for this reason that they chose to shift 'Tyrone Volunteer's Day' from its traditional slot. It was once a touchstone event in the republican calendar, held annually on the anniversary of IRA Hunger striker Martin Hurson in the tiny republican stronghold of Cappagh in the hills of East Tyrone.

Given the paucity of numbers in attendance as the years have gone by, as the people of Galbally and its hinterland made their feelings known by the sound of their boots walking out the door, Harvey and McGlynn will instead be exploited to make the great and the good of Sinn Fein feel better about themselves. I just hope that those who attend to hear Gerry Kelly tell how the fight of Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn still goes on, while he and his party administer British rule, legitimise the RUC, internment, strip-searching of prisoners and all the rest, take a few moments to consider how Adams, McGuinness, Kearney, O'Muilleoir and co. have disowned everything these lads went out and tried to do in the rush to make themselves yet more acceptable to that same British foe the Volunteers of Tyrone went out and fought to get rid of.


11:17 AM, August 06, 2013Reply
Very well said Sean a cara and as you rightly point out quisling $inn £einds president for life has indeed labeled the struggle and all those who suffered and died for the republican cause as part of a criminal conspiracy,he even went as far as allowing six men to die needlessly to hoist himself up into the lofted position he now thinks he holds, Martybroy O Millionaire the quisling $inn £eind socialist rep for Balmoral is a classic example of how far that party has bent over,along with their chairperson Decciebroy Kearney their outreach programme is more of a castle catholic begging to be accepted in the unionist big house,trying to ride two horses going in two entirely different directions is not working they are making themselves and the few that follow them look even bigger fools than their party president for life. real republicans will remember the sacrifices that so many gave unflinchingly, as Ernie O Malley rightly pointed out and it fits so well when referring to these carpetbaggers "Its easy to lie on another mans wounds "
11:58 AM, August 06, 2013Reply
Sean was just making a cup o tae and the thought of a previous post came into my head,a poster had mentioned to Anthony a musical theme to that post,and the tune The Grand Olde Duke Of York came into my Head re the quisling $inn £einds march in Castlederg,after all Gerrybroy is a titled brit and he certainly marches his followers up the hill and down again how fitting I thought,I am gonna enjoy my Belfast bap along with my mug which I named big Bob,!
12:11 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Sean Bres-

I will be in Castlederg march this
sunday to remember and commemorate
Vol Seamus Harvey and Vol Geard McGlynn and all the Volunteers from Tyrone who fell in action-
Sinn Fein are now where we are at because men and women went out and fought and killed and in some case's died-I went to Tyrones Volunteer day every year and am not just going now because its fashionable-The Ard Fheis and the main hunger-Strike march change their locations each year and this march is keeping up with that tradition-The Unionists say that they have a right to walk their Queens highway but they don't want us to have that same right-
12:14 PM, August 06, 2013Reply

great piece. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

Is it the fact that they are critical of the IRA campaign per se that you find irritating or is it because you believe they do so for opportunist reasons? I have heard O Muilleoir saying a couple of things over the years for which he was hammered but I actually felt he had a point and was showing a bit of courage in saying it. Obviously I fundamentally disagree with him but not on everything he might say. And I always admire it when somebody gives an opinion that is not popular. As we all know from experience, that can bring the thought police to the door.
2:05 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Good article. It exposes just how confused the SF position is. They are so confused they think they are actually coherent and that's the funny part of it.
4:23 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Very succinctly put. Now that we all understand the depth and breadth of the treachery of Adams and McGuinness, what’s next?

Marty Millar? Doesn't quite ring with the tone of authority that O'Muilleoir does...I suppose a bit like Francis Ross and Proinsias De that not a British tactic...change the name and loose the history?
5:37 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Marty 'O' got a warm reception at a prod school today. Good to see the SF delusion of democratic harmony is on course for their 'border-poll'.

Must say that was most amusing. His conciliatory/Judas comments obviously having the desired effect....NOT.
5:38 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Mickey you admit you's are where you's are because of the efforts of Harvey and McGlynn and others but why then do you let it wash over you when the leadership opportunistically betrays those same efforts by allowing them to be criminalised? Martin Hurson died on Hungerstrike to prove the point that those who engaged the British occupation weren't murderers, weren't criminals. That's what annoys me Anthony to answer your question. Fair enough if Sinn Fein wants to criticise the IRA and move in a different direction, drawing a line in the sand or what have you, but that's not the case. If they done so I mightn't necessarily be happy but I might respect their honesty. Instead they're trying to ride both horses as Marty says.

