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Friday, March 4, 2011


In the dialectic that followed a recent article in The Guardian newspaper, it ran roughly along the following lines, with one contributor commenting;

"The gombeen financial Eurocrats of the ECB and IMF thought they had pulled off a major coup when they tied the Irish to this particular pernicious bail out agreement. What they didn't factor in was the readiness of those 1.8 million taxpayers to up sticks and take their skills to other more fertile pastures. 1.8 million will soon become 1.7 million and then 1.6 million and so on. The terms of the bailout were unrealistic to many observers before the bleedin' ink was dry. Just wait until the real wealth creators leave the equation and there is nobody left to pay the taxes to pay the gnomes of Zurich. The ECB may be guilty of financial ethnic cleansing."

The Irish are left with essentially two choices, ethnic cleansing by mass emigration or revolution !

The article created further discussion along the lines, that the eternal brown-nosing by the Anglo-Irish establishment, earned them description. nux, asinus, Hibernes verbere opus habent, as part of their own survival, administering imperialist rape of their own people. Ireland is now ready with a new government, to resume its place in history as a depressed economy continuing in that legacy from fascist blue shirt father to son.The Irish political establishment in the form of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and their always reliable lapdog, careerist Labour, bought for a couple of Euros, are serving their Euro-masters well, like they served their predecessors, in their compliant scum state, mentored by Britain.

As Europe is returning to 1929 and "Economic Consequences of the Peace" pre world war two, with the whiff of revolution, corporate fascism is rearing its ugly head again in Ireland again with Fine Gael and their side kicks the pre-cursors.The agreement of the IMF, with the old Government who caused the problem in the first instance, with unilateral guarantees to the bankster bondholders and the election of a new Government, closing the stable-door afterwards, rather than the election which should have been held, before the conniving political and economic treasonous deal was done, perpetrated by a Cowen government, enslaving the Irish people, making sure the banksters palmed their losses off on the Irish State and ordinary people.

The current EU/IMF LOAN, with high interest rates means that Ireland with debts in the region of 200 billlion euro probably 400 billion ultimately, repaying it at current interest rates, means that the IMF/EU would make billions of profit from Ireland's misfortune, charging higher rates of interest than the IMF/EU get it originally for. It is well understood by anyone with more than one braincell in Ireland, that this is all going to fall apart. That is why the looting is still ongoing on a huge scale. Presently a bunch of useless sheep are simply numbed observers. For the moment the public service administrators are still getting their high salaries. The cuts are not actually applicable to those at the top of Irish society but the staff on lower pay will take the hit, along with proposed 90,000 state job losses and ever-more brutal austerity for at least a couple of decades, while public money is fed into insolvent banks.

The physical result is a mountain of houses that no one wants and house price that are unsustainable

The developers of greed have NAMA set up to prop them up and they are already preparing to buy back their original investments at rock bottom discounts. The bankster bondholders have been bailed out. The rot in the Irish soul as a result of surviving centuries of Imperialism in cunning slavery mode, has resulted in many Irish being fully aware and passively supportive of the rottenness, which permeates the ruling classes in Ireland.

They even admire the dishonesty, the graft, the money laundering, the drug money with all the manifestations of greed which, in the has brought about Ireland's downfall once again.Its to late now to see the consequences of their stupidity. People get the government they deserve and all governments in Ireland are essentially puppets of the ruling classes inevitably with the tacit acquiescence of the people.God help the Irish people if they deserve the corporate fascist government of Fine Gael.They have made their bed, now they should lie on it, is the general call but what of its hungry youth, emigrate or rebel are the only choices.

This debt wasn't created through financing the country, it was created by bankers. It is private debt which a traitorous government forced on ordinary Irish people, it is odious debt. 1.8 million tax payers cannot pay hundreds of billions of debt? they simply can't, the dogs on the street know it, everyone in Ireland knows it, Europe knows it, they are trying to buy the euro time and it simply won't work. The regime being imposed on Ireland is utterly unrealistic. A depressed and deeply indebted economy with just 1.8 million people at work cannot underwrite private banking liabilities of €200bn or 135% of GDP.

The whole present day capitalist set up, stinks to high heaven and the Irish poor and the vulnerable are going to suffer, as the IMF dictates social policies directly and indirectly, that favour the continuation of their warped system, which will continue to protect the privileges of the few at the top, at the expense of the majority at the bottom. It won't be long more before Ireland awakens to see its youth in revolution. Irish politicians promising what they clearly cannot deliver for a couple of decades, with the economy out of their control, will give Ireland plenty of time, to sort out the island's utterly broken dysfunctional political system.

