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Friday, November 8, 2013


Scum State 
1. Scum State
A Police State without basic human rights and extreme injustice,with secret courts, secret evidence and secret sentences, that executes lawyers and journalists.
As in states such as British Occupied Ireland, where there is no rule of law, because it is overruled by an unelected British Viceroyal. There is no right to a fair trial in the instance of Martin Corey for example people are politically interned without trial. There is no due process, in fact there is no process at all, the British Viceroyal overrules any process, setting aside basic standards of universal justice. It is a British neo-colonial Scum State where British police and the British Army murder innocent people, operating from loyalist farms.
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by Irish Blog on Nov 7, 2013
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Who dares to speak for an innocent man whose voice has been silenced behind the wall of 21st Century British repression in Ireland?

Martin Corey has been locked away in Maghaberry Prison since 2010 without charge or trial on the basis of closed evidence. Visit the website to learn more: 
Nobody knows the reason why Martin was arrested, nor has a reason been given. This is very worrying, indeed all free minded people, all who believe in free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of movement should be worried, all who believe in a democratic society where everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion should revolt to this 63 year old mans defense. As an Irish Republican Martin Corey believes in the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland, he believes Ireland and her people have a right to practice unheeded their own independence. Is this why Martin was interned? When did it become a crime? Was it with the signing of the Belfast Agreement (GFA), is this the new start, the new beginning we were all promised?

The reality on the ground is that not much has changed and so it becomes obvious that Martin Corey is being held Hostage by the British Government because of his Political Beliefs, all those who believe in justice and equality must support this campaign.

If you would like any further information please contact:

Get off yer white fookin horse and stop fleggin it Billy.Yer white horse is dead, people drive cars these days, unless you are a woman in Saudia Arabia or a motorist in British Occupied Ireland, stuck in yet another Fleg protest, stuck in the past, blocking the inevitable United Island of Ireland of the future. 

So here is a little again for the uninitiated, with the help of sources like the Urban Dictionary, The Economist, explaining a little of what this Fleg thing is about. 

The word 'flag' is pronounced by people in places like east Belfast and Lisburn with thick Belfast accents. The term is a perfect encapsulation of the disproportionate and overblown reaction to the removal of the Union Jack (as in 'de fleg') from above City Hall in Belfast. Where previously it had flown for 365 days per year, it is now flown on 17 designated days of the year, in line with many other British cities.

The event caused a portion of the Protestant community ('fleggers') to make international pricks of themselves as they proceeded to wreck the fucking place, claiming it was another erosion of a 'British' identity they perceive to have been under attack since the horrifying spectre of equality reared its head in Northern Ireland.

The word 'fleg' - and indeed 'fleggers' - fittingly describes a section of humanity unconcerned with knowledge, reality or the vagaries of the English language. Like America's tea-baggers they are ruled by instinct, fear and paranoia with a side dish of rampant bigotry and startling ignorance of the world around them.

"Wat de fuck like! The taigs got de fleg took down! Let's wreck de fuckin place! No surrender!"

"De fleg has been took down! Before ye know it there'll be a united Ireland! Attack Short Strand! God Save The Queen!"

2. fleg
It's someone who is disabled. Someone that looks disabled or someone who is making a disabled face.
"see that guy, he looks like a right fleg"
The Economist

Just a few pedantic points. The Scum Sate of Northern Ireland is not in 'Britain' despite being in the 'Britain' section of The Economist. Britain is an island which consists of England, Scotland and Wales. For a range of historical reasons related to Britain's colonial past,the Scum State of Northern Ireland is part of the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Also it's the Union Flag, not the Union Jack. The latter describes the Union Flag being flown on a ship.