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Sunday, June 30, 2013

MI5 Political Sockpuppets Sinn Fein on John Downey & Martin Corey ?

More than a year ago, provisional Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, said action was required on disputed issues arising from the troubles, more particularly he has since said on several occasions, the UK government has refused to honour commitments to the Good Friday, Weston Park and St Andrew’s Agreements. He further said on several occasions, “Mr Kenny needs to tell David Cameron that this is unacceptable.”

Adams gave several examples of commitments reneged on by the British, including inquiries into the murder of lawyer Pat Finucane, the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, the 1971 Ballymurphy Massacre, in which 11 people were massacred by British soldiers in Belfast.

Gerry Adams has further claimed that Prime Minister Cameron had stepped away from the peace process since coming into power, a very polite way of saying the British reneged on the Peace Agreement, an extremely serious political matter with regard to an International Peace Agreement of such significance, where the Americans are meant to be guarantors.

Gerry Adams has further stated “Since the election of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition the British prime minister has detached himself from the continuing promotion and development of the peace and political processes.” That is now more than three years ago and Mr Adams and his party have demonstrated considerable weakness by allowing this to run, permitting the internment and the arrest of several of its volunteers, meant to be protected under the agreement.

In 2001, the British agreed to give IRA fugitive volunteers an amnesty, so they could return to British Occupied Ireland without fear of arrest and prosecution, but the British government later reneged on its promises, citing lawmaker refusal to back the deal thus in reality violating all of the Peace Process.

Now all competent negotiators know, the devil is in the detail and you negotiate up not down, something obviously the experienced British are aware of but which the leadership of the Provisionals have seriously neglected. Now this is no small matter in such an Agreement

Last month British prosecutors charged a 61-year-old Irishman with the 1982 IRA attack on the queen's cavalry in Hyde Park that left four soldiers and seven horses dead. The surprise arraignment of John Downey in a London court, came on the 15th anniversary of the supposed ratification of the Good Friday Peace Agreement for British Occupied Ireland, which has tried to end four decades of bloodshed, in the British Occupied Irish territory. The British have failed to explain why they arrested John Downey at this particular time, after he arrived at London's Gatwick Airport, almost 31 years after the attack.

Provisional Sinn Fein naturally demanded Downey's immediate release, that is the least they could do for one of their own. The Irish nationalist party and former republicans, accuse Britain once again of violating an agreement to not pursue John Downey, who had been on a list of IRA suspects "on the run" from the British for years. Gerry Kelly called Downey's arrest "vindictive, unnecessary and unhelpful" and an act of "bad faith" by the British government to be still pursuing Irish Republican Army volunteers, in keeping with the spirit, if not the letter, of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

These continuous arrests of IRA veterans, with Sinn Fein connections, have raised tension in the peace process, which is still incomplete all these years later which local Councillor Murray for Mr Downey said he "should never have been arrested"."In 2007, he received a letter from the British Government, informing him that he was not wanted by any British police force. He then traveled to Britain numerous times without any problems.

"John has been a long time supporter of the peace process and as a peace worker he regularly engaged with unionists. He always put his head above the mark in promoting a new republic. I don't think the British government is going to wake up tomorrow and say Donegal County Council has told us what to do, but it was Donegal County Council laying out quite clearly that the Good Friday Agreement should be defended."

Mr Downey has been remanded at a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey. A motion calling for his release was passed at a meeting of Donegal County Council. Mr Downey is being held in London's Belmarsh prison. This case along with the internment without trial of several other Irish republicans, including 63 old Martin Corey, who has been interned more than 3 years without trial, clearly demonstrates bad faith by the Tories, since their election three years ago and considerable secret service input from MI5, who have much money and power to lose, with a successful peace process in British Occupied Ireland.

With systematic dismantling of the process over more than three years now, the obvious question is why would the provisional leadership give up their armed struggle and their tons of armaments without having a serious input into power sharing in these essential matters. The agreement was sold to everyone on the basis of power sharing. Which takes us to the next obvious question of why the Provisionals are not exercising their considerable political empowerment under the process, to protect former comrades and volunteers, who helped put them in power in the first instance?

Which takes us to an even more fundamental and basic question, which is on the minds of most genuine Irish republicans. It is a very uncomfortable question, but after three years of political internment without trial of aging brave volunteers, there is no diplomatic way of phrasing it, other than in a blunt manner. Is the majority of the Provo leadership compromised to the British secret services. In other words are MI5 who have always traditionally blackmailed anyone of influence in their former colonies, to politically control them, pulling all of the Provo strings, within the political leadership of provisional Sinn Fein.

