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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Britain Officially a Human Rights Scum State

Any criminal justice system that adheres to international human rights, will only allow people to be punished, if they have been promptly charged with a recognizably criminal offence, tried and convicted in fair and transparent proceedings. Many of the measures introduced by the Tories in the UK , more particularly their unelected vice royal Paterson in British Occupied Ireland include torture and internment without trial. Deprivation of liberty of Irish people against whom there is no evidence to support a criminal charge, brings the law and the paramilitary PSNI British police charged with its enforcement, into disrepute. The British regime in Occupied Ireland is neither fair, just or lawful, resulting in the loss of public confidence and creating a brutal breeding ground for future violence.

The clearly bigoted UK Tories in conjunction with their sectarian loyalist friends, have mounted a sustained attack on human rights in Ireland, attacking the independence of the judiciary and any form of a rule of law. The UK has some of the most draconian laws in the world, supplemented by sweeping new provisions that contravene basic human rights law, which have given rise to serious human rights violations.Even Amnesty International flooded recently stuffed with British agents, considers British law inconsistent, with the UK’s obligations under domestic and international human rights riddled with serious human rights violations. Some people have been thrown into a Kafkaesque world interned for years, in horrific conditions on the basis of secret intelligence, the details of which are withheld from them and therefore they are unable to refute them.

Even the elite British Law Lords, ruled this internment unlawful but the government found new ways of interning them. None of these people of political conscience have been found guilty by any court of law in the UK. Indeed, the UK authorities have stated in court that in respect of those interned, there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal charge. Nevertheless the facelsss UK gestapo, maintain that these persons are a "threat to national security", resulting in many of them suffering serious mental and physical health. The cumulative effects of solitary confinement, interned torture by an unelected UK gestapo, amounts to political persecution. Many of the people currently interned without trial, have actually been acquitted in trials in the UK of the terrorism-related offences they are accused of and were originally ordered released by judges. In one particular case Marian Price who was ordered released by the queen but the British gestapo overruled her, either shredding or losing the queen's pardon without excuse  or investigation.

The British government’s dismissive attitude towards international standards of human rights are presently under attack by all respected international human rights bodies, with further attempts by the British to publicly flout the absolute ban on torture by circumventing it. British agents, particularly their secret Gestapo intelligence officials, have been implicated in outsourcing the interrogation and torture of suspects abroad, with the unlawful transfer or "rendition" of people to Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan, Libya, Guantánamo Bay, where torture is used routinely. The British government at the Court of Appeal in England, ruled that "evidence" extracted through torture was admissible in court proceedings, provided that UK agents were not involved in torture, giving outsourced torturers in British Occupied Ireland and abroad the green light to torture.

Formerly an independent Amnesty International monitored the UK's  measures and practices of stifling political dissent and opposition in places like Occupied Ireland finding them guilty of torture but since being infiltrated, now allow state agents to commit human rights abuses, such as unlawful killings, torture, arbitrary internment without and unfair trials with impunity. Those affected include ordinary members of the general population not involved in any illegal activity whatsoever, who have no legal redress or human rights against the brutality of the British intelligence gestapo. Peaceful protesters too are subjected to police action encouraging xenophobia, racism and faith-hate crimes in the ranks of the British police, particularly among sectarian elements of their paramilitary police in British Occupied Ireland.

Essentially the unaccountable secret-service gestapo of the British, have created a shadow criminal justice system, particularly in British Occupied Ireland, fronted by an un-elected English vice royal called Paterson. This blood sports enthusiast, re-introduced indefinite internment on the basis of secret gestapo intelligence, which regularly includes unreliable information, obtained through bribery, torture or blackmailed pedophiles.These practices often sectarian are discriminatory, draconian and unlawful, in a disturbing echo of earlier internment laws of the early 1970s, which proved totally counter-productive in the context of the war waged by the British Government on the ordinary people of Occupied Ireland.

The restrictions, of what has become in actuality the open air prison of the UK, violates a wide range of basic international human rights, including the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, association, freedom of movement, the right to a fair trial and the right to basic liberties. The British have abused and created a detrimental effect on the human rights of ordinary working class families, of those subject to their secret orders. The illegal activity of the tyrannical English vice royal with autocratic unaccountable powers in Ireland, is tantamount to him "interning," "torturing," "charging," "trying," and "sentencing" a person without any regard to the guarantees of a fair trial that are standard in any civilized society. Marian Price in British Occupied Ireland has essentially been kidnapped and politically raped of all her human rights by this savage colonial autocrat.

The British criteria for these secret gestapo powers is broad, vague, subjective without any legal clarity and are being used arbitrarily to restrict human rights, including freedom of expression, to the point where any journalist or for example the author of this article, can be interned without trial, throwing away the key for life. Even conservative Law Lords have condemned this, with one Lord Steyn, calling it "exorbitant and unnecessary" calling them unlawful under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Lord Lloyd describes them as "intolerable". The UK authorities with power to close down places of worship, is reminiscent of penal times in Ireland, where the British murdered every Catholic priest they could get their hands on. The British gestapo has attacked the independence of its judiciary. Their Government has threatened the courts who do not follow its express orders, with forcibly removing people from society, to be brought where they can be tortured and they it will amend the Human Rights Act  to make sure they get their way.