They want to condemn the armed struggle when it suits the target audience but then stand among republicans and pipe a different tune. It's sheer hypocrisy, what some might describe as running with the fox while hunting with the hound. Not from the likes of you Mickey, I've no doubt of your honest intention and belief, but from that manipulating shower of gits that would sell their souls to the devil without so much as a second thought. They've lost the trust of the republican people and is it any wonder? Thus this resort to chicanery.

I too attended Tyrone Volunteers Day on an annual basis so you should know as well as me it was ALWAYS in Cappagh, why the change now? As for the Hungerstrike commemoration it only started to be moved from location to location in the last 4-5 years because Adams and McGuinness were told to get out of Galbally, that they weren't welcome. Next thing you know hey presto, the Hungerstrike Commemoration gets moved to Galbally and Gerry and Martin are soaking up the attention. Funny how the people of Cappagh and Galbally stayed clear of the whole thing, FFS people can read ye's like a book. Deny it all ye want.

You say the Unionists don't want you's to enjoy the same right to walk the highway but that's not what this is meant to be about, it's meant to be about commemorating Tyrone's IRA Volunteers. Instead we have this circus, all no doubt to make Sinn Fein once again seem like they're actually following some sort of republican agenda when CLEARLY they're not
6:53 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Just in terms of what you said Niall I agree one hundred percent. The majority of republicans now recognise the strategic error of the Adams strategy and, whereas before many stayed because they didn't want to split the movement, now people are walking away from the whole thing at an alarming rate for Sinn Fein. Increasingly all they're left with are the paid operators and their SDLP votes. What we must do is provide a credible alternative based on practical republican realities that people can feel comfortable in lending their support to and helping out with - as in the past. Now is the time to establish a solid foundation and to go on from there to mount an effective challenge to the continuing foreign occupation of our country. But patience is the key. We need to educate and re-educate ourselves and in turn return to the republican position
7:41 PM, August 06, 2013Reply

I think you got it right. There is no sincerity in what they do. Adams and McGuinness would send us back to war in the morning if it suited their agenda and abandon us by nightfall. Difference this time is that we would not listen to a word that would coem out of their mouths.

And they should always be reminded that if the IRA volunteers were mere murderers then both of them directed a murder campaign and the whole of Irish society has a right to know why.
7:43 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
A piece that strikes home to us all Sean.

They try time and again to drag the dead with them down the road of betrayal because the dead can't speak up for themselves.

They tell those gullible enough to believe them that the struggle goes on. I can only see them struggling to gain the acceptance of Unionism.

Today we saw Unionists set upon O'Muilleoir like rabid dogs as he tried to pat them on the head.

When O'Muilleoir condemned IRA actions of the past he was attempting to appease Unionism yet he didn't mention the killing of Jean McConville and the cruelty inflicted on her children. I won't wonder why of course.

The fact is that many of those who SF claim to be commemorating, including the Hunger Strikers, died not knowing that the likes of Adams and McGuinness were plotting behind their backs to end the struggle. They didn't know but from as far back as the Hunger Strikes the Brits knew.

One final point: Had the likes of Denis Donaldson not been exposed as a British agent he would have been walking with Adams and McGuinness on Sunday in Monaghan or would have stood by their side in various other so called commemorations.
8:00 PM, August 06, 2013Reply

just as you can bet your house on some of those who will be walking with Adams/McGuinness being absolutely in the same bracket as Denis.
8:07 PM, August 06, 2013Reply

Good piece, I like writing like this that comes straight from the gut. Larry is right SF are all over the place, its political and historical gymnastics sway one way then another.

One minute they talk like a solid republican the next they utter words which would make even Parnell squirm.

This outreach work towards Unionism is infantile, the latter do not believe a word of it and why should they. They have their six county state-let set in stone. Once the shinners signed up, all opposition to it is manageable, if the price of that is having some taigs about the place so be it. As long as they do not venture onto their territory.

The Brits certainly saw SF coming, they drip feed them just enough to keep them inside the tent pissing out.

The problem the likes of Kearney have, is all their outreach work is aimed at the unionist and loyalist leaderships, thus does not even trickle down to the unionist street. PR powder puffs for both sides, nothing more.
8:13 PM, August 06, 2013Reply

My understanding is the 11th commemoration is organised jointly by the 1916 Societies and Tyrone NGA (I am open to correction).

