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Friday, August 2, 2013

TWITTERBOMB ReleaseMartinCorey


#DoItForGabby Trending
Our last post revealed Twitter Trends get excited when something new suddenly explodes.
For a new tag to appear suddenly, a large number of people must agree to start tweeting together at a certain time, and not before. That is a “Twitterbomb.” The next few posts will teach you how to bring that group together.
First, set a time when everyone should begin tweeting your new tag. Discourage its public use beforehand. Only share the tag through Direct Messages, Facebook, email or other means until the set time.
Beginners should set Twitterbombs during the evening when there is usually less competition from breaking news events. We trended #DoItForGabby last Sunday evening, during the Golden Globes. Targeting a major event has a higher risk of being sidelined by the competition, and a higher reward of many more eyeballs when you’re successful.
Hint: We will be trending a tag Wednesday, January 16th at 8PM. DM me if you want to join.

Welcome to our guide to effective political tweeting, with real examples from the 2012 election. The secrets revealed here will help you write tweets that motivate thousands of people to become active supporters and spread your message. Whether you’re an activist, part of a campaign or non-profit, or a reporter, this blog will be your guide to political activism and campaigns on Twitter. We keep adding to this list, so bookmark this page and watch this space, or subscribe to our RSS feed. If you need help putting these secrets to work for your campaign, check out our consulting services page or contact us.
  1. Understand the power of 140 characters.
  2. Sound like a human. Be succinct & funny.
  3. Limit Tweets to a single idea.
  4. Avoid status updates.
  5. Use between 85-130 characters.
  6. Don’t start public tweets with “@”.
  7. Give them something good to Tweet.
  8. Give them something to retweet.
  9. Measure twice, Tweet once.
  10. Never use more than one link per tweet.
  11. Parody accounts are caricatures.
  12. Host Twitter events on your website.
  13. Use retweet count to test messaging.
  14. Maximize reach on Mondays and Fridays.
  15. Tweet between 10-7 PM EST.
  16. Use #FollowFriday to show recognition.
  17. Don’t Tweet like teenagers text.
  18. Promote Tweets to combat parodies.
  19. Prepare new account launches early.
  20. Don’t feed the Trolls.
  21. Hashtags will be co-opted.
  22. Twitter Trends favor novelty over popularity.
  23. Plan a Twitterbomb at a set time.
  24. Use Direct Messages to spark Twitterbombs.
  25. Direct Message influencers using SocialBro.
  26. Followers protect against account suspension.
  27. 2000 Following Limit WTF FAQ
  28. Don’t send @mentions to many users rapidly.
  29. Revoke Bad Applications to Stop DM Spam
  30. Twitter “Hacking” doesn’t really happen often.
  31. Trends organize topics, then find identifiers.
  32. Following is the best way to get followers.
  33. Target geographically using advanced search.
  34. Ask for retweets using “please retweet”
  35. Use Twibbons to establish community identity.

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