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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MI5 SS LORD MAYORS BELFAST British Occupied Ireland

Evil Paedophile Lindsay Brown, Bangor Grammar School Pervert
Lindsay Brown , paedophile
Lindsay Brown's brother - Godfrey Brown, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Ronnie Flanagan , Chief Constable of the RUC with staff at Bangor Grammer School County Down. The RUC record concerning pervert Born Again Christians is consistent ; just like the Kincora Scandal , they ignore obvious leads which would expose establishment paedophiles and their lackies. They then declare ; "they have investigated all the allegations and there are no grounds to substantiate the claims"! The rhetoric is always the same , just like the (Garda) Police in the Republic of Ireland ; one could almost anticipate the giberish which they quote when it comes to child abusers .
The Lindsay Brown Child Abuse Scandal is overshaddowed by the infamous Kincora Scandal which involved many establishment figures , including high ranking police, top civil servants , the gentry and it is rumoured, top English politicians . It is known that Ted Heath was in the habit of paying "social" visits to the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast .
IMF Ted Heath visits Kincora
William McGrath , "Born Again Evanangelical Christian", yet another christian paedophile
NB. The results of official RUC investigations into the Kincora Scandal are "sealed " to this day , because of the influence of high ranking persons . It should also be noted that some of the Kincora children were taken to Birr Castle County Offaly in the Republic of Ireland .
See: The Kincora Scandal

Birr is the hereditary family home of the Earls of Rosse - related to the royal family through the marriage of Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones .

A Garda operation aimed at collaring paedophiles before they are given the chance to do any harm has been hailed as “hugely successful” by unnamed top Letterkenny law enforcers, despite uproar among the Donegal radio phone-in community.
The pre-emptive action is believed to be the brainchild of a recently-qualified officer based in Letterkenny, and was developed over a period of weeks and months after a chance viewing of Scientologist Tom Cruise’s film ‘Minority Report’ made him believe that certain criminals could be brought to justice before they had actually commited any crime.
The operation centred around a large roadside billboard featuring a highly offensive, provocative image of an overly-sexualised young child, amazingly displayed alongside an actual advertisement. While oblivious Donegal residents spent the morning noisily debating the inappropriateness of the image portrayed on the billboard, both on the radio and on the Internet, a squad of elite Gardaí lay silently in wait behind it. Listening intently, they immediately pounced on any driver who lost control of their vehicle while having unsavoury thoughts about the model on the billboard.

At the time of publishing this article, 15 drivers had been arrested for intent to commit paedophilia, with the vast majority of them claiming that they were “just trying to figure out what it said underneath ‘SHOPLK’.”
American multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer have allegedly developed a revolutionary new pill that when taken daily, eliminates paedophilia.
The pill, called Nomolestol, has been researched and developed by over 80 top scientists for the last 3 years.
Nomolestol is now in the final stages before it gets its FDA approving, after which we can expect to see it on the shelves here in Ireland.
Meanwhile Pfizer is rumoured to be completing its human testing in the coming months and has apparently chosen Donegal as the testing grounds. Sources close to Pfizer released this statement;
“We think that Donegal will be an excellent place to focus our clinical trials. It seems like a proverbial breeding ground for the disease.”
We asked a local poet, who wished to remain anonymous, why they should test the drug here, to which he replied; “Why not?!!”. The pill is not expected to be made retrospecticaly available to ex BBC children’s presenters, dead or alive.

Kidnapping, West Donegal

53. Colonel GRETTON asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether his attention has been called to a report from West Donegal, stating that parties of irregulars from Glenveagh Castle in motor cars visited a number of farmhouses in the Churchill and Termon districts and conscripted about 11 young women, whom they brought with them to the castle to act as domestic servants for those who are in occupation there; that the mother of one of the girls, who vigorously protested against the taking away of her daughter, was placed in a motor car and driven away for a few miles, after which she was put out on the roadside, and the car resumed its journey to the castle; and whether, in view of recent outrages on women in Ireland, any steps have been taken, or will be taken, to secure the release of these young women?
Mr. CHURCHILL : My attention has been drawn to a newspaper report of this outrage, but I am unable to vouch for its accuracy. In any case, the matter would appear to be one for the Provisional Government to deal with, and I am glad to observe that, according to the latest reports, their troops have now compelled the evacuation of Glenveagh Castle, and are steadily extending their control over County Donegal.
Lieut.-Colonel DALRYMPLE WHITE : Will not the right hon. Gentleman take further steps in this case, in view of the fact that the outrages occurred in the Churchill district?
Mr. CHURCHILL : That is a joke, I suppose.
Colonel GRETTON : Has the right hon. Gentleman made no inquiry and taken 2261 no steps to secure the arrest of these people and the release of those who have been kidnapped?
Mr. CHURCHILL : This happened in one of the 26 counties, and, if Irish girls are kidnapped and carried off under such atrocious conditions by violent persons, in my opinion it is for the Irish men to see that they are released; and that is what is being done.
Colonel ASHLEY : Is the right hon. Gentleman now quite satisfied with his policy?
Mr. CHURCHILL : I am increasingly satisfied.
Colonel GRETTON : Does not the right hon. Gentleman consider it to be his duty to make inquiries?
Mr. CHURCHILL : I consider that this is an exceptional incident, which should be left to the Irish people to deal with.

Release of Ulster Special Constables

Mr. PENNEFATHER (by Private Noticeasked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he has any information regarding a newspaper report that members of the Ulster Special Constabulary who were kidnapped have been released by Free State troops at Dundalk?
Mr. CHURCHILL : Yes, Sir. I have just been informed by the Provisional Government that, when the military barracks at Dundalk were captured by the National Free State troops, 17 members of the Ulster Special Constabulary were rescued and liberated. They were escorted by the Free State troops to the railway station the night before last, and given free railway warrants to their homes
Further, I am informed that the Provisional Government procured the release, yesterday, from the interior of 10 additional members of the Ulster Special Constabulary, who had been taken from the Belcoo Barracks, County Fermanagh, and that they are proceeding to their homes.
Captain CRAIG : Are the men in the latter case the men who were imprisoned in Athlone?
Mr. CHURCHILL : I think that must be so.