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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Closed Material Procedures (CMP) have already been used in ordinary civil cases in Britain, on the instructions of the USA while British invented concentration camps are being prepared for ordinary Americans and British commoners within the special relationship, between the UK and US secret government. The process already has Royal Assent from April 25th earlier this year.

 It is just a matter of time, before secret courts are the norm across all of the Britain, after being first tested on Irish guinea pigs in the political laboratory of the Scum State of British Occupied Ireland. Closed Material Procedures or “CMPs” means that the accused or their lawyers cannot take any part of their trial. The British government and its lawyers however are allowed to be present during the CMP. 

The commoner's lawyer cannot be present 

The commoner may be told if they won or lost but not why.

The commoner cannot see the evidence the government is relying upon which is said to be national security sensitive information,

The commoner cannot know the government’s case or their evidence,

The commoner cannot challenge the evidence or the government’s case

In a democracy the individual is called a citizen but in the British monarchy, they are her majesty's property and are known as a British commoner. British Occupied Ireland is known as a Scum State for the reasons mentioned as follows, in the Urban Dictionary :

"1. Scum State
A Police State without basic human rights and extreme injustice,with secret courts, secret evidence and secret sentences, that executes lawyers and journalists.
As in states such as British Occupied Ireland, where there is no rule of law, because it is overruled by an unelected British Viceroyal. There is no right to a fair trial in the instance of Martin Corey for example people are politically interned without trial. There is no due process, in fact there is no process at all, the British Viceroyal overrules any process, setting aside basic standards of universal justice. It is a British neo-colonial Scum State where British police and the British Army murder innocent people, operating from loyalist farms.

The commoner may be told whether they have won or lost, but not the full reasons why. Brigadier Frank Kitson's recommendation to blend sociological 'normalisation', political policy and legal elasticity is currently operated in the Scum State of British Ocupied Ireland already. He recommended the Law and the Courts to be used as just another part of the British Army's arsenal. He advocated:
"The Law should be used as just another weapon in the government’s arsenal, and in this case it becomes little more than a propaganda cover for the disposal of unwanted members of the public. For this to happen efficiently, the activities of the legal services have to be tied into the war effort in as discreet a way as possible."

Currently the best known example of several internees of the secret courts the British Scum Sate, is Martin Corey. On the 9th of July 2012, Judge Treacy ordered Martin Corey’s immediate release from political internment, stating his human rights had been violated. This was overruled by the un-elected English Viceroyal, who ordered the internment of the Irishman, against whom there is no evidence of wrongdoing, that could possibly lead to charges in an open court of law.

However secret evidence, in secret courts, that neither the his defense or the general public have a right to access has secretly convicted him.This evidence has been provided by the British secret service MI5, who were involved in gun running, the murder of lawyers Pat Finucane, Rosemary Nelson and colluded in the ethnic cleansing hundreds of innocent Irish civilians, as documented in the war crimes of the recently released book, Lethal Allies.