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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The British are using internment without trial again in British Occupied Ireland, under their new Stormont regime, while following the orders of British Viceroyal Villiers, who in reality is the head of their sectarian statelet. The British calculate that Provisional Sinn Fein are so cosy in British offices, with the Queen's shilling, within the Stormont regime, that they will not oppose the crown like the SDLP did, when they walked out of Stormont, last time internment was introduced. The British with a compliant meek Provisional Sinn Fein, whom they have apparently too much dirt on, will sit still in luxury on the Internment issue, so that they can then use these new procedures,  to systematically intern large numbers of Irish minded commoners of Her Majesty Viceroyal Villiers scum statelet.

If republicans were united together, internment would be defeated in the morning. Remember the H-Blocks where genuine Irish republicans, branded all nationalist politicians inside the British regime, as accomplices and part of the British regime’s repression? Do they not remember the slogans on the Hunger strike marches when Gerry Fitt is a Brit. Will they have to follow coffins (presuming they go to the funerals to get re-elected} of women and men now interned without trial again and call out another Gerry Brit? Can we get the grassroots out for support and force the now middle-class Provisional Sinn Fein, to remember their working class roots, to remember the principle and courage of their former comrades, breaking Internment without trial last time? It was the blood spilled on Irish streets and the lives given by previous internees that put them where they are today, which clearly many of them have forgotten.

The lessons of Internment injustice, the breeding ground of political violence, are the 40 odd most recent years in Ireland.How far do we have to take this, to awaken them from their luxury induced coma and personal power trips.They are meant to be guardians of the people power vested in them, not usurpers for personal use, gain and wealth.The British are banking on some more Irish bloodletting to justify their programmes of further guineapig internment, bloated so called security budgets, while they use Occupied Ireland as a stage once again to showcase their latest state of the art crowd control experiments on TV, while they market the bloody toys of Britain's industrial-war-complex, to their compliant neo-colonial, commonwealth collaborators.

We must unite behind ethical principled socialist republican leadership or will we be condemned to see many more Irish republicans interned without trial, along with their working class comrades on the other side of the Irish Sea. Provisional Sinn Fein has little time left to decide whether they lead, follow or get out of the way, they have sat on the fence far too long and allowed a certain Ford, a portfolio to abdicate their responsibilities. Anyone of them who saw the inside of a British prison, cannot yet have forgotten their spiritual call to a Peace with JUSTICE ! INTERNMENT is INJUSTICE ! Which side are you on ?