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Monday, October 29, 2012


Ben Fellows: ‘Murdoch Newspaper Does a ‘BBC’ to Protect Pedophiles and Child Abusers’

By Ben Fellows
21st Century Wire
The Jimmy Savile paedophile ring at the centre of the BBC has taken an interesting twist this week as this journalist has come to realise that accusations of child abuse and paedophilia only extend to the deceased.
If you’re a living, breathing human being in the entertainment industry mainstream media won’t expose you. If you are a paedophile or child abuser in the entertainment industry and are famous or powerful you can breath a sigh of relief – you won’t be exposed, at least not by the Murdoch empire.

The Times may have canned the story because of a name tied to SKY.
It all started when I was contacted by Ruth Lewy from The Times newspaper on October 16, 2012.She wanted me to do an exclusive interview about my experiencesas a child actor when I had run the gauntlet of paedophiles in the entertainment industry. She wanted to give this a great showing” but she would also “want to be the only people you speak to until it appears in print this weekend.” All I asked for in return for giving The Times an exclusive was that the story would definitely run. She agreed to the terms and said that senior Times journalist Jack Malvern would interview me and a photographer would take some pictures of me for the article, which would appear on Saturday the 20th October 2012. So we arranged a time and a place to meet.
Jack Malvern a tall, balding ex-public school boy complete with the uniform of his generation was late to the meeting. When he did eventually arrive he had to go shopping for a new pad! When he did eventually arrive proper, he sat down in front of me at the Novotel in Greenwich and asked me specifically to name names of people who, I alleged, were suspected paedophiles or had abused me in some way while I was a minor.
For the next two hours I sat in the Novotel being interviewed intensely and having only one cup of tea. The deal was that I was happy to name alleged paedophiles and child abusers in the wider industry, based on my own experiences but the story had to run.
What was good about the article, I thought, was that The Times were going to be brave and publish the names of actual living breathing people, rather than dead people like Jimmy Savile or Wilfred Brambell. Famous and powerful people who could argue back, perhaps call me a liar or fantasist in an attempt to clear their name.
I talked about *******(Name redacted) political lobbyist Ian Greer’s office. How he gave me alcohol in an attempt to get me drunk. I explained to Jack Malvern that there was even video evidence of the incident as we’d filmed it during our “cash for questions” sting operation for The Cook Report, we had a camera in a briefcase which captured the sordid event.
I talked about a senior female BBC producer who likes to have sex with teenagers. Or I should say have sex with me when I was a teenager.  I continued with a long list of names of extremely well known actors, casting directors, producers, directors, writers and executives who had all abused me or attempted to abuse me sexually while I was a child actor.
I explained to Jack Malvern of The Times, that I only ever had sexual relations with women however that didn’t stop predatory gay men from attempting to get into my pants. As a child actor you are not responsible for your actions, you’re naïve, vulnerable and quite frankly an idiot, well I was. So, saying no when powerful industry people are telling you to take drugs with the implication that if you don’t – you won’t be hanging around for long, is highly unlikely. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book and works really on children, now add sex, money and power into the mix and you’re lucky if you don’t spend life after being a child actor in rehab and therapy – of course some do.
So, from the age of 15 I was a regular at Stringfellows, Cafe De Paris and The Atlantic Bar and Grill. I attended many celebrities parties and private functions.
One party was in a house in the New Forest and I must have been around sixteen at the time. At the party was a certain founder of a child protection charity. I was given drugs, alcohol and was propositioned by men and women all night until I ended up passed out in the garden. I eventually got a cab back to my digs in a terrible state. You’d think that for someone who is known for their charitable works protecting children she might insist that this party was for adults only and make me go home or at least keep an eye on me and stop me from drinking – recognising the fact that I looked and was very young.
For consenting adults there is nothing wrong with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. However, I was a teenager and was being introduced to a very murky world by so called “respectable” industry figures and celebrities.
Now, none of my story seemed to be a problem for Jack Malvern when he interviewed me, he was happy to publish what I said. After the interview I even checked to see if he was happy with what I said. The only issue was that later in the day he wanted to interview my mother about an incident when I was called into a casting for a major drinks company. I gave him my mother’s telephone number, he left two messages which she ignored as she didn’t want to talk to him. My mother never agreed to talk to Jack Malvern which is what I told him when I later informed him that she didn’t want to be interviewed as she’s a very private person and it was her choice. Jack Malvern didn’t seem to think it was an issue and left me with the impression that the article would run as planned on Saturday 20th October 2012.