As both are non-party political and welcome all you are right to describe it as 'independent' but they should be given credit for their organisational efforts.
8:44 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Talking about bullshit artists,
James has 18 air fresheners.on Tue he buys 15 more....on Wed he buys another what does he have..?thats right quisling $inn £eind neighbours.
9:04 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
Great piece Sean

Way back before the GFA , SF were on the agenda of taking seats in the carsonite house on the hill, Stormont.

That was the main objective , Thinking of themselves and fook everyone else , and , as you rightly say, If donaldson was not outed by the brits he would still be standing side by side with the leaders, who knows how many more Donaldson's are still within SF.

They change everything to get media attention, always have and always will. Talking about Ó Muilleoir , He was chased out of woodvale today, he went to open a new childrens playground, Cops had to escort him back to his car, Loyalists didn't want him there.

you addmitted that its a queens highway.

video ofÓ Muilleoir being protect by british cops in woodvale
10:14 PM, August 06, 2013Reply

Did you notice Ó Muilleoir said "we always take the advice of the police"
10:35 PM, August 06, 2013Reply
'If donaldson was not outed by the brits he would still be standing side by side with the leaders, who knows how many more Donaldson's are still within SF.'

The entire leadership.
10:52 PM, August 06, 2013Reply

" you admitted that its a queens highway "

Nope-read it again-

Hope Sean does not mind me writing this down here-
Just read the Journal AM and Tony Rochford the former hunger-striker for 3 weeks outside the Dail whom you ran a story about is calling for people to help him to block the gates at Leinster house to stop TDs from entering the Dail-his new protest starts in september and so far 595 people have contacted him to say that they would help out at this protest-saying and doing are two different things but it looks like Tony is going to give it a go-
12:01 AM, August 07, 2013Reply

"The Unionists say that they have a right to walk their Queens highway but they don't want us to have that same right"

Now, I know you stated "Their Highway", But , You also want that right to walk on the queens highway as well!. No getting around that one, and , don't forget MH, no matter what your sell out party states as its agenda, You are being paid with the queens shilling and sitting in stormont and council chambers were her photograph hangs.
Remember Mi6 McGuinness shaking that same queens hand, He was over the moon, But when he walked towards the grand old Duke, The Duke done a runner, is that not contempt or what.

Organized Rage.

Yes , I did, I'm Thinking of renaming SF, The Donaldson Gang, lol.


As Larry stated, "The whole leadership", they should now be having Union Jack hankies flopping from the Suit pockets because they are British to the core, Trained by them to Look in a mirror and speak all the lies you can but keep the same straight face."



Siobhan O'Hanlon (from C. Andrew)

Unarmed Mairead Farrell moments before 

British Murdered her close range in Gibraltar

The European Court of Human Rights, ruled on the notorious murder by the British SAS of three IRA members involved in preparing a bomb near the Governor’s Residence in Gibraltar on 6th March 1988. The three IRA Active Service Unit's (ASU) members, Danny McCannSeán Savage and Mairéad Farrell, were unarmed, with their bomb in a car, more than thirty miles away in Marbella, in a Spanish jurisdiction, confirmed that the SAS personnel involved in the Gibraltar murders (Operation Flavius) were following a British Government official “shoot-to-kill” policy. Claims of British State Terrorism were confirmed in the aftermath of the shootings by a BAFTA Award winning Thames Television documentary Death on the Rock.
The existence of a British Government shoot-to-kill policy, within and outside British Occupied Ireland, was also reluctantly acknowledged by the British establishment, in Mark Urban’s British Gung Ho Big Boys’ Rules where he concluded that there was official British Government involvement in a series of extra-judicial killings:
‘The 1980s saw the emergence of a pattern of aggressive special forces operations with the acquiescence of politicians and senior officers, who knew little of the operational detail … This did not involve the killing of any and every IRA volunteer who could be found, as republican propagandists try to imply. Rather, it meant that those in possession of unusually specific intelligence about a forthcoming terrorist attack provided that knowledge … to the SAS. … it was understood that these soldiers would then take the opportunity to play big boys’ games by big boys’ rules.’
A new militarized Zionist-Christian approach to counter-terrorism, which traditionally had dubious legality, at home as opposed to overseas, however came under growing influence from Israelis within the Britain's SS, along with specific Israeli  intelligence input, into the Gibraltar Operation, without Spanish knowledge, contributed greatly to the Murders on the Rock. The origins of the Zionist-Christian movement can be traced to the early 19th century, when a group of eccentric British Christian leaders, began to lobby for Jewish restoration to Palestine, as a necessary precondition for the return of Christ. They gained traction mid-19th century, when Palestine became strategic to British colonial interests in the Middle East. Christian Zionism preceded Jewish Zionism by over 50 years. Theodore Herzl’s strongest advocates were British Christian clergy.

