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Friday, September 20, 2013


LiFe after DeAth - man dies 3 times & has INFO 2 share ..... from sir wiseman on Myspace.

Dannion Brinkley was struck 3 times by lightning and was clinically dead all 3 times . Many people around the world have experienced the afterlife but perhaps not as well documented as Dannion Brinkley. Dome ofthis man's amazing , experiences in the afterlife, are recounted in this video.

I had a very strange day today, Last night my wife told me, that a co-worker's mother's father had come back from the dead, for the third time, after having died 3 times. I found this very difficult to believe, so I asked her to check the details again today, with her co-worker. 

It was again confirmed, with the added detail that when he woke up on the last occasion, he asked for a brandy drink called Regency, something that normally old village men in Isaan, are not normally familiar with, as it is way oit of their price range and experience. They just drink local homebrew normallu. This man normally drinks very little and is around 90 years of age. He simply smelled the brandy without drinking it and went back to sleep.

Three weeks ago this elderly man died, for about four hours. His pulse in his wrist and neck were completely gone. His heartbeat was gone The day before yesterday, he died again and the same thing happened for about three hours  while yesterday, it happened again for another two hours, with all the necessary checks done thorougly. Needles to day his family, particularly his daughters, are extremely upset and beside themeselves, with alternating grief and joyf. This is significant for Buddhists in Thailand, not least because bodies are burned sooner rather than later, which begs a lot of questions about how we manage death.

Prior to this strangely, just before all of this happened, I had  spoken about such an eventuallity to my wife, about waiting in any event, sufficently long to check. Since recent events around Syria, I personallly have been finding world events rather surreal, along with other people. Normally I am not a religious person but I have had several recent spiritual experiences and this morning at Surin Beach, Phuket, it was like that. Oddly the events I describe here happened in Surin Isaan more than athoudand kilometers away. I tried tonight to contact the local media about it unsuccessfully.

As a result of all of this, I have done some research on the internet and found the above video, which I find equally amazing. The interview rings true to me and is fascininating to me and frankly I have not settled down yet about the details. Normally I would dismiss all of this, as  wacky religion but it rings true to me at the moment, particularly with the news I have been relayed personally, which is not out there yet. I have a feeling this is far more frequent, than admitted but I guess it would be too scary to have it out there, for too many people. Recent events, particularly in the Middle-east and Ireland, make me more than a little paranoid, as has proven to be the case with the massive cover-up, around the nuclear meltdown in Japan. I wonder what you think?