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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Irish & Jewish Psychosis of Holocaust

Life is Beautiful

Irish writer Brendan Behan said that “other people have a nationality; the Irish and Jews have a psychosis”. The Neo-colonial free state and British Occupied Ireland are both run by liars telling obvious lies, still worse, almost everyone in Ireland chooses to believe them Israel too has similar problems with choosing corrupt leaders like Ireland. Bottom line this is insane and this form of insanity can best be summarized, as telling oneself lies and insanely choosing consciously to believe them. Perhaps, it was developed for survival in the face of the holocaust or abject adversity but both communities experienced it.The results today are Government liars portrayed in the heavily censored west-brit Irish media, as either behemoth buffoons like former Taoiseach Brian Cowen or as Blue blooded imported Brit leaders, above scrutiny or reproach, such as the contemporary Viceroyal Villiers.

Recently, a commentator formerly of Wall Street, Michael Lewis wrote of the Irish mentality giving rise to this ‘mad’ behaviour, as follows. “Two things strike every Irish person when he comes to America, Irish friends tell me: the vastness of the country, and the seemingly endless desire of its people to talk about their personal problems. Two things strike an American when he comes to Ireland: how small it is and how tight-lipped,” writes Lewis, “An Irish person with a personal problem takes it into a hole with him, like a squirrel with a nut before winter. He tortures himself and sometimes his loved ones too. What he doesn’t do, if he has suffered some reversal, is vent about it to the outside world. The famous Irish gift of gab is a cover for all the things they aren’t telling you”.

Secrecy cultivated under occupation, slavery and the British Holocaust that cost 6,257,456 Irish lives, left that pent-up Irish aggression, that can cause Irish people to emotionally explode. While the Irish mostly are overly passive when confronted with the catastrophe of corrupt, bailout, austerity, British ethnic cleansing and the numerous war crimes wrought upon them. Hence Brendan Behan comparing the Irish with the Jews, while not mentioning, how pent-up frustration by the Jews is vented very differently in both Israel and in the US relative to the Irish. Of course the Jewish people generally have dealt in large part with their their acknowledged past unlike the Irish still under the jackboot of the British Government's culture of Irish Holocaust denial and their non compliance of International norms of proper reparation to the Irish nation for the disappearance of 6,257,456 Irish people. Germany has made ample reparation to the Jews but Britain has not.

Holocaust denial is illegal in European countries that criminalize genocide denial. Experts have shown that countries which ban Holocaust denial also ban hate speech.There is a split between the "common law countries of Britain, Occupied Ireland and British Commonwealth countries from the civil law of countries on continental Europe. In continental Europe, the law is generally very strong on holocaust denial. In Britain however Holocaust denial is perfectly legal, with Holocaust denial inspiring violence against the Irish and Jews, particularly in British Occupied Ireland. The Irish experience is similar to the Jewish experience, particularly since the post-World War II era, suggesting that people's rights are best protected in open and tolerant democracies, that actively prosecute all forms of racial and religious hatred, which is currently rife and systemic in Britain and Occupied Ireland. This article has not mentioned the numbers of both continental and Irish travelers murdered by the British and German war criminals because of insufficient reliable data.