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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Encouraged by the success of the British, with their Irish extermination campaigns under Viceroyals Villiers in Ireland, which disappeared over 6 million Irish people, Angela Merkel has now begun one in Ireland as well. There has always been a rift between the Germans and the British, but a recent release of secret recordings of West Brits, laughing at Merkel and robbing hard earned German money, while using the naive Irish community's fake bank front, called the Anglo Irish Bank owned by City of London bondholders, to rob both the Germans and the naive native Irish once again, have exacerbated the problem.
The campaign got into full swing last night, as political internee Martin Corey formerly a resident of 19 years in Long Kesh Concentration Camp, was dragged from his cell, where he has now been interned 3 years without trial by the British. Last night already known as the night of the Merkel kitchen knives, during which Irish owned businesses in British Occupied Ireland were attacked by a combination of colluding MI5, Waffen SS and the Orange Order. 
In Lurgan Irish bars, Irish banks, and green grocery stores were attacked and looted by thousands of colluding British and  Nazi government forces along with the Orange Order. Hundreds of Irish  were killed in the raids, and countless more sent to concentration camps, scattered throughout British Occupied Ireland. 
The scene was especially dramatic in the In the Irish community of the Kilwilkie estate in Lurgan, which was virtually obliterated in the onslaught while heroic former defenders like Martin Corey have already been interned in British concentrations camps for several years. Shops were destroyed, their windows smashed amid cries of ravaged river dancers, echoing through the glass-strewn streets of Portadown and British Occupied Ireland.
Before enacting an Irish extermination programme, individual Orange Order communities will be permitted to have their own local programs, while Gerry Adams and his few remaining neutered provos are allowed to go AWOL. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty UK and Ireland. Gerry Adams and Kelly were verbally abused and carried by landrover to Dundalk and told not to come back. 
After releasing the report, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty were closed down by SS MI5, Waffen SS and Orange Order SS, for its publication of government information under the Official Secrets Act. Its members are now awaiting a secret trial, that may or may not have already taken place in a secret location where state appointed lawyers may or may not have been rendered.
Merkel SS agents are working hard to make sure the Irish and West Brit bankers have no place to hide, searched the Belfast to Dublin train, which was delayed once again by an ONH, McDonalds cardboard Lunch Box, purchased in Hollywood. Buses are banned because they carry too many suspicious travelers. On July the 12th, Irish pedestrians are advised to stay indoors, while Fenian sweeps take place, which have already led to the arrest of 4,786 Taigs in the Belfast area alone. "Our mission is to defend the Merkel homeland," SS Billy Broome, Jr. was quoted as saying.
Fearful that Free Staters and West Brit bankers will aid their counterparts in British Occupied Ireland, the British armed forces are also taking a stand on the issue. "I don't want any of them here," said Lieutenant General William Haig while interviewed by the Irish Blog. "They are a dangerous element. There is no way to determine their West Brit loyalty. It makes no difference whether he is an Irish citizen, he is still an Irish half breed. Free State citizenship does not necessarily determine British loyalty, while Merkel said that we must worry about West Brit bankers all the time, until they are wiped off the map."
Those British paramilitary police the PSNI have reacted differently this time and are currently considering Willie Frazers exhortation to arrest every Fenian in South Armagh, which essentially is the whole population. From July 12 under enacted Stormont Laws, while the provisionals were on forced AWOL, Taigs are banned from driving or operating  motorized vehicles as well as all diesel fuelled machinery that includes tractors. 
The Stormont Laws withhold all banking services from all fenians entirely. Their bank cards, deeming them a flight risk if arrested. Taigs are also denied the full protection of Irish citizenship as opposed to U.K. commoner status, including the loss of habeus corpus and the the rights of 800 year old Magna Carta due process, to court-appointed council, to protection from arrest without probable cause, and to being brought before a judge within 48 hours of arrest. The Merkel/British SS government requires Fenians to register their property with officials of the British Viceroyal, which sets limits on the amount of wealth a Taig can have, while totally excluded from all banking services.
Martin Corey who has been interned without trial for several years  now, for believing himself to be Irish, also neglected to register his grave digger machinery before being interned, which also included a spade and a shovel, was formally arrested while interned, taken to a public non secret court, where he was found guilty of not haying paid his taxes for the last three years and stripped of all his assets, including his wood handicrafts in his concentration camp
According to Human Rights Watch and a British Irish Amnesty report, Catholics have been arrested for praying in the wrong way, particularly the Lords Prayer, for kicking with the wrong foot, for being engaged in photography, possession of computers, use of Gaelic emblems such as the caman, wearing clothes in the presence of a gay strip officer, facing away from the Union flag, trespassing on the property of hotels they are checked in to and smiling, particularly at murals in Belfast. The British government is not alone in its efforts. Today's policy of ethnic cleansing could not have gone into effect without the inspiring words of some great German leaders like Merkel and Hitler according to a British SS spooksperson.
According to an evangelical leader of the Orange Order who told Irish Blog anchor brionOcleirigh, "Popery, like most faiths, has a fringe of radicals who carry on bloodshed wherever they are. Even though these radicals do not represent mainstream Rome, bitter complaints have come in from countless places citing the provocative behavior of Papists like Gerry Kelly, interfering with British policing. To prevent vigorous defensive action by the Loyalist people, we in the Orange Order  have no choice but to contain the problem through legislative measures in Stormont, when MI5 send elected, sterilized, provos AWOL. It may be possible, through a definitive secular solution, to create a basis on which the Ulster people can have a tolerable relationship with the Taigs. If this fails, it will be necessary to create a final Merkel solution."


Above is a video of Clare Daly raising the internment of Martin Corey, with the Irish government. It is difficult to accept that these highly paid parliamentarians, couldn't even be bothered to attend, bearing in mind all of the state cars and subsidies they are given.

What is even more shocking, is non attendance by the nominally republican party of provisional Sinn Fein and more particularly Gerry Adams. This is a disgrace and the type of lazy parliamentry oversight, that allowed the banks to rob the Irish people. It gives me no pleasure and makes me particularly sad, as a former chairperson of provsional Sinn Fein, to say these people have absolutely nothing progressive to offer Ireland, other than more of the same old Fianna Fail.version of Irish republican ideals.

Clare Daly on the other hand is a good example, of what a real parliamentarian of the people is like and Ireland desperately needs this type of politician, to take it out of the utter mess it is in.Provisional Sinn fein are the biggest political party on the island of Ireland and part of the British administration in British Occupied Ireland. It is simply not good enough for them at this stage, to pick and choose what part they play in the administration of policing and injustice after the lengthy peace processing.The process was sold to families who lost loved ones,volunteers, activists, the Republican Movement on the basis of power sharing. The internment without trial of innocent traditional Irish republicans is the antithesis of the most basic form of republicanism, there is grey area in this matter.

They cannot hoodwink the people of Ireland any longer on this issue. If they believe that the Irish people accept that their 'negotiators' gave up the armed struggle and all of the arms dumps in return for no say or input in policing and injustice they must think we all came down the Boyne in a bubble. They cannot hunt with the British hounds and run with the fox any longer. You are either with us or against us, we demand the immediate release, of the interned, political, prisoner of conscience, Martin Corey immediately or your withdrawal from Stormont, like the SDLP previously did 40 years ago, as a matter of democratic principle.