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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Police were out in force as loyalists demonstrated outside Belfast City Hall last night
Police were out in force as loyalists demonstrated outside Belfast City Hall last night

Loyalists threw bottles and stones at police in a sixth straight night of violence in east Belfast.

I have written a number of posts since these protests started and I have yet to get an answer. Please - if there is a unionist out there who reads this please kindly reply and tell me why it is so important for you that Northern Ireland remains within the United Kingdom. As I said I have yet to get a reply over the last month so perhaps they don't know why they want NI to remain within the UK. maybe it's what their parents told them and they must be right.

I think i have a solution , this may sound crazy but why not just arrest these assholes.Every night you get a few more till there are no assholes left .Problem solved !!
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Hitler would have loved to have these loyalist goons in his brown shirt brigade!
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As I said before someone who did not agree with my post got it deleted. They have been itching for a fight with the short strand area for quite a few nights. Poke a hornets nest for long enough you will eventually get a reaction. Now we have a new fighter in the ring and a way to divert attention and cry victim in all this. This flag going down has not affected your day to day life in any way shape or form. It is also not down for good or has it been replaced with a tri colour. This "protest" however is affecting those in the east who have to travel on these roads to get to work and take care of our families etc. Please will you all just give it a rest!
A special meeting of Unionist representatives has been called in a bid to end the loyalist unrest ................................... The dumb meeting the dumber to try to undo their dumb idea for to bring their dumb zombies on to our roads and streets. What will be their next dumb idea, will it also backfire on them and make the situation even worse?
The great problem facing Unionism is that they have no educated leaders.

The Unionist party has always had a great hold in working class communities; but guess what: there's no work for them any more!

So for now, the Unionist flag flies for the Benefits Community.

Don't for a moment, by the way, think that the people rioting, burning cars in the street have to go to work in the morning. They are the feckless, lazy scum for which you pay taxes.

But the Tories want to rid them all of their free monies!
But the Unionists love the tories!

At some point, the penny will drop. The working classes of Belfast, or let's be realistic, the class that had work about 30 years ago, will realise that London shat on them some 20 years ago.

They don't have the wit to realise this, yet.

At another point, the poor Protestants will realise that they were always going to be the most shat-upon in the UK. And shat-upon, most comprehensively, by the people they voted for.

Meanwhile, they will continue to vote for and support the very laws that ensure their enslavement. Because their leadership is unschooled and incapable of understanding what is happening.

Goodbye, Unionism. You no longer have the skills to compete.

Edit:: sorry, forgot. You can always kill people. Makes you big men in the pub, doesn't it?

'I may not be able to support my family; I may be hated by my family and/or associates but look, I killed an unarmed man, shot him in the back. I deserve respect. Fear me.'

That's how one garners respect on the Shore road, isn't it?

TL,DR: Unionists are too thick to realise that they are advancing the cause of Nationalism with their actions. Keep punching yourselves in the face, fellas!
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There's a great headline coming up soon: 'Cousin/Nephew/Son/Brother-in-law injured by recreational rioter'. 'I was just bored, and wanted to join in. I had no idea I was going to give my uncle brain damage when I threw that curbing stone at him. He had a helmet on, I couldn't recognise him.' It was unclear if wee jimmy would have felt guilty if he hadn't been related to the victim.

Belfast flags trouble: Plastic bullets fired at protesters   The Unionists who insist on disrupting business in Belfast are going to get their wish. I am boycotting Northern Ireland and my tours of Ireland with 25 plus people will not include the North. So until the smart people start to show some leadership, don't start crying when your hotels are not filled up and tourists are not shopping in your stores. I was planning a big trip 12 day trip covering all four provinces for 2014. Not now. Many friends who visit Ireland ask me where to go, and at the moment it is not the North. Unionists have brought this on themselves. How pathetic it is to cry about the flag not been flowing over the city Hall, but your children are not completing school, fewer are going to university and then cannot get jobs, and thereby continue to live in highly depressed unemployed areas. Unbelievable!!!! Get into the 21st Century and stop trying to live in the 17th Century.