The last time I raised this subject, I was physically threatened not by Sinn Fein I might add but in the absence of ACTION rather than weasel words and with senior figures having gone AWOL on the subject, it is an obvious and basic question to ask. As someone who has come to reluctantly accept, that the peace process has been a reality for some time and that successful armed struggle is not realistic in the long term within such a small population, there are however, plenty of other options for Irish republicans.

The most obvious one starting with Provo withdrawal from Stormont along with a properly organized peaceful campaign of civil disobedience, like the non-republican SDLP last time. It is long overdue, it is time to call these Supremacist Tories in London to account, along with their sectarian Orange Order friends. The Provos did have commendable input in the release of the long suffering Marian Price and that is the sort of Republican Movement unity that will bring these warmongering Tory racists and Orange fascists to account.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Encouraged by the success of the British, with their Irish extermination campaigns under Viceroyals Villiers in Ireland, which disappeared over 6 million Irish people, Angela Merkel has now begun one in Ireland as well. There has always been a rift between the Germans and the British, but a recent release of secret recordings of West Brits, laughing at Merkel and robbing hard earned German money, while using the naive Irish community's fake bank front, called the Anglo Irish Bank owned by City of London bondholders, to rob both the Germans and the naive native Irish once again, have exacerbated the problem.
The campaign got into full swing last night, as political internee Martin Corey formerly a resident of 19 years in Long Kesh Concentration Camp, was dragged from his cell, where he has now been interned 3 years without trial by the British. Last night already known as the night of the Merkel kitchen knives, during which Irish owned businesses in British Occupied Ireland were attacked by a combination of colluding MI5, Waffen SS and the Orange Order. 
In Lurgan Irish bars, Irish banks, and green grocery stores were attacked and looted by thousands of colluding British and  Nazi government forces along with the Orange Order. Hundreds of Irish  were killed in the raids, and countless more sent to concentration camps, scattered throughout British Occupied Ireland. 
The scene was especially dramatic in the In the Irish community of the Kilwilkie estate in Lurgan, which was virtually obliterated in the onslaught while heroic former defenders like Martin Corey have already been interned in British concentrations camps for several years. Shops were destroyed, their windows smashed amid cries of ravaged river dancers, echoing through the glass-strewn streets of Portadown and British Occupied Ireland.
Before enacting an Irish extermination programme, individual Orange Order communities will be permitted to have their own local programs, while Gerry Adams and his few remaining neutered provos are allowed to go AWOL. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty UK and Ireland. Gerry Adams and Kelly were verbally abused and carried by landrover to Dundalk and told not to come back. 
After releasing the report, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty were closed down by SS MI5, Waffen SS and Orange Order SS, for its publication of government information under the Official Secrets Act. Its members are now awaiting a secret trial, that may or may not have already taken place in a secret location where state appointed lawyers may or may not have been rendered.
Merkel SS agents are working hard to make sure the Irish and West Brit bankers have no place to hide, searched the Belfast to Dublin train, which was delayed once again by an ONH, McDonalds cardboard Lunch Box, purchased in Hollywood. Buses are banned because they carry too many suspicious travelers. On July the 12th, Irish pedestrians are advised to stay indoors, while Fenian sweeps take place, which have already led to the arrest of 4,786 Taigs in the Belfast area alone. "Our mission is to defend the Merkel homeland," SS Billy Broome, Jr. was quoted as saying.
Fearful that Free Staters and West Brit bankers will aid their counterparts in British Occupied Ireland, the British armed forces are also taking a stand on the issue. "I don't want any of them here," said Lieutenant General William Haig while interviewed by the Irish Blog. "They are a dangerous element. There is no way to determine their West Brit loyalty. It makes no difference whether he is an Irish citizen, he is still an Irish half breed. Free State citizenship does not necessarily determine British loyalty, while Merkel said that we must worry about West Brit bankers all the time, until they are wiped off the map."
Those British paramilitary police the PSNI have reacted differently this time and are currently considering Willie Frazers exhortation to arrest every Fenian in South Armagh, which essentially is the whole population. From July 12 under enacted Stormont Laws, while the provisionals were on forced AWOL, Taigs are banned from driving or operating  motorized vehicles as well as all diesel fuelled machinery that includes tractors. 
The Stormont Laws withhold all banking services from all fenians entirely. Their bank cards, deeming them a flight risk if arrested. Taigs are also denied the full protection of Irish citizenship as opposed to U.K. commoner status, including the loss of habeus corpus and the the rights of 800 year old Magna Carta due process, to court-appointed council, to protection from arrest without probable cause, and to being brought before a judge within 48 hours of arrest. The Merkel/British SS government requires Fenians to register their property with officials of the British Viceroyal, which sets limits on the amount of wealth a Taig can have, while totally excluded from all banking services.
Martin Corey who has been interned without trial for several years  now, for believing himself to be Irish, also neglected to register his grave digger machinery before being interned, which also included a spade and a shovel, was formally arrested while interned, taken to a public non secret court, where he was found guilty of not haying paid his taxes for the last three years and stripped of all his assets, including his wood handicrafts in his concentration camp
According to Human Rights Watch and a British Irish Amnesty report, Catholics have been arrested for praying in the wrong way, particularly the Lords Prayer, for kicking with the wrong foot, for being engaged in photography, possession of computers, use of Gaelic emblems such as the caman, wearing clothes in the presence of a gay strip officer, facing away from the Union flag, trespassing on the property of hotels they are checked in to and smiling, particularly at murals in Belfast. The British government is not alone in its efforts. Today's policy of ethnic cleansing could not have gone into effect without the inspiring words of some great German leaders like Merkel and Hitler according to a British SS spooksperson.
According to an evangelical leader of the Orange Order who told Irish Blog anchor brionOcleirigh, "Popery, like most faiths, has a fringe of radicals who carry on bloodshed wherever they are. Even though these radicals do not represent mainstream Rome, bitter complaints have come in from countless places citing the provocative behavior of Papists like Gerry Kelly, interfering with British policing. To prevent vigorous defensive action by the Loyalist people, we in the Orange Order  have no choice but to contain the problem through legislative measures in Stormont, when MI5 send elected, sterilized, provos AWOL. It may be possible, through a definitive secular solution, to create a basis on which the Ulster people can have a tolerable relationship with the Taigs. If this fails, it will be necessary to create a final Merkel solution."


