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Monday, April 22, 2013


London’s 7/7 and now the Boston bombing were both “Black Ops False Flag” 

The Pattern Of A False Flag? Boston Bomb ‘Drill’ Exercise

If whistleblower Ali Stevenson is correct, it appears that yet again a terrorist attack, this time the Boston bomb, occurred at the same time as an official exercise was taking place.
The Norwegian attack, the London 7/7 bombings and the 9/11 attacks all turned out to be running in tandem with exercises which were eerily similar to the real terrorist attacks.
According to Stevenson, a sports coach, there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines. ‘They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,’ he told a local TV channel.
In the case of 7/7 in London, retired police terrorist expert Peter Power, clearly in a state of shock, initially told radio listeners that the exercises he had helped organise even specified the same tube stations as the real attacks.

Washington  philosopher Webster Tarpley, is one of the first to draw attention to the links between Barack Obama, the CIA, the British and the bankers, has explained why anti-terror exercises can be useful to false flag terrorists, in the dark corners of a military industrial complex in Britain that has a vested interest in war and terror in places Like British occupied Ireland. Yjis is why the Tory Government in Britain ,has ended the irish Peace process without Due Process, now introducing internment again, which started a 40 year war last time in Ireland.British experiment in Occupied Ireland demonstrated thatanti-terror exercises  provide both a cover story if things go wrong and an explanation to colleagues not in the know, if they should chance upon a plot. An anti-terror exercise running in parallel with a major terror attack is not proof of collusion but, say sceptics, it is grounds for further investigation of British involvement in Boston to discredit the irish.