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Anyone who saw the video's of the wild hooligans running up to vans and threatening drivers, had to think twice about where to shop. Then the threats to the different political leaders and that was it!

Read more:

The BBC's Chris Page says it is a "seriously challenging night" for police, as footage shows violence and a hijacked lorry on the streets

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Police have fired plastic bullets during a fifth consecutive night of riots during flag protests in Belfast.
The PSNI said weapons, including hatchets and sledge hammers, were used to attack police officers and their vehicles on Newtownards Road.


Marian Price could not attend her latest court hearing because she is too ill. Her lawyer said, that she is unable to give instructions to her legal team, with her physical and mental health continuing to deteriorate. Her lawyer raised concerns about Marian being examined by anymore experts from the prosecution and defence, claiming she has been examined by 16 doctors already. Marian’s case was adjourned for another four weeks of internment without trial. Marian will have been politically interned for 19 months, camouflaged as remand, for what are in essence farcical hearings.

The dehumanization of internees such as Marian Price, through the infliction of pain and torture, has not only damaged her body and mind, it is as Elaine Scarry wrote, world-destroying, "It is the intense pain that destroys a person‘s self and world, a destruction experienced spatially as either the contraction of the universe down to the immediate vicinity of the body or as the body swelling to fill the entire universe. Intense pain is also language destroying; as the content of one‘s world disintegrates, so the content of one‘s language disintegrates; as the self disintegrates, so that which would express and project the self is robbed of its source and its subject. Thus, physical erasure also eliminates the intelligible voice, reducing human speech to the primordial expression of pain, a state anterior to language."

In addition to these erasures of the body, mind and self, British torture achieves a third form of physical erasure, by the very fact
of the political prisoners‘ torture, requiring concealment. The retreat of torture from respectability by international standards, means that the British must perform it in hiding, primarily with censorship. However they also conceal their involvement in rendition, as they hide their activity in subcontracted assassination, with more curtains over their already, shrouded victim's bodies.

While their prolonged stress positions, as well as other conduct constituting cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment may not always rise to the level of torture, they nevertheless were found guilty of such, by the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg regarding their activity in Ireland. The physical erasure of British torture is self-evident, and therefore needs only brief comment.

In secret courts, with identity blacked out on their transcripts, judges will not countenance torture complaints, they will have none of this conduct, deeming it unacceptable and defendants will receive a final warning, oblivious to international law. In such courts they do not want to hear the words, such international law again. The British are not concerned about international law, they will insist on it, by having someone like Marian Price removed from the hearings, so that their secret services and military can consider classified evidence against her in secret. 

If we accept the integrity of human rights law and its independence from any state sovereign, then it follows that there can never belawlessness such as there is in British Occupied Ireland, only gross violations of human rights law.British habeas-corpus-stripping provisions, are a core breach of human rights law, besides the many liberty concerns with regard to the Geneva Conventions. British attempts at unilateral re-interpretation of sections international law, have no constitutional rights whatsoever

British Occupied Ireland with the treatment of political internees such as Marian Price, Martin Corey and many others, has become a human-rights-free zone.The quarantine of many Irish political prisoners is a familiar concealment. When placed in a human rights context. British Occupied Ireland is often described in terms of the British government‘s denial of rights to political prisoners but equally important the denial of their Irish humanity.

British Occupied Ireland has been a laboratory, of their dehumanization, while they use their media, such as the BBC world srvice, to refer to prisoners of conscience, as terrorists, to ostracize them from what it means to be human and allow the British the physical and mental treatment of Irish political prisoners, abhorrent to human beings.Thus they accomplish through cultural erasure, through the creation of the terrorist narrative; legal erasure and physical erasure through torture.

