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Monday, December 31, 2012

Marian Price MP ? McGuinness Resigns

McGuinness resigns MP seat

Martin McGuinness resigned as MP today to avoid 'double jobbing'. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish TimesMartin McGuinness resigned as MP today to avoid 'double jobbing'. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times
Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has formally resigned as Sinn Féin MP for Mid-Ulster.
Mr McGuinness said the move was “in line with [his] party’s commitment to end double jobbing”, but that he had “no intention of leaving Mid-Ulster”.
“I will always be grateful to the people of this area for trusting me to represent them and their interests,” he said.
“I will of course continue to represent the Mid-Ulster Constituency in the Assembly. I am honoured to do so both as an MLA and as deputy First Minister in equal partnership with Peter Robinson.”
“I can assure them and everyone else that my party, our fivemMinisters, our MPs, our 29 MLAs, our MEP and our huge number of councillors will continue the journey we have embarked upon.
“As the political landscape in the north continues to change, as it surely will, we remain committed to the goals of Irish republicanism and to serving the interests of all sections of society.
“I firmly believe that we can make further progress. This will require positive leadership from all parties. Sinn Féin remains firmly committed to playing a constructive role in the period ahead.”
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Brutish Vomitorium of British Occupied Ireland


 Point of View   The British Vomitorium

The British Empire was based on the preceding Roman Empire. Both were based on their respective brutality, couched as civilization, hence the name Brutish Empire. During the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, decadence coupled with orgies and vomitoriums of incessant eating, were some of their features, before their fall. Others were wanton sadistic violence, coupled with the systemic rape of children. The Brutish tradition of foxhunting, blooding young children and raping them, is a part of the heritage of the British Empire. Ireland its first colony should know, it has experienced all of their brutality first hand, where not just its wildlife but also its people were hunted down, sadistically stretched, ripped apart and the agony blood of the victim, rubbed on their British children to cultivate the blood lust of their parents and ruling class.

In the troubles of the last forty years in British Occupied Ireland, we have experienced the internment of our people without trial, to be replaced recently with secret kangaroo courts, by an SS type secret service, called MI5, with secret kangaroo evidence from paid informers, secret kangaroo prosecutors, secret knagaroo sentences, secret knagaroo charges, etc., resulting in secret kangaroo selective political internment. This has been coupled with the indiscriminate murder of peaceful civil rights demonstrators on Irish streets, coupled with torture, the murder of their human rights lawyers and  journalists who  dare cover the facts.

The Brutish Empire has bullied British Occupied Ireland for more than 800 years, with brutish, sadistic, experiments of political divide and conquer. Kitsonian  brutal, counter- insurgency and experiments with their experimented, evolved, industrial war complex hardware, then exported around the world, to their compliant common wealth states, carefully structured, to replace their colonies.This coupled with buyers from oil rich middle east regimes of brutal oppression, feeds the greed frenzy of its corrupt City of London bankers. The extent of the sadism and bloodletting in Ireland along with its legacy of brutal empire worldwide, has prompted many to conclude that Empire be it British, Roman, American or Brutish all have a satanic origin and purpose. The propaganda of civilizing savages, is cover for hundreds of years of war crimes in Ireland alone, including a holocaust that cost as many as the Jewish one, that makes the Nazi's look like a supporting cast. A recent article by the BBC world service, now known as the Brutish Bugger Children, world service, titled 

A Point of View: The British vomitorium 

prompted this presentation.
Dear Cecil:
Were vomitoriums really used in ancient Roman times so that people could throw up between courses in order to eat more?
Let me ask you this, Christine. The last time you were doubled over the porcelain throne heaving your nachos, did you think: I want to permanently consecrate part of my home to this delicious experience?
Well, neither did the Romans. While there was something called a vomitorium (from the Latin vomitus, past participle of vomere, to vomit), it wasn't a room set aside to vomit in. Rather a vomitorium was a passageway in an amphitheater or theater that opened into a tier of seats from below or behind. The vomitoria of the Colosseum in Rome were so well designed that it's said the immense venue, which seated at least 50,000, could fill in 15 minutes. (There were 80 entrances at ground level, 76 for ordinary spectators and 4 for the imperial family.) The vomitoria deposited mobs of people into their seats and afterward disgorged them with equal abruptness into the streets--whence, presumably, the name.

