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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Gerry Adams made a lovely speech to the McGill Summer School in Donegal yesterday. I don't know who the speech wordsmith was but let's give credit where credit is due, t'was a lovely speech surely, and this is what he said:

“Almost 100 years ago partition created two conservative states ruled in their narrow self-interests by two conservative elites. The northern state was a one party state which reinforced the institutionalised use of discrimination, sectarianism and segregation.

Partition also affects this part of the island.This state is the product of the counter-revolution that followed the Rising and of a dreadful civil war which tore out the heart at that time of what remained of the generosity of our national spirit.

As the idealism of the aborted revolution waned a native conservative elite replaced the old English elite with little real change in the organisation of Irish society and no real movement towards a rights based dispensation.

Religion was hijacked by mean men who used the gospel not to empower but to control, and narrow moral codes were enforced to subvert the instinctive generosity of our people.Women were discriminated against; gay and lesbian citizens were denied equality under the law and all the while scandals like the abuse in the industrial schools, the Magdalene laundries, Bethany Home and the barbaric practice of symphysiotomy were tolerated and encouraged.

Those who suffered were mostly poor.The arts were censored. Our language undermined. Our culture corroded. Millions fled to England, the USA and Australia.A lesser people would not have survived.Moreover the institutions of this state, whether media, academia as well as the political elites are very partitionist.

They have their backs to the border.While they are generally benign, policy makers knew little about the north and cared even less.Their concern is to protect the interests of the establishment as they understand it.This will only be changed when a genuine national spirit is recreated to replace the nonsense popular in some circles that this state is the nation and that Ireland stops at Dundalk or Lifford."

We are living in a post Good Friday Agreement Ireland.This is most obvious in the north.But nowhere are the equality safeguards or parity of esteem measures of the Good Friday Agreement reflected in this state, in its governance or the protections for citizens."

Now words are however one thing, but Gerry himself has been in public life as an elected representative for quite a number of years and the last time I checked with his constituents, they have more than a few issues with our fella Gerry, particularly the truth tellers. Now truth tellers like children are a particularly vulnerable section of any society and like Gerry's speech stated, public representatives have major responsibilities in this area.

Gerry's speech by omission does not however mention some primary truths in this area and the reason he gets away with it i,s that Gerry and his entourage of middle class housewives would prefer be distracted by the relatively obscure practice of 'symphysiotomy' than talk about systemic child rape in both parts of Ireland. Lovely fancy word that, 'symphysiotomy' which like the distracting, pseudo-feminist, yuppie liberal word 'misogyny' is meant to sound clever and distract us from far more pressing class priorities at hand. Of course there are huge issues with regard to the way women in Ireland were and are treated but lets get back to Irish children for a moment.

The most glaring example of the dysfunctional nature of both the Protestant and Catholic states in Ireland, is systemic child abuse, or more accurately child rape. God fearing Ulster Protestants and Papist Roman Catholics were, and still are, up to their necks in the systemic practice of it, with women and Protestants just as guilty as Catholic men, particularly as enablers. What is even more odious, is the practice of professional enablers, particularly those public officials, charged with the protection of the young. Now I am going to be kind to Gerry and his elected British Sinn Fein officials and not elaborate further at this point in time, if they are seen to be socially responsible and make an effort and clean up their act.

Now ,in the matter of truth tellers, particularly those of political conscience, who were volunteers in Gerry's 'political party' and those who served considerable time in British prisons, for the "Irish Cause' and disagreed with Gerry's politics, these are and always have been, a particularly vulnerable section of society, in the scum sectarian state of British Occupied Ireland.

Take Martin Corey for example. When Martin, a former Provisional colleague of Gerry's in 1973, took part in a Provisional IRA ambush, to voluntarily defend his community from British Government paramilitaries, who were wearing the uniforms of both the British army and the since disbanded disgraced police force, conducted house to house sectarian murders's in Martin Corey's neighbourhood, known as the murder triangle, he was entitled to expect a little solidarity. from elected colleagues on his release from prison.. Martin served close to twenty years in Long Kesh Concentration Camp, suffering brutal, regular beatings, batterings and torture at the hands, boots and batons of sectarian prison guard thugs

So coming up to the time when Martin Corey was released without signing any documentation in 1993, (i.e. officially without conditions), he had every reason to be optimistic, especially with many of his 'political colleagues' or children of 'political colleagues murdered' on the outside now elected politicians. When he received a bank loan for a mechanical digger, so he could serve as grave digger, he settled down with is partner to a well earned, quiet life of long overdue matrimonial bliss, catching up on the 20 brutal years he lost to British repression.

Martin now believed himself a freeman, especially with all the peace dividends, Gerry Adams and his Peace Process promised. Martin also knew that with his neighbour, Rosemary Nelson around, he had an internationally renowned lawyer, who had the profile and professionalism to protect him, from any vindictive retribution from the British military, who resented intensely, this Irish human rights lawyer with a passion.

Martin also knew, there was the precedent of the British being found guilty of torture of 14 of his colleagues in Long Kesh by the European Court of Human rights in Strasburg beside the Nuremburg, court of the Nazi infamous war crime trials. Martin also had reason to be confident in 1989 that he had a lawyer in his community, called Pat Finucane an expert in European Law, who had an international reputation of being a human rights lawyer, who was a constant thorn in the side of British injustice. Martin also had another famous neighbour, a journalist called Martin O'Hagan who highlighted cases of British injustice in the media.

