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Monday, July 29, 2013


The British government arrogantly believes in one rule for the rest of the world, and one for the UK, where human rights are not allowed to interfere with SS UK Secret Services.

The European Court of Human Right earlier this month, published a moderate ruling on 'whole-life' sentences, stating that there needs to be a review all prisoners detention, after 25 years, stressing it was merely a review and it was perfectly legitimate, to continue to detain certain individuals, considered a continuous danger to the public. Its careful judgement had examined principles and practice around the world, citing the International Criminal Court, who also require a review of detention, for those serving sentences after 25 years.

On the very same day in New York, the British government applied for membership of the UN Human Rights Council, citing the words “We are committed to a strong, effective international human rights system” stressing the importance the British place on human rights internationally, and all it does to promote human rights worldwide, cited by William Hague, stating that “We continue to work tirelessly for the promotion and protection of human rights, both domestically and abroad.”

Now to Britain's close neighbours in Ireland and particularly Irish citizens living in British Occupied Ireland, all of this pompous British rhetoric, seemed more than a little Pythonesque, bearing in mind the British were found guilty of torture in Ireland, not too long ago by the European Court of Human rights, when they were prosecuted by the Irish Government there, and subsequently the British were also found guilty for numerous human rights abuses in Ireland thereafter.

Britain currently interns without trial many political prisoners of conscience, solely on the basis on their peaceful political beliefs in a united Ireland, the most well known currently being, 63 year old Marin Corey, who has now spent more than 3 years interned, without trial, after already serving almost twenty years for political offences, previously. All of this, all the more provocative, in light of an Irish Peace Process which the Tory Government has virtually abandoned and destroyed, piece by piece.

Now of course, a civilized government, as committed to international human rights as British spin claims to be, when faced by a ruling from an international human rights court, might demonstrate, or consider a little tolerant reflection and be moderate in its response. Not the British however, whose most senior justice ministers Theresa May and Chris Grayling within minutes of the ruling, attacked the International European Court, ranting on with considerable venom, fuming, vitriol as they had previously done, on many, many, occasions before. Not alone were they the two most senior ministers but no less than their own Prime Minister Cameron, joined the raging, relentless attack on the International European Court. Both May and Grayling apparently want to rip up the UK's few remaining Human Rights by abolishing their own remaining Act and responsibilities, hiding with bluster, that Britain is the only country, to pull out of the European Court, since the Greek military junta or dictatorship did, almost 60 years ago the 1960s. 

British attacks on human rights, besides their Human Rights Abuse in British Occupied Ireland, have reached such a ferocity of scum behaviour, that minister Grayling wrote later about the 'tentacles' of the human rights court 'creeping' into Britain. No other democracy in the world is under such relentless attack, where the concept of human rights is subject unceasing daily attack, as from the most senior members of the British government currently. Still the same government stresses the importance of an effective international human rights system for other countries like Russia and China who are far superior, standards of Human Rights than the British, who arrogantly still believe as in the days of Empire, in one set of rules for the rest of the world, another for the UK while different again for British Occupied Ireland, where human rights are never allowed to interfere with the British Government's Secret Service orders, to murder Human Rights lawyers and journalists and where political internment without trial of Irish citizens, simply for being Irish, like Martin Corey are hidden away in layers of political blackmail and censorship. 

This abuse of Human Rights, has of course a green light effect for military juntas elsewhere, of enabling British type human rights type abuse, in places like Egypt, where the the British trained their army, with their SAS marksmen planted on rooftops, practicing the murder of innocent civilians, first on the Irish on occasions like Bloody Sunday and Gibraltar. indeed for the last forty years in their latest phase of their centuries of ethnic cleansing in Ireland, while at the same time, their duplicity and hypocrisy, demands UN protection of human rights, which they falsely  claim to support. 

The British believe that their political blackmail, censorship, political internment, murder of human rights lawyers and journalist, which silence the Irish, can be effected worldwide in the same manner, as occupied Ireland. While Grayling acknowledged, that one of the authors of the International European Court was Winston Churchill, he dismissed its human rights, as only about defeating the Nazis of that time, forgetting that British Nazism is on the rise again and what Churchill said, “The mood and temper of the public in regard to the treatment of crime and criminals is one of the most unfailing tests of the civilization of any country. A calm and dispassionate recognition of the rights of the accused against the State, and of convicted criminals against the State … these are the symbols which in the treatment of crime and criminals mark and measure the stored-up strength of a nation'. Political prisoners are not criminals but the British have tried to criminalize them, resulting in the murder of 24 Irish hunger strikers.

Britain also has numerous numbers of prisoners being murdered in police custody, but the British Government says it cannot charge community police, such as their paramilitary PSNI in Occupied Ireland or those private police, hired by councils as the UN still only pays lip service to British torture. While the UN lashed out at Britain's human rights record last month for its human rights abuses it still has failed to apply sanctions or consider a trade embargo on Britain. 

The UN torture watch dog, has however also recently blasted the British last month, when the UN panel in its harshest criticism yet of the British Government, warned Britain, that it needs urgent action, to meet international standards of human rights or justice. Britain however still ignores the fact, that Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, says: "No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." and that includes locking people up behind bars without trial, throwing away the key, and telling them: 'That's it, be you Julian Assange, Martin Corey or any prisoner of political conscience, you're there till the day you die.'

The British ruling class arrogantly pride themselves on a sense of justice, which may have some truth, when it comes to animals but when it comes to humans, they have little comprehension of what basic human rights mean and as result of not having the capacity, to take on board standards of civilized human rights, are now attempting to rip up the UK's obligations to the European Court of Human rights, before Martin Corey and other political prisoners, get their only chance in any court, to plead their case in an open transparent European Court.

Almost 30 years ago, The Conservative British Observer had an editorial: "Which country has been found to be in contravention of the European convention on human rights more often than any other signatory? The shameful answer is the United Kingdom, which last week stood in the dock with head bowed for the eleventh time to hear the judges pronounce a verdict of guilty ... In the past decade, we have established ourselves as the worst protectors of human rights in western Europe." This was Britain's abysmal record long before the threat of jihadi terrorism and 9/11 paranoia. The British just pay lip service to protecting human rights and seem to have no sense of shame, particularly the Irish, whom their xenophobic establishment, still refer to, as "White Nigger". This despite the British playing a leading role, prosecuting at the Nuremberg war crimes trials or was all of that, just about claiming the international high moral ground, to hide their own holocaust of more than 6 million Irish disappeared by the British in Ireland, with their own holocaust there.

Britain lambasts foreign countries, while they condemn regimes like that in Egypt and then with a nod and a wink, Cameron turn a blind eye to their massacrs and conducts lucrative arms deals with them, as they train their personnel to use torture, extra-judicial detention and political assassination from rooftops, to silence "enemies of the state" as they continue to lecture all and sundry, about an independent judiciary and open justice. 

It has stunk to high heavens for over eight centuries now, crossong the irish Sea to Ireland and then around the whole world, to their colonies of human misery and colonial repression camouflaged under a Commonwealth of compliant states. Britain now has the worst record in Western Europe on Human Rights and has been overtaken by Russia in Eastern Europe even after Stalin, who are now far more civilized. Don't believe me? Ask Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Martin Corey, where they would currently prefer be or ask the scores of Irish political prisoners currently, interned on remand or without trial and hidden in full view, interned, at Maghaberry, British Occupied Ireland