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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey addressed this year's Bloody Sunday March For Justice. Despite a very wet day up to 5,000 people attended the march in solidarity with the victims of Bloody Sunday. 


Thanks very much. I wasn't really quite sure where to start here today. It's good to see so many people here. I thought actually that Kate was going to read out some of the thanks to people before I started but she's going to do that afterwards.

So I'd just like to take a minute to thank Kate Nash, to thank The Nash Sisters, to thank the families who have asserted their right to keep this issue to the fore until the truth is followed by accountability for the action.

It has been a lonely enough path at times for families. There are times when people who are in the thick of what is actually happening – the people who have actually have suffered the brunt of the pain and the loss - who have to travel very lonely paths sometimes - although we try our best to stand with everybody.

The ebb comes and goes. And it takes very brave people to keep standing their ground when there are plenty of people with them and when there are no people simply because they know that justice remains to be done needs nd not simply be seen to be have done.

So here on the forty-first anniversary of Bloody Sunday I'm actually surprised myself that on this cold day that somewhere in the back of my head is a slightly-too-close for me at the minute a very uncomfortable memory of standing here forty-one years ago.

Sometimes you forget as well why we came on that day. It's very important to remember first of all that we continue to fight - to challenge the cover-up, to challenge the pattern, to challenge the belief that the state can do whatever the states likes.

And even though some people from time to time get tired or begin to collaborate with the state in believing that it's all best swept away somewhere and new starts made on corrupt beginnings.

We still have to keep in front of people's minds that it didn't just happen to us. Bloody Sunday is not exclusive to the people of Doire - not exclusive to the people of Northern Ireland. Had many of you had the opportunity, which you didn't, to be at some of the events yesterday, and hear Jenny Hicks speak of the loss of her two daughters at the cover-up in Hillsborough, to hear Dave Douglas speak about the cover-up of the attack on the miners, to hear Susan McKay speak on the cover-up of sexual abuse of innocent children who were supposed to be safe in the care of institutions and were violated there.

And I think what stood in common to all of us yesterday as we were speaking was that the deed was bad enough. The shooting of people in the street in Doire was bad enough. The failure to protect people in a football stadium was bad enough. But the worst thing that happened to people was that having done it was the lie!

To immediately, in the aftermath of doing it, to lie about it. And to consistently maintain that lie to protect the state, to protect the interest, to protect the guilty. And in order to keep that lie alive, to demonise, to vilify the innocent.

And let us remember that even today when the vast majority of the innocent have been declared innocent - which we always knew - that innocence is still denied to young Gerald Donaghey. Innocence is still denied to that young person on whose corpse soldiers planted nail bombs in his pockets so that they could say they saw them there or whatever it was they did. There has still not been a declaration of innocence for young Gerald Donaghy.

Let us also remember, and we talked about that yesterday as well, that that pattern, that pattern of the state action doing what they want, lying about the fact they did it, being able to draw in the great and the good - the media, the police, the Church, the social speakers, the powerful - to maintain the lie.

That demonising of the victims, that long, long process of barricading the truth away from the people. People talk about how long The Saville Inquiry took - how expensive The Saville Inquiry was. It took a long time and it cost alot of money because for every single inch of that journey, for every single day of that journey, the British government, who set the Inquiry up, prevented the truth from being brought before it.

That's why it cost alot of money. That's why it took alot of time.

And as one of the people and I still say - I never asked for that Inquiry...I never wanted it...that's my personal stand...I never wanted to go to it because the man who was sitting there, decent human being though he was, was an employee of the government I saw murder people in front of my eyes!

How was he going to find his employer guilty? So he laid the blame at a half a dozen soldiers. And they still have not been held to account.

But the true culprits will never be held to account unless we keep on this path until they are.

But let us not forget what took us onto the streets that day.

We did not stand here forty-one years ago for the purpose of being shot. That's not why we came here. We didn't stand here all that time ago to create a situation that we would have to remember year after year.

We came on the streets that day to end the policy of internment without trial. That's what took us here.

And here today forty-one years later we have a new administration. We have a new dispensation. We have a new power structure. We have new civic collaborators in the administration of government.

But we still have internment without trial!

We still have people in prison on the whim and the dictate of the Northern Ireland Secretary of State - the Overlord of this place.

And whatever minions of small people who think they have power here... the fact that they cannot have Martin Corey released means they have no power! Power still lies in the fist of the Northern Ireland Secretary of State. But they have paper power.

Marian Price remains in prison on the whim of the Secretary of State.

Dolours Price cannot be harmed by this state anymore because they have finally destroyed that good woman and she is now gone.

But the Minister of so-called Justice, David so-called “Liberal” Ford, under Article 7 of the 2000 Act, at the stroke of a pen could release her sister whom they are also trying to break in body and soul and spirit and mind. And for what?

It took all day yesterday in the High Court for a very brave lawyer to keep battling against David Ford and we're not supposed to say this because David Ford asked the judge to insure there was no reporting.

Well...I don't work for the I'm not reporting... I'm just telling you!