The London Bombs, The 
Rogue Network And Iran
By Webster G. Tarpley
WASHINGTON, DC -- Last week's London explosions carry the characteristic features of a state-sponsored, false flag, synthetic terror provocation by networks within the British intelligence services MI-5, MI-6, the Home Office, and the Metropolitan Police Special Branch who are favorable to a wider Anglo-American aggressive war in the Middle East, featuring especially an early pre-emptive attack on Iran, with a separate option on North Korea also included. With the London attacks, the Anglo-American invisible government adds another horrendous crime to its own dossier. But this time, their operations appear imperfect, especially in regard to the lack (so far) of a credible patsy group which, by virtue of its ethnicity, could direct popular anger against one of the invisible government's targets. So far, the entire attribution of the London crimes depends on what amounts to an anonymous posting in an obscure, hitherto unknown, secular Arabic-language chatrooms in the state of Maryland, USA. But, based on this wretched shred of pseudo-evidence, British Prime Minister Tony Blair who has surely heard of a group called the Irish Republican Army, which bombed London for more than a decade has not hesitated to ascribe the murders to "Islam," and seems to be flirting with total martial law under the Civil Contingencies Act. We are reminded once again of how he earned his nickname of Tony Bliar.
That the British Government knew in advance that blasts would occur is not open to rational doubt. Within hours of the explosions, Israeli Army Radio was reporting that "Scotland Yard [London police headquarters] had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred." This report, repeated by, added that "the Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address an economic summit." This report is attributed to "unconfirmed reliable sources." At around the same time, the Associated Press issued a wire asserting that "British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city," according to "a senior Israeli official." This wire specifies that "just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say that they had received warnings of possible attacks."
According to eyewitness reports from London, BBC claimed between 8:45 and some minutes after 10 AM that the incidents in the Underground were the result of an electrical power surge, or alternatively of a collision. Foreign bigwigs, presumably not just Netanyahu, were warned, while London working people continued to stream into the subway. These reports have been denied, repudiated, sanitized, and expunged from news media websites by the modern Orwellian Thought Police, but they have been archived by analysts who learned on 9/11 and other occasions that key evidence in state-sponsored terror crimes tends to filter out during the first minutes and hours, during the critical interval when the controlled media are assimilating the cover story peddled by complicit moles within the ministries. These reports are not at all damaging to Israel, but are devastating for British domestic security organs. An alternative version peddled by, namely that the Israelis warned Scotland Yard, is most probably spurious but still leaves the British authorities on the hook. Which Scotland Yard official made the calls? Identify that official, and you have bagged a real live rogue network mole.
Another more general element of foreknowledge can be seen in the fact reported by Isikoff and Hosenball of Newsweek that, since about November 2004, the US FBI, but not other US agencies, has been refusing to use the London Underground.
Operations like these are generally conduited through the government bureaucracies under the cover of a drill or exercise which closely resembles the terror operation itself. So it was with Amalgam Virgo and the multiple exercises held on 9/11, as I show in my 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA (Joshua Tree CA: Progressive Press, 2005). So it was with the Hinckley attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan, when a presidential succession exercise was scheduled for the next day, as I showed in my George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992; reprint by Progressive Press, 2004). An uncannily similar maneuver allows the necessary work to be done on official computers and on company time, while warding off the inquisitive glances and questions of curious co-workers at adjoining computer consoles.
Such a parallel drill was not lacking in the London case. On the evening of July 7, BBC Five, a news and sports radio program, carried an interview with a certain former Scotland Yard official named Peter Power who related that his firm, Visor Consulting, had been doing an anti-terror-bombing drill in precisely the Underground stations and at the precise times when the real explosions went off. Peter Power and Visor had been subcontractors for the drill; Power declined to name the prime contractors. Small wonder that Blair, in his first official report to the Commons on July 11, went out of his way to rule out a board of inquiry to probe these tragic events.
Tony Blair may be eyeing the advantages of emergency rule for a discredited lame duck like himself, but the British people may have a different view. The alternative is clear: on the one hand is the American response after 9/11, marked by submissive and credulous gullibility in regard to the fantastic official story of what had happened. On the other hand is the militant and intelligent Spanish response after March 11, 2004, marked by powerful mass mobilization and righteous anger against politicians who sought to manipulate the people and sell a distorted account of events. Which way will the British people go? Straws in the wind suggest that the British response may be closer to the Spanish, although it may develop more slowly because of the lack of mass organization and related factors. If this is the case, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, and the rest of the malodorous "New Labor" crypto-Thatcherites will be out the window.
My thesis is that the London explosions represent a form of communication on the past of the transatlantic Anglo-American financier faction with Bush, Blair, and the heads of state and government assembled at Gleneagles, Scotland for the G-8 meeting on the day of the blast. The London deaths were designed to deliver an ultimatum in favor of early war with Iran. Here a word of clarification may be necessary. The demonization of Bush by his many enemies, while understandable, risks blurring the basic realities of power in the US and UK. Since the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination (to go back no further than that), we have been aware of a secret team. During the Iran-contra era, the same phenomenon was referred to as an invisible, secret or parallel government. This is still the matrix of most large-scale terrorism. The questions arises for some: do Bush and Cheney tell the invisible government what to do, or does the invisible government treat the visible office holders as puppets and expendable assets? To ask the question is to answer it: Bush, Cheney & Co. are the expendable puppets. The explanation of terror is not Bush MIHOP, as some seem to argue, but rather invisible government MIHOP, an altogether more dire proposition.
How then does the invisible faction communicate with the public mouthpieces? Given the violence of the power relations involved, we can be sure that it is not a matter of sending out engraved invitations announcing that the honor of Bush's presence is requested at the launching of an attack on Iran. Rather, the invisible and violent rogue network communicates with Bush, Blair, and others by means coherent with their aggressive nature as they did on 9/11. Bush, of course, is a weak and passive tenant of the White House whose instinct is to do virtually nothing beyond the day-to-day routine.
