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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Britain terror bombed Germany, with deliberate targeting of civilians and destruction of their homes, in total disregard for human life on a  breathtaking scale, during the second world war. The Queen of England as the Sovereign Head of British Armed Forces, is the only person who can declare war, dating back to when the Monarchy was responsible for raising, maintaining and equipping the  British Army and Navy. She is also of direct German ancestry and her family's role in bombing Germany is so controversial, that there is still considerable British censorship about the British Royal family's involvement in the deliberate targeting of civilians, the deliberate destruction of homes and utter disregard for human life. In fact it was quite simply unadulterated state terrorism of the most crude kind. Britain therefore is the last nation on earth, in any position to lecture anyone on human rights and most certainly terrorism. Their history in the matter, disqualifies them from having any credibility whatsoever.

From 1942 the Royal British cabinet took a strategic decision, to bomb densely packed working class areas, to cause firestorms and disrupt industrial war production. The pretence was that they were attacking military targets but it was cities, that were the main British target. Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg were targeted, with enormous numbers of planes which continued right to the end of the war. The city of Dresden was bombed to dust, in February 1945, even though its population had increased considerably with refugees caught in a firestorm, that flattened the city, killing hundreds of thousands of people in March 1945 as the RAF dropped levels of ordnance, greater than that of the entire war. This continued despite there being no question by 1945, that the Nazis were already defeated by invading armies from the east. All British terror achieved, was destroying huge numbers of lives particularly refugees and buildings. The bombings were simply meant to inflict shock and awe on an already defeated German population.

Tony Blair was the first Primes minister to indefinitely suspend Habeas Corpus in Britain, while at the same time warning senior Judges in Britain who expressed alarm at the attacks on civil liberties, that he would tolerate no dissent. He did so from a British Parliament of cons and neo-cons, who legislated new authoritarianism, from a second-rate political autocrat with a third-rate mind, while his Tory echo-chamber Cameron a third-rate politician with a second-rate mind was handicapped with a royal Viceroy in British Occupied Ireland called Patterson, who doesn't rate on any political scale whatever, all denouncing their own law lords and judges, who stated that the indefinite detention without trial of terror suspects, contravenes the Human Rights Act.

Even a senior Tory minister stated at the time, "Parliament must be supreme. Aggressive judicial activism will not only undermine the public's confidence in the impartiality of our judiciary. It could also put our security at risk and with it the freedoms the judges seek to defend. That would be a price we cannot be expected to pay." The important section of the establishment, driving the current reality is MI5, the intelligence agency, with tried and tested political internment without trial during years of the Irish 'troubles'. Special courts have sanctioned imprisonment without trial for years, etc., with sectarian judges ever reliable in those days. Now even judges themselves have to be security-vetted by MI5, with files opened to determine the reliability of judges. What chance ordinary British commoners.

Central to all of this is Habeas Corpus, a centuries-old British central legal reform, that prevented authorities from arbitrarily throwing a person into a dungeon and leaving them there forever without presenting charges in a court of law. Without this protection, there is no liberty of any sort for anyone. This political internment is a newly disguised form of tyranny for everyone. It is not law and it is not justice. It is also suppression of the truth, as it is impossible to have truth and at the same time beat your neighbor whether Irish, black or Arab, your dog or a large part of your kingdom. When will Britain recognize this principle or desirable truth? The War on terror is a war on Truth. There is a seat in the dock for the queen of England, when real War Crimes Trials begin.

Karl Marx said "All wars are class wars." Internment without trial in British Occupied Ireland and in Britain are designed to deprive suspects of internationally-recognized human rights like other repression tested in their laboratory of Ireland the English can expect more of the same when they stand up for their rights.The current internment without trial of Marian Price, her torture and the torture of political prisoners, is in direct contravention of the Geneva Conventions and permits the queen's non elected English Viceroy in Ireland to use his own bigoted judgment, with the sectarian approval of loyalist political bedfellows, as to the precise meaning of “cruel, inhuman and degrading” treatment.

Britain are once again breaking undertakings given to the court of Human Right in Strasbourg when they were found guilty of torture in British Occupied Ireland. It also reinforces Paterson's subjective racist  interpretation of “Irish dissidents” which now includes anyone who opposes the non democratic, royalist, writ in British Occupied Ireland. This unelected English autocrat is free to imprison Irish citizens, who may simply disagree with his subjective analysis of the war on terror, bearing in mind the British tradition and culture of ceaseless, terror worldwde. For example the queen's man in Ireland, McGuinness recently attacked independent journalists, as dissidents, with a follow up attack attempting to also silence them with political imprisonment.

Internment without trial and the dumping of the centuries old safeguard of Habeas Corpus is a vigorous attack on any form of a Bill of Rights a prerequasite for any basic form of republicanism. Witnessing a former Irish republican commander, shaking hands with the Queen of England on Irish soil, while her Government currently and systematically breaks, almost all of its GFA undertakings, without the slightest protection for what the royalist call British commoners, is an insult to any basic form of humanity, never mind any thinking republican with a brain cell. From the very beginning of the current Tory administration, they have set about dismantling the rudimentary protections of the sold call GFA or Bad Friday Agreement. This has resulted in a long list of systematic violations of international human rights, with secret intelligence based detentions, torture, humiliating treatment, indefinite detention without charge and criminal treatment. British activities are transparently flouting European law, without the slightest, conventional sense of human decency, not exactly surprising then this power hungry careerist is sucking the royal paw.

In conjunction with the loyalist fanatics surrounding the current unelected British Viceroy, they have all focused their attacks on Habeas Corpus as their point of attack, since the arrival of the Tory elite. If the English Viceroy has the statutory authority in Ireland to incarcerate Irish citizens or even loyalist commoners without filing charges, any illusion of Irish republican gains, after 40 years of war or any element of even the most basic form of a republican Bill of Rights is irrelevant. Thus the attack on Habeas Corpus as a primary lever of British tyrannical rule in Occupied Ireland, explains why the Tories, Paterson and his loyalist extremist loyalist, henchmen, have been working to undo Habeas Corpus, with political internment without trial. The sadistic British government with their Ghengis Khan want to be, Patterson have daily tortured Marian Price in solitary confinement, without any coherent charge or producing any evidence, as they savage Habeas Corpus and the centuries old inalienable right of a rudimentary form of protection, now itself reduced to being arbitrarily rescinded, like their lost royal edicts and dishonourable, broken, royal promises.

It is but another form of British terrorism in Ireland, as they attempt to cow and bully with kidnapping and violence, ordinary Irish people, standing up for their basic rights human rights as Irish citizens not British commoners. The British have been trying to bully their smaller island neighbour for 800 years, as they have done for centuries all over the world, with tens of millions of human beaings, loosing their lives, at the hands of British state terrorism invading their lands. Britain's terror bombing of Germany, with deliberate targeting of civilians, is every bit as much a crime against humanity, as the Nazi holocaust itself, indeed Britain's engineered holocaust in Ireland has cost more lives, than Hitler caused with his holocaust. Handshakes without proper restitution, as a mark of contrition and sincerity from British royalty to ensure it will never happen again, in both the current political context or class context, is an insult to all who lost their lives, their families, communities and particularly all those working class people from every quarter, who made the supreme sacrifice and were often simply used as cannon fodder by both sides of the political clown's handshake.