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Friday, May 3, 2013


author by W. Finnertypublication date Thu May 02, 2013 18:08Report this post to the editors
Reply to Brian Clarke All Voices at Thu May 02, 2013 13:01 ...

" ... are there any left anymore on the island or have they all emigrated?"

This is a question I have often found myself wondering about since I returned to retire in the Republic of Ireland in 1998.

Although I have never attempted to research the matter in any really focused/dedicated way, and probably never will, I couldn't help noticing certain bits and pieces of information -- which I have come across while looking for other things -- which led me to speculate, in a very rough and ready way, that many of the type of "Irish Celts" -- of the kind which I think you possibly have in mind -- may have been the victims of what, for want of a better term, I will refer to as "cultural genocide".

To the Anglo Norman "ruling elites", the "standard Celt" looked like a "born troublemaker" it seems to me, and they needed, in the worst of a way, to be rapidly got rid of from the whole Ireland of Ireland: from the viewpoint of the "ruling elites" that is, who wished to take over the whole place (i.e the whole Island of Ireland).

A few years ago, I recall being deeply shocked (albeit only for a few minutes or so) on suddenly coming across information which claimed that the main reason Brehon Law was TOTALLY stamped out all over the Island of Ireland -- the task was completed in the mid 1600s as far as I aware -- was because the new "ruling elites" (from you-know-where) felt there was a desperate need for copious amounts of hangings throughout the whole of Ireland: and that Brehon Law presented a major obstacle to that much loved (by some) Anglo Norman "legal process" of the time.

It seems that banishment was normally the worst that could happen to you under Brehon Law (which dates back to 1200 BC or thereabouts possibly): unless perhaps you did something really outrageous like, for example, getting a big, hugely distracting, drunken row started in the middle of the annual, or tri-annual in more recent times perhaps, Great Feast of Tara: which, among other things, was the time and place where the most serious, and most tricky, offences under Brehon Law were considered and decided upon. For anybody interested, some general information on the "Feis Teamhrach" (The Great Feast of Tara) Event can be found at:

The shocking scenes described at the www location provided just below, all took place around the time of the "big and final changeover" in Ireland (i.e. circa the 1650s AD), from Brehon Law to Roman Law (or the Anglo Norman version of Roman Law to be more accurate perhaps):

However, many of the "standard Celt" types probably avoided being exterminated by "using the boat" for escape purposes to other, and often faraway places, and so their particular brand of "Celtic DNA" is now far more plentiful outside of Ireland than it is inside. Although this is just a hurriedly thought out, half-baked theory, I still feel there might be SOME truth in it.

Also, many of the Celts that did survive throughout the several centuries since the Anglo Norman invasion, did so by kowtowing to the ruling elites: so that the "kowtowing" genes may have survived (on the Island of Ireland) far better that the "non-kowtowing" ones have done: and for obvious reasons.

Another aspect of this rough-and ready theory, which recently "come to light" remarks allegedly made by the "late but not lamented by everybody" Lady Thatcher -- regarding the "all of the Irish are liars" comment -- can possibly also be explained by an aspect of this same theory. On recently learning of these remarks of hers, my mind instantly flew back to a story I once heard my father relate in the 1950s: which involved the line: "I can clearly remember watching my father taking the cloths off the "fear breaga" (the scarecrow) in preparation for his 'invitation' to appear before Lord Ashtown at the "Big House" (which was Woodlawn House

It seems my grandfather used to raise the odd extra sheep, cow, and pig, and other farm animals such as chickens, ducks, geese and the like, in ways which he did not "declare"; but, Lord Ashtown (the local landlord in the part of East Galway my family lived in) secretly had local spies, who missed very little it seems. Despite this, it seems that a good acting display, awash with a skilled mix of lies and half-truths, of the "You see I'm already living in terrible poverty, me Lord" kind, while suitably dressed for the "performance", which of neccesity had to take place in front of Lord Astown, in person (at the Big House) -- who was by no means "the worst of them" it seems -- could be the difference between life and death for one or more of the children of the tenants involved. Consequently, the genes of the "skilled mix of lies and half-truths" were rewarded in very significant ways for many of those Celts who survived such times on the Island of Ireland since 1169, and which involved some 30 generations or so, in a straight row.

Which all goes to show, perhaps, that the late Lady Thatcher's "all the Irish are liars" observation -- "God rest the poor woman's soul" as they say here -- might not have been entirely without substance?

More seriously though, there is (I find) a dreadful problem -- at the present time -- in the Republic of Ireland with what I tend to see as entirely "excessive kowtowing", and, worse still, the "I'm all right Jack, especially if I can find somebody else to do my dirty work for me" approach: when it comes to implementing the much needed "open and honest" and "firm but gentle" confrontation relating to "government corruption, crime, cover ups, and impunity" problems which are now rampant here; and, to me, there's something very mean and nasty, and shoddy, about all of that cowardly approach (as I see it), which as far as I can recall, was not present in the 1950s and 60s: at least not to anything remotely like the extent to which it is now. Then, the exact same people who use this cowardly and mean approach, will usually be the very first to "grab at" any benefits which might arise from the efforts of those who try to improve things, and, to fraudulently claim credit for the achievement of such benefits entirely for themselves (though, in reality, they contributed absolutely "sweet f**k all"). Fairly recently I heard an elderly neighbour of mine here remark in a casual conversation: "It's all meanness now, that's the only thing you'll get get from the most of them at the present time." He really "struck the nail on the head" as far as I was concerned with this remark of his, and I know for sure that the Ireland of my childhood was most definitely NOT at all like that. Consequently, it's not (in my opinion) simply a matter of "financial recovery" that we are in need of here just now. Somehow, it seems we also need to "recover" our "lost souls" as well, it seems!! (Maybe it's a question of "When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, 'the people' of Ireland will know peace, prosperity, and happiness once again"?)

