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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Political Internment of  Martin Corey

The British Government’s Northern Ireland Office and the unelected Viceroyal Owen Paterson's decision to overturn the Belfast High Court order, to release veteran Republican Martin Corey last year, exposes the default position of the British Government, when dealing with Ireland as being naked repression.

All the fine talk of a 'peace process"which the British supposedly signed up to, counts for nothing, when it comes to dealing with Martin Corey, whose only ‘crime’ is to believe in the independence of Ireland, wear green and attend an annual Bodenstown commemoration ceremony attended by Government ministers, of which the British establishment doesn't approve. 

In Martin Corey's case the British state has subverted its own courts, in order to block the order of release of an Irish Republican. What the political internment, without trial, charge, explanation or length of internment of Martin Corey, a 63 old senior citizen has done, is to lift the veil of British Occupied Ireland and reveal a scum state, where there is no rule of law, where a person can be locked up on the secret evidence of a shadowy and hidden intelligence agency such as MI5, who are responsible for the murder of human rights lawyers, journalists, human rights activists and more than a thousand people in Ireland.

No one is safe in such a scum state and those in Britain who dismiss Martin Corey’s case as relevant only to traditional Irish republicans, would do well to remember that what is experimented in British Occupied Ireland today, becomes common practice against ordinary working class people in Britain tomorrow.

The treatment of Martin Corey constitutes an attack by the British Government, not just on Martin’s human and civil rights but also an attack on the human and civil rights of all people within British Occupied Ireland, which along with the political internment of Marian Price on trumped up charges, reflect the the true nature of  bigoted British involvement, in mentored sectarianism of divide and conquer in Ireland..

The Stormont regime, who propagate the lie, that everything is approaching normality, with a new ‘human rights’ agenda are discredited, with their sectarian undemocratic and colonial statelet, with secret courts, special courts, special laws and a re-packaged colonial police force, of old RUC winos, in new PSNI bottled green PSheads, trying feebly, to enforce the writ of the British Royal and her current unelected, vice prostitute. Nothing of any significance has really changed in terms of the British scum state, towards Irish people and the return of internment without trial is the proof of it.

The subverting of their own judicial process, with regard to Martin Corey, has generally been ignored by the corporate media, and when it has, it has been mentioned the emphasis has been on Martin’s previous 19 year political imprisonment in Long Kesh concentration camp. Telling the truth would shine a light on the abnormality of the British Occupied scum state in Ireland. People need to unite and organize on the internment without-trial of Martin Corey and Marian Price and to reshare or retweet articles and accurate information worldwide, to beat the rampant censorship on the political internment of both in Ireland.