We therefore need to note that the London blasts come after two months of vigorous and impatient prodding of Bush by the invisible government. On May 11, a small plane almost reached the White House before it was turned away, while the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House (but not the Pentagon, the Treasury, etc.) were evacuated amid scenes of panic. The White House went to red alert, but Bush was not informed until it was all over, and was riding his bicycle in the woods near Greenbelt, Maryland. Flares were dropped over the Brookland district and Takoma Park, MD. The resemblance of all this to a classic coup scenario was evident. On May 18, a live hand grenade, which turned out to be a dud, landed near Bush as he spoke at a rally in Tbilisi, Georgia.
On June 29, the approach of another small plane led to an evacuation of the Congress and the Capitol, again with scenes of panic. On the afternoon of July 2, no fewer than three small planes came close to Bush's Camp David retreat in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland; this story was suspiciously relegated to the local news page of the Washington Post. The details of these incidents are of little interest; what counts is the objective reality of a pattern. These incidents also provide background for Bush's unbalanced behavior on July 5 at Gleneagles, when he crashed into a policeman while riding on his bicycle. Then came the London blasts on July 7.
What is it that the invisible government wants Bush and Blair to do? Scott Ritter announced last January that Bush had issued an order to prepare an attack on Iran for the month of June. According to a well-informed retired CIA analyst I spoke with on July 3, this order actually told US commanders to be ready to attack Iran by the end of June. This project of war with Iran is coherent with most of what we know about the intentions of the US-UK rogue faction, and thus provides the immediate background for the London explosions. The Bush administration and the Blair cabinet have failed to deliver decisive military action, and the invisible government is exceedingly impatient.
One way to increase the pressure on Iran would be to implicate a group of Iranian fanatic patsies in the London bombings. This would not be difficult; in fact, as I show in 9/11 Synthetic Terror, the British capital, referred to during the 1990s as Londonistan, is home to the largest concentration of Arab and Islamic patsy groups in the entire world in such infamous locations as Finsbury mosque and Brixton mosque; these groups are known to have enjoyed de facto recruiting privileges in Her Majesty's Prisons. But perhaps an Iranian patsy group would be too obvious at this time. More likely may be the sinking of a US warship in the Gulf by a third country, duly attributed to Iran.
In a recent speech, Dr. Ephraim Asculai of Tel Aviv University made two main points: first, that there is no military solution to the Iranian nuclear issue, and second, that there is no such thing as a point of no return in nuclear weapons development. Dr. Asculai showed that South Africa, Sweden, and other nations had turned away from deploying A-bombs well after having acquired the ability to produce them. Dr. Asculai is evidently arguing against widespread tendencies in the US-UK-Israeli strategic community who are whipping up hysteria around the notion that Iran is now indeed approaching exactly such a point of no return.
For her part, Miss Rice of the State Department has now declared that it will no longer be sufficient for Iran to turn away from nuclear weapons production; the entire Iranian program for nuclear energy production will also have to be dismantled, in her view. Such maximalism makes a negotiated solution impossible as long as the current Washington group holds power.
The US, UK and Israel have been on the brink of war with Iran for at least a year, and the rogue network is generally aware that time is not on its side. There is also an important new development which threatens the ability of the Anglo-Americans to wage war. On July 5, the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which brings together China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Krygyzia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan plus new members India, Pakistan, and Iran, issued a call for the United States to vacate the bases seized in the autumn of 2001 under the cover of the 9/11 emergency and the looming invasion of Afghanistan. The parties to this call represent about half of the world's population. This demand was immediately rejected by the State Department, but veteran Russian Eurasian expert Yevgeny Primakov crowed that for the first time a formula had been agreed to by which the US would be ejected from this region. The US presence goes back to the Bush-Putin emergency hotwire talks of September 11, 2001, when Putin, seeing that the madmen had seized control in Washington, dropped Russian objections to a US intrusion into the former Soviet republics of central Asia. The US-UK can attack Iran from Iraq in the west, from Afghanistan in the east, and from Qatar in the south, but without the Uzbek and Kyrgyz bases, the Anglo-American ability to attack from the north as well will be severely limited. The SCO states are also concerned about US-backed "color revolutions" on the recent Georgian and Ukrainian models, traditionally known as CIA "people power" revolutions, being used to destabilize their governments. To make matters worse for Washington and London, Kazakhstan is a few months away from opening an oil pipeline to China, which will diminish the US-UK ability to use their Gulf presence to blackmail Beijing. Washington and London are also dismayed by the pro-Iranian overtures in various fields being made by their Shiite puppets in Baghdad.
And what of the report in the Washington Post of July 11, which claims that US and UK planners are now contemplating a sharp reduction in the US forces in Iraq? The most plausible explanation is that this is pure disinformation, similar to news blips issued by both Hitler and Stalin in May and June of 1941. It should also be noted that the British plan explicitly provides for most of the forces now at Basra to go to Afghanistan, where they would be positioned for operations against Iran, or into central Asia.
Generally, the invisible government appears dismayed by its loss of momentum and the constant erosion of the political position of its asset, Bush. 110,000 US factory workers lost their jobs in June, the worst total in a year and a half: auto and textiles are collapsing. The housing bubble may also be nearing its end, with the bankruptcy of Fannie Mae on the near-term agenda. World derivatives have officially reached $300 trillion, with JP Morgan Chase holding the largest single portfolio. The one virtuoso performance of July 7 was that of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and European Central Bank, which flooded equity and capital markets with liquidity through such vehicles as the Plunge Protection Team (PPT), turning a big Wall Street loss into a small gain.
During the recent Reopen 9/11 tour of 8 European cities, Jimmy Walter repeatedly forecast that the general predicament of the Bush regime and the US financier faction would lead to another large-scale terror attack before the end of 2005; this has now occurred, and there is no end in sight. The tide of US public opinion has now definitively turned against the Iraq war and to some degree against Bush, as all major polls demonstrate. Notable is the 42% affirmative response to the Zogby International question as to whether, if it could be proved that Bush lied to launch the Iraq war, he should be impeached. Larry Franklin of the Wolfowitz-Feith neocon apparatus has been indicted for divulging US secrets, and the American-Israeli Public Affairs Council has been raided twice; further indictments are expected. Karl Rove has now been revealed as the source of the Valerie Plame leak, making Rove and perhaps other White House officials fair game for federal indictment. The Niger yellowcake forgeries and the Chalabi state secrets cases are still pending to say nothing of two stolen elections and the 9/11 Septembergate itself. All these factors incline the rogue network to seek an improvement in their situation through a flight forward to a wider war in Iran. Those who stand to lose most by such an Iranian adventure must now mobilize to make Mr. Bush's second term as eventful as Nixon's second term turned out to be in 1974.