Above is a video of Clare Daly raising the internment of Martin Corey, with the Irish government. It is difficult to accept that these highly paid parliamentarians, couldn't even be bothered to attend, bearing in mind all of the state cars and subsidies they are given.

What is even more shocking, is non attendance by the nominally republican party of provisional Sinn Fein and more particularly Gerry Adams. This is a disgrace and the type of lazy parliamentry oversight, that allowed the banks to rob the Irish people. It gives me no pleasure and makes me particularly sad, as a former chairperson of provsional Sinn Fein, to say these people have absolutely nothing progressive to offer Ireland, other than more of the same old Fianna Fail.version of Irish republican ideals.

Clare Daly on the other hand is a good example, of what a real parliamentarian of the people is like and Ireland desperately needs this type of politician, to take it out of the utter mess it is in.Provisional Sinn fein are the biggest political party on the island of Ireland and part of the British administration in British Occupied Ireland. It is simply not good enough for them at this stage, to pick and choose what part they play in the administration of policing and injustice after the lengthy peace processing.The process was sold to families who lost loved ones,volunteers, activists, the Republican Movement on the basis of power sharing. The internment without trial of innocent traditional Irish republicans is the antithesis of the most basic form of republicanism, there is grey area in this matter.

They cannot hoodwink the people of Ireland any longer on this issue. If they believe that the Irish people accept that their 'negotiators' gave up the armed struggle and all of the arms dumps in return for no say or input in policing and injustice they must think we all came down the Boyne in a bubble. They cannot hunt with the British hounds and run with the fox any longer. You are either with us or against us, we demand the immediate release, of the interned, political, prisoner of conscience, Martin Corey immediately or your withdrawal from Stormont, like the SDLP previously did 40 years ago, as a matter of democratic principle.

Friday, June 28, 2013


George Santayana is known for famous sayings, like: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" and "Only the dead have seen the end of war." Santayana is broadly included among the pragmatists with Harvard University colleague William James. He said that he stood in philosophy "exactly where he stood in daily life. In the same vein, many observers of recent Irish history are struck, by the uncanny political and religious resemblance of Gerry Adams and (see link) Éamon de Valera

Bearing in mind the current brutal treatment of Irish political prisoners, in the wake of the Peace Process and hunger strikes, Gerry Adams' party's apparent detachment or covert involvement with due process, the critical question for the Irish Republican Movement today, must now surely be the following. Would a Sinn Fein Government led by Gerry Adams in the Free State, rely on special courts, military tribunals and draconian legislation like De Valera (Sinn Fein/ Fianna Fail) previously did, in attempts once again to crush Irish Republicans. and more worryingly a coalition with Fiann Fail deliver even greater repression than the current Zionist Blueshirt axis.

In 1936, De Valera’s Fianna Fáil government introduced special courts to imprison republicans and three years later, in August 1939, during the IRA’s English Campaign, it also established special military tribunals which were empowered to return only one the death sentence, from which there was no appeal. During the early 1940s, hundreds of republicans were interned by De Valera and sentenced to long periods of imprisonment by special courts. Six IRA Volunteers, Paddy McGrath, Thomas Harte, Richie Goss, George Plant, Maurice O’Neill and Charlie Kerins – were tried by military tribunals, found guilty and executed.

