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Friday, November 30, 2012


The death of Jimmy Savile marks the end of the line not just for a man but if there is any decency left in England, probably for the BBC, who both lived a Jekyll and Hyde existence, hiding a paedophile ring within the bowels of the BBC. Jimmy Savile was a flamboyant BBC pop presenter, who personified much of what the BBC is about. Savile inhabited the hidden BBC world where personalities from politics and entertainment mixed with criminals, to gratify their perverted lusts for children.

A young boy of just eleven years of age, was arrested in the early seventies,  for stealing sweets at a Hampstead shop. Taken to the local police station and under questioning, he revealed the of names of many men from the BBC and others in the public eye, who took boys out from a care home where he lived. The eleven year old boy had a sexually transmitted disease, which the police doctor refused to let pass. The boy revealed that other boys were meeting men on Hampstead Heath, a lot of them from the BBC, for pocket money.

At this time a well-known IRA man, during a deathbed confession sacrament, told of IRA intelligence unearthing kinky parties for the establishment in Dublin and London, where young boys were brought in by a well-known figure, the East End gangster Ronnie Kray. Kray had access to many London care homes and had boys delivered to parties at DJ Alan ” fluff” Freeman’s flat over a music shop in East London. There they met BBC elite, politicians, show biz types and DJs, that included Jimmy Savile, Joe Meeks and Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Savile was well known to police, in fact Savile started the DJ disco genre, simply to gain access to boys. At the time, many DJs wanted scooter riding boys with make up and Carnaby Street clothes.The old beat policemen of the time who walked the streets in central London ,speak of the whole region's crime squad where Matt Baggot now head of the PSNI paramilitary British police comes from along with East London being disbanded, becuase of  their corruption, paedophilia, necrophilia and funny handshakes.

The crime squad where Baggot came from, knew about the Kray gangsters and the sex parties known as ” Pink ballets ” with young boys, in the same way that Fred West held kinky parties for years with high flyers in the BBC and the House of Lords. Social workers and the policemen like Baggot were well aware of Fred’s activities but looked the other way. Who were they covering up for?After the IRA bombed the East London waterworks, when Reg Kray announced that if the IRA bombed once more, every Irish pub and club in Britain would be destroyed, needless to say it didn't stop them.

There is a saying in MI5 secret service circles that; “only the enemy is in front of you, and every other bugger is behind you”. While the Soviets were successful in recruiting beautiful women as honey trap intelligence operatives, for  politicians and key BBC personnel, the British employed young boys. However this was a big mistake as most paedophiles are very promiscuous. Rothschild’s Cambridge apostles were almost all easy to lead astray, blackmail and threaten with exposure from every side. Guy Burgess said that boys boarding schools and universities were a breeding ground for paedophiles, where bullying of the younger boys gave rise to this particularly BBC phemomena.

When Guy Burgess defected to Russia, the British establishment had more than its fair share of paedophiles, many of whom were elevated to national heroes, within and without the BBC, while others, like Burgess were condemned as traitors. At the end of the day, under analysis, whether heroes or traitors they all have the same perverted paedohile lusts, which are still used, as a means to control them and society by their secret service masters. This  combined with the fact that knowledge is power tells us where real power in Britain lies.

Winston Churchill’s Sandhurst file, for example, describes him as a confirmed menace to the younger boys.Meanwhile as the young boy who was caught shoplifting in the Hampstead supermarket disclosed names of many of Britain's top people using the other boys, an angry senior detective disclosed, that Sir Anthony Blunt, Keeper of the Queen’s pictures had the inquiry squashed from the highest level.There’s a saying in Intelligence circles: “a BBC paedophile will only promote another Paedophile,“there is more than a little truth in this which will take us eventually right inside both palaces on the Thames.

