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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Lord Martin Miller a mentored Provo for Unionism has been mentored for several years, along with his fellow boy wonder, into being Lord Mayor of Belfast, with an eye to the future, to fill Gerry Adams shoes by no less than Tom Hartley.

Martin Miller is currently, provisional Sinn Fein's, newly installed Lord Mayor of Belfast. They say Lord Miller was born in 1959 and never dirtied his hands in the IRA, while he always had the ear of key movers and shakers, within the provo leadership. He belonged to the armalite-and-ballot-paper jet set, who never liked the 'armed struggle.

Tom Hartley a previous provo, Lord Mayor of Belfast, was very keen to find a high profile, public role for his proteges Lord Miller and Lord Donnell, in the early '80s. Miller's first attempt as a local council candidate for the Lower Falls, failed in 1985, but Tom fitted him in nicely at a by-election later in October 1987, with a safe seat. 

Like another previous Provo Lord Mayor of Belfast they were both very young boys at that stage. The Unionists were not happy with the whiff of Miller, using the camouflage of a Gaelic name, like the other Hartley teenage camouflaged protege Lord Donnell.

Within minutes of donning the Mayoral chain the former nominal republican, let it be known, that he would not be taking down his belowved royal portraits of her majesty, from his mayoral office and that he would attend war remembrance events, while holding onto all the Royal trappings of nobility and titles, like Lords, Counts etc., etc.,

Now every Fenian child knows that republicans, do not carry titles of nobility, its just basic stuff, confirming what many have concluded, a long time ago that Hartley has mentored many Unionists, camouflaged under Gaelic names and what have you, to replace himself, as a former Lord Mayor. Tom is now known around City Hall as his majesty.

Hartley and his entourage, were apparently spotted many years ago, engaged in a spot of bird watching in King's County and in the splendour of its castles, which is considered by some as an important, contributing, factor in the metamorphosis of Provisional Sinn Fein, into being a neo Unionist party, with its ongoing evolution, into being a compliant Irish client of the British Commonwealth when the provos take power, with Miller being a classic example of that change.

Apparently Lord Miller, is the perfect candidate to succeed Gerry Adams as Provo Sinn Fein President, being a businessman and extremely successful entrepreneur, along with also being a high flying media mogul, he is regarded as definitely being a safe pair of hands, for the British Unionist establishment. Neither will he be hang around City Hall for very long more either but will as First, First Unionist Minister, camouflaged under both a Gaelic personal and party name. All the influential figures in Provisional Sinn Fein and in the corridors of power at Stormont, can't wait to see Lord Miller of Belfast being there.

What about Martin Corey and the 42 years of sacrifices made, I hear you say ? What about the hunger strikers and martyrs? Well I suppose Lord Miller and his elite will turn up at their commemorations too, like Fianna Fail did over the years, still calling themselves, the republican party turning up at Bodenstown, while passing the white envelope of bankster confetti around. What about Wolfe Tone's people of no property, I hear a few reds under the beds cry ? Ach sure the poor will always be with ye and Gerry Adams will say a decade of the rosary for them. As for Martin Corey and all those currently, politically, interned, like their soon to be partners in crime Fianna Fail, during the Hunger Strike, Lords Miller, Donnell and Hartley couldn't give a fiddlers, apparently!