The same De Valera Government also allowed another three Republicans, Jack McNeela, Tony D'Arcy and Sean McCaughey die on Hunger-Strike. So the question now is; Would Gerry Adams bearing in mind his current record of collusion, interning innocent people like Martin Corey be another Eamon De Valera disaster? Are Provisional Sinn fein secretly enabling this odious activity with their President's private religious blessing?

An example of this duplicity, is that on 16 September 1953 De Valera met with Churchill for the first and only time, at 10 Downing Street. He surprised the UK Prime Minister by claiming that if he had been in office in 1948 Ireland would not have left the Commonwealt. While Churchill reprimanded De Valera as he would no doubt reprimand Adams today when he said, “The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law and particularly to deny him the judgement of his peers is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.”

At the general election of 1957, De Valera, then in his seventy-fifth year, won an absolute majority of nine seats, the greatest number he had ever secured. This was the beginning of another sixteen-year period in office for Fianna Fáil. A new economic policy emerged with the First Programme for Economic Expansion. In July 1957, again in response to the Border Campaign (IRA), Part II of the Offences Against the State Act was re-activated and he ordered the internment once again without trial of Irish republican suspects, an action which De Valers claimed, did much to end the IRA's campaign.

But it didn't did it ? Neither did internment in the early '70s with Adams himself interned along with Martin Corey. 
The central question currently with regard to the political prisoner of conscience Martin Corey Corey is whether Gerry Adams is going down the De Valera route or does he or his party, actually have anything progressive to offer the extremely dysfunctional island of Ireland? The omen are not good without any actual current activity other than a few prayers by Adams on the release of Marian Price. Like the banketer farce, words are simply not good enough at this stage, action is now required. Provisional Sinn Fein have been given the same mandate that the SDLP were given 40 years ago when they withdrew from Stormont and a nominally republican Irish party, has no business there while administering internment. There is no grey area with regard to this, they cannot run with the hare and hunt with the British hounds on this issue any longer. Hiding in prayer, while ignoring Martin Corey's reality is not good enough at this stage.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In the Name of The Father - RELEASE MARTIN COREY

In the Name of the Father Release Martin Corey

category international | crime and justice | news report author Wednesday June 26, 2013 07:17author by Brian Clarke - AllVoices Report this post to the editors
Release Martin Corey
On 9 February 2005, then Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a public apology for the miscarriages of justice known as the Guilford 4, saying that he was "very sorry that they were subject to such an ordeal and such an injustice", and that "they deserve to be completely and publicly exonerated." If all this injustice happened in an open court, what chance does a 63 year old Irishman like Martin Corey have in a secret court, with secret paid evidence, where he has no idea of charge or length of sentence and is not allowed to defend himself? Giuseppe Conlon went to London, to simply help his son, as any good father would do on hearing of his son's wrongful arrest for terrorist offences, below is the nightmare that followed
In the Name of the Father Release Martin Corey
In the Name of the Father Release Martin Corey
To cut a long story short Giuseppe Conlon on his arrival in London was arrested, tortured, framed and very quickly found himself in an English prison. Giuseppe's health deteriorate in Wormwood Scrubs prison where he was eventually serving his sentence for possession of explosives. He died on Jan 23rd 1980, the same day Home Secretary William Whitelaw decided to grant him parole.
Giuseppe maintained his innocence to the end of his life.

On December 1979 Giuseppe’s health who had a chronic chest condition became so serious that he was moved from Wormwood Scrubs prison in London to Hammersmith Hospital. Just over a week later, despite being on oxygen and a drip feed in hospital, he was returned to prison. The British authorities informed his incredulous family, they were afraid that the Irish Republican Army (IRA) would kidnap him. Giuseppe Conlon was again on his return to prison so sick that he was again moved from prison back to hospital as his health continued to worsen. He died on Jan 23rd 1980. On the same day he died, Home Secretary William Whitelaw granted him parole.

Over the years, the cases of the Guildford Four and the Maguire Seven came under increasing legal scrutiny and within range of those seeking human rights, demanding a review of the convictions. On 17 October 1989 it was announced that corruption proceedings would be taken against the police involved in the conviction of the Guildford Four. The Court of Appeal decided that the DPP in 1975 had suppressed scientific evidence, which conflicted with the confessions. On 26 June 1991 the Court of Appeal overturned the sentences but all the family by now had completed their sentences. Afterwards many criticized the court for dismissing most of the grounds of appeal and had simply concluded that the hands of the convicted could have been innocently contaminated with nitro-glycerine.

Gerry Conlon says, "My ordeal goes on. For others the nightmare is just starting,
I am often asked if a grave miscarriage of justice like the Guildford Four's could happen today. Shamefully, it could and it does.

I suffer from nightmares and have done so for many years. Strangely, I didn't have them ­during the 15 years I in spent in prison after being wrongly ­convicted, with three others, for the 1975 Guildford and Woolwich pub bombings. It was almost as if I was in the eye of the storm while I was inside, and everything was being held back for a replay later in my life.

