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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Go on facebook and see how many members of loyalist flute bands are also following the pages of nazi groups like CXF, NWI etc. And how many of them make disgusting racist comments on those pages. They can try and distant themselves as much as they want but it wont work; they cant hide the fact that they all have the same fascist anti-Irish agenda. Thats why the mayor, the local media, the council and police continue to ignore them and will never give into their demands; because they can see them for what they really are, a bunch of far right fascists. The Orange have aligned themselves with the far right and these are the same Orangemen who will be walking around with Poppies on this week. Hypocrits and fascists the lot of them. Hence, why everyone ignores them and why the Irish community will never be stopped from parading.


inbred bigoted fat bowler hat wearing protestant bastards who beat their wives and childern. these cunts claim to be 'holy' and 'pious' when trutly they are no better than the KKK. these inbreds also love to insult and annoy the good catholic people in the occupied six counties of the north of ireland with their annual marching through catholic areas. they cling to a distant memory of the battle of the boyne where the protestant william of orange defeated the good catholic king james in 1690. grow up lads its 2006.
the orangeman hate catholics and are very similar to the KKK.
prod hun bastard cunt scum 
by boo hoo Oct 5, 2006 add a video
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see del monte
olsterrr saiis nooo!. I'm an orangemannn.
by John Ronane Jan 28, 2004 add a video
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Stupid Northern Irish protestants who can't spell the word families but insist on spelling it familys.

Orangemen remember the battle of the boyne, fought in 1690. They have marched on the 12th of July for many hundreds of years commemorating the victory of William of Orange, a protestant Dutch prince, over the catholic, Scottish King James.

The only time in recent memory they did not march was during the two World Wars. The reason for this was because they didn't want the Brits to see that they were all hiding in their houses and to afraid to go to war and fight for their country. Unlike the catholics who signed up in large numbers to fight the Germans.
See that usless pile of shite shaking in his boots, that's a typical orangeman.
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inbred, protestant Ulsterman slightly to the right of the Ku Klux Klan with a propensity for the behinds of pimply faced schoolboys
"don't insult the bloody homos, he's a fuckin' orangeman"
by Ian Paisley Adams Apr 28, 2003 add a video
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a member of a secret women beating catholic killing society founded in the north of ireland to celebrate the battle of the boyne in 1690. all members are protestants and think they have the right to march where ever they want. celebration day is the 12th of july. they also dont watch tv, or go to the cinema and profess not to drink. the wife of an orangeman can be recognised by having a bruised face or a black eye and no teeth. also similar to the free masons the KKK and have strong links with terrorists and right wing racist organizations
mother fucking stinkin dirty orangeman bastards, i see they murdered another catholic child last night. i wish all them orange bastards would fuck off back to britain where they belong
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Dickhead who likes a dander with umbrella in hand, rain or shine. Doesn't believe in Evolution and ironically his existence poses a problem for the theory.

Speaks Ulstur-Skatch, or at least likes to think he does.

Got his arse felt at the Somme, and sat the next round out in the shipyards, not even marching in case someone noticed him and sent him to France.

He's permanently raging, and hates everyone who isn't of his ilk. In short, a fucknut.
No point trying to talk sense into him, he's an orangeman
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Can we please have a non-biased definition?

A member of the Orange Order. A men's society centred around protestantism and the union of Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Also remembers theBattle of the Boyne in 1690, where William of Orange (hence the name) defeated James II. Has been critcized with having anti-Catholic beliefs.

There has also been great contreversy over marching rights. The Order claims that they can march on their traditional marching routes, though certain Catholic-dominated streets have complained due to the Order's (alledged) history of Catholic-Baiting.

Orangemen during their parades are known to wear old Victorian style suits with bowler hats and orange sashes.
John is an Orangeman.