Britian's MI5's 'False Flag' IRA OPERATIONS 

The influence of spooks on Irish Politics has recently largely gone unnoticed as public attention concentrated on significant financial developments. But with competing British spy groups clashing head-on in a battle for government funding and influence in both the UK and US through control of events in Ireland.

The arrival in early November in Derry of Lord Carlile, independent advisor to the British Government on the activities of the Security Service (MI5), to investigate SDLP not Provisional claims that MI5 were involved in the shooting dead of leading Real IRA member Kieran Doherty outside Derry city exposing what has been happening on both sides of the Border, where MI5 has been running what is known in the spook business as «false flag» operations.

Carlile, a Liberal Democrat barrister of Polish Jewish background, has a reputation as an expert on hush hush matters. In various former posts he was «briefed by MI5» as he says – while as a member of the Athenaeum Club, he rubs shoulders regularly with senior Secret Service (MI6) officers in London. These are at loggerheads with MI5 over funding and conflicting policies on Ireland.

Carlile was, therefore, well-placed to find out what is happening undercover in Ireland. To underline he meant business, he responded within days to requests that he investigate, presumably, as Security Adviser, with Downing Street approval. He even went for a photo-op with the Doherty family members and SDLP man Mark Durkan to the spot on a country road outside the city where Doherty (31) was found tied and naked, shot in the head.
According to the BBC, MI5 has «increased the proportion of its budget spent on counter-Irish terrorism to meet the growing threat from the Real IRA and Continuity IRA. More staff has been sent to work at MI5's large Irish HQ at Loughside, in Palace Barracks, Holywood, Co. Down». MI5 boss Jonathan Evans, according to The Sunday Times, ordered the allocation of £20 million from the anti-al-Qaeda budget to the struggle against Irish republicans in British occupied ireland. 