But in the High Court, on a judicial review, the judge said that David Ford's behaviour and his judgment on not allowing Marian Price out - and not even considering it – for a few hours to sit by the coffin of her sister was unlawful, unreasonable and irrational. That's what the judge said about the Minister of Justice of this small, misbegotten, corrupt, little, pretending state.

He said the Minister of Lilliput is irrational. He said the Minister of Lilliput doesn't understand the law.

And he said that that young woman should be released for at least four hours to sit by the coffin of a sister with whom she had shared a cell for many years. With whom she had suffered the human torture, degrading and inhuman treatment of having a tube put down her throat, into her stomach, held down until a jug of liquid was poured into that funnel, into that tube and into that stomach every single day for over [two] hundred days.

When we talk about people on hunger strike many young people here forget that when Marian Price and Dolours Price were on hunger strike it wasn't that they were fasting - they were force fed in that manner for every day for [two] hundred days - and it destroyed those young women. It destroyed their physical health and still the state not satisfied.

Bullies one of them all of her life and imprisons the other one.

We came here forty-one years ago to demand (the end of) internment without trial. We came here forty-one years ago to make it perfectly clear that if Her Majesty's government – Her Majesty owns the government – if her Majesty's government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could not insure that this part of her jurisdiction was governed openly, transparently, democratically and within the dictates of fundamental human rights and freedoms - which should be extended to people in prison - which should be extended to people who should not have their liberty removed from them except by due, open process of law - then this place should not be governed by Her Majesty's United Kingdom government.

And I would like to say from this platform that I for one have not changed that position. And I don't care who is currently standing between us, between us and Her Majesty's government and attempting to administer democracy on their behalf.

Make the damn state work!

Make it work openly, democratically in support of the civil rights we have demanded since 1968!

We stand today looking at a new dispensation, people still in prison, the people in these houses – people who live here - no housing executive after a few years! No welfare state! No health! No benefit! No civil rights! No nothing!
And you look on that wall and ask for what died the sons, the daughters, the children of these streets.

We have got to get our act together. We have got to do a bit more than just march. We have got to organise. We've got to educate ourselves. We have got to get moving or there will soon be nothing here for anybody.

Let's look at the bravery of the people who stood here. 

Let's look at the endurance of the families who have held this fight. Let's look at the endurance of Marian Price and Martin Corey and the others and let's say to ourselves: we have got to get a political programme together here and get the struggle for civil rights, political rights, social rights and economic rights together or we are in, comrades and colleagues, for one hell of a hiding. Thank you very much.


Ireland should not become a subsidiary of the international Zionist
holocaust franchise chain

It seems the Jewish holocaust is indeed much more important to
revisionists than the so-called Irish Famine or original European
holocaust, which in 1847 the Cork Examiner (now Irish Examiner)-
referring to the on-going crime in Ireland, called a "Holocaust" as
did many writers including Michael Davitt in his 1904 "The Fall of
Feudalism in Ireland". Being as it is that Jews were not victims in
the well documented food removal genocide perpetrated by the British
regime against the Irish people in the mid 19th century, could it be
that in today's politically corrected Ireland Jewish suffering and
crimes perpetrated by the NAZI regime in Germany trump the long
ignored and now much denied suffering caused by a deliberate policy of
state orchestrated genocide perpetrated against the Irish themselves a
century before by the racist, colonial power Britain?
Holocaust, whose holocaust?

By T Dillon Jan 2013

To whom it may be of concern,
It seems the Jewish holocaust is indeed much more important to
revisionists than the so-called Irish Famine or original European
holocaust, which in 1847 the Cork Examiner (now Irish Examiner)-
referring to the on-going crime in Ireland, called a "Holocaust" as
did many writers including Michael Davitt in his 1904 "The Fall of
Feudalism in Ireland". Being as it is that Jews were not victims in
the well documented food removal genocide perpetrated by the British
regime against the Irish people in the mid 19th century, could it be
that in today's politically corrected Ireland Jewish suffering and
crimes perpetrated by the NAZI regime in Germany trump the long
ignored and now much denied suffering caused by a deliberate policy of
state orchestrated genocide perpetrated against the Irish themselves a
century before by the racist, colonial power Britain? Must the Irish
in their still divided land not only desist in seeking justice and
recognition of the evil unleashed upon them by a brutal, usurping
neighbor but that they now too must participate in the franchised
international Jewish cult of holocaust that has become the religion of
global Zionism? Why do so many in Ireland insist on relinquishing
their own rights through the falsification of proven historical fact
while at the same time allowing themselves to be conned into donning
the "Emperor of Zion's" threadbare mantle of collective guilt being
foisted upon them as well as on to so many other nations?

Is this simply to be a case of an Irish based monument commemorating
the destruction of innocent Jewish victims (only) at the hands of
NAZIS, or is there to be a reciprocal memorial to the equally innocent
victims of the British engineered holocaust in Ireland perhaps set
somewhere among the ruins of Palestine's bulldozed villages and lands?
Or dare I ask will there be a world-wide network of well financed
monuments to the ongoing terror in Palestine (still being perpetrated
as I write) by the children of the victims of Auschwitz against the
real Semitic people of that cursed land? Where will the history chain
of guilt stop and what is so special in fact about Jewish
victimization that Irish minister Mr Alan Shatter feels the need to
insult the heroes of Irish independence while completely denying the
obvious genocide perpetrated against "his" people, the Irish who he
supposedly represents in the Irish government?

