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Wednesday, December 19, 2012




Her 'Internment' by Government constitutes corruption of Law, Denial of Justice, avoidance of trust, and absence of compassion for a very ill woman.
Mgr. Raymond Murray, former chaplain Armagh Prison. 

Marian's health has continued to deteriorate as a consequence of many months of solitary confinement and neglect. She is being treated for several chronic illnesses and despite six months of medical intervention Marian remains gravely ill under guard in an isolated hospital unit.

Medical experts have stressed that her condition will not improve in an environment that is not conducive to recovery.


Marian McGlinchey's health deteriorates whilst held in isolation even though not convicted of any offence.

British officials rely upon an alleged breach of licence conditions. Those conditions were removed by a Royal Pardon. She is unable to challenge the legitimacy of her detention as government officials assert that in 2010 they destroyed the only known copy of the Pardon. Marian was adamant that the RPM covered all offences BEFORE it was discovered that the document was missing from Buckingham Palace and Government archives.

As long ago as April 1980 she was released from prison as she was suffering from anorexia and mental health issues and freedom was granted to save her life.

The police rely upon secret information to justify her detention. The Defence will never have this evidence and she cannot make effective representations in respect of it.

Government officials revoked her licence after the Courts had deemed her fit for release.
This cannot continue.

Marian's Solicitor Peter Corrigan 

'True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice' 

- Martin Luther King Jr. 

Sponsored on behalf of Republican Ex-Prisoners, the wider Republican Family and friends. 


6:26 PM, December 13, 2012Reply
Have amnesty international had anything to say about Marian Price??

I imagine it wouldn't make a difference to Patterson or Ford but have they drawn any attention to her case and treatment?
9:30 PM, December 13, 2012Reply
A SUPER NOTICE. well done to the sponsers of this ad in todays Irish News you have shown that there is still people who care..Marians plight is our fight...
10:42 PM, December 13, 2012Reply
extracts from documents RE-MI5.

Following the St Andrews talks the British government introduced two crucial Memorandums of Understandings (MoU) to ensure that Justice Minister David Ford and the Policing Board have no powers to scrutinise the actions of MI5.

Legislation in the first memorandum established that:

• The devolved Minister of Justice and Northern Ireland Assembly have no responsibility for any PSNI functions (past, present or future) that have any national security dimension, with the Secretary of State having sole responsibility.

• UK government will determine what information pertaining to national security can be shared [with the devolved Minister of Justice] and on what terms and that information on the modus operandi of MI5 and other agencies “will not be shared”

• NIO will retain ownership and control of access to all pre-devolution records while the Department of Justice will have no access to records relating to ‘national security’

That's why everyone is being arrested and Interned, the old RUC Special Branch now Integrated into MI5, I knew Ex RUC Special Branch were employed at PSNI/RUC, well I thought I did, "They are there", working for MI5 and can withhold evidence from PSNI/RUC on security grounds.
If the above link is not clickable, Please copy and paste and read the full article. some off you may have more knowledge on this than I, but its the first time I have read this article. My conclusion is, The secret evidence is coming from the old ex RUC special Branch, which MI5 use to have anyone arrested and interned., and, they are accountable to No One. Its an Uphill fight now to get anyone released, sorry, but on reading this article you will come to the same conclusion.This same law applies to the UK mainland as well.
1:45 AM, December 14, 2012Reply
I've just read that 'it'sjust mackers'. There is no point in a policing board.

“The documents we have discovered show an obsession with keeping anything with the label ‘national security’ secret from our devolved institutions and a total indifference to accountability,” Mr Gormally said.

The second memorandum stated that:

• The Policing Board “has no role in national security matters or related

executive policing decisions.”

• Policing Board members questions on matters that “indirectly touch upon

national security” should not be answered if it might damage national

security interests.

• The Chief Constable should refer any such requests relating to “past, present

or future” national security to MI5 or the NIO.

• The Chief Constable must not tell the Policing Board any information from or

relating to MI5 without MI5’s authority to do so.

If you want to post a link look here

For 30 seconds I'lI buy into the line that Marians Royal Pardon got lost or accidentally shredded (could have happened). Then I keep remembering a poster called Dixie (stand to be corrected) pointed out at least several months ago that it has to be transcribed somewhere in Westminster.

Marian Price was released with a royal pardon on humanitarian grounds (same as Dolores) but Marians RP went awol!!!! Surely the only difference on the wording would be the names of Marian and Dolores. No one has disputed she has one.

Seems to me on face value at least, someone decided to make an example out of her (same as Gerry McGeough, Martin Corey.....WTF is closed evidence?????).

What is it with SF. Can't they accept constructive criticism from people who put their lives on the line for 'the cause'?

I hope I'm wide of the mark here. But a re-run of the troubles within 10yrs is on the cards unless the Folks on the Hill start showing leadership.