According to the newspaper, which speaks with authority when it comes to British Intelligence, MI5 currently spends 18% of its budget on the traditional republican groups threat – up from 13% two years ago.

The Irish republican threat» have been well-reported by the MI5 publicity machine. The misgivings of the British Special Services are well-grounded,» reported the Russians. «Suffice it to say that this year, there have already been 33 terrorist attacks and attempted attacks compared with 22 in the whole of 2009. In this connection, it is a small wonder that the British.... are concentrating on the escalation of violence in Ulster rather than on the struggle against Moslem terrorism.» (Radio Moscow, 24 Aug 2010) Al Jazeera carried similar reports quoting the same figures from Evans, telling the Commons' Intelligence and Securtiy Committee on 13 Sept 2010 that his organisation « had not anticipared  the way in which the securtiy situation had deteriorated in Ireland.» MI5 Case Officers and Analysts at Loughside  have been increased by 33%, it was reported (Belfast Telegraph, 13 Septembe 2010. They got their enhanced annual budget for 2011 some weeks ago.

While Moscow may appear to accept MI5's word that the «escalation of violence in Ulster is a major threat,» people closer to events, who are outside the far-reaching media influence of the spooks, like Lord Carlile, take a different view. Interestingly, David Cameron approved Carlile's flying visit to Derry with the same alacrity that the accepted the Bloody Sunday findings.

Many of the less that 50 «security incidents» reported by MI5 during 2010 relate to petrol bombs and pipe bombs. The former are bottles filled with petrol ignited by a lit rag when thrown: the latter are glorified fireworks made from a small pipe hammered closed at one end  and filled with shotgun cartridge powder or material scooped from Chinese bangers bought at any back-street shop – hardly the weapons of a well-equipped guerilla force of the sort MI5 says it is fighting.

Occasionally, these munitions» are supplemented with cardboard boxes left on the rail line near Lurgan to disrupt Dublin-Belfast travel. Anyone who sees street demonstrations inevitably must understand the real strength and limited importance of the varied dissident groups: without question, they are fewer in number than the 400 MI5 spies deployed against them.

 But then, out of the blue in 2010, incidents happened which were hugely different from the «pipe bombs» and «petrol bombs» of schoolboy sophistication – displaying quite separate skills, and access to different resources, including Semtex and TPU (Timing and Power Unit electronic fuses). The dissidents also showed sudden  signs of organisational ability previously thought by Garda (Irish Republic Police Force) Intelligence (CSB) to be beyond their capabilities. There had been an example fo this earlier, in 2009, when on one night alone, two reportedly different dissident factions (the Continuity IRA and the Real IRA) coincidentally or otherwise, shot dead two soldiers at Antrim and a PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) community policeman in Lurgan within hours – and then faded into the background, going back to making petrol bombs and fireworks pipe bomb bangers.

In 2010, several mysterious incidents occurred: in February a large car bomb blasted Newry courthouse, while in Derry, a vehicle bomb was parked outside a bank. No one was injured in these explosions, or by an under-car booby trap found by a police dog handler at this home. Again, they were out-of- character with previous actions by dissidents. It's at this point that Lord Carlile's arrival in Ireland should be seen as significant.

He will have been told, if not by Mark Durkan then by others in Derry, that many well-informed persons believe that much of the present dissident «military acitivity» results from «false flag» operations run by MI5. He may also have been told how, as secret talks are going on to bring maverick former IRA members into the peace process, a campaign to disrupt this – and to improve MI5 funding and importance as the premier spook organisation in Britain – is the reason for the MI5 strategy.

