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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


author by Brian Clarke - AllVoicespublication date Tue Jun 04, 2013 03:41Report this post to the editors
The article above is a clear and unambiguous call, for a peaceful course of action, with regards to the release of Martin Corey. It is also a clear call for peaceful political activity, to solve the many problems related to occupation and a system of inherited privileged Monarchy, that has impoverished the people of no property in Ireland. No amount of intimidation from whatever quarter will change the course of my citizen journalism or peaceful political activity.

I have been willing for quite sometime to adhere to the maxim, that the pen is mightier than the sword and I am calling on all Irish republican socialists, to commit themselves to this activity with modern social media. The British fear the truth about Ireland being made public, on the world stage as opposed to the relatively small stage and population within the confines of the island and will do everything including engaging in murderous collusion, to keep it secret within the island of Ireland. This is the real reason, why the lawyer Rosemary Nelson who was successful in legally raising issues of Ireland, in an international context was assassinated, this is why they have worked for 40 years to criminalize Irish republicanism.

If the BBC world service and RTE presstitutes, did their job properly, instead of engaging in propaganda and told the truth, in a balanced way, instead of being compromised by MI-5 or bought-and-paid for-whores for evil, I would not have to raise these issues. The BBC world service propagates the myth, that the Irish problem is strictly a sectarian one with a British presence necessary to keep the peace, ignoring that their divide and rule invasions and occupations have left a trail of horror worldwide inherited by the US.

The presstitutes in the British and Irish media have not investigated, most important issues during the recent troubles in British Occupied Ireland in any sort of an objective manner and thereby have created years of prolonged bloodshed and suffering. The problems of the small island of Ireland like Syria today are simple with simple solutions, if outside interference stopped but the corporate media are part of the problem.

Let it be clearly understood from this citizen journalist, that no amount of intimidation, smear or blackmail will prevent me from doing what I regard is the right thing to do. The truth will set us free ultimately and I thank Indymedia Ireland, for the facility to use their network. They say if you engage with idiots you become one, this is the last time I make my position clear on this matter, as I do not wish to engage tit for tat childish nonsense while good innocent people like Martin Corey and people of political conscience are interned without trial in Ireland or anywhere else for that matter. They may kill the messenger but they cannot kill the truth.

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