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Monday, April 23, 2012

English Tory Considers Internment of Irish Horses in Occupied Ireland

Brian Faulkner the last Prime Minster of Occupied Ireland like the present autocrat, the unelected English Tory, Owen Paterson was a committed foxhunter. Faulkner lived in Highlands Estate, near the village of Seaforde and surrounded himself and his family like Paterson today, with the heavy the security presence of the disgraced Ulster Defence Regiment, while Paterson uses their renamed successors, the Royal Irish Rangers, for whom he raised a huge sum of money, riding in the worlds most cruel horse race of 1,000 kilometers over 10 days in the Mongolian Derby last Summer. Faulkner who was ultra security conscious, had every room in his house leading to another, with panic buttons everywhere. Despite all of this, his horse of fenian pedigree got him.

Forty years ago, Faulkner introduced internment without trial, which detonated the troubles up to the present day, leading to a much touted peace agreement, with supposed de-miltarization and a host of other broken promises, the British have reneged on, along with the blood huntsman's re-introduction of internment without trial, a military tactic of the last resort, used on a civilian population in wartime. It certainly does not belong with promises of de-militariszation. Just as people were starting to compromise, the internment of Marian Price, along with several other interned Irish republican prisoners, has inflamed and enraged many people worldwide again.

Lord Faulkner who hunted and sadistically organized the ripping of foxes to shreds, died on 3 March 1977 at the age of 56, when he broke his neck, when his horse threw him, while fox hunting at Saintfield, County Down. His Lordship of twenty-four days of Her Majesty's bestowed life peerage, was the the shortest-living peer in history. Paterson who is also 56 and has stoutly defended foxhunting in the House of Commoners, while maintaining it in Occupied Ireland, will be hoping for a peerage to match the family of British nobility he married into. However he hasalso overuled the Queen's pardon of Marian Price, claiming to have lost or shredded it for the first time in the history of Royal pardons. Paterson along with his English Tory Police Chief Baggott are reported to be considering the internment of Irish horses as a precautionary measure and an example to any other politicized Irish horses, with a fenian pedigree or otherwise.

This unelected Tory who has also overruled Her Majesty's judiciary on two separate occasion who had ordered the release of Marian Price, deciding she posed no danger to the public. He has also overruled Stormont who had the audacity to  try to ban the brutal activity of foxhunting but Paterson used his autocratic power in Ireland to maintain this cruel activity for his Tory gentry horsey set in Occupied Ireland.

His fellow English Tory Matt Baggot, who is the born again virgin chief of the paramilitary police, enforcing Paterson's dictat to kidnap Marian Price and her Irish republican comrades in their own land without any judicial or political remit, is also a wild life criminal. Baggot too likes to follow Paterson around, along with first minister Robinson, who also likes hunting, shooting and fishing at places like Ballywalter, where they like to watch Paterson sporting his favourite colours pink. It still remains an Official Secret, whether McGuinness is a foxhunter, besides his other hunting activities but his party have reportedly given it a nod and a wink with token opposition.
If you disagree with foxes being ripped apart by sadistic horsey gentry in Occupied Ireland, then you can let Paterson's friends know at:

East Down Hunt website, East Down Foxhounds, North Down Hunt, Dungannon Foxhounds, South Tyrone Foxhounds, Killultagh, Old Rock and Chichester Foxhounds or the Iveagh Foxhounds.

If on the other hand you disagree with Irish people being interned without trial indefinitely, in their own land by unelected English Tories, then you can Google, CAUSES Marian Price.

Below are the lyrics of the song Long Kesh, engraved in Irish folk memory, of Faulkner's infamous crime in song, which can be found on YouTube.

Long Kesh

There is a place just outside Lisburn
It´s a place that´s known to few
Where a group of Irish rebels
Are held by Faulkner´s crew
There are forced to live in cages
Like the inmates of Bellevue
But the spirit of 1916
Will always see them through

The men in this vile place
They come from far and near
Some from the Derry Bogside
And Omagh town so near
And some of them from Belfast
From the Markets and the Falls
From the narrow streets of Ardoyne
And all around Tyrone

On that black day in August
When Faulkner showed his hand
He thought that by internment
He could break our gallant band
But the boys from Ballymurphy
How they showed the way that night
How they taught those English soldiers
How Irishmen could fight

Long Kesh it´s known to everyone
The system must be broke
Ardoyne, the New Lodge and the Falls
Will see the system choke
No more the Special Powers Act
Those fiends they will invoke
And Long Kesh will be the U stone
On which the system´s broke

A word now Irish people
No matter where you are
Remember our brave rebels
In Long Kesh this year
And by civil disobedience
Or any other way
Let's make a stand until the day
Each one of them are free
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