Needless to say this "debate" initiated by well known Zionist Fine
Gael politician Alan Shatter, who insults those who fought and died
for Ireland's independence -with his repugnant and extremist views
much promoted in British tabloids and the global network of Jewish
press- seeks to soften the "hasbara" of Israeli propaganda campaigns
as the ethnic cleansing and genocide against the people of Palestine
continue unabated. All this supposed Irish guile resurrected from
Ireland's bleak post independence past, (at least in Shatter's fertile
and alien imagination) is somehow responsible for the murder of
innocent Jews and is now being raised like some Hebrew Golem as bands
of extremist, supremacist colonizers from Eastern Europe and Russia
wielding their so-called "right of return" have made the Middle East a
raging inferno even as the despicable Netnyahoo government threatens
nuclear war against the sovereign and peaceful nation of Iran while
daily fomenting terror and anarchy against the people of Syria.

Perhaps Agent Shatter would also like to comment on the "morally
bankrupt regime" of fellow Jew and proto-Zionist Benjamin Disraeli,
who in the service of Britain's colonial interests during his tenure
as Britain's Prime minister for two complete terms in 1871 and 1877,
(all the while denying the rights and interests of those of John
Bull's less worthy citizens in his "colony" of Ireland), infamously
insulted that other great Irish statesman and freedom fighting hero
when the Zionist bellowed at Daniel O'Connell in the British House of
Commons with the supremacist taunt "Yes, I am a Jew, and when the
ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were brutal savages in an
unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon."

Obviously Disraeli the "man of political and sexual intrigue" was
ignorant of the fact that he was addressing a member of a race that
was acknowledged centuries before by the English themselves as having
the oldest written language of northern Europe, much older in fact
than the first scribblings attributed to the English and of course
much much earlier than the migration of Khasarian Jews (Disraeli's and
possibly Shatter's ancestors among them) as these migrants spread
across Western Europe from lands that had nothing to do with Palestine
according to Tel Aviv university faculty of history Professor Shlomo
Sand in his best-selling seminal work on Jewish mythology, the must
read expose titled "The Invention of the Jewish People" (2009).

Not only is the propaganda stunt of imposing a Zionist Jewish
territorial marking monument in Ireland an outrageous insult to the
victims of German pogroms of the mid-twentieth century on mainland
Europe (a despicable horror in itself of which a broken and suffering
Ireland had no part whatsoever to play, Mr Shatter), it is an even
greater insult to the ignored and then rabidly denied genocide of
Irish people by a foreign government that has a history more brutal
than any other fascist entity on this planet. Shame on you for your
despicable insinuations that a land impoverished by almost a
millennium of savage, colonial rule by merciless Britain (whose own
jealous ambitions vis-à-vis the rising power of Germany and which
contradictorily played no small part itself in the financing and rise
of NAZI Germany along with well documented US Zionist and fascist
banking interests).... to somehow try to spin that historic fact into
a case of Irish "moral political bankruptcy" is indeed a new low in
the ceaseless attacks of Zionist hasbara spreaders and their network
of ill-informed, useful idiots which mankind today is constantly
subjected to by media in the hands of liars and bigots while trumpeted
by those propagandists they help to get s-elected.

However, I suspect that the real agenda of Zionism in Ireland and that
of its well connected Trojan horse riding cowboys is to teach the
unruly Irish once and for all that the cult of holocaust and the
cherished tales of "suffering Jews", despite all the evidence to the
contrary, will be forced upon the plain people of Ireland in order
that they too finally learn that their steadfast support for their
brothers in occupied, apartheid Palestine will no longer be tolerated
under the diktats of "New World Order" anymore than their attempt to
seek justice and retribution from the usurious tactics of so-called
"Irish" banks now bleeding the working-class people of Ireland dry in
the interests of thieving money changers and fraudsters in lands
distant and unfortunately not distant enough. Plus ça change, plus
c'est la même chose, indeed!

I would appeal to all voters in Ireland to rise above the inherited
Tweedledee and Tweedledum Civil War stupidity of Fine Gael and Fianna
Fail politics, where liars and traitors are continuously "elected" to
political office for flogging our ancient, dead horses, where said
politicians then proceed to betray the people of Ireland as they
unscrupulously represent the interests of foreign and dangerous
elements that are even more insidious than what our forefathers fought
against and were murdered by so that Irish men and women today can
still live and speak their minds in freedom.
Next time Zionist Agent Shatter and the rest of his ilk come pandering
for your vote, bearing despicable tales of imaginary misdeeds and
betrayal of the chosen race which he so obviously represents, remind
this impostor of his own political and moral bankruptcy (whatever
about financial) and ask him about those properties and legal disputes
down in Florida where many other well-heeled speculating Irish patriot
builder friends of his have equally sumptuous nests to escape to when
the climate in Ireland becomes too severe in the winter of collapse