Meanwhile their corporate media is cultivating daily a creeping acceptance of torture and human rights abuse. The government's disregard for human rights has been reflected in various attempts to undermine a ban on torture and universally accepted prohibitions which guarantees international fundamental human rights elsewhere. Basic principles inherent in civilized societies on the absolute prohibition of torture or ill-treatment, is that one cannot ever be sent to a country to risk torture or ill-treatment, a principle known as non-refoulement. The British government has abandoned this principle and the UK is implicated and guilty of "rendition,"  the illegal secret transfer from one country to another, without due process, to places where torture is rife. Countries known to practice torture have been specifically selected by the British to interrogate, in an attempt to distance the UK from torture. This is the British outsourcing torture.

Torture is wrong and illegal wherever it happens with whoever does it. The British government exports innocent people to be tortured  and thus is responsible for that torture. The ban on sending anyone to a country to be tortured, is as absolute as the ban on torture itself. The UK gestapo's cultivated creeping acceptance of torture was even condemned by their own infiltrated Amnesty International, who condemned the British Court of Appeal as having shamefully abdicated its duty, to uphold human rights and the rule of law. The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights stated, "To use evidence obtained under torture is to condone an entirely indefensible practice.".

Once any government begins to "sacrifice" human rights in the name of security, it is not long before individuals pay the price.
Amnesty International considered that the conditions of British internment amounted to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. This was also the conclusion of the UN Committee against Torture and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. It has also emerged that a "shoot to kill" policy has been authorized for police in the UK after it being common practice in British Occupied Ireland for many years.

Again international law has no provision for "shoot to kill" policies.Every effort must be made to apprehend rather than kill, with lethal force never being used, as an alternative to arrest. Amnesty International called for a prompt, thorough, independent, impartial and effective investigation into British shoot to kill and for any suspect of the unlawful, be brought to justice in fair proceedings. The UK government is also guilty of undermining human rights abroad and trying to circumvent international and domestic human rights law with unaccountable UK intelligence officers taking advantage of legal vacuums and coercive internment conditions at Guantánamo Bay and other locations, including Bagram Airbase to conduct interrogation. These interrogations happened without any normal safeguards or without a lawyer, circumventing domestic and international human rights law. UK gestapo officials have taken part in the interrogation under duress of UK detainees in other countries.

In response to substantiated allegations of the period of its Iraq occupation where the UK committed serious human rights abuses in Iraq involving murder and torture, the UK asserts that human rights law did not apply to its military in Iraq thus breaking promises they made, after being found guilty of torturing interned political prisoners in British Occupied Ireland. Even Amnesty International consider the UK bound by international obligations with regard to its military and gestapo agents. These obligations include the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Convention against Torture. The UK is obliged to ensure prompt, competent, impartial, independent, thorough and effective investigations into all of their human rights abuses.

The UK has breached international and domestic human rights law in the internment without charge or trial not just in Britain but also in British Occupied Ireland and in the instance of at least 10,000 Iraqi people. The UK Government's policies and speeches persistently link foreigners with "the terrorism threat" with The Minister for Counter Terrorism warning Muslims that the police would target them in "stop and search" operations because of the threat of Islam. Such speeches and policies resulted in a 300% increase in stop and search by police with a particularly significant rise in the number of racist attacks on individuals, homes and places of worship. The Commissioner for Human Rights of Europe revealed growing concerns over British Islamaphobia. "Recent legislative changes relating to the prevention of terrorism had, they claimed, not only resulted in the discriminatory treatment of individual Muslims but also contributed to raising anti-Islamic sentiments."

The Commissioner of the Council of Europe stated that the UK had a tendency to "consider human rights as excessively restricting the effective administration of justice and the protection of the public interest." adding "it is perhaps worth emphasizing that human rights are not a pick and mix assortment of luxury entitlements" and "their violation affects not just the individual concerned, but society as a whole; we exclude one person from their enjoyment at the risk of excluding all of us." The Council of Europe agrees including its Secretary General and President of its Parliamentary Assembly. The global impact of the UK’s abuse of human rights is considerable with widespread evidence of gross human rights abuses, including allegations of war crimes by UK forces. A pattern is emerging where the UK announces tough counter-terrorism measures running contrary to international  human rights standards resulting in other brutal regimes then saying they need what the UK then in turn uses to support its initial proposals.

Respect for human rights is the way to security, not an obstacle. Respect for human rights and not violations are part of the solution, which the UN Secretary-General has stressed: "While we certainly need vigilance to prevent acts of terrorism... it will be self-defeating if we sacrifice, other key priorities, such as human rights in the process." Amnesty International’s message to the UK government is that it must respond to its attacks on human rights by defending, respecting and protecting human rights. Other courses of action are wrong, illegal and counter-productive. Amnesty International adds its voice to criticize British bad laws which makes everyone unsafe.