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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Violent Loyalists still attack nationalist communities in British Occupied Ireland, while traditional Irish Republicans like Martin Corey believe they should be defended, as when he was a young man in Lurgan and his community were attacked then with, whole families shot, as they have been regularly, since the formation of the sectarian scum statelet of British Occupied Ireland, a hundred years ago. Then the British Army, Royal Ulster Constabulary, and several other elements of the British armed forces, were involved in ethnic cleansing, in the murder triangle. Martin put his life on the line, as an IRA volunteer, defended his community and shot two of the RUC, the same British armed force involved in State murder of his neighbours.

Martin served almost 20 years for what most of his neighbours would regard as his patriotic defense of his community. That was almost 40 years ago now and Martin still has the same political beliefs even though he is an old man now of 63. With the intensification of internment, with secret courts, which is in fact no trial, no charge, no defence, no knowledge of sentence for Irish Republicans like Martin Corey, the fury and injustice is building again, as the British ramp up political policing to the days before the Peace Process.The proof that Britain's Secret Service are hell bent on undermining the Irish Peace Process, can be found in the contrasting treatment of Orange Order Loyalist Stephen Irwin, perpetrator of the Greysteel Massacre and the internment without charge of trial, of traditional Irish Republican, Martin Corey.

By releasing a loyalist mass murderer early, to do some more of their dirty work of British State Terrorism, provoking Irish republicans in the process, with the injustice of their internment and prejudiced secret evidence, against Martin Corey, is precisely the same injustice, that fueled the conflict for more than 40 years last time. An enduring Peace Process is bound to fail, as sure as night follows day, with such provocative injustice.

Orange Order mass murderer Stephen Irwin, freed again for the second time, on the 20th anniversary of his Greysteel massacre. Irwin previously released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, was imprisoned again 8 years ago, for viciously slashing a fellow football fan, at a soccer match with a knife. He was told then, he would serve his full sentence, for the eight murders at the Rising Sun Bar massacre. The Orangeman was granted early release last week, by the Orange parole board, and walked out of the Orange controlled prison, after commissioners ruled his immediate release. John Dallat a moderate Member of the Stormont Parliament {SDLP MLA}, who is not compromised to the British Secret Services, described it as “unbelievably insensitive,” coming so soon, before the anniversary of the Greysteel massacre.

Not so for Martin Corey 63 year old, Irish Republican, coming up slowly but surely on four years, an interned critic of political conscience, of the still sectarian system, entrenched in Stormont. Despite the British courts demanding and ordering his freedom on constitutional grounds, an unelected prejudiced English Viceroyal, from Owen Patterson to Viceroyal Villiers, have on the word of spies lies, interned political the Irish political hostage, on Kafkaesque secret evidence in a colonial gestapo trial. Held in the most brutal conditions in Maghaberry Concentration Camp within a prison, following the closure ofLong Kesh, he has been beaten forcibly, strip searched and brutalized, while many of his former comrades remain silent or even justify and administer his political torture. These attacks on Martin Corey are not only aimed at him, but serve to remind what will happen to anyone who dares speak of a unified Ireland. To ignore Martin Corey and internment without trial is to turn a blind eye to the criminalization of politics in British Occupied Ireland and a green hght to go ahead and intensify their intimidation and political kidnap. All who love Peace and Justice, must stand beside this elderly patriot and prevent his torture in every way we can. Only a political sociopath can ignore such provocative, blatant, injustice.