False Flag operations are as old as espionage for the colonial British  in many memoirs by former counter-insurgency honchos – like to claim that they have been pre-eminent in the field since their colonial times. Basically, the controlling force (MI5 in this case) recruits, through blackmail or bribery, one or more agents within a target group. These are then moved into a position in the command structure (by virtue of arrests or assassination of rivals who might threaten this arrangement) where they can control the group's actions, without being questioned by comrades. The gangs whiich killed solicitors (attorneys) Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson, and loyalist Billy Wright, were MI5 false flag units, as events have shown.

The Derry group which murdered Kieran Doherty is a false flag gang, as Carlile will have been told, not only in Derry, but probably in London by his Secret Service (MI6) contacts. They are aware of what has been going while they in MI6 are orchestrating «Parallel» negotiations (which mirror the old Back Channels of Martin McGuinness (deputy leader of provisional Sinn Fein) fame) with groups, but find it hard to prove. Paradoxiacally, David Cameron seems less influenced by MI5 than his Labour predecessors – as shown in his approval of a high-profile visit by his representatives to meet relatives of Doherty, identifed publicly at this funeral as a Real IRA leader.

The three false flag gangs operate independently in the North and are used by MI5 for different purposes. A Derry city gang uses the name Real IRA. It funds itself through protection payments from nightclub drugs dealers. It has occasionally planted bombs and is run by a Strabane man who has worked for MI5 since the 1990s. In 1999, he was abducted by Provo security, but a suggestion that he be removed permanently or given a one-way ticket to leave Ireland was turned down by the Provo leadership, who thought MI5 would use whatever happened to destroy the peace process.
The Belfast false flag gang is based in Beechmount and calls itself the Real IRA or occasionally Oglaigh na h-Eireann. It has fewer than ten members and raises funds through protection rackets for brothels and drugs dealers. The Beechmount leader – claiming to be the «Chief of the Real IRA» - gave that recent Guardian interview in which he claimed that his group was going to target British bankers for assassination. This implausible story went around the world, and gained considerable publicity for the false flag gang – and kudos for MI5 in London, where they were still battling to win Treasury support for their Irish operations.

Recently, the Beechmount Brigade (also called disparagingly the Cardboard Box Command, because of a penchant for leaving  fake box bombs at road junctions to disrupt traffic) created a link  with one of the two factions in the Limerick criminal feud through a female relative. The gang is also involved in a continuing scandal in which a Belfast VIP loyalist has gone  on the run in England with PSNI assistance, much more of which willl emerge in early 2011 and on which Lord Carlile (and in turn David Cameron) will have by now been briefed.

The most active of the dissident false flag gangs uses the Continuiity IRA name and is based in Lurgan. It has links with a crooked Portadown loyalist whose shop-front office premises are paid for by indirect government funding possibly arranged by MI5. Set up initially to smuggle Chinese counterfeit cigarettes, the Lurgan «Continuity» false flag is so sure of immunity from arrest that several of its members drove in two vehicles to Manchester earlier this year to threaten a rogue English solicitor with death at the hands «of the IRA « if he did not hand over money they believed they were owed. They had paid a deposit to buy a small cigarette factory in Pristina in the Balkans, where they intended to produce fake cigarettes for the English market.

How much of this information will have got into the hands of Lord Carlile as a result of his investigation of the Kieran Doherty killing is not known. Certainly, at least some of this would have been available from the Secret Service (MI6). Significantly, the MI6 spooks have publicly taken a quite different line from MI5 on the dangers posed by Irish republican dissidents. But more is likely to emerge in 2011.

 I believe it's unlikely that the sole reason for  the false flag incidents is increased Treasury funding and naive in the extreme to suggest that Lord Carlile, with close links to the Intelligence services,  will report publicly that British Intelligence services are engaged in false flag operations in British occupied Ireland. Such a report would lead the wider public to start asking uncomfortable questions re 7/7 and the indeed Boston bombing.