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Friday, July 5, 2013


The elected members of Leinster House, are meant by their well paid oversight, to protect the citizens of Ireland, from unscrupulous bankers and foreign interests, who would exploit and abuse the human rights of ordinary Irish citizens. Martin Corey is an Irish citizen and so am I. We can see from the many video debates in their chamber, as in the matter of Clare Daly taking the minister to task, on the internment of Martin Corey, the chamber is mostly empty at all times, with the non attendance of deputies from British Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams on the Martin Corey matter. How can an empty chamber in Leinster House serve the oversight interests of the Irish people who elect them??????

None of the elected parties to Government, since the banking crisis, have not been transparent or accountable to the Irish people, with regard to this matter. Neither has Gerry Adams or his party with regards to Martin Corey's internment without trial. Naturally when the whiskered cat is away, the bankers and the Brits are at play, which in the Leinster House case is almost always. I remember a few years ago, how proud I was as an Irishman the other side of the world from Ireland, watching Michael D Higgins calling Israel to account, on the Gaza blockade, only problem was, that he was once again addressing an empty Leinster House.

British internment without trial of Irish men and women continues, with the collusion of those who sit in Stormont with the British ministers there, oblivious to what is happening to people like Martin Corey. Gerry Adams the president of British Sinn Fein has been asked to make himself and his party, who negotiated Weston Park and who sit as elected members in Leinster House, accountable in the matter on numerous occasions. I personally have asked him on numerous occasion 
without a reply. They and he have failed miserably in the matter of accountability or taking their responsibilities and the Irish people seriously.

Their lengthy silence over an extended period of time is secret collusion and their weasel words of protests to their Viceroyal overlord by Adams and British Sinn Fein, do not qualify as being responsible or accountable to their electorate.The reality is that while they turn a blind eye to internment without trial of Martin Corey or indeed any citizen including their own volunteers, it is acceptable for those in British Sinn Fein, who sit on the British administration. British Sinn Fein by so doing resting on the wounds of Republican martyrs excludes itself from the  greater Republican Family. Republican principles born in  the French revolution were taken to Ireland by principled Protestant men who under no circumstance would countenance, political internment without trial.

Indeed that leading light of Tory heritage, the esteemed Winston Churchill himself, once said of internment; "The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist." Now say what you like about British Sinn Fein, they certainly are no communists, so according to our dear friend Winston they cannot be but Nazi's then. Nazi Adams, Nazi british Sinn Fein, Nazi Leinster House and Stormont, all of them serving corporate interests against the interests of the plain people of Ireland, North and South, Orange and Green.

Gerry Adams and his party of pseudo-republican, highly paid  British ministers, are mostly political ignoramuses and have proven themselves, as non-transparent and non-accountable, as any of the parties in political power Ireland, who have collaborated in Ireland's demise. Gerry Adams himself is as dysfunctional and as obtuse as his brother Liam. Try google the result of their infamous trial! can anybody tell me, was he found guilty or innocent? We already have had enough of these in Leinster House and if there is an ounce of honour in any of them, they will resign immediately, before they are prosecuted for both economic and political treachery.

Richard Boyd Barret in the accompanying video calls for a Tahrir moment outside what he calls the Dail or Leinster House on the 17th of September. I am personally calling for the peaceful occupation of Leintser House by sheer weight of numbers and that that it is organized with supporting logistics to maintain that occupation for whatever time is needed for Irish sovereignty vested in the ordinary people of Ireland to control their own destiny without outside interference be it, corporate, political, military, etc.,