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Friday, May 31, 2013


Martin Corey a Case of Selective Political Internment

The unelected British Viceroyal, in over-ruling a court’s direction to release an innocent, old, Irish republican Martin Corey, clearly demonstrates the lawless warlike repression of British Occupied Ireland, in a post peace process context,
Martin Corey was again arrested just hours after a court directed that he should be released unconditionally and immediately. Martin Corey had already been imprisoned for over two years without any charge ever being made against him, now another year later he has been interned without trial or charge for 3 years.

His initial arrest in 2010 was ordered by the British Viceroyal from England to his English Chief Constable based on paid intelligence obviously concocted by the the Engllsh secret services or UK SS. A local community elder Breandan Mac Cionnaith said at the time, “The usurping by Owen Paterson of the court’s ruling that Martin Corey should be immediately released, is clear confirmation that a British government policy of selective internment without trial is operating within British Occupied in contravention of terms of the Irish peace process.

Speaking recently in Belfast, Gerry Adams accused the Tory government since coming to power, of defaulting on a number of past agreements, including commitments in the Peace Process to legislate for a bill of rights and an Irish language bill for the North. Breandan Mac Cionnaith elaborated further when he said “The British Viceroyal's’s unprecedented intervention, and his ordering of Martin’s re-arrest, is evidence that the so-called policing and justice reforms endorsed by the constitutional nationalist parties at Stormont, are nothing more than a piece of political deception of the worst kind with the British government remaining the real power and that the role of local politicians is confined only to providing a facade of cosmetic cover to the political reality.

To acquaint readers with the real Martin Corey a friend Jim McIlmurray explains it best in the following: "I am in a better position than most to know if he was ever involved in any activity that could be deemed illegal or “a threat to National Security”, a phrase often utilized by faceless, nameless individuals in the courts. I can say without fear of contradiction that Martin is an innocent man. Everyone should make their voice be heard and call upon the Secretary of State to either bring charges against him or release him immediately.

Martin Corey is an old man who served 19 years of his life in Long Kesh as a republican prisoner for an offence 40 years ago. He was released in 1992 and began rebuilding his life. He is a popular figure from a well respected, hard-working family in the town.
It was a proud day for Martin when he was granted a loan to purchase his own mechanical digger. After a time, he gained the contract as the parish grave digger, covering several cemeteries in the greater Lurgan area. Many people, myself included, will recall his compassionate approach and professionalism during the time of families' bereavement.
In all the time I have known Martin, I have only known his interests to be his family, his friends and his love of coarse fishing.

On Friday, April 16th, 2010, the police arrived at his O’Neill’s Terrace home and told him they had a warrant for his arrest. Martin was brought to Lurgan PSNI station and later that day transferred to Maghaberry prison. It was stated he broke the terms of his Life Licence release. When his solicitor requested to know what Martin was alleged to have done, he was told it a matter of National Security and the subject of closed file information.
For the past three years, his solicitor and barristers have challenged his unlawful detention on numerous occasions in the High Court. On Monday, the 9th of July, 2012, a High Court judge, Justice Seamus Tracy, who has a background in the European Human Rights Courts, ordered Martin’s immediate release, stating that his Human Rights had been breached under sections 4 and 5 of the European Human Rights act and that there were no charges for which he should answer. I waited for 4 hours outside Maghaberry with Martin’s family that day, only to be told at 4:15pm that the then current Secretary of State, Owen Patterson, had overruled the High Court judge and blocked Martin's release. I was 25 yards away from Martin when I received that call. I watched him step out of the prison van at the reception centre and watched him walk back to the van to be returned to his cell. As he got into the van, he paused and starred at me and that will always be one of the hardest and cruelest moments I have ever witnessed in my life.

Martin has a legal entitlement to an annual Parole Board review every twelve calendar months to reevaluate the reasons for his continued detention. I have been accepted to speak on Martin’s behalf; however, every date set for a hearing for Martin last year was followed by a cancellation by the Parole Board, citing numerous excuses. Martin hasn’t received a parole review in 18 months, an action deemed illegal by the Court of Human Rights in Strasburg. We are currently awaiting a date to take this case to the High Court for a judicial review.

Martin has been subjected to a number of incidents during his time in Maghaberry Prison. These incidents include waiting over three weeks for an emergency dental appointment; of note, a veterinarian would have a legal obligation to report a pet owner for cruelty if he found an animal to be suffering for that period. Also, Martin's request for compassionate leave to attend the funeral of his brother was denied by both the Prison Service and the Courts without any reasons given. He was only granted leave to attend 1 hour before the service started after a request was made to the Justice Minister on humanitarian grounds. I had to make three requests to the Prison Ombudsman to intervene in cases concerning material submitted by myself for Martin for use in his cell crafts. The prison staff either confiscated the printed image materials or refused to provide them to Martin. The Prison Ombudsman upheld all three decisions in Martin’s favour, ruling against the Northern Ireland Prison Service and determining that the material must be provided to Martin.
Martin’s case has been in the High Court in Belfast several times over the past three years, without any finding of criminal offence with which to charge him. Had Martin been charged with possession of an illegal firearm during his arrest three years previously, he would have been released six months ago. There is no other name for his illegal detention other than internment without trail.
As a close friend of Martin's, I am in a better position than most to know if he was ever involved in any activity that could be deemed illegal or “a threat to National Security”, a phrase often utilized by faceless, nameless individuals in the courts. I can say without fear of contradiction that Martin is an innocent man. Everyone should make their voice be heard and call upon the Secretary of State to either bring charges against him or release him immediately.
I speak to Martin by telephone on a daily basis and visit him regularly in Maghaberry Prison, and can assure everyone that his spirits remain high despite his total lack of confidence in the judicial system in the North of Ireland. He thanks everyone for their continued messages of support .
We are currently awaiting a date to attend the Court of Appeal in London to challenge his illegal detention. If unsuccessful there, we will take his case to the European Courts of Justice. We will continue our presence at the Belfast High Court to request the Parole Board to give an explanation as to why Martin has been denied his legal right to an annual Parole Review."
Jim McIlmurray

Friend and spokesperson for Martin Corey

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Lizbeth W
2:30 AM
Unjustly imprisoned. But no charges against him, which aggravates the behavior of those arbitrarily imprisoned him.
It is for this neglect that can not see light at the end of the tunnel.
Not applicable to political authorities take the law into their own hands.
God can do to reflect, to those who might be willing to release Martin Corey, a poor man, elderly, helpless, in complete ignorance of the causes that are in prison. I would ask British authorities, who make use of their faculties, and act in accordance with the Scriptures, not to have their hands stained with innocent blood, which is too heavy to bear. Please give Martin Corey, an opportunity to defend from their freedom, if necessary, otherwise, end his days as a family, as every human being deserves. Let be the place in the world for which God has given life, not prevent any innocent exercise their rights to life and justice. That way, any authority, have their hands clean of guilt, and you understand that dignity is not only about political power, but to be worthy, each inside. A place in the world, is all that Martin Corey asks, and that's why God put men on earth.
Corey Martin is a man who is presumed innocent.
Put in prison without specific charges, not the function of authority. Nor is God's desire for their children. Please read the word of God, to understand it.
Hopefully reflect.
Who can sleep soundly, knowing that Martin Corey suffers imprisonment without merit.