Of course printed here are just a few stories of the many that I told him. He’d asked for names and I’d given them to him with details only one who was there would know. He even emphathised at one point and told me that my story rang true for him as he’d experienced similar problems with predatory gay men when he was a young journalist or so he told me.
Little did I know that the next BBC person I named was the one that would stop the article from coming out. The person who I am referring to shall remain nameless in this article, however they are a new star of SKY Television.  It seems that Sky have a lot invested in this person and like the BBC stopping the Jimmy SavileNewsnight programme Murdoch et al. have withdrawn an explosive article in The Times that threatened to reveal a far seedier side of their new star than they would like. Drug taking, inappropriate sexual behaviour and child abuse isn’t something the Murdoch empire want revealed.
Now, Jack Malvern of The Times may say that I’m an unreliable person or that they couldn’t corroborate the accusations I was making. But isn’t that what child abuse is all about? There are laws preventing people from making false allegations so why would I lie. In any case they said they’d run the article either with or without the names. So, why didn’t it run? My theory is that they didn’t want to give me the platform of appearing in The Times, just in case I mentioned names at a later date.
The Murdoch empire and BBC are clearly safe havens for child abusers to operate.
A society that takes the position of not believing victims, hiding the truth and protecting abusers for their own personal gain is a sad state of affairs. It is typical of a society gone mad, set up to procure children and to protect paedophiles. In other words children’s well-being comes down to simply politics. If you accuse someone of abuse and they happen to be famous or powerful then tough luck you lose. You won’t be believed, regardless of the validity of your claims by either the state or mainstream corporate media seems to be the message.
The irony is that the Murdoch empire, who has always been quick to name and shame is curiously reluctant when it comes to naming one of its own stars. It appears that the empire is only prepared to expose child abusers and paedophiles as long as it doesn’t affect its own reputation.
We’ve moved on from just phone hacking.
One of News International’s slogans on their Website is “We’re delivering more news, to more people, more often, in more ways than ever”. If the Murdoch press is willing to deny the public vital information which is in their interest to know, like exposing paedophiles and child abusers, then the question has to be – Are News International’s titles worth the paper they’re written on? Or more importantly, are the Murdochs responsible enough to run a media empire influencing millions of people all around the world.
If they’re hiding child abuse, then the answer is no.
*Redacted portions of this article have been removed at the request of the Cabinet Office, pending further investigation by the editor into the accuracy of the information submitted by author to 21st Century Wire.
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53 Responses to “Ben Fellows: ‘Murdoch Newspaper Does a ‘BBC’ to Protect Pedophiles and Child Abusers’”

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  2. moshe solomons Says:
    my uncle was high up in the jewish underground, and helped arrange the visit of jimmy savile to meet menachim begin in israel, it was only afterwards i found out menachim begin was a child abuser too
    • Says:
      thank you moshe for this valuable info
      this s*** is really hitting the fan…. and there is just so much of it around!
      i believe there to be a distinct possibility with “everyone holding evidence on each other” & “watching each others backs”, iin the high echelons of the rich “N” rampantly rude, incestuous, paedophile and greedy. THEY MAY START TO JUST TEAR EACH OTHERS THROATS OUT IN DROVES!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK – CHANGE IS GONNA COME!!!
  3. James Says:
    I, and many others have been saying this stuff for years, I have written a booklet on it. People really need to wake up to what these people are capable of and what kind of world we are living in. The BBC are a Racist, Terrorist, Satanic and Paedophile (among many other things) organisation, working towards a one world government, controlled by them and their ilk. The sleeper must awake!!!!!!!
  4. hugsandmorehugs Says:
    Thank you for telling your story, you are very brave. I am so sorry to hear what happened and want you to know that I found this even though the Times did not acknowledge it. Other people will find your story too and hopefully come forward to demand investigations and settlements. Keep talking and we will keep listening! xo
  5. ann Says:
    While I respect your investigative journo work, I am left wondering why you are not naming the very person you accuse Murdoch of protecting. I am assuming we will see it in print before long..and those of the others you came across.