While realising and accepting that the above mentioned "DNA theory" of mine is very likely not "100% most exactly correct", or anything even close to that perhaps, nor is the the whole story I myself believe, I nevertheless hope that it might provide some comfort -- by way of a possible explanation (of sorts) -- to those who you have referred to by your "shockingly offensive to the real Irish people now overseas" remark. I know myself, from my many years of living outside of Ireland, the "heart-scald" of being confronted with bad news of any kind which strongly suggested that the "old country" must be "going to the Devil" at a mighty pace.

I'll finish with an old saying I can recall my mother using (during the 1950s and 60s), usually for the purpose of "wrapping up" depressing conversations, on occasions when the outlook for the future here in Ireland did not look great:

"But now, before we finish, I think we might usefully keep in mind the old saying that 'God is good; Jack is earning; and, that the Devil might not be all that bad either'."

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author by Brian Clarke - AllVoicespublication date Thu May 02, 2013 22:13Report this post to the editors
Finnerty. A Chara,

I say Finnerty, because even though we may both hail from the headquarters of the Pro-Life elite in east Galway, I'm afraid I have never had the pleasure, despite your honorable reputation in the said locality. We did for many decades, have a green sleeve of the Price of Justice, procured in the town of Ballinasloe by my late father who unfortunately was a blue shirt of the Collins variety.

However, I do need to take you to task on your comments with regards to the kiddie fiddler, the late Lady Thatcher's soul and your take on her comments that "all the Irish are liars." She may very well have been commenting on the Pro-Life crowd in east-Galway and other parts outside the original Pale.

It is my humble opinion Comrade Finnerty that perhaps Thomas Carlyle, British remark in the 1840s, that. A Celt will soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the red man on the banks of Manhattan may have already come to pass, certainly the other side of Ballinasloe.

Ballinasloe may indeed be the headquarters of the pro-life brigades with the evolution of its populance aided by large doses of Electrc Shock Treatment, fistfuls of Largactil and copius amounts of travelers sperm, being deposited in the said locality, after the traditional country fair down through the generations of celebrations, with the local clergy refusing either marriage or baptism, the fruits of the travelling community, since Cromwell banished them to all to both Hell and Connacht.

Let me blunt about it Finnerty, a chara, Thatcher never had a soul and like her sisters in Pro-Life, neither had she a heart. Indeed to quote an elderly travelling man, well acquainted with the Pecker and the Brigids of Ballinasloe, whom I shared a few pints with in the other Lawrencetown outside of Banbridge, neither is their any 'nature' anymore, obviously in Thatcher and her sisters in the town of Ballinasloe in east Galway, leading their legions of Lipstick, trotting all over the sacred island of Ireland.In fact your inspiring article, leads me to believe, that Thatcher's ancestors surely come from Pro-Life Ireland with her considerable knowledge of liars.

In fact Thatcher is not dead I believe, as long as Pro-life Ireland is around.
I have been starting to appreciate of late, the considerable contribution of Norman stock to the body of Irish literature, aside from their contribution with bringing the republican heritage to Ireland.Indeed one of my more respected Irish republicans comrades, formerly a Provo claims that, the only Irish Provo you can now trust is a Prod and they are a rare breed indeed, especially in east Galway, these days.

Perhaps the situation has become so dire in the now fascist Pro-life motherland of Ireland, that the migration of all the Celtic and Catholic genes out of the place is the most feasible solution, to be replaced with some more ethical Provo Prods, who take responsibility with a little more awareness of their antecedents. Perhaps the French family genes of out beloved Percy, the Yeats family genes may be a better basis for progress than the Barnacles.

In fact Mr Finnerty, your contribution put me in mind of Dean Swift who himself spent time in east Galway, almost three hundred years ago in Eyrecourt. Now what would Jonathan have thought of these Pro-Life Nazi's? but then there is much evidence that this Anglo-Irish author of Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal, amongst others, slowly dipped into insanity during stay in Eyrecourt, where over a fairly long period he crossed the threshold unto insanity because of the political environment of east Galway .Indeed by 1742 his psyche could take no more with five attendants needed to restrain him from tearing out his eyes, so he could witness no more of east Galway which left silent for an entire year. No wonder then, that emigration appears to be the best option for the litter.

It would appear that emigration is the only solution, while Pro-Life hold sway in east-Galway, dictating Government abortion policy in all of Ireland, if we are to finally solve the problem on John Bull's other island, aborting all foetus with Celtic DNA, red hair or curly hair like the Pecker.Perhaps we need to get away from sonar, to have a gawk at the Irish foetus in Ireland and instead to help Pro-life identify any freckles, curls or red hair in sperm, before conception, insert an endoscope without disturbing the virginal east- Galway hymen or causing anymore problem in east Galway with the Brigids of Ballinasloe.

Hopefully Mr Finnerty, you and the editor will recognize this as a typical droll, Ballinasloe, east-Galway rant and have the spiritual tolerance to desist from editing my reply to your masterpiece.I trust you can find a creative solution to claiming the pension that is rightfully yours without a penioner dying on hunger strike in East Galway protesting the many injustices of Thatcherite, Pro-Life east-Galway.

P.S. I include a song by the Pecker which was inspired by Ballinasloe in east-Galway or maybe it was Puck fair but I'm sure you get my drift intoi insanity in a world, that is losing its 'nature'. I'm leaving this spontaneous reply unedited, please forgive the story of my life, my many mistakes. Slan go fomghaill a fear uasail ! . brion
Ballinasloe Fair
Ballinasloe Fair

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