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Friday, October 19, 2012

Theresa Villiers Caught Pants Down on Throne of British Occupied Ireland

Well I never, found the time to welcome Ms. Theresa Villiers, to the island of Ireland, where I was born and raised in my Irish community. She is of course most welcome, in a private capacity. However this most certainly does not extend, to her capacity of being an English person, inheriting the unelected, aristocratic role of Vice Royal in British Occupied Ireland, as a direct descendant of  her not so great grandfather, George William Frederick Villiers, 1800-1870, Fourth Earl of Clarendon, who also presided as Vice Royal of Ireland, 1847–52 and oversaw the war crime of British ethnic cleansing of  6 million native Irish lives. As a result, Villiers is regarded by the British as the poshest surname of any royal family, having ruled Ireland for her Majesty.

Ms Villiers boasts of law degrees from Bristol and Oxford and of working as a barrister and lecturer in law, at no less than the King's College London 1994-1999 before being elected as MEP for London in 1999. In fact her curriculum vitae says, she has an LLB (First Class Hons.), Bristol University (1990); BCL (Hons.), Oxford University (1991). Barrister-at-law, Inner Temple and Inns of Court School of Law. Barrister, Lincoln's Inn (1992-1994). Lecturer in law, King's College London (1994-1999).

Ms Villiers is also a Member of the governing board of the Conservative Party 2001-2002, when she was Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament 2001-2002. Areas of special interest to Ms Villiers include, finance and campaigning against the Euro and the European Constitution. So obviously the lady is no slouch and its clear for all to see, that her career will no doubt emulate the infamous Baroness Thatcher, with her royal true blue pedigree. We would hope then, with her illustrious legal credentials, she would be aware of the serious nature and penalties, for anyone engaged in perverting the course of justice, even in such a colonial outpost as British Occupied Ireland.

So let's go back a bit shall we, to ensure Ms Villiers does not forget, that her ignoble predecessor, Owen Paterson, who sent the traditional Irish republican, Marian Price back to jail because, he said, she breached the terms of the licence on which she had been released in 1980 from a life sentence 40 years ago, for the March 1973 Provisional bombing of the Old Bailey in London, scene of numerous miscarriages of injustice, in open court, of many Irish innocents, such as the Guildford Four and the Birmingham six, to name but a few. I'm sure Ms Villiers is quite familiar with these cases, it was the talk of London barristers as they supped, for many a year, while the innocent Irish served their fabricated sentences, handed down in open court. In today's secret courts, of secret evidence that even the accused in not even made aware, it would be much easier to brush British injustice, under their very deep pile carpets and throw away the key,s without being responsible or answerable to anyone.

Now, Marian Price's lawyers insist, that she had been freed by Royal pardon, not on licence, and that Paterson doesn't have the authority to overrule a royal pardon. They have demanded production of the document, so that its terms can be established but Ms Villier's predecessor said, that the only copy has been lost or shredded. This the first and only time, that this has happened. Patrick Ramsey, a Social Democratic Labour member of the elected British Assembly put in place as a result of a peace process, wrote to Ms. Villiers predecessor about this "lost" pardon and formally in his elected capacity asked;

-- Where would Mrs. Price-McGlinchey's pardon have been held?

-- How many staff are currently seeking the document and in what departments?

-- Are those looking for it doing so on a full-time basis, if not, why not?

-- Has the Northern Ireland Office received comment from the judiciary on the apparent loss of the document?

-- How many Royal Prerogative's have been lost (or destroyed) that the government has record of?

-- Who is ultimately responsible for the care and maintenance of the building where these documents are kept?

-- What communication have you personally had with this person/Department?

-- Can you confirm the Department is still seeking the document and will do so until it is found?

Again the unelected English Vice royal contemptuously dismissed the elected Irish assembly member's inquiry, the fruits of a Peace Process, after 40 years of war, stating that "unfortunately the Royal Prerogative of Mercy was not recovered but had no bearing on current circumstances. Patterson went even further and demanded, the local elected Assembly be downsized and it's 'peace process' structures be dismantled, as he regarded it simply as a talking shop, that interfered with unelected, Vice Royal English rule in Ireland.

As Eamonn McCann, the respected cross community writer put it so aptly in the Belfast Telegraph, there are many people - by no means all of them sympathetic to Marian Price's politics - who are quite prepared to disbelieve this. Others will find it impossible to believe, that a Secretary of State could supply incorrect and misleading information in a fraught and sensitive case. But, oh yes, he could.

Speaking of Mr Justice Girvan's handling of the matter, another predecessor of Ms Villiers, Peter Hain scoffed that "It wouldn't have happened anywhere else in the UK". Right enough. If it had happened anywhere else, Hain would have been run out of public life.But this is wild and wacky northern Ireland, where normal rules don't apply, where due process is optional and, at the whim of a politician, where anything goes."

Now Ms Villiers, may I humbly suggest, as a citizen of the Irish republic, not a commoner the property of you or Her other Majesty, that you may wish to consider the above facts, before further matters in this sordid, odious, affair come to light, should you wish to pursue your career sucessfully, in the footsteps, of your infamous former leader, Margaret Thatcher, herself responsible for the deaths of 10 Irish political prisoners, who were actually on hunger strike for shorter periods, than Marian Price who was force fed, before they were murdered. Your predecessor Pervert Paterson as he became affectionately known, tallyhomed to your native London, before these foxy chickens came home to roost. You have been handed a poisoned chalice by perfidious colleagues of Albion, unhappy with some of  your dealings with other anonymous bureaucrats and departments.

Lest your minions who have.. ahem... shredded or mislaid the Royal Prerogatives in this instance, have failed to properly update you on the real facts of this matter, they are as follows;

• Marian has been kept in solitary confinement in a ‘male’ high security prison
• She is effectively interned without a trial, sentence, or release date.
• She has not been given any timescale for any investigation.
• She has not been allowed to see the evidence that the state claims to have
• Her release has been ordered on two occasions by judges. However, on both occasions the secretary of state has overruled those decisions.
• The secretary of state claimed he ‘revoked Marian’s license’. This is despite Marian never being released on license. She was given a Royal Pardon.
• Marian’s Royal Pardon has ‘gone missing’ from the home office (the only time in history). The secretary of state has taken the view that unless a paper copy can be located – it must be assumed that she does not have one.
• Despite no ‘license’ existing for her release from prison in 1980, it is the non-existent license that is being used to keep her in prison.
• She can only be released by Theresa Villiers the current Secretary of State responsible despite her protestations

The charges against Marian Price were thrown out of their own British courts, for lack of evidence by a judge, the last time she appeared and now the very same charges have been re-instated against Marian again in a British judicial system, that cannot provide any tangible evidence, in a transparent, forthright manner, as to the reason for her internment and torture.

It would be such a shame for me, as an admirer of beautiful women, to see you removed from your illustrious throne, such as the above or be a scapegoatess of the empire and perhaps have you thrown like Marian, into some dungeon of solitary confinement, tortured daily by bigoted or sectarian sadists, who see it as a blood sport in the tradition of Melton Mowbray the 'Pride of the Shires,' the “it” place for the English fox hunting heritage of the blood sport of your ancestors and family. Hopefully I will not have to to return to this subject again in further detail in the future, with the Big Spirit willing and a modicum of political sanity, from those who have the luxury of being born with a silver spoon in their mouth and given the wherewithal to know better.