However in 1989 when Human Rights lawyer Pat Finucane was murdered in his home on the orders of the British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and again around about the mid '90's, Martin started to get a little nervous, when elected colleagues, like Gerry Adams, started to disown Martin, the IRA and the armed struggle. In fact some elected colleagues, despite mountains of evidence, claimed they never belonged. The British Government started 'to sanitize' the IRA, to make the Peace process palpable to the sectarian state, with many executions and murders of other comrades of Gerry Adams who appeared to have been 'set up'.

Meantime after release, Martin despite considerable pressure, held on to his political beliefs in a United Ireland, while his party Sinn Fein, moved to a position of just civil rights instead, which was policy of the previously popular SDLP a non republican party. When the split came between the new British Sinn Fein and traditional Irish Republican Sinn Fein, Martin loyally went with his longtime trusted  republican comrades like Ruairi O' Bradaigh, stalwarts of Irish republican tradition. Many of Martin's colleagues were battered  with cudgels, for not following Gerry Adams and British Sinn Fein.

So when his neighbour, the journalist Martin O'Hagan was also murdered, along with his two human rights lawyers by the British Government, Martin had good reason to be worried ,because he had not changed his beliefs, in that he still regarded himself as Irish, with a belief in a United Ireland, which he pursued in a perfectly legitimate political party, called Republican Sinn Fein. It must be stressed at this point that 63.old Martin Corey has never been involved in any militant political activity, since his release in 1993. The only political activity he engaged in, was white line, peaceful protests, on behalf of comrades left behind in Maghaberry torture, his loyalty, contrasting sharply with the highly paid collaborators, of the British, scum, sectarian, state.

Martin's sense of vulnerability, without any protection proved well founded. Martin was taken back into custody on April 16, 2010, on the order of a non elected British Viceroyal in Ireland, based on "closed material" of the notorious British SS MI5. However on July 9, Justice Treacy ruled that Martin Corey's human rights, had been breached and that he should be released immediately on unconditional bail. This was again overruled by Order from the unelected British Viceroyal. This is political internment without trial.

When Martin has asked what the charges were, he was told that the police officers “did not know', when brought to Gaol, the prison staff did not know either. In fact more than 3 years later, neither 63 year Old Martin or his lawyers, have any idea why he has been interned without trial or charge. Police have not, questioned or interrogated Martin. The only conclusion  that can be drawn, is that in Gerry Adams' enabled, scum, sectarian, British statelet, being Irish or contemplating Irish unity, is a most serious crime. Martin Corey is a political prisoner of conscience.All of this makes a mockery of Gerry Adam's British Sinn Fein enabled judicial system, when a British Viceroyal who is unelected by people in Occupied Ireland, can determine an Irish person's personal freedom. Martin Corey is politically interned by a British system of injustice that makes being Irish or beliefs therein  illegal, in their own land The conditions of Martin Corey's political internment are disgraceful. Mail has been kept from him indefinitely, Celtic spiritual, crafts that are a labour of his love, have been been smashed by vindictive British prison officers and he has been left in physical agony for weeks on end, while being denied proper medical treatment in a reasonable time.

When Martin Corey appealed his internment without trial on the basis he had not been charged with any crime or brought before a judge,
 Judge Treacy an expert on both British and European Law, said Martin Corey's human rights were breached and ordered Martin  Corey to be released immediately without any conditions on release.

Martin  returned to Maghaberry Prison to pack his few belongings, while  his family travelled from Lurgan to bring him home. While Martin waited in the prison reception area, he was told that the British Viceroyal had overruledJudge Treacy and had ordered Martin, to be returned to his prison cell.  The British waited until Judge 
Treacy boarded a plane to leave the country. With Judge Treacy out of the way, another stooge of British SS upheld the order and Martin was taken back to his cell. Martin’s lawyers then applied for permission to take his case before the Supreme Court in London, confident of winning but their optimism was short lived, with the appeal denied without any valid reason being given. 

The Good Friday Agreement, signed 1998 by Gerry Adams as part of a peace process, came with a promise of equality with justice for everyone but 15 years later, Martin Corey is but one of the better known examples of thousands of people, who consider themselves Irish, who are still suffering from a great injustice and hardship at the hands of a racist British Tory government. The fact is, that there really is no law of the land in the scum statelet of British Occupied Ireland, as the case of Martin Corey's clearly demonstrates under objective scrutiny. 

How then can the vast majority of Irish people, considered by the British establishment in private, as "white nigger,' as in communication demonstrated above, at their own Embassy in Dublin respect their laws. If the British authorities believe Martin Corey or any other Irish person is guilty of a crime, then they must charge him and bring him before a transparent public court of law, where he has the right to defend himself. It is time to end internment without trial, which has existed in every generation in Ireland, since the foundation of  both scum states, which clearly have failed as political entities. It is high time that Martin Corey was freed.and it is also well past the time for Gerry Adams and British Sinn Fein, to stop enabling the scum state of British Occupied Ireland and its child rape culture, along with SS political blackmail, both being crimes against humanity, as is enabling them!