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Monday, July 1, 2013


Fianna Fail and Fine Gael who pushed the Irish Bailout sold Ireland down the IMF river, to bail out City of London Rothchild bondholders and giant Rothchild European banks. Both Irish governments have told and still tell the Irish people, that the bailout is all for our own good. Ireland and its people are now another nation of IMF debt slaves for  the international banking cartels. Goldman Sachs and Rothschild & Compagnie are the main beneficiaries, with both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael Governments elected by the Irish people, to protect the people's interests, being sold down the river, with political economic treachery, taking care of their own interests and banker election backers instead.

Anglo-Irish Bank never wast a systemic risk to the Irish economy, because it wasn’t a high street bank like AIB and the Bank of Ireland. If it was allowed to go bankrupt like Lehmans, only the shareholders and bondholders would lose. The Irish Governments of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour supported and nationalised a bank of crooked lenders to property speculators of the housing bubble.

Ireland’s political establishment are protecting foreign investors, Anglo-Irish bondholders at the expense of the Irish people and its future generations? These are the only people Ireland’s politicians care about: The plain people of Ireland are paying and protecting the wealth and power of  people with more than a 100 times more wealth than the whole nation of Ireland!

Aside from the City of London who benefit most from the 'bail out' of Ireland, are the elite bondholders, like other parts of the the Rothschild family, scattered all over Europe were, Jean-Claude Trichet (Rothschild Zionist) at the European Central Bank and Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Rothschild Zionist) of the IMF. So the banks that caused the crash in Ireland, to which the Rothschild Zionists in power are 'responding' for their own benefit, were also invariably controlled, ultimately, by another branch of the Rothschild Zionists in Europe.

Bottom line Goldman Sachs were fundamentally responsible for the crash of 2008, with its former Chairperson and CEO, Henry 'Hank' Paulson, just installed as US Treasury Secretary who started the bank bailout policy, with massive benefit to Goldman Sachs at the end of the Bush era. Goldman Sachs were also directly involved in the collapse, that started the 'euro panic' that engulfed Ireland. Rothschild Zionist secret society network  have everything stitched up with the Rothschild Zionist secret network having agents in governments, the banking system, the IMF, and control through ownership of the world's mainstream media.

The Rothschilds control banking, stock markets, commodity markets, currency valuation, the price of gold, the lot. The City of London is controlled by 'investor confidence' by those who control the media, government and central bank financial statements and move trillions around the world's financial markets every day. This is the Rothschilds and their banking, political, media, policing, lackeys.

Rothschild Zionism is at the elite secret, rotten core, who are NOT agents of the Jewish people but agents of  a secret society, that has manipulated the Jewish people for centuries just like they have manipulated the Irish people, who also suffered a holocaust, where millions of its population were wiped off the face of the earth.

Currently the British version of AIPAC, is the Friends of Israel network, in every major political party. Over 80-per-cent of Members of Parliament in the now ruling Tory Party, are members of the Friends of Israel, which has the stated aim of supporting anything that is good ffor the Rothschilds, who own Israel. Current British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a Rothschild Zionist, in a country with a Jewish population of 280,000 in a total population of 62 million. These are the people who are destroying the Irish Peace Process by re-introducing internment without trial simply because there is more money in war and armaments than in peace and extends there secret network even further, within the expanding British SS based on the terror narrative they create.

The key manipulating force in the previous UK governments of Tony Blair was Peter Mandelson  another Rothschild Zionist. The Rothschilds controlled Blair in the same way they controlled Bill Clinton and George W. Bush going into wars urged on by Israeli the Rothschilds..It was the secret worldwide, Rothschild network, that orchestrated the very profitable invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the War of Terror and its justification, September 11th. In analysing  all of this it is critically important to distinguish between ordinary, decent, good Jewish people and these Zionists, the article link below explains this. This is of critical importance, so that we do not repeat the racist crimes of the past and engage in anti-semitism.