While the dimensions of dehumanization are distinct, they are interrelated. All are connected by law and specifically by human rights.The British have created the preconditions for state power activity, so brutal, as to deprive Irish political prisoners of the ability to be human or have any human rights.They stand exposed to the violence of the British state, unmediated, unprotected by any human rights, reducing political internees to a state of bare life without humanity. What is evolving is the Irish have no right, to have rights, a vacuum enabling extreme British state violence, placing the internment of Marian Price, at the center of a struggle not just for rights, but for humanity that includes you and me.

Through resistance, political space will open but the mere resistance, the assertion of self against state violence, is self and life-affirming. Resistance is a way of staying human. This, then, is the work that rights do, when pushed to the brink of annihilation, they provide us with a rudimentary and perhaps inadequate tool to maintain our humanity. Thus by paying particular attention to the value of human rights and arguing the importance of rights, it becomes a mode of resistance, to state violence.

Irish political prisoners themselves, have a long track record of participating in direct forms of resistance in many forms, including dirt strikes and hunger strikes, as a form of prisoner resistance, with lawyer rights-based litigation and the hunger strikes, sharing an understanding of the relationship between rights, violence, and humanity. While sometimes the resistance of lawyers and of prisoners may not be enough to win the prisoners‘ freedom, it is still essential when British state violence is so extreme, as to attempt to extinguish our humanity.

Before the sickening images can take a political toll
The right-wing spin machine plays damage control

Marian Price is just one of several Irish people currently politically interned in British Occupied Ireland during which time lawyers have not been allowed to see any of Britain's ‘alleged’ evidence.

• She has been kept in solitary confinement in a ‘male’ high security prison
• She is effectively interned without a trial, sentence, or release date.
• She has not been given any timescale for any investigation.
• She has not been allowed to see the evidence that the state claims to have
• Her release has been ordered on two occasions by judges. However, on both occasions the British Vice royal has overruled those decisions.
• The Vice royal claims they ‘revoked Marian’s license, ’despite Marian never being released on license. She was given a Royal Pardon.
• Marian’s Royal Pardon has ‘gone missing’ from the home office (the only time in history). The British Vice royal has taken the view that unless a paper copy can be located – it must be assumed that she does not have one. It is generally agreed that MI5 shredded her majesty's pardon.
• Despite no ‘license’ existing for her release from prison in 1980, it is the non-existent licence that is being used to keep her in prison.
• She can only be released by Theresa Villiers the current Vice royal responsible for Marian's internment.

Recently the charges against Marian were thrown out of court because of a lack of evidence. Now the very same charges have been re-instated against Marian again before the same Judge.

In secret courts, being introduced by the back door, through legislation in the House of Lords, MI5 the British secret services are pushing for secret trials, with secret evidence by secret witnesses, that the defendant's appointed lawyer is not allowed to know, see or refute. The length of sentence is also kept secret, under penalty of a long jail sentence by Britain's Official Secret's Act. This trial of Marian Price is believed to have already happened in secret, with the public hearings and showtrial being simply a public rubber stamp, for the injustice against Marian Price in of British Occupied Ireland.
In an interview with Suzanne Breen, Marian Price described being force-fed:
Four male prison officers tie you so tightly can't struggle. You clench your teeth to try to keep your mouth closed but they push a metal spring device around your jaw to prise it open. They force a wooden clamp with a hole in the middle into your mouth. Then, they insert a big rubber tube down that. They hold your head back. You can't move. They throw whatever they like into the food mixer – orange juice, soup, or cartons of cream if they want to beef up the calories. They take jugs of this gruel from the food mixer and pour it into a funnel attached to the tube. The force-feeding takes 15 minutes but it feels like forever. You're in control of nothing. You're terrified the food will go down the wrong way and you won't be able to let them know because you can't speak or move. You're frightened you'll choke to death.
This ordeal lasted six months for the political prisoner of conscience Marian Price

The British government is using the 11 September attacks and the ‘war on terror,’ as an excuse for draconian repressive measures, which politically interns Irish citizens. There is no requirement on the part of the British, to disclose evidence with their odious activity. Since internment breaches the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), the British government claims there is a ‘national emergency,’ despite a peace process, as an excuse for opting out of that part of the ECHR. Using this, the British government, continues to intern Irish citizens, simply on bigoted or sectarian perceptions of paranoia and suspicion.