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Is It Time For Revolution?  :      Information Clearing House: ICH

Is It Time For Revolution?  :      Information Clearing House: ICH

The Irish state generally known as the scum state, has been ruled constantly, since its inception by two of Europe's most right-wing parties. The record of disgraced Fianna Fail and its crony bankers are fresh in people's memories but with offshore banker and corporate money flooding the coffers of Fine Gael for a media blitz of brainwashing, the waters are being muddied for the angry Irish electorate. While Fianna Fail is right-wing, Fine Gael who are now quasi-fascist, servicing exclusively the interests of the corporates and the modern British corporate of the Commonwealth. Fine Gael's founders are war criminals in the same tradition as Adolph Hitler, Franco and Mussolini as the following explains.Cumann na nGaedheal joined the National Centre Party to form a new party, Fine Gael, on 3 September 1933. Eoin O'Duffy became their first President. The National Guard became the Young Ireland Association and became part of the fascist youth wing of the party. The party target was to create a corporatist United Ireland joining the British Commonwealth. O'Duffy left the party after a disagreement with his Fine Gael colleagues, almost all of the fascist blueshirts remained in Fine Gael.The Fine Gael Blue shirts raised an "Irish Brigade" that took the side of fascist General Francisco Franco's in the Spanish Civil War against the workers in Spain. Their founder attended the Montreux Fascist conference in Switzerland.The Fine Gael Blueshirts are the Irish equivalent of Hitler's Brownshirts and Mussolini's Blackshirts. They employed paramilitary-style uniforms and greeted each other with the Fascist salute. Fascist ideology is still widespread among rank-and-file members of young Fine Gael, many of whom hate the Irish Republic.The Army Comrades Association which was created in 1932 to promote the interests of ex-National Army and police members, to defend conservative and foreign corporate interests. They were also infiltrated by the British Secret Services, while they in turn infiltrated the Irish Police force in large numbers to halt what they perceived as an emerging threat, from organized Irish workers and people of no property. They became known as the "Heavy Gang" who still torture and batter protest students on the Irish streets.What is of particularly worry for ordinary Irish people, is that the Irish scum state army is also heavily infiltrated with Fine Gael Blue shirts, who over the years through patronage, have filled almost all of the the officer ranks with fascist Fine Gael blue shirts. When the British secrets services MI-5 set off no warning car bombs in Dublin and Monaghan, slaughtering 33 innocent civilians, they were sided by the fascist blue shirts, who had infiltrated the Irish police at the highest level. Immediately after the slaughter Irish police burned all of the evidence, while in the Irish Parliament, debate on the matter was censored.Sometime later Frank Stagg an Irish republican died on Hunger strike against these British instigated injustices of occupation. His brothers and wife wanted to have him buried in a republican plot in Ballina. However the fascist Fine Gael Irish Government kidnapped his body and ordered the flight to be diverted to Shannon Airpor,t with his body then brought to Ballina and buried, in order to prevent Frank's last wish, along with his wife and brothers wishes but the fascist blue shirts of Fine Gael covered the grave with concrete to prevent it.The founder of Fine Gael, on August 27, ordered two anti-treaty fighters shot, after they had surrendered in Tralee. James Healy, was left for dead but survived to tell the tale. Another Republican was shot in Killarney after he surrendered, while James Galvin was shot and dumped in Ballyseedy woods outside Tralee. A party of nine was wiped out near Sligo by blue shirts, including John MacNeill, the son of Eoin MacNeill, who were found shot at close range in the forehead, indicating being shot after surrendering.However perhaps the worst atrocity of the Civil War was ordered again by Fine Gael's founder . At Ballyseedy Bridge, in County Kerry, nine Republican prisoners were tied up to a tree beside a land mine which was then detonated. One of the prisoners however lived to tell the story and refuted official reports they had been the victims of an accident. Vol. O'Brien miraculously survived. He had both legs hanging on by a little skin and muscle. They were amputated immediately on arrival in Tralee.The founders of Fine Gael ordered Irish republican prisoners to clear mined roads in Ireland. On March 7, nine political prisoners were taken from Ballymullen barracks in Tralee to Ballyseedy crossroads and tied to a landmine, which was exploded while the survivors were machine-gunned. One of the prisoners, Stephen Fuller, was blown to safety and although he was badly injured, escaped to tell of the event afterwards. O'Duffy's troops in nearby Tralee had prepared nine coffins but could only find eight bodies on the scene.This was followed by other similar incidents with mines within twenty four hours of the Ballyseedy killings. Five more political prisoners were blown up near Killarney and another four at Caherciveen. Another political prisoner, Seamus Taylor was taken from Kenmare jail to Ballyseedy woods and shot dead on the orders of the founder of Fine Gael. It has since emerged over the years, that the blue shirts beat the prisoners, tied them to explosives and then killed them. At Cahirciveen, the prisoners were shot in the legs before being blown up to prevent them escaping.All of these war crimes are the backdrop to the blue-shirt Fine Gael collusion with the British, in the wholesale slaughter, by no warning explosions of 33 innocent Dublin and Monaghan civilians. All of this activity was taught to them by the departing British Army, who continues to sponsor them to the present day, to prevent a real Irish Republic being established, while the tactics have been passed on to the Americans by the British in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.Irish workers and people of no property can expect no mercy then, after the corporate and bankers sponsor Fine Gael to power on the pending Irish election to ensure that ordinary Irish people continue to bailout the fraudulent banks and enable corporate fascism to run smoothly in the Irish scum state. Students protesting for a third level education can expect the continuation of being battered out of the country by blue shirt fascist police, while Irish republicans can expect more torture by the blue shirt heavy gang. See details @The Irish Blog

The Pensive Quill: Excuse me?

The Pensive Quill: Excuse me?

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