Our case is well known now as one of the first of the big miscarriage of ­justice stories, and I am often contacted by ­people who, like me, spent many years in jail for something they did not do. People ask whether a case like ours could happen today. Of course it could. I know of innocent people still behind bars and I know there are echoes of what happened to us in cases that are still coming to light today.

What happened to us, after all, is not dissimilar to what happened to Binyam Mohamed, the British resident held for many years in Guantánamo Bay. Like him, we were tortured – guns put in our mouths, guns held to our heads, blankets put over our heads. The case against us was, like his, circumstantial. And like him, we tried to get people to ­listen to what had happened to us, and it took years before our voices were heard outside.

What has been happening in Britain since 2005 has created the same sort of conditions that helped to lead to our arrest. The same procedures are being followed – arrest as many as you can and present a circumstantial case in the hope that at least some of them will be convicted. The one difference, so far, is that juries seem less inclined to convict. But if there is another series of bombs, who knows if that will still apply?

It is still hard to describe what it is like to be facing a life sentence for something you did not do. For the first two years, I still had a little bit of hope. I would hear the jangling of keys and think that this was the time the prison officers were going to come and open the cell door and set us free. But after the Maguire Seven (all also wrongly convicted) – my father among them – were arrested, we started to lose that hope. Not only did we have to beat the criminal justice system but we also had to survive in prison. Our reality was that nightmare. They would urinate in our food, defecate in it, put glass in it. Our cell doors would be left open for us to be beaten and they would come in with batteries in socks to beat us over the head. I saw two people murdered. I saw suicides. I saw somebody set fire to ­himself in Long Lartin prison.

The first glimmer of home did not come until my father (Guiseppe Conlon, also wrongly convicted and posthumously cleared) died in prison in 1980. My father's last words were "my death will be the key to your release". That proved to be the case, because that was when a number of MPs started to become involved.

It was a terrible price to pay. What many people do not realise is how difficult it is to have your case reopened. It was in 1979 that I wrote to Cardinal Basil Hume about our case and he came to see me in prison. I remember it well: I had been playing football and I was called in to see him – he looked like Batman in his long cloak and he was great, but it was still another 10 years before we were free – even although the authorities knew full well by then who had carried out the bombings and that it was not us.

Since I came out of prison, I have suffered two breakdowns, I have attempted suicide, I have been addicted to drugs and to alcohol. The ordeal has never left me. I was given no psychological help by the government that had locked me up, no counselling. Since our case there have been perhaps 200 others we have heard about of innocent people being released, Sean Hodgson being the latest, and probably a few thousand others that have not had the publicity. I would say the vast majority have almost certainly had problems with drug addiction, have been estranged from their families and disenfranchised from society – yet they have been offered little in the way of help. The money we received in compensation went quickly as a lot of hangers-on arrived on the scene.

I am 55 now and I was 20 when I was arrested so what happened to us has taken up 35 years of my life. I am now with the girl that I met when I first came out of prison and I owe her an enormous amount of gratitude. ­Others have not been so lucky. I hope that what ­happened to us will always act as a reminder to people never to jump to conclusions, whatever the nature of a crime, and never to ignore the people who are now trying to get their voices heard so that the nightmare does not happen to them."

See Indymedia Link Below: Stop the Internment Torture of 63 Year Old Martin Corey
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  “We won’t do anything blatant, but . . . we have to get the money in . . . get the f***in’ money in, get it in,” he tells a senior manager at the bank, John Bowe.

 John Bowe, told the other, Peter Fitzgerald, about Anglo’s approach to the Central Bank seeking €7 billion in emergency funding, adding that “the reality is that actually we need more than that”. He said the strategy with the Central Bank was “you pull them in, you get them to write a big cheque, and they have to keep, they have to support their money, you know.

 Mr Bowe and another senior executive at the bank, Peter Fitzgerald, are heard laughing about the prospects of nationalisation. They see it as “fantastic” and are delighted at the prospect of becoming civil servants.

Meanwhile according to the Belfast Telegraph, Gerry Adams accuses the Irish Governement of protecting the fat cat bankers as they rob the Irish people but the Irish corporate media have censored it.

"The Government has been accused of protecting fat cat bankers after it emerged ministers were unaware of recorded conversations between formerAnglo Irish Bank executives.

