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Thursday, March 17, 2011


The SS grew like Martin McGuinness's crew within the Provisionals, from a small paramilitary unit in Derry, to a powerful force within the Provisionals in Derry..Eventually it became a force of almost a million, some of whom became political police who exerted more political influence in the Third Reich, than their standard armed forces, much like the Secret Services of her Majesty and first deputy in Occupied Ireland today.

Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, was also Adolph Hitler’s half-brother according to Emily Elizabeth Catherine Josephine Mary Windsor-Cragg, an illegitimate daughter of Edward VIII Duke of Windsor. King Edward VIII of England was forced to abdicate as the British King in 1938, because of his whole-hearted support for Hitler and the Nazis.

The House of Windsor through Queen Elizabeth with devious propaganda, copied later by McGuinness, portrayed King Edward VIII as unusual. This was untrue as the British monarchy was working with the City of London bankers, funding Adolf Hitler's rise to power, just like McGuinness's mentored rise through the ranks later that helped build the Nazi war machine. The British monarchy wanted to make Hitler strong to fight Stalin to consolidate their power base worldwide.

Martin McGuinness