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Friday, March 15, 2013

PADDYS DAY : Free Ireland is Green Ireland

Last year the Tory Mayor of London attacked the Irish community and Saint Patrick's Day celebrations there, describing them as left wing crap.This year a whistleblower inside MI5's multi-million pound palace in Hollywood, has revealed that Martin Corey, who has been locked up for almost three years without trial, charge or explanation of length of sentence, has in fact been indefinitely interned, for wearing a green tie at an Irish parade in Bodenstown. Martin and his family, have for almost three years been totally perplexed and confused, as to why he is imprisoned.

As another Irishman was arrested yesterday in Derry, for participating in an Easter commemoration and a leading orange loyalist Willie Frazer, who organized ongoing serious rioting and possession of a prohibited weapon, was released from Maghaberry jail, sitting in the public gallery, were Stormont loyalist Minister Danny Kennedy, DUP loyalist MLA William Irwin and TUV  loyalist leader Jim Allister, Irish people today are questioning, who represents the Irish people and where is the power sharing agreed, in the apparently now defunct peace process.

Since the arrival of the Tories to power in Britain, heavily subsidized in the election by Britain's Industrial-War complex, they appear hell bent in restarting their highly profitable 40 year war on the Irish people again, despite the much touted Peace Process.Item by item, the Tories have dismantled almost every point of agreement in the process.Unlike war, there simply is no dividend or money in peace for the Tories, who in the space of a few short years in power have besides their existing invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan,  have unofficially invaded Libya, Mali and Syria, while Cameron, as the unofficial salesman for Britain's Industrial-War complex, has been touting business all over North Africa and the Middle-east.

The injustice of indefinite internment without trial for wearing green or attending St Patrick's Day like parades in British Occupied Ireland, is the type of perpetuated racist discourse and discrimination, that started a forty year war by the British Government on ordinary Irish people in their own land. What further aggravates their mentored sectarianism, is the British sowing seeds of division and perceived discrimination to enable the continuation, of their poisonous divide and rule policies, along with their British state terrorism of liquidating lawyers, journalists or peace activists who dare hold them to account. Internment was the catalyst last time that started the war and interning Marian Price, a veteran icon of Irish resistance to British repression, was surely calculated by the Tories to prosuce a reaction and another profitable war for the Tory financiers.

The whistleblower from MI5's multimillion Palace in Hollywood, like Buckingham Palace, paid for by British taxpayers, further revealed, that Viceroyal Villiers, who rules her queendom of British Occupied Ireland, for the Queen of England, plans to intern those attending St Patrick's Day parades who wear too much green.. Apparently Viceroyal Villiers, who is not elected, but overrules the six county Stormont mental masturbation chamber, inherited her position of overlordess, from her royal family ancestor the Dishonourable Edward Ernest Villiers, who presided as Viceroyal, over the Great Irish Holocaust, that disappeared over 6 and a quarter million Irish people, numbers even worse than Hitler's holocaust. The source also revealed that Her Majesty the Viceroyal, also plans to extradite 'Green Crap'as the Tories refer to Irish-Americans from both the USA and the Irish scum state, who parade and flaunt green, upsetting Anglo-Saxon gentry sensibilities or west Brit blue blood on this Patrick's Day or in the future.

While "Free Willie' has been liberated yesterday for St Patricks Day 2013, which is seen by those who wish to remain sane as black comedy in the British gulag, the serious part of the equation, is that Marian Price and Martin Corey will be interned, almost two and three years respectively, without trial, contrary to all domestic and international human rights standards. The whistleblower has also revealed, that the real reason, is that both are a "security risk" citing allegations that they might have some "dissident republican beliefs' because they often wear green.

 Marian and Martin's legal teams have described this "evidence" as "closed material". The secrecy surrounding the reasons, lack detail on any evidence making it virtualluy impossible to defend their clients.. They are in essence as former political prisoners, prior to the peace process, being held up as an example, in the same sense as those formerly wearing green, were hung up from very high scaffolds by the British Government, who are guilty of blatant racism and what is in effect illegal. kidnap.

There are three primary celebrations every year that genuine Irish people participate in, which includes Government ministers of Ireland, since the foundation of the southern free state. They are traditional St Patrick's Day parades, Easter parades  and Bodenstown. Apparently Martin Corey and Marian Price were photographed by the British, at one of these ceremonies. Marian spontaneously held up a piece of paper, because of a gust of wind, while she was unaware of the contents at an Easter Commemoration. Martin Corey apparently wore a green tie at one commemoration in Bodenstown. These are hardly offences where two elderly people should die interned indefinitely by the British government.

Marian Price and Martin Corey are simply being held up as as an example to anyone Irish, who dares wear green or challenge British occupation or brutal repression in Ireland. With the end of the 800 year old Magna Carta and elimination of Habeas Corpus by Britain, the Hollywood whislteblower revealed, that Her Viceroyalness is now looking at re-introducing the Penal Laws in Ireland with some sort of an understanding with the new Pope Frankie, who plans to go to Hollywood. .