Irish Blog Whacked

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One of the major principles of the Belfast Peace Agreement, is the following article.

Commitment by all parties to use "exclusively peaceful and democratic means";

Many traditional Irish republicans as a result, are using exclusively peaceful means of journalism, blogging, etc., to persuasively create a United Ireland but the British with their secret services, MI-5 principally are attacking them in the following manner.

a)   British agents in both parts of Ireland are engaged in getting Irish peace activist banned from Facebook by constantly complaining of republican spam and getting Facebook accounts banned or severely restricted.

b)   By ASTROTURFING as explained in the following link below.

c)   By hacking Irish peace activists accounts on Facebook, Twitter and constantly complaining of spam..

d)   By setting Traditional Irish Republicans up for assassination by their own agents but principally sub-contracting the work to their sponsored groups.

e)   By harassing and setting-up Irish peace activists by entrapment for lengthy prison sentence or political internment by Diplock non-jury courts.

These are just a sample of MI-5 attacks on Traditional Irish republicans.

You can help Peace in Ireland by re-sharing or re-tweeting material such as the following, which is being covertly censored in some or all of the above circumstances