Maurice Oldfield: who spent a considerable time in British Occupied Ireland, was installed as intelligence chief on the recommendation of Lord Rothschild. Oldfield then promoted other paedophiles in the secret service, before being sacked by Margaret Thatcher herself a personal friend of Jimmy Savile in 1980, because details of his visits by young boys to his home and visits to Kincora Boys home in Belfast reached her.

People ask why all these care home abuse scandals, were being hushed up under Labour Governements? There is also the question of missing kids with estimates in the hundreds? It may be because Peter Mandelson, chief Trustee of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Children seemed to be looking the other way or that the secret services had Labour packed with their own paedophile operatives as a honeytrap for the left.Still their own Rupert Murdoch was tapping all the phones of these homes, so he should have know ? Whispers in some circles say they were all carefully in place to keep a lid on the goings on of British high society.

One of the few honest men at the BBC, Larry Grayson said he could not stand Jimmy Saville and he once told a local radio presenter, that Savile had contacts in British mortuarys whom he would pay, to let him into the morgues, so he could "fxck the dead bodies". A friend used to always tell a story, of how Savile had savagely raped a young women at one of his clubs and how she had been threatened by Saviles establishment chums, to drop the charges. Savile with the help of the BBC was certainly a very sinister rapist, necrophiliac and paedophile.

Essentially the British establishment and the BBC is still full of these creeps, because this is what they believe in and they can easily be blackmailed. Britain and unfortunately Occupied Ireland are both run by a Satanic cult. Maurice Oldfield was a rampant out-of-control paedophile. While in charge of all military and police intelligence in British occupied Ireland during the undeclared British war in Ireland. Every time Oldfield visited Ireland, the Royal Ulster police and members of Orange Lodges, supplied Oldfield with young boys, from care homes for boys.Oldfield wasn't the only one sexually abusing these boys in care, so too were high-ranking British police officers in Belfast and elsewhere in conjunction with high-ranking British army officers, Orange Lodge members, and the usual paedophile pillars of British Occupied Ireland's-society suspects of judges, magistrates, politicians, et paedo al..

When eventually someone blew the whistle and the ensuing saga which was known as Occupied Ireland's Boys' Homes Scandal became public, it was under reported by the British media, particularly the BBC, who never revealed to the public, that either Oldfield head of MI6 or that high-ranking paedophile British army officers were involved before killing-off and ignoring the scandal altogether. Even Thatcher was forced to remove Oldfield from the post as Director of MI6, because she was briefed on Oldfield buggering scores of young Irish boys in care in British Occupied Ireland's Ireland boys home institutions.

The BBC also covered-up and whitewashed the Haut de la Garenne Children's Home Scandal. The British security services are determined to keep British Occupied Ireland as part of the United Kingdom and have been using paedophile dirty tricks, to control almost all of the political leaders, now in the local parliament of Stormont. The British secret services are prepared to allow child abuse and rape to take place to control all politicians and to intern any political opposition. Kincora boys' care home was involved, but was not the only one of the many boys' care homes in British Occupied Ireland, involved in supplying vulnerable young boys, to the so-called `High and mighty' of the British Establishment and the BBC.

British Prime minister, Edward Heath, visited several care homes for boys in Ireland, Kincora being one of them .The IRA had other reasons besides removing British rule from Ireland for blowing-up Mountbatten, they also had moral reasons, because of his bizarre sexual fetishes, which involved the BBC/NI/British Establishment paedophile ring, abusing boys in Kincora and at more than six other care homes for boys in British Occupied Ireland.

The whole British Establishment including all of Westminster, the BBC and the judiciary are rotten to the core, and that is why paedophile rings in Britain and the BBC exist with impunity. Mountbatten is only the tip of the iceberg of perverted masonic muck that includes loyalist/orangemen flying the butcher's apron, all part of the sectarian, masonic, establishment, protected by paedophile pricks, with their flute-playing, sash-wearing, provocative, Benny Hill style, silly marching-celebrating a "Battle" they won near a babbling brook centuries ago!