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Sunday, November 11, 2012


BBC Director Quits in Furore Over Coverage of Sexual Abuse

LONDON  After weeks of turmoil at the BBC’s coverage of a spreading pedophile scandal within its ranks, the broadcaster’s director general, George Entwistle, resigned on Saturday, to a wave of condemnation by critics including a longtime BBC television anchor, who portrayed him, as having lost control of “a rudderless ship heading towards the rocks.”
The BBC is at the heart of Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and what is called British Culture. It has promoted licking arse upwards and bullying those below you, ask anyone Irish in British Occupied Ireland. Anyone telling the truth is rebutted by a culture of rampant denial, not interested in the truth only power and money. This evil culture is being exposed for what it has been doing to millions of vulnerable people, especially little people like children. 
As a result of the BBC culture of lies and deceit especially with regard to people in power, the real criminals have not yet being held accountable, while people with political conscience like Marian Price are being interned for years, for confronting their evil tyrants. People are starting to stand up and tell all about their experiences of abuse by those in power. The BBC culture and as result, the British one that is exported, with their world wide service, denying those who tried to speak the truth, with rampant censorship. BBC America, BBC world service, the BBC itself should be shut down and taxpayer monies should not be used, to groom children worldwide for rape.
Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was formed in 1974 within the ranks of the BBC and supposedly closed 1984 but many claim it still exists. Its headquarters was in London with one of its biggest paedophile rings in the BBC. PIE's founder member was Michael Hanson but when its headquarters was located to London in 1975, Keith Hose became its Chairperson. Certain sections of PIE favoured the abolition of the age of consent with a march in support of their demand.
 The PIE Chairperson's Annual Report for 1975-6, stated that they seek out as much publicity for the organization as possible.... If we got bad publicity we would not run into a corner but stand and fight. We felt that the only way to get more paedophiles joining PIE... was to seek out and try to get all kinds of publications to print our organization's name and address and to make paedophilia a real public issue.'
PIE submitted a 17-page document to the Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee on the age of consent, in which it proposed that there should be no age of consent, and that criminal law should concern itself only with sexual activities to which consent is not given, or which continue after prohibition by a court. PIE campaigned for acceptance and understanding of paedophilia, creating controversial documents. Its formal aims, included giving advice and counsel to paedophiles and providing a communication network for paedophiles.
It held regular meetings in London, with a 'Contact Page', with advertisements, giving membership numbers, general location and brief details of their sexual interests. PIE with a box number system replied in a manner where correspondents were unidentifiable, until they gave their details. The contact page enabled paedophiles to contact one another. The Contact Page eventually resulted in prosecution for a 'conspiracy to corrupt public morals'.
PIE produced regular magazines, distributed to members and in 1976 one titled "Understanding Paedophilia," which was sold in radical bookshops and distributed free to PIE members. They attempted to make the magazine a serious journal with the aim of establishing respectability for paedophilia. Eventually, "Understanding Paedophilia," was replaced by the magazine Magpie, which contained news, book and film reviews, articles, non-nude photographs of children, humour about paedophilia, letters and contributions by members.
In 1978 PIE became affiliated with the National Council for Civil Liberties, with members attending meetings. They campaigned against media treatment of Paedophile activist groups. With the NCCL, PIE campaigned to reduce the age of consent and opposed banning child pornography. In 1976 the National Council for Civil Liberties asserted that “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage” and that a "Protection of Children Bill" would lead to “damaging and absurd prosecutions”. 
Whilst PIE was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties it argued that incest be decriminalised and that sexually explicit photographs of children be made legal with Harriet Harman arguing that it would “increase censorship”. In 1978, the homes of several PIE committee members were raided, as part of a full-scale inquiry into PIE's activities, with a report submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the prosecution of PIE activists followed. 
Five activists were charged with printing contact advertisements in Magpie which were calculated to promote indecent acts between adults and children. These charges related to letters that the accused exchanged detailing various sexual fantasies. After the trial, it emerged that there had been a cover-up with a certain Mr "Henderson" who had being prime communicator with all working for MI6 and who was a high commissioner in Canada.
It was announced that the group was closing down in the PIE Bulletin as of July 1984. In 1978-9, the Paedophile Information Exchange had surveyed its members and found they were most attracted to girls aged 8–11 and boys aged 11–15. Despite the fact that PIE disbanded in 1984, the name still seems to have some power and crops up from time to time in discussions, even in parliament.In the discussions of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill in 2000, Sir Paul Beresford had this to say, for example,
Lightheartedly, I should like to ask the Minister to put himself in the shoes of a well-known paedophile--perhaps we could call him Gary, and imagine a little more hair and some high-heeled shoes to add some character. As a paedophile, Gary believes that it is acceptable to have sex with children. He thinks that the bulk of society is completely out of step. He belongs to a group called the paedophile information exchange, and he and his disgusting friends use the internet to exchange data, ideas, names, photographs and even films related to their paedophile activities. That is all stored electronically, and protected by a sophisticated encryption system.
A senior Labour politician, speaks today of organised child abuse "in the highest places" which involves the murder of children  with his personal safety at risk.MP Tom Watson has already said in the House of Commons that a powerful paedophile network operates in Britain, protected by Parliament and Downing Street. In the 10 days since he raised the issue he has been contacted by over than 50 people who speak of wrongdoing, "so heinous it made me cry" along with, "mysterious early deaths, disappeared children, suspicious fires, intimidation and threats" of "psychopaths branding children with Stanley knives to show 'ownership,' of parties with children 'passed around,' of golf-course car parks used for child abuse after an 18-hole match.
"They have named powerful people, some of them household names." The senior MP speaks of cover-up of abuse by powerful politicians. He also says he is not going to drop the issue despite warnings his personal safety is on the line and has a detailed log of  all allegations "should anything happen".
In Ireland, where children were taken at gunpoint to Britain to be raped, with the Catholic Church engaged in similar activities involving thousands of children, similar to the BBC  albeit on a smaller scale, there was a children's referendum poll yesterday. However like the last referendum related to children, the turnout was the lowest of all referendum, indicating the protection of children, is a long way down the list of people's priorities. This may be as a result of BBC grooming, Irish people with their "Hearts and Minds" broadcasts. The BBC have unfettered access to Irish hearts and minds including children, while Ireland's national broadcaster is restricted in British Occupied Ireland. It is time to close the BBC down once and for all and allow the truth uncensored in Irish media instead.