  6. John Martin Says:
    The whole country needs wiped clean of Zionists Freemasons war criminals and royaltiy corrupt cops lawyers judges and the sheeple need tae switch off stupit tv progs such as x factor and soaps n wake up. These Zionist controlled politicians cut benefits from the poor and feed the war machine. On the eve of the illegal Iraq war, criminal Blair took out a D notice to prevent the Zionist controlled media from running a story aboot peedo politicians in his cabinet . It was said that if it went out , brit troops wouldnt have liked fighting for a peedo gov. I wonder if that D notice is still running .? One of the names I read in a German site mentioned was Freemason Zionist Gordon Brown.
    [...] Note, this interview names, names. Why don`t they sue? UK MSM protects abusers. [...]
  8. aig Says:
    its ironic than ben criticises the times for not naming names and then not naming them himself.
    otherwise though and with all sincerity, keep up the good work
    • 21st Century Wire Says:
      It’s all well and good to try and discredit the victim here who has stated his fear of legal and other retaliation, but you should really be asking, is The Times acting in the public interest here?
      What been has done here is clear – exposed the systemic corruption on all sides of media – a dirty business – which is meant to somehow ‘protect’ the public. Interesting…
      • aig Says:
        thanks for your reply, but contrary to what you say I am not trying to discredit the author. Rather, pointing out the irony and further frustration of readers like myself. thats all.
        I admire what he is doing, sincerely. I do find the main premise of the article a wee bit hypocritical or ironic or whatever term you would prefer. THe point he RIGHTLY criticises the times for not naming names and then doesnt name the names himself. what would call that?
      • 21st Century Wire Says:
        It’s clear that Fellows feels vulnerable after being burned by the Times, so it’s difficult to say what any of us would do in that situation… the legal and media might of News Corp, the BBC and other individuals involved is immense in comparison to one man. It’s a tough call either way you cut it…
  9. Caroline Hurry Says:
    Well done to you for speaking out … I believe that ultimately the truth must prevail … and hopefully a lot of heads will roll.
  10. Carole Says:
    I imagine that the writer was reluctant to name names because he is afraid of reprisals. Until this disgusting crock of shit is totally exposed for what it is there are people in high places who he may justifiably be afraid of.
    I sincerely hope that out of this mess we may see emerging some truly honest investigative journalists who haven’t been “bought”.
    • Ron Says:
      He’s doubtless, too, wary/afraid of a potentially ruinous plain, old-fashioned, libel action, sexual abuse at such a remove being impossible to prove (unless there’s supporting video extant). That, too, might possibly be why the Times killed the story.
      Any newspaper has to run a story like this past the lawyers – who are unlikely to green-light it given the difficulty/impossibility of proving the allegations.
  11. aig Says:
    I agree. Id imagine if i was in his shoes i wouldnt do half of what he is doing. good on him.
  12. Larry Robsoan Says:
    Ben is doing an extremely important and brave thing here. This is exactly the way we have to go; investigate all the Saville connections. Ester Rantzen has connections with the suppression of investigations surrounding Holly Gregg in Scotland and Ken Clarke-well I hope this gets out. Ben is doing what the White Dragons demand. “Tell the truth” Put it out there without compromising anyone’s privacy who may be working in our interests.
  13. cath. Says:
    I think you’ve only to go on the web to find out the person who hasn’t been named and shamed!Totally corrupt,deviant people rule this world…So why has someone blown the whistle on the BBC…Something gone on that someone has decided to blow the whistle.This will go on and on and more and more will be exposed probably in other places…The ordinary man in the Street is more honest.All I can say is that ‘Hell and Damnation’ is coming for all of these Deviants!
  14. 4LOM Says:
    Come on Ben, it’s not a game. I for one am not wanting names for the ‘scandal’ of it all but to reduce the amount of child abuse that happens in this country. The longer you are witholding his name, or their names, the longer the abuse continues. It’s a rotten stinking ship, sullied by these perverts, destroying lives and accusing innocent people. We don’t want to play a guessing game, we want to expose these dirty c*nts.
  15. zx83b Says:
    Nice one ben, I hope you can get the names out there quickly into the public domain so you can STAY SAFE.
    Dont let them Dando you bud.
  16. Pauline Says:
    Instead of going to the papers with your story and names, wouldn’t it be much more useful to go to the police? Surely now that all the Jimmy Savile oohahh is going on the police are in much more of a listening mood. The only way to clear the scum out of the system is to have them prosecuted and behind bars. That stands much more of a chance going the way of the police right now than at any other time before.
