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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Look @ The Guard !

“It’s a kind of country thing, particularly among the Irish police, where they want you to think they’re know-nothings — it’s a little bit of a “Columbo” trick, I think, so you’ll underestimate them,” he said.“Gerry also has—I don’t know that it’s cynicism—but there’s this Irish expectation that nothing good lasts, you know? “Don’t worry — things will get worse,”

 “It’s not unknown at home, people will kind of get up your nose a bit just to see how you react,”

“Unfortunately, they’re often proved right! But yes, that’s very Irish, too. “Look, don’t be getting your hopes up, you’ll only be disappointed.” I don’t know where we get that from, except brutal experience! But we do tend to take a dark view of things.”

“There’s a joke Bono tells, you know—an American drives past a fine house on a hill and he says, “I swear, someday I’ll get that house!” And an Irishman drives past a fine house on a hill and he says, “I swear, someday I’ll get the bastard that lives there!”

“I tend to look for the good in bad people and the bad in good people, to make them human. ’Cause I don’t think that people generally are that black and white. Maybe in movie-land they can be…but that isn’t necessarily all there is.”



“I remember, years ago, I didn’t get what some old guy was doing that was so special. I asked somebody,
‘It’s all scratchy and everything, what does everybody see in it? I don’t get it.’ And he said ‘Ah, it’s the small print, the small print.’ Irish music is about that. It’s not about the showy stuff, it’s about little, small variations. And once you start reading it, the intricacy of it, it’s like…it’s like lace or something, it’s what people do on the inside.” He pauses. “When I started out at about 19, 20, it took me two years just to tell the difference between a jig and a reel. It does all sound the same, but what you can find once you go in – it’s never-ending. So that’s my love.”

 “I’d never had any problem finding inspiration; Ireland was always just there, you know? All this richness of culture was there to tap into. But I kind of felt like we’d been betrayed so utterly and completely by our own people in the last couple of years; we were the authors of our own disaster.”

 “Now we’ve had a rough few years here,” he said, speaking plainly to the crowd of a few hundred thousand. “I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up looking at the ground. It’s time to stand up, breathe the air, look around: What a people! What friends we have! I’m bloody sure we can!”

advice to sons - “But generally it’s just been about how to work with your craft, how to counterbalance instinct and the intellectualization of the piece. How sometimes you can over-think something and then other times you’ve got to plan…Initially I’d go in and say ‘maybe if you took that down there,’ or ‘what are you thinking about here?’ And I enjoyed directing them in that way, I got a real kick out of it. And then they began to not need to ask me.”