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Saturday, July 6, 2013


The Concentration Camp is a British Invention

Martin Corey is currently a political prisoner of conscience currently interned without trial for the last three years. He was interned for almost 20 years previously, in Long Kesh Concentraion Camp,  in British Occupied Ireland. 

"I have been in prison for over 3 years and I still haven’t been given a reason. They have put forward a number of allegations against me, and I’m not able to defend myself against any of them. They say I have been seen speaking to known republicans, and that I visited a number of houses. What does that matter? It doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong. They have absolutely nothing on me, and that’s why they haven’t charged me." Martin Corey

The Irish Holocaust , history's largest cover up?

The London Times editorial on September 30, 1845, stated; "In England the two main meals of a working man's day now consists of potatoes." England's potato-dependence was excessive; reckless. It warned of over-population relative to its domestic food supply and that England faced famine without importing huge amounts of alternative supplies.

Subsequently, England grabbed Ireland's surplus food, by force of arms to save England's population but also took what was need to sustain Ireland's people for profit and specifically to exterminate the Irish people. Queen Victoria's economist, Nassau Senior, expressed this clearly when stating, that existing policies "will not kill more than one million Irish in 1848 and that will scarcely be enough to do much good."

When reporters and eye-witnesses pleaded with the British, to stop the genocide-in-progress in Ireland, Trevelyan whose authority in Ireland was equivalent to Viceroyal Villiers today, in British Occupied Ireland, replied: "We must not complain of what we really want to obtain." Trevelyan insisted, all reports of famine and starvation were exaggerated.  In 1847, he declared it ended and refused the American food relief ship Sorciére permission to enter Irish waters.

Thomas Carlyle; influential British journalist, wrote; "Ireland is like a half-starved rat that crosses the path of an elephant. What must the elephant do? Squelch it, by heavens, squelch it." "Total Annihilation;" was the suggestion of the London Times leader of September 2, 1846 and in 1848 its editorialists bragged;

"A Celt will soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the red man on the banks of Manhattan."The Society of Friends of the "Quakers," did everything they could to to save Irish lives, but in 1847 in sheer desperation, they quit, upon hearing that the British Crown planned to systematically perpetuate with its genocide's project to enable the British complete the "ownership" of all Irish land. The Quakers stopped and refused to enable the genocide in British Occupied Ireland by pretending that the Irish Holocaust was an act of nature.

There were several "Voices in the Wilderness" risking everything to try to stop the British genocide. Jane Wilde, mother of Oscar Wilde a poet, wrote under the,  nom de plume,"Speranza," in the rebel 
newspaper the United Irishman the following verses 1 to 6 here, about the British war crimes in Ireland of 1847, with regard to the British genocidists and the innocents of Ireland they were exterminating;

Weary men, what reap ye? "Golden corn for the Stranger."
What sow ye? "Human corpses that await for the Avenger."
Fainting forms, all hunger-stricken, what see you in the offing?
"Stately ships to bear our food away amid the stranger's scoffing."
There's a proud array of soldiers what do they round your door?
"They guard our masters' granaries from the thin hands of the poor."
Pale mothers, wherefore weeping? "Would to God that we were dead"
Our children swoon before us, and we cannot give them bread!"

"We are wretches, famished, scorned, human tools to build your pride,
But God will yet take vengeance for the souls for whom Christ died.
Now is your hour of pleasure, bask ye in the world's caress;
But our whitening bones against ye will arise as witnesses,
From the cabins and the ditches, in their charred, uncoffined masses,
For the Angel of the Trumpet will know them as he passes.
A ghastly, spectral army before God we'll stand
And arraign ye as our murderers, O spoilers of our land!"

Its 2013 and people still believe that the potato crop not native to Ireland was the reason  why millions of Irish people died, in rich agricultural land, ideal for crop growth and food. 
Its ridiculous, the world still mocks the Irish today for their "spud famine" The Irish government, as in so many other aspects of protecting its own people, shows complete disregard for this event and when holocaust denial is illegal in Europe, our own Government enable this potato nonsense to go on indefinitely is pissing on the graves of millions of our ancestors who perished.

It is all part of the revision and denial of our real national Irish history, proving once again, that the victors really write their version of history, covering up this British and other war crimes, with their mentored, privileged, sock puppets in Ireland.

Irish Holocaust :  6,257,456 Disappeared

See link below for details:


 "Secret police (sometimes political police) are intelligence agencies and or police agency, law enforcement office which operates in secrecy and also quite often beyond the law to protect the political power of an individual dictator or an authoritarian political regime.
 ”Instead of transparently enforcing the rule of law and being subject to public scrutiny as ordinary police agencies do, secret police organisations are specifically intended to operate beyond and above the law in order to suppress political dissent through clandestine acts of terror and intimidation targeted against political enemies of the ruling authority. ”Secret police are notorious for raiding homes between midnight and dawn, to apprehend people suspected of dissent. ”People apprehended by the secret police are often arbitrarily arrested and detained without due process."
 This description sounds very familiar in the context of the Occupied Six Counties currently under British Occupation in Ireland. Familiar today and not 30 or 40 years ago.

The internment of Martin Corey strikes at the very heart of democracy and the right to a fair trial. Martin cannot expect a charge never mind a trial. The British government have removed a man from his home and family, without giving him the right to know why. Because they have given no evidence against him, Martin has no chance to challenge his internment. Martin has simply disappeared and it would seem the general public and media are content to allow this to happen.

Although We know where Martin is, he has for all intents and purposes simply disappeared , Disappeared from his home with no charge, locked in a prison cell and told he is there due to Secret Evidence. Of course in the western world he is entitled to object to this through the courts, when he did just that a Judge ruled that he should be released as his continued internment was a breach of his human rights.

The Secret Police and those who control them stepped in and ordered that he remain in jail, overstepping the rule of the Courts and removing any illusion of due process. What more evidence therefore do we need that the British Government is running a Secret Police force in Ireland to quell political dissent?

The use of secret evidence, a secret police and shady dealings going on between the British Government and the judiciary should be enough for any citizen to publicly question what is going on.

 It is now time that the media investigated what IS going on, that those concerned with human rights issues and all citizens demand an explanation as to why a 62-year old man was taken from his home and incarcerated due to secret evidence that we cannot see. I question the secret evidence, is there evidence at all? Or is this a well rehearsed ploy to stifle political dissent?

Demand the release of Martin Corey, do not allow this inhumanity to continue.

By Cáit Trainor, of the Release Martin Corey Committee. 

"First they came for the socialists,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.Then they came for the trade unionists,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.Then they came for me,and there was no one left to speak for me."