  17. onto Says:
    i once heard someone say theyd like a free parker pen, did you?
  18. Harlan Leyside Says:
    Just another empty load of suggestive accusations. Why not name names here if you were prepared to in the Times? Have you been to the cops? Making anonymous insinuations is all too easy, and spreads distrust and fear spreads suspicion on people who may be innocent. Disgusting, cowardly and baseless.
    Speak up fully or stop spreading such poison!
  19. Youtoobling (@Youtoobling) Says:
    So, is it Armando Iannucci you’re not naming here? Or Steve Coogan? Stuart Murphy? I’m struggling to find the big name on Sky TV who used to be at the BBC? I’m interested that you’ve named Ken Clarke but not Esther Rantzen (assuming that’s the person at the party) and the others. If this was on precise legal advice, tell us here, it’d save having to rely on the Times.
  20. Larry Says:
    “Carole Says:
    Who is it then – give me a clue. I can’t find who the person was/is.”
    The guy says Norman LaMont gave him the name. Maybe Ben should contact Mike James or Neil Mackay and collaborate on an expose because the police sure aren’t up to it.
  21. abi-xx Says:
    my goodness, this is shocking. it must be incredible to be so magnetic, so electrifyingly attractive that there are constant queues of famous, powerful, wealthy people just desperate to have you. it must be awesome. well done. congratulations on finding the strength to declare your irresistible self to us. i get the feeling that i should be stimulated just reading your prose.
  22. Chris Neal Says:
    How many more media personalities are going to be outed as pervy pedos? It seems the BBC was rife with them! Derek McCulloch, Jeff Owen, Jimmy Savile, Chris Denning just for starters, who next?
  23. Solomon Says:
    Keep pressing Ben, what you are attempting to do is extremely important and its only natural to be cautious under the circumstances, but the iron is white hot now! Take your story to others; papers, police, whoever, get the story out there!
    God speed and good luck.
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  25. She Says Says:
    Well done Ben, it took some courage, things are becoming clearer and some are not so surprising.
  26. DR Says:
    Is Parky’s website down? What about the masterclass?
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  29. delboy36 Says:
    Ben Fellows has encouraged these perverts by not going to the police.
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    [...] [...]
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    [...] move in light of the scandal. But it doesn’t stop there. Ben Fellows, a former child actor has maintained that pedophilia and sexual abuse of minors is rampant in the entertainment industry. He’s even said that British Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke fondled him. In recent days, [...]
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  33. tony roma Says:
    listen you cowards you shits..
    maybe mr redacted has sent a carter ruck style letter.
    i doubt ben wants to have a masonic law firm making him homeless.
    a bad situation all around.
    armchair heroic critics.
    esther rancid needs to go hide for her evil doings.
  34. Ben Fellows - Kenneth Clarke Touched My Penis Over My Trousers Says:
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  35. wiggins Says:
    Would the lady mentioned in the piece as a Children’s Protection Charity founder possibly be the ‘Blessed’ Esther of Rancid?
  36. Larry Robson Says:
    I t is necessary now above all to get the truth out without compromising the privacy of those seeking get still further facts out. This is a critical time when the public could be persuaded to accept the need for a complete reform of the system and the jailing of many members of government and opposition. In America the same is happening. Men of good will must act together across the world to bring into being a just and free society. Ben Fellows is playing his part and so must we all.
  37. Kate Says:
    I looked up upcoming Sky series ( not just on sky 1) and linked it to BBC actors. I came up with 2 actors. One of those actors is highly involved with children’s charities including children with cancer and youth theatre . I do hope it is not this one as it would ring true of saville and is too heartbreaking to imagine!!
  38. Treasa Says:
    I’m sure you are telling the truth, but may I ask why you don’t go to the police?
  39. Anon Says:
    You were 16 years old, if you didn’t like the party you didn’t have accept an invitation to another one, and I doubt anyone was forcing you to drink, you could have refused. I got a bit plastered a good few times when I was that age to do I blame anyone else for not ‘stopping me from drinking’? No cause it was my own fault – got accept some responibilty for you own actions. Yeah it would have been more decent of them to look out for you but you were a young adult…..
  40. Militant Libertarian » Ben Fellows Blows The Lid On Media/Political Pedophiles Says:
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