Gerry AdamsSinn Fein president, said he was astounded to discover that Finance Minister Michael Noonan had no idea the tapes existed. "If he didn't know, then why didn't he know?" Mr Adams said.
The party leader said the Government had failed to chase people guilty of defrauding the state and accused the Government of operating one law for the rich and one for the poor.
A number of Government members, including Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Mr Noonan, have said they were not told about recorded phone calls documenting the first hand account of bankers' attitudes at the height of the economic crisis.
The Central Bank of Ireland revealed that it does not force banks to record internal calls. However, bankers who work on the dealing desks within their institutions have their phone conversations recorded as a matter of procedure.
During his time in Anglo, John Bowe served as director of treasury and head of capacity markets, when he had responsibility for sourcing investment for the bank from the bond markets and laterally, on the deposits front.
According to the Central Bank of Ireland, as is custom and practice in Irish banks and financial houses, bankers working on these dealing desks have their conversations recorded. A spokeswoman, however, said this process is not overseen by the Central Bank, it is done for the bank's own records.
Mr Adams said the fact the Government was unaware of this practice questions how much confidence the public should place in it.
"There's a law for ordinary citizens. If I go into a Dunnes Stores and steal to feed my family, I end up before the courts," Mr Adams said. "But if bankers deliberately defraud the state, boast about it, laugh about it, and boast about their meetings with ministers, it would be okay."
Mr Adams added that Justice Minister Alan Shatter should have had access to the tapes and been able to compile a report of ongoing Gardainvestigations for the public domain. He said had the tapes not emerged through the media, the bankers in question would not have been exposed."


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Giant British Blackmail Machine Screwing The Irish

"It's not just a US problem. The UK has a huge dog in this fight," Snowden told The Guardian. "They [GCHQ] are worse than the US."

"I'm talking about all digital communications are--there's a way to look at digital communications in the past. I can't go into detail of how that's done or what's done. But I can tell you that no digital communication is secure. So these communications will be found out. The conversation will be known."

 (Anglo Irish Tapes) Screwing The Irish

Published on Jun 24, 2013

The astonishing tapes show senior manager John Bowe, who had been involved in negotiations with the Central Bank, laughing and joking as he tells another senior manager, Peter Fitzgerald, how Anglo was luring the State into giving it billions of euro.

Irish analysts and researchers have been saying for years that the secret British SS state has been using its the technology, to digitally record the content of all Irish electronic communications, including telephone calls and store them in massive cloud computing server farms in the event they're needed for future "British reference or blackmail". Most elected politicians in the former British colonies and currently in the British Commonwealth have been compromised a polite word for blackmailed. Most of the rest are pimped.

Metadata 'digital network information.' Sophisticated analysis of those records can reveal unknown associates of known terrorism suspects. Depending on the methods applied, it can also expose medical conditions, political or religious affiliations, confidential business negotiations and extramarital affairs."

In other words, it seems likely that the British harvested Irish data gleaned from phone calls, emails, video chats and credit card records are being used in ways that are as old as the spy game itself: political and economic BLACKMAIL

Recent estimates indicate that, all told, Irish taxpayers will have supplied Anglo Irish Bank alone with €30 billion - a massive sum for the small island nation of just over 4.5 million people.

“If they (the Central Bank) saw the enormity of it up front, they might decide they have a choice. You know what I mean? They might say the cost to the taxpayer is too high,” Bowe went on. “If it doesn’t look too big at the outset – if it looks big enough to be important, but not too big that it kind of spoils everything, then, I think you have a chance.”

“So, so it’s bridged until we can pay you back. Which is never.”

Fitzgerald is heard saying, “Yeah. They’ve got skin in the game and that is the key.” 

In statements to national broadcaster RTE, the two executives denied any wrongdoing and any “strategy or intention on the part of Anglo Irish Bank to mislead the authorities.” The two men did not deny the conversation in the excerpts of the statements that RTE read out, Reuters reports.

Bowe excused his comments as “off-the-cuff” when questioned by reporters over the weekend. 
Irish opposition parties called for a new probe into the banking crisis, calling the conversation “shocking to the core.” 

Government officials have previously blamed an inability to establish a parliamentary committee as the reason for Dublin's failure to hold a public inquiry. 

“Any suggestion that the taxpayer was lured into bailing out Anglo Irish Bank under a false impression about the state of the bank’s financial condition is deeply disturbing and has to be fully investigated by the authorities,” said Michael McGrath, finance spokesman of Fianna Fail (The Republican Party).

Ireland has yet to criminally prosecute a single banker who helped gamble the country into an economic tailspin. Pearse Doherty, a finance spokesman for the Irish party Sinn Fein, told the Financial Times the new revelations are a perfect opportunity to reverse that trend. 

“They prove conclusively that an investigation is needed into the events surrounding the bank guarantee and subsequently that the people must be prosecuted for their roles in collapsing the Irish economy,” he said.