Gareth Pierce, a lawyer who successfully campaigned for the release of the Guilford 4 after 10 years of campaigning has commented, that the bureaucrat "is giving himself/herself the powers of a dictator". Detentions without trial and house arrest, have often been used by brutal dictatorships, who learned their techniques from their former British colonialistmasters.This internment in British Occupied Ireland is a thin end of a wedge. At some stage, anti-irish measures, will also be extended to Britain itself, to includes political activists, trade unionists, etc.

There has been considerable opposition to internment, from within the British legal profession, with Ian MacDonald QC, who was-appointed to a panel of lawyers, to represent suspects in secret courts, resigning, saying; "My role has been altered to provide a false legitimacy to indefinite detention, without knowledge of the accusations being made and without any kind of criminal charge or trial. Such a law is an odious blot on our legal landscape and for reasons of conscience I feel that I must resign".

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, commenting on the publicly apology of a British Minister, to those wrongly convicted of Guildford pub bombings, stated; "On the day when the prime minister apologises for past miscarriages of justice, his government is paving the way for many future injustices. The proposals are the latest in a long line of assaults on the right to a fair trial". These are often used to harass trades unionists and ordinary Irish people. Civil liberties have been eroded to such an extent in the British police state with internment without trial, non-jury ‘Diplock’ courts, and interrogation methods of the British, that civil rights no longer really exist.

Changes in the law, in relation to the British Occupation in Ireland, are then absorbed into general British law, with the right to silence, emasculated to extend into all domestic law in the UK. All of these measures being used against Marian Price and the Irish today, represent a threat to trade unionists, socialists and anyone who may protest against government and big business. What is used against the Irish today, is used by the British government, against others tomorrow. As the Tory government attacks living standards, jobs, services, workers, it is also bringing in laws tested on the Irish, that will be used to repress resistance to those Tory attacks on ordinary people's living standards.

The argument that internment is odious or human rights do not apply, because of a ‘state of emergency’ since 11 September 2001, is a very handy one for a Tory government, who wants to suppress all political opposition, particularly workers’ struggles. We need to stick together with principles before personalities, to argue against the British government’s use of the fear and the terrorist narrative, to push through these secret courts and totalitarian measures. Socialists, trade unionists, in tandem, with the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English people of no property, along with civil rights campaigners, need to continue to fight all these repressive laws together, while resisting agents of division.
The political internment of Marian Price, is a clear a breach of Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights and of Article 5 of the Convention. The Convention protects the individual from being subject to torture including inhuman and degrading treatment Article 3 and also the right to liberty and security of the person Article 5. Those in detention are also protected by the United Nations Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners and by common law doctrines and the rules of natural justice, as developed by the domestic courts

The basis of Marian Price's release from prison in 1980, was a Royal Prerogative of Mercy.In the absence of the documents concerned, a decision cannot be made either by the by the British Vice-royal or the Parole Commissioners, regarding the grounds for her detention, especially when she was originally granted bail by the courts.

No legal authority can take a decision based on the contents of a document it has not seen or make inference, concerning the apparent contents of a documen,t the prosecutors mislaid or destroyed.

In cases such as Marian Price, where secret evidence is being relied upon by the British Vice-royal or supposed anonymous parole commissioners, without any safeguards in place, for the protection from abuse of the political internee, there is in this instance, a clear case of political internment without a fair or transparent trial.

The point of abuse of process, is long past, in the instance of Marian Price and the European Courts are the only peaceful route to justice in this matter of British abuse of Human Rights.

All Irish citizens and British commoners of the UK are afforded the protection of the European Convention on Human Rights as given partial effect in domestic law under the Human Rights Act 1998. This includes the human rights of political internees in British Occupied Ireland