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Sunday, May 12, 2013



 Nice one man, Your right flags are scary shit, first bit of kit they march into war since war began...
I used to be anti-IRA. I still have probs with the IRA bombing the fuck out of London. But, after this Irish Catholic woman told me the history of Ireland I came to understand why the Irish hate the fucking Brits

It's difficult to find reconcilliation without restitution.
up the fucking RA. Love from Birmingham x
Well said: Mark.
I agree.
Bobby Sand, Bloody Sunday... etc...
Irish are great people.
Many are missionary; and volunteers; all around the world.
Take care.
Hugs from Galway: Ireland.
Renzo *
Ireland is under the same financial yoke as england the people cant be free untill we sort out the corrupt banking and political system.
During the "troubles"and leading up to it,N.Ireland was paediophile central.Any child taken into care experienced physical and sexual torture.I went to N.I from Madeira in 1970 from Madeira to work in hotels,I was 9.As a family we effectively toured Europe cleaning hotel rooms.i was also forced to go to school in NI,Belfast Tech-what a shock.Here I was told so much about what was going on and even photographed-it was beyond belief.Today little has changed except its here on the mainland.
Couldn't agree more.
The local accent isnt too pretty
exorcism for the huns,now yer talkin Chunky
exorcism for the huns,now yer talkin Chunky
yessssssssssssssssssss well done mark fair play man
as a scotsman i honestly dont know much about Irelands history exept my ancestors were from there..i do however know it is a very beautiful place and i'd love to visit someday...i also do wish they would put religous differences aside (thats made to divide them) and unite then they can come and help scotland do the same.history needs to rewind itself and elite scum landowners need kicked out so we can all become countryside dwellers once again instead of living in cities like concentration camps
Mark ur welcome anytime to ballycastle & north coast, even tho ur a Brit! Incisive comment on the "flegs" issue......Thanks
Divide and conquer
Imagine him as pm
I do belive a pope, sold Ireland to the king of england, becuase the irish were not paying thier tax to the pope. so the pope sold Irland to us (uk) as long we payed the pope a penny per houe hold every year.
i think thats where the problems may have of started.
i could be right, icould be wrong.
Give Ireland back to the Irish!

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