That's not to say the Romans were unfamiliar with throwing up, or that they never did so on purpose. On the contrary, in ancient times vomiting seems to have been a standard part of the fine-dining experience. In his Moral Epistlesthe Roman philosopher Seneca writes, Cum ad cenandum discubuimus, alius sputa deterget, alius reliquias temulentorum [toro] subditus colligit, "When we recline at a banquet, one [slave] wipes up the spittle; another, situated beneath [the table], collects the leavings of the drunks." OK, it doesn't literally say puke, but come on. The orator Cicero, in Pro Rege Deiotaro, says matter-of-factly that Julius Caesar "expressed a desire to vomit after dinner"(vomere post cenam te velle dixisses), and elsewhere suggests that the dictator took emetics for this purpose. Caesar's hosts wanted to take him to the bathroom, since they supposedly had a squad of assassins waiting there (at the time of Cicero's speech, King Deiotarus was on trial for this alleged attempt on Caesar's life), but he decided to go to his bedroom instead. Nowhere does Cicero say anything about a "vomitorium."

You get the picture. The Romans weren't shy about vomiting, and they had vomitoria--but they didn't do the former in the latter. The conflation of the two appears to be a recent error. The Oxford English Dictionary cites Aldous Huxley using the term incorrectly in 1923, with the stern comment "erron." Urban historian Lewis Mumford makes a similar screwup in The City in History (1961), claiming that the vomitoria of the amphitheaters were named after the mythical dining room appurtenances. So you're in distinguished company, Christine, but still misinformed.

Probably I should leave it at that. But perhaps all this talk of vomiting has you feeling . . . strangely excited. Perhaps I also need to fill out the bottom couple inches of the column. Either way, I'm obliged to inform you about a condition known as emetophilia, which is sexual arousal in response to vomit or vomiting. I won't claim it's a major phenomenon at the moment. I could only find one pre-Internet article in a medical journal ("Erotic Vomiting,"Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1982), which calls it "a previously unreported aberration." A quick on-line search suggests emetophilia has a long way to go before it catches up with Japanese tentacle porn. But today's fringe practice is tomorrow's Newsweek cover. I say forewarned is forearmed.
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The Satanic movement known as Frankism.

Queen Elizabeth II of the UK: Satanist, child sacrificer, shape-shifting reptilian. Major Illuminati figure.

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother: As above.

Prince Philip: As above.

Prince Charles: As above.

Prince Andrew: As above.

Princess Anne: As above. Not seen to shape-shift.

Lord Mountbatten of the British Royal Family and World War II "war hero". Rothschild bloodline, and therefore a shape-shifter. Satanist.

Winston Churchill, Britain's war-time Prime Minister, and bloodline of the Marlborough family, one of the elite aristocratic bloodlines of the British Isles. Satanist.

Tony Blair British Prime Minister. Satanist.

Edward Heath, Prime Minister of the UK from 1970-74 and the man who signed Britain into the European Community. Satanist, child torturer, paedophile, shapeshifting reptilian.

Willie Whitelaw, Deputy Prime Minister to Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s. Satanist.

Lord McAlpine of the McAlpine Construction dynasty in the UK. Satanist, paedophile.