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 07:52
CCTV to catch pickpockets... boardroom mass-pickpocketing is just ey-O.K! HaHa, LOL! :-(
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The jews got paddy to clean up 911 criminal evidence fast in NY too, so whats new?
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A real paddy joke this one!The reality is they drank it all up in Guinness in the pubs of Kilkenny!
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Dumb Irish. Too drunk and ignorant to notice. Serves them right. On to the Pub, now!
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Nothing will be done. Playing with us
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And will this evidence put a single banker behind bars? Lets hope so!
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This is how the smart Anglo-Irish suck moneys from the EU´s bailouts.
Franko -Germans they play YOU!
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Hang'em high!
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Do Irish politicians not know how to do math or just enjoy robbing the people

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 05:46
Irish politicians, except for Clare Daly, are dumb & lazy not to have worked their own #.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 05:06
Think Monsanto, they and their lobbyists help write the laws that exempt them from scandal.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 04:26
Geez, admitting to crime on tape....and STILL not arrested. Time for people to sharpen their pikes
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 03:45
banker boys that is exactly what me big willie boy gonna be doing in the prison shower,ur a..rse.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 03:29
Why can't we just round up all these criminal bankers worldwide & throw in jail or hang? What gives?
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 03:18
Bankers are good.Look at Batman.G_ay super hero saving the world.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 03:14
China excecuted corrupt bankers - US, UK slap on wrist just like peodophiles slap on wrist.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 02:40
irish mob...
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 02:16
@Jason Wright: you just caused me to shove my hand through my face, you blatantly ignorant spastic.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 01:26
Sinn Fein is NOT an opposition party. They are a 100% establishment party that supports unfettered immigration and the genocide of the Irish people....which is prima facie evidence that they are controlled by Jews.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 00:20
So wrong how celebrity chefs & people get done for shoplifting & stealing but these people don't?
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 00:15
Skin in the Game? How about we skin them alive and teach them an old rule about theft.
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 00:12
The great appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!”
Anonymous user 25.06.2013 00:01
Put that Money where you picked those figure out of

Won't laugh so nice in Prison will you?
Anonymous user 24.06.2013 23:58
one solution, revolution!!
Anonymous user 24.06.2013 23:53
Strip them of all their stolen wealth and let them rot in prison.
Anonymous user 24.06.2013 23:52
Sounds like they learned fro the US Citicorp and Bank America!
Anonymous user 24.06.2013 23:33

Still lots of rope to be had but the trees are starting to slowly disappear so get at er quick.


Clare Daly has already had more than a quarter million hits on YouTube, while it is just a one day wonder with the local Irish media.Here is just a small sample of the international response to Clare Daly. I suppose she can expect more harassment in her car, like the Farrell family from Zionist Blueshirts with more prompting from the SS.

Willard Duke

Clare Daly has more gonads than all the male members of that parliament.

maricia· 1 day ago
I congratulate on her courage to speak TRUTH! Too bad that there are not more people like her!! God bless her and to those who believe jn her.

voxpopbc· 1 day ago
Clare Daly for Irish PM.
Steve Anderson· 1 day ago
Daly certainlly has called a spade a spade here. I wonder if she will back her talk up with action. A war criminal is waiting for his cell number, will she have him arrested?

I think not 

bobo· 1 day ago
That was a full-blown Richard NIxon response. Hilarious to see that guy pull it off without addressing a single point that Daly raised.

Flummoxed· 1 day ago
The lady wins! The man in the ( coward) yellow tie......lies and loses.

The, yes, meeting and seeing all the painted doors and windows of those business that aren't there. Hey, maybe Detroit's privatized managers will run with that meme.

Never Forget! Ireland was NEUTRAL in WW II. De Valera and the real way to demonstrate a nation's INDEPENDENCE. : )

Shell· 1 day ago
Clare Daly sure knows how to use a broom, she swept the floor with him.

rpdiplock· 1 day ago
Well done Ms Daly ... A woman after my own heart. Give the trolls heaps.Report
Guest-htfd· 1 day ago
Makes me very proud to be Irish. Obama have a lot never saying he speaks for the Irish-Ameircans in the US, he doesn't even come close.

fascistsloveplunder· 1 day ago






Leo Kurtrenbach· 1 day ago
Clare Daly is an exceedingly articulate lady with great courage. As a Canadian I would love to have her replace at least a dozen of the leaders in our present government. Or better still have her replace the whole government.-- This is a lady who has a real grasp of this planet's basic problems. She's obviously is not seeking favors to benefit herself.

rpdiplock· 1 day ago
Wow! So, there still are genuine politicians - with the intestinal fortitude to be honest. What a 'gal.'

I would leave my mother's home ... for Ms Daly.

proletariatprincess· 1 day ago
I think this is my first view of the Irish Parliament in session. I have seen the Brits lots of times, but this was outstanding....almost like Galloway addressing Congress. It really demonstrates how badly broken is the US system of government. The Toasheach is the Prime Minister of Ireland and he must answer questions just like in Britain. It may be my bias as an Irish American, but the Irish seem to have better command of the English language than the English themselves. The Irish are also amazingly good at debate which is why this clip is so impressive. I hope that Ms Daly grabs the attention of the world like she did here in this clip. Well done.