With a blind eye from prosecution authorities, the use of lethal force continued throughout the second half of 1970s and 1980s, during Roy Mason’s tenure as Viceroyal for British occupied Ireland. The British Government’s standard text on counter-insurgency since this time being Frank Kitson, Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, Peacekeeping using the ‘law and the legal system, simply as weapons in the armoury of the British government, within the legal system, its Court officials and lawyers being used in an extremely manipulative, blackmailed way. This also involves the use of British, extra-judicial murders of human rights lawyers in Occupied Ireland ( see‘ Notre Dame Lawyer  49, 76).
In the mid-1980s the corruption of the British criminal justice process was dramatically evidenced, by the refusal of the authorities to prosecute members of the British police, implicated by Colin Sampson’s the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire investigation, into a series of murders by British State Terrorism in Armagh, in late 1982 and In re McKerr  12, [9]). Incidentally this is the same corruption of the Justice system which is destroying the Peace Process in Ireland currently with internment without trial.
The European Court of Human Right’s ruled, that the United Kingdom had indeed violated Article 2, marking a pivotal shift in relations between the courts and the executive, in the context of British State Terrorism in British Occupied Ireland.
The European Court’s decision, criticized the intelligence information provided to SAS soldiers prior to their British Government order to murder  the IRA Active Service Unit with suggestions that the British fooled the Spanish authorities, who could have intervened in the plot at an earlier stage if the British were not involved in State Terrorism within the Spanish jurisdiction. However the European Court decision was largely censored by the British in the media, with the only matter to receive extensive British media coverage in terms of its impact upon British SS being Spycatcher, see The Observer and The Guardian v United Kingdom (1991) 14 EHRR 153).
The British Government's murder of Danny McCann had more influence upon policy. The Court’s decision in McCann one of the Gibraltar three, forced the United Kingdom, to fundamentally reconsider the courts’ ability to restrain the response of armed police or military personnel, returning the focus to their need, to act in accordance within the bounds permitted, under the concept of self-defence in criminal law (see s.3(1) Criminal Law Act 1967 and s.76Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008). These provisions allow an individual to use such force as is a proportionate response, to the threat she honestly believes to be posed by another.
The hyped SS fear of July 2005 which tragically led up to the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent South American, at Stockwell Underground Station is agood example of this. The Inquest into the execution emphasized self defence standards, with the coroner, instructing the jury:
‘You should return a verdict of lawful killing if you are satisfied of two matters on the balance of probabilities: (a) that at the time they fired, honestly believed that Mr de Menezes represented an imminent mortal danger to them and/or others around them; and (b) that they used no more force than was reasonably necessary in the circumstances as they honestly believed them to be.’ But the jury however returned an open verdict, indicating that they were not satisfied that these conditions of self defence were met. This shooting demonstrated the latitude extended to British state personnel under Article 2(2) ECHR, despite the successful prosecution of the Metropolitan Police for violating the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.
After McCann the European Court has continued to impose requirements of strict proportionality, upon the use of force in counter-terrorism operations. More significantly the influence of McCann over decisions such as the Israeli Supreme Court’s limitation of Israel’s targeted assassination policy in The Public Committee against Torture in Israel (2006) HCJ 769/02, which approved the European Court’s proposition that:
‘The use of lethal force would be rendered disproportionate if the authorities failed, whether deliberately or through lack of proper care, to take steps which would have avoided the deprivation of life of the suspects without putting the lives of others at risk’. The British as a result of these restraints are the only country in Europe , who as result of these civilized restraints, want to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights.
Should policy makers in states under the European Convention disregard these considerations, and seek to either openly approve or tacitly condone extra-judicial killings by state agents of state terrorism, as does the British Government , Article 2 stands as the surest safeguard that military action will not supersede the criminal law as the state’s primary means of responding to terrorism. Britain currently, not alone ignores natural law, Irish law, European but also Spanish Law, with their Criminal murder on the Rock of Gibraltar.