Jimmy Savile, Satanist, pedophile,

The Right Wing Left Hand Path

The connection between Satanism and Fascism in Britain is well-known, though not well-explained. Nor has it been understood why this particular malaise has not, in general, crossed the Atlantic. Before attempting to examine the reasons why British Satanism has for so long been stained by this association, it may clarify matters to consider in some detail the major exponents of British Satanism and their political affiliations, past and present.
The name Dark Lily is alleged to have been originated by a Satanic group in the first decade of the present century. As far as can be ascertained, there is only hearsay evidence for this, but it seems irrelevant to the present study. The magazine Dark Lily first appeared in duplicated news-sheet format in 1977, allegedly the organ of the Anglian Satanic Church - not to be confused (though it often was) with the Anglo-Saxonic Church, which was Odinist and which will be refered to later.
The Anglican Satanic Church was run by Father Raoul Belphlegor (yes, that is how he spelled it), real name Thomas Victor Norris, and Mother Lilith, real name Magdalene Graham. It claimed vast resources, numbers and magickal powers which would be bestowed on members in return for money and/or (in the case of young female members) sex. Norris had earlier acquired a liking for brothel-keeping, involving his wife and daughters, aged eleven and thirteen. On his release from a six-year sentence resulting from this, he restored his fortunes with the aid of a rather naive eighteen-year-old (she was not concerned with his occult activities and has since now made a new life for herself, so her name will not be mentioned).
Norris' Occult involvement brought him into contact with Magdalene Graham, who was editing an Occult magazine on broadly LHP lines. Norris persuaded her to take over production of his magazines, both Occult and political (fascist), including the occasional news-sheet of his Odinist Anglo-Saxonic Church (another paper organisation). Despite holding similar political views, Ms. Graham was, at first, reluctant to be associated with the disreputable Norris, but was in the vunerable position of having just been diagnosed as suffering from a disabling illness and was desperately seeking a cure. That particular illness is subject to recession and Ms. Graham experienced an improvement (presumably psychologically induced), which, for a time convinced her.
She eventually became disillusioned and tried to leave. Impeded by her physical disability, she sought help from a Satanist who was not a fascist (possibly the only representative of that rare breed in Britain at the time) and he eventually re-started the magazine Dark Lily as the organ of non-political Satanism in Britain. Ms Graham remains typist, sometimes designated editor, although it is doubtful whether she has executive powers It appears that she is now convinced that Occultism cannot be associated with politics. Certainly Dark Lily, despite its history, has, since coming under new management, shown no sign of political allegiances and has, in fact, warned that to divide one's energies between politics and Occultism means that one will succeed at neither.
While Dark Lily may have purged itself, the same cannot, unfortunately, be said for a magazine called Fenrir (an Odinist word) produced by a Satanic group called the Order of the Nine Angles. They claim an ancient pedigree, but their writings appear to be an ill-digested mixture of Satanism (on the Black Mass level), fascism, ("Roman Salutes" as part of the ceremony!), sado-masochism (the inevitable scourge), alchemy, ritual magick and a paranoiac insistence that they are the only upholders of the Satanic tradition. Although referring to them in the plural, the effective long term membership of the Order of the Nine Angles remains at one: a gentleman who calls himself Anton (yes, really, Anton!) Long. His aliases include Stephen Brown, David Myatt and Algar Langton.
The Order of the Nine Angles first appeared in Leeds in 1975, but its founder was rather more preoccupied with his political attachments (the now-defunct National Socialist (Nazi) Movement and its successors), so the Occult aspect was not prominent.
The magazine Fenrir first appeared in 1988; it will be noted that it is dated in the Nazi tradition YF99 (Year of the Fuhrer). Mr Long's other writings have included pamphlets for Liberty Bell Publications (American readers will presumably not require further explanation of the nature of such literary efforts), a Black Mass to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Adolph Hitler, and various rituals. Mr Long is at present experiencing difficulty with his publisher, who appears somewhat discouraged by the contents of the rituals.
