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Saturday, December 1, 2012





INTERNMENT : Indefinite detention without trial and repressive laws used in an 'emergency,'  when ruling regimes are under threat, from the people below, because of injustice. In Ireland, that 'emergency' has been going on, since the formation of the scum, sectarian, police, statelet of British Occupied Ireland

Internment has been used as a political weapon, in every generation, since the formation of the British police state in Ireland in June 1921. In 1922 Ballykinlar camp was established and divided into two sections, each holding about 1,000 men. On 22 December 1938 the Sectarian Stormont regime resorted to internment again. During the 1956-1961 internment many of the men interned then were lifted again on 9 August 1971.Internment instigated again in a supposed peace process. From 2010 it is still happening with Marian Price, Martin Corey and many others being held in secret, selective, covert, political internment.

The internees are working-class men and women who have suffered considerably, in some cases dying because of their political conscience. Some have shown great bravery and heroism while some have been guilty of cowardice. They are not well-known public figures, politicians or publicists. They are ordinary men and women who have suffered for their political ideals, who have heard the 'knock on the door' too. For those peace-loving British commoners who support the forces of 'unlawful and disorder' this is to remind them of the old caveat: Quis custodes custodiet? Who will guard the guards?

The Knock on the Door

In many a time, in many a land,
With many a gun in many a hand,
They came by the night, they came by the day,
They came with their guns to take us away,
With their knock on the door, knock on the door,
Here they come to take one more.

Look over the oceans, look over the lands,
Look over the leaders with blood on their hands,
And open your eyes and see what they do,
When they knock over there friend, they're knocking for you,
With their knock on the door, knock on the door,
Here they come to take one more.