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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The Above Photo is two years old but still realistic, if you can just visualize the children two years older.. All of the other photos of Colm and Poom have been removed from the computer. Please contact the authorities if you see the above, for reasons explained below.

If anyone can contact Buppha,this is Brian the father of our Baby and both Buppha and our beautiful baby disappeared, If anyone knows their where abouts please contact her and me. They just disappeared without any problem before they left.Colm is a beautiiful baby and I have spent just as much time with Colm as his MOM. He speaks English and will get scared if he is just surrounded by strangers speaking a language that is strange to him and with strangers who don't speak his language, if anyone knows his where abouts please contact either his MOM or me or the police. I am desperate and heart broken! and scared about his welfare!

This video is of another father in very similar circumstance whose son is in Cambodia.


Cheun my wife who is missing with our baby, has a Thyroid condition and after receiving actual bodily harm myself, on several occasions after our marriage as result of violence, she eventually followed my suggestion and got radio-active iodine treatment for it, which improved it but it was meant to be followed up with hormone treatment for balance, which she refuses to deal with. The links below explain the condition. If you are to read the links below, you will see why I am so worried for both our child an herself.

She may have driven our car more than 2,000 kilometers already and there is the risk of heart attack. Anyway I have actually over the last 6 months in particular spent more time with Colm than his MOM, who has been busy. Colm relies on me for stability and while Cheun is mostly a good MOM, he does need stability. Normally I don't pry or read her Facebook page but erratic, violent, highly sexually charged behaviour with a risk of heart attack while driving, worries me greatly, aside from our son's need for psychological stability. There is also material on this page that concerns me that there may have been outside factors in their disappearance.

Colm's welfare comes first, I would appreciate if anyone with any information on the matter, would contact myself or the appropriate authorities about their disappearance. Cheun is a great person but this condition having lived with it now for several ears, can be a very scary. I have had actual bodily harm all over my body on many occasions as a result of it.

Shortly before they disappeared she made this comment on her facebook page which is bizarre, as she is not in any sense political.

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