We referred to the former National Socialist Movement and must now introduce another of the Occult luminaries of that organisation, Mr David Austin. Without digressing too far into the convoluted history of Fascism in Britain, the National Socialist Movement was founded by Mr John Colin Campbell Jordan (generally known as Colin Jordan). Following his release from a prison term imposed for sedition, he changed the name of his organisation to British Movement. Shortly thereafter, Mr Jordan was fined for shoplifting a pair of ladies' red knickers from a (Jewish-owned) supermarket, and deposed from leadership of the BM. The new "fuhrer," Michael McLaughlin, instituted his own little knight of the Long Knives to remove all whom he considered to be "perverts" from the BM (disregarding the fact that this would leave him with only twenty-eight members) and David Austin was one of those booted out.
Mr. Austin, whose previous history included several years as a Mormon "missionary," has since joined the U.S. based Temple of Set and was formally ordained to their priesthood in May of 1989.
There are (unfortunately) other Satanic organisations in Britain. I say unfortunately because none appear to have escaped the political adherence which bedevils (if one may use that word) British Satanism. However, they are too small and ineffectual to be included here (if they are getting ideas above their station, this may be considered to only a temporary reprieve).
Let us now turn to the question of WHY. Yes, the Satanic question. Why is a valid and highly potent way of life so often (on one side of the ocean, at least) soiled by association with an inadequate and life-denying political creed? To Occultists, Fascism may be defined as the new "English Disease," but the condition which has for centuries been so entitled is Masochism, and the two are closely related.
It has been said that those who hold anyone else to be worthless are really projecting the fact they believe themselves to be worthless; this is demonstrably true. Even a brief acquaintance with a Fascist will reveal that he/she suffers from a severe inferiority complex. The phrase "racial masochism" is well-known. Most right-wing bookshops used to sell (possibly they still stock it, we haven't checked lately) a volume purporting to explain in pseudo-medical jargon why circumcision is for the purpose of increasing virility. On the same theme, the only quotation that anyone can ever remember from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the contemptuous description of the Ayrian race as "hewers of wood and drawers of water."
One must also survey the poseurs. The High Priest in his dramatic robe or the Nazi in black uniform and jackboots. Where's the difference? The answer is that the Satanist understands the real reasons why he is "dressing up;" the Nazi does not. The Nazi is not intellectually capable of realizing that such trappings are a masquerade, utilized for the purpose of reinforcing an image when (in his case) no real authority exists. Dominance has no connection with threats or violence. One who is in control does not need them; in fact they negate potency. The power comes from within himself and it has no visible show; especially not a form of apparel which represents an external conferring of jurisdiction, or, in some cases, is the semblance of domination without any validity or competence. In such circumstances, a uniform is a pretence, in the manner of children playing games. It reveals the psychological deficiencies of those who resort to fancy dress to augment their macho appearance. Yet some people are able to direct others and order action without accoutrement. This is the phenomenon known as the ability to command. You want an example? Look at a genuine Satanist. To some of my readers, the direction may be re-phrased: look in a mirror.
Having briefly refered to Odinism, it must be said that followers of that path, in Britain, are, almost without exception, Fascist. This aspect of Occult political involvement is outside the scope of this article. However, the digression on Odinism is merely for the sake of completeness. The subject is Satanic Fascism and the question is why such a diversion should appeal to those who purport to be seeking Occult knowledge. To say that they are affected by masochism (which is an extraordinarily powerful sexual motivation) is certainly the explanation in many cases. Alternative answers which have been propounded are as follows: (A) that those who are politically-inspired are looking for something other than Occult power and knowledge and are attracted to the sinister image of Satanism; (B) since Fascists naturally expect to be hated, they gravitate to a theology which is hated; (C) the proponents of the politics of fear are subconsciously seeking persecution.
(To confuse the issue, it has been argued that Satanism has more in common with Judaism, especially in the matter of suffering persecution. Witch-burnings or gas chambers? How many million?)
As an afterthought, let us contrast the foregoing with Dr. LaVey's clear sighted understanding that the Nazi's were capable of Lesser Magic and mind manipulation but with obvious limitations. He had the courage not to avoid this thorny issue, as shown in the Satanic Bible and elsewhere, but makes it plain that the Church of Satan will never succumb to "the English disease."

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