DrS· 1 day ago
Speaking the TRUTH IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY these days.

Bring on ALL THE WHISTLE BLOWERS as we need you.

Shed more light on these CRIMINALS NOW.

Max· 1 day ago
Ohhh Nooo!!!! That's sooo racist!!!

Alec· 1 day ago
If only we in the UK had such a politician of Clare Daly's courage, all we have is Ed Miliband who today announced he has promoted Rachel Reeves......... well surprise surprise:

The Jewish Chronicle - Marcus Dysch, October 19, 2011

Labour Friends of Israel has led its first delegation to the country for two years, with seven MPs meeting political and business leaders.

On the delegation were MPs Rachel Reeves, Anne McGuire, Jonathan Reynolds, Dan Jarvis, Michael McCann and Pamela Nash. New LFI chairman John Woodcock MP led the visit.

So Rachel has got her reward already.
Andrew P Nichols· 1 day ago
Michelle Obama's glad to be home??? I hadn't realised it was O'Bama....LOL

zero· 1 day ago
She deserves Obama Noble Peace Prize ASAP...the Noble Organization should be shamed for their degrading judgement.
canadianjoe· 1 day ago
Don't be fooled by this. She is exactly what her comments indicated. prostitutes and pimps! this is merely another well rehearsed performance by politicians, to give people the illusion there is someone looking out for them. I guess she must have drawn the short straw on this occasion. all this proves is that politicians all over the world, from the lowest councillor to presidents and prime ministers, are controlled by the same people. They are ALL I repeat ALL self serving psychopaths, interested only in personal gain.

Guy· 1 day ago
What a statement ! Where are the elected officials like her in our country?Grovelling for status to the corporate machinery that is destroying freedom and democracy I submit.
Go Clare go.She has more balls than most men.

camelien· 22 hours ago
Quickly, get that Taoiseach, [pronounced: "TEE-shock" - head of the government in Ireland.] .more cliche 'cool-aid;' he must have exhausted his heretofore controlled grandiloquence from dancing around the issues using his stash of rehearsed rhetoric laced with diversions in lieu of answering legitimate questions in the Irish Parliament. His posture & voice struggled to find real argument to sufficiently disarm Mz Clare Daly's reality based queries. Her rebuttal of mr T's comments at 7:02 into the video aught to be heard by folk across the pond. Mr T seemed like he couldn't wait to take his seat ...each time.

Folk, [especially Americans] aught to laud that courageous Irish TD representing Dublin North, she's a very brave politician, in deed; one who dares to blow a whistle and point focus on poignant revelations and confirmations of skulduggery already afoot in 'corporate NI; as well as, her citing of compelling statements confirming the stretched arms of Empirical corporatism found everywhere; and its arsenal flown on civilian airbuses passing through Shannon airport have been breaking its own nation's laws, or so she says. Well worthy of a peek this video. Thanks for sharing.

WhuThe?!?· 22 hours ago
Wow that response was so predictable, changing what she said and accusing her of basically, treason, and trying to break up their fragile peace, when she wasn't even talking about that. He knows that is a sensitive spot, an emotional spot for the citizenry. Very clever, and unfortunately, works all too well in most societies. Feed on people's emotions to destroy the messenger. Perhaps everybody has learned from the Jewish model, anybody who dares criticize their unjust behavior is automatically labelled 'anti-semitic'. And in this analogous situation, he labels the messenger as unloyal and unpatriotic, and she apparently is neither.

Clare For President· 22 hours ago

ringo· 21 hours ago
HAS THIS WOMAN GOT BALLS, her fellow parliamentarians, don't have any.

augus· 21 hours ago
Now that is a lady with balls of steel!

Eve· 20 hours ago
At long last an honest and brave politician.
If only the Usraeli puppet "states" of the EU and Australia would have just one like her.

Donna Mayes· 18 hours ago
Truth is spoken out loud
Ms. Daly has vocalised the words in many hearts today.

Allow Deputy Clare Daly to come to Canada and show PM Stephen Harper how to give a sovereign speech unadulterated by zionist rhetoric. A standing ovation for Deputy Daly !
Haaahhhh! Haaahhh! Hah! Michelle Obama "Glad to be h-o-m-e?" I beg your pardon, what does she take the Irish for?


Who writes these people's horsedung?

Whiteout Press· 2 hours ago
Here's a version with the full transcript, video and a link to Clare Daly's website:

Richard· 1 hour ago
THAT is what I am talking about! Thanks to the lady from the Emeral Isle.

· rich 1 hour ago
Oops. That's Emerald