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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Irish Shadow of Britain's Rogue State of War Criminals

Political Assassination In British Occupied Ireland 

The British Government's police force in British Occupied Ireland secretly still runs "death squads"along with the British state sponsored terror  organisation "the Committee,"  to assassinate innocent Irish people and block a united Ireland. A member of this Committee testified about the murders, admitting publicly, the 'Committee' was composed of fifty to sixty people, using two professional assassins, "The Jackal" and "King Rat," to murder those, the British judged enemies of the British Occupation of Ireland's 6 north-eastern counties. The two assassins were usually guided to targets by the British and their police, ensuring the British murders would always remain officially "unsolved."

Examples of British Government Murders in Ireland ;

* the bomb attacks on Dublin and Monaghan in May 1974, when thirty-three people were murdered. British state terror squads had driven their bombs across the border from Armagh into the Irish state. The Dublin bombs were detonated, during peak rush hour to cause maximum kills of Irish people. The bombs were assembled by serving British policeman, the explosives supplied by a member of a British Army Regiment, working closely with British Military Intelligence. Those involved have been named.


* bomb and machine-gun attacks on native Irish, were carried out by British police and British army officers, causing many deaths to innocent civilians on both sides of the Irish border. 

* the notorious British mentored loyalist assassin Robin Jackson, "The Jackal," was responsible for the murder of more than a 100 people, while protected and "handled" by British secret police. As a result, nearly all of Jackson's  murders remain offficially "unsolved." 

* some of the most notorious British atrocities and murders of Irish people remain "unsolved" committed by British police. One of these killers Mark Fultonm is a nephew of David and Albert Prentice, members of the Committee of sponsors of British state terror

The British Government has done everything possible to prevent the truth about these scandals ever becoming public.The United Nations Rapporteur's demand for an independent inquiry into the murder of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane, has been refused; by successive Labour and Tory British governments. Subsequently another brave and brilliant human rights lawyer, Rosemary Nelson the single most effective crusader for justice within the notorious "murder triangle," of Lurgan, County Armagh was murdered by a sponsored British State terror squad. Rosemary was a relentless truth seeker, dedicated to her clients as a legal representative for the families of many victims of British State death squads such as Denis Carville, Sam Marshall, Rory and Gerard Cairns, Katrina Rennie, Eileen Duffy and Brian Frizzell.

Rosemary was murdered by the British, when a bomb exploded under her car. This barbarous British Goernment act, ended the life of a loving, devoted professional, who exposed the truth about British Government collusion with their death squads in Ireland. Again like the murder of Pat Finucane, the British Government will not conduct a genuine independent inquiry into her murder, ensuring historic hatreds, poisoning the minds and hearts of young people, until everyone eventually like Bloody Sunday, they are forced to confront terrible deeds done. Only after revelations of truth with justice, can Irish republicans, loyalists, the British police, the British army, secret services and forces achieve a real prospect of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. The recent British Tory administration, are hell bent on continuing their war in Ireland for their industrial war complex and as justification for bloated secret service budgets and increased secret service, gestapo like, powers.

The British authorities frequently condemn human rights abuses by the People's Republic of China and in other countries around the world, while breaking the terms and their undertakings to a peace process in Ireland. There is considerable independent evidence, uncovered about serious human rights abuses much closer to home, which they formerly boasted, was as British as Finchley. If they were even bothered to look at considerable authentic video and audio tape-recordings of a self-confessed Committee member, explaining, in great detail, how British police helped the Committee, to run British "death squads" in Ireland No they will instead put their energy into burying the truth about these murders, misleading the public about British police roles in political assassination in British Occupied  Ireland,  interning without trial, political protest of conscience, thus censoring the remaining witnesses to the deeds of their war criminals, at the highest level. Tony Blair Should Face Trial Over Iraq War, Says Desmond Tutu, there's a hell of a lot more and worse war criminals, dictating centuries of ongoing war crimes in Ireland

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