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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Casualty of the War We Don't See

John Pilger is I believe, one of the few remaining ethical mainstream journalists, who reports accurately and truthfully. The elite currently own the Mainstream Stream Media, the Government and the Banking system. The proletarian 99%  of "1984"continue to require but bread and circus. It seems like, it is probably all they will ever want while watching TV. The ruling elite or establishment worldwide know this, they have always known this.

Perhaps if we ourselves alone, remained with our inherited greed, in a shortsighted unintelligent way and we owned the mainstream media, things would remain same. For John Pilger and those of us who recognize an alternative intelligent form of greed and are aware of the Spirituality of Abundace, rather than our current religions of Austerity, things would be quite different, in reclaiming our natural freedoms and birthright.  

However the fact is we do not!. If our voices are ever heard on the mainstream media, they will be edited in such a way, as to be used against us. Should any individual among us become a real threat, we will be eliminated, liquidated, call it what you may. It is happening in British Occupied Ireland with journalists, human rights lawyers and political activists. This is the truth in the world we live in. I wish I was wrong but I can wish on one hand and shit in the other but guess which will be full ? 

John Pilger is a truth teller, we can all be truth tellers with some sort of audience, just for a little while more. We have choices but the sum total of historical experience demonstrates, we really have but one choice. Violence, eventually always produces a reactionary unending violence, as 800 years of British Occupation in Ireland and the reactionary struggle for liberation has clearly demonstrated, with heart breaking consequence.

The only alternative tool that I believe can free us is the truth or as the infuriating good book says, "The truth will set you free." Gandhi got a lot of inspiration from the Irish struggle but his doctrine of non-violence prevailed, as it appears 
Aung San Suu Kyi is in Myanmar. I personally listen and talk regularly to the Big Spirit, no not the Christian religion of my childhood, but I have recalling recently, that the only time the son of the Carpenter, really lost his cool and became violent, was with the money changers in the temple!

Right now my principal political concern is Marian Price and the reintroduction of internment without trial in Ireland, where traditional Irish republicans, like Martin Corey are being politically interned without trial. This truly is significant in Ireland's current political climate of creeping fascism under British occupation and in general. Marian Price an Irish resistance icon, is the demonized Tory version of the enemy of their scum state, political laboratory, probing for a reactionary violence, instead of its less reliable false flag operations, to manage the crisis of capitalism and inevitable Ponzi collapse.

Those passives of fear and indifference, who enabled the rise of Hitler, are again facilitating the creeping corporate fascism in Ireland and beyond, standing shoulder to shoulder, alongside the reactionary violence of the jackboot fascists in all their forms. We either become agents of truth and organize or we lead our children, into creating a global Nazi police state regime of eugenics. The Spirituality of Abundance basically states there is more than enough in this world for everyone's desires, managed intelligently, while the old religions of Austerity, lead to fascist eugenics, which believe that the world is currently over populated. 

There are currently very powerful people of the elite, who have plans to eliminate several billion. One does not have to be particularly bright, to see the choices each of us have, and the immediate actions of responsibility that we each need to take, before we loose the internet as a tool of the truth. Whether it be a false flag operation in Boston or wherever, we are running out of time in Ireland, for the truth tellers and truth seekers such as John Pilger with the truths that will set us free!