This is directly from Wiki.

Fusco was freed on bail on 21 March pending the outcome of his legal challenge, and in November 2000 the Irish government informed the High Court that it was no longer seeking to return him to Northern Ireland. This followed a statement from Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Mandelson saying that "it is clearly anomalous to pursue the extradition of people who appear to qualify for early release under the Good Friday Agreement scheme, and who would, on making a successful application to the Sentence Review Commissioners, have little if any of their original prison sentence to serve". After the court hearing Fusco stated "I’m relieved it’s over", and that he would continue to live in Tralee with his family and work for Sinn Féin. In December 2000 Fusco and three other IRA members, including two other members of the M60 gang, were granted a Royal Prerogative of Mercy which allowed them to return to Northern Ireland without fear of prosecution.

Fair play to Angelo Fusco for being allowed to return home without the threat of jail over his head. If that rule can apply to him..Why not the rest of OTR's...?
11:53 AM, December 14, 2012Reply
We have wrote to Liz the brit "informing" her that one of her documents has been illegally destroyed or stolen i.e Marians pardon and we suggested that until it was either found or replaced Marian should be allowed to be freed on bail as per the courts decision .we have Buck palace,s reply hanging up in the bog here.. they sent our concern on to Downing st who in turn handed it to SOS Patterson(now Villiers) who said it really was nothing to do with him and passed it on to Ford who in turn passed it on to the parole commissioners who then said it was,nt really their decision and passed it back to Patterson.. this passing of the buck that passes for justice here is an example if needed how totally fucking useless the Ass-embly really is and who actually runs the show here ..
12:03 PM, December 14, 2012Reply

Thanks for that link, appreciated.

You are correct as to what Dixie posted, but it all boils down to the Old RUC/Special Branch and MI5, they are the ones who hold the so called SECRET EVIDENCE, There has to be a record of Marians Royal Pardon either in westminister/Buckingham Palace, Marian stated that her solicitor (now deceased) held it in front of her eyes and said, you have nothing more to worry about, I'm Baffled as to why he never made a copy , or, gave her the original document, but putting that aside, the dark work of the ex RUC Special Branch and MI5 has been at the heart of this so called LOSS, or, SHREDDED Royal Document, then they are admitting it existed. If you scroll to the very bottom of that page which you were reading, you can download the whole document 114 pages in PDF format, a lot of scary reading in the document, MI5/MI6 runs the whole of the British establishment, Cameron said to Mrs Finucane, If i were to say yes you can have a full public inquiry, there are people in these corridors who would prevent that, meaning MI5/MI6.
1:36 PM, December 14, 2012Reply
This will make you laugh, and, say, wtf, one law for Her and a different law for Marian, yet Both have been diagnosed with mental health problems, but Marian has more illnesses.
Fraud MP Margaret Moran given supervision order to have Mental health treatment at Southampton hospital for fraud, she claimed £53000 in expenses which she was not entitled to, she has never been on remand and escaped a prison sentence. 
Marians solicitor should use this if possible as a reference.

Marty: MI5 and ex RUC special branch run the show.
2:35 PM, December 14, 2012Reply

Link to above story
6:37 PM, December 14, 2012Reply
So Marian Price is seriously ill, held in solitary confinement which adds to mental illness. While a former Labour MP gets a get of jail free card because she is suffering some form of mental illness. I still think she is in prison for one reason..Holding a paper at a rally.

Gerry McGeough is seriously ill in prison on a charge dating from around 1981 while Special Branch/Mi5 kill a laywer in 1989 are free

Loyalist can hold illegal protest, Republicans can't

Some republicans can print book's on the 'Troubles' and everyone is ok with that..While other republicans are either slated like Anthony, Richard o'Rawe etc... or sadly forced to take their own lives like Gearld Bradley because they put pen to paper

So is parity of esteem Orwellian (everybody is born equal but some are more equal that others)?
12:45 PM, December 15, 2012Reply
Marian has all but been physically and psychologically destroyed by a vindictive impersonal system for no reason other than her political beliefs. A proud Irish woman has been demoralised to the point of dispair whilst former friends and comrades have paid lip service to her plight. What value has one life, the happiness and wellbeing of one woman, if it does not suit the political needs of the party. The blind drive for power leaves no room for individual concerns or obstructive principles.
8:03 PM, December 16, 2012Reply
Anthony what happened in Cork on Thursday night is a continuation of the Bhroy Harrier mentality and heavy gang tatic,s of the late 70,s 80,s.but I would suggest this is now not just to suppress republicans,but to scare the fuck out of any other groups who may feel inclined to oppose the state especially in this time of austerity,the state really needs to keep their boot on the peoples necks,and those bastards in sb and uniform are only to willing to earn their pay..
8:46 AM, December 17, 2012Reply