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Saturday, February 19, 2011


A former minister in the outgoing Irish Government, Ned O’Keefe, has warned of the very real possibility of a military coup in Ireland, saying  “The situation has become so bad that an Army coup is a real possibility."  Political analysis of contemporary Ireland confirm that a military coup will follow the political conditions, created in Ireland by the next Fine Gael Government. The military takeover will be tasked with protection of the banker's golden circle and old Anglo-Irish money in Ireland from the natives. Unfortunately all of the material that confirms this has been censored, however the file is contained in the link below.

Most of these articles are censored in Ireland by the mainstream media, which is not surprising, given the nature of the corporate fascist beast and the old saying he who pays the piper calls the tune. However what is particularly worrying for Ireland in the next election for example is that  media that is meant to be out of corporate clutches such as Indymedia Ireland censor, yet articles I have submitted,  appear subsequently with minor alterations in the mainstream media politically edited in the Mail on Sunday in Ireland for example.

British M15 agents embedded in the irish media constantly accuse me of plagiarism, to discredit my material, when in point of fact, my material is published first to be copied later. So some may wonder what is the big deal ?. Well there is a forthcoming General election in Ireland with what appears the likely return of Nazi fascist party to power. All references to their Nazi past has been airbrushed out of Irish history which along with current blanket censorship means that the general Irish electorate is going to elect an an Nazi Fascist party, totally ignorant of its Nazi roots, first leader and fascist nature.

Since the foundation of the British compliant Irish scum state in the south, it has been ruled by two of the most right-wing parties in Europe in a cosy arrangement of TweedeleGael and TweedleFail. The armed forces and police have been infiltrated particularly at command level, with the likely hood of an imminent takeover of the Irish state in its  present dire economic circumstances.
I invite all journalists of goodwill with political conscience to examine the link to the file below and use any of its contents, so that the Irish electorate can make an informed choice in the coming election. "Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat it.That is the law of nature. Ireland is still contaminated by a Nazi past and is about to elect a Nazi Government of Fine Gael and repeat its violent past."
The former Irish Government Minister O'Keefe also warned further, “Our political system is going to fail further. The two Brians have made a right mess of the country and I see the real possibility of an Army coup. People thought I was mad with all the things I have predicted through the years, but I foresaw the economy collapsing due to lax regulation on building housing estates and unwanted shopping centres.” The coup will happen towards the end of the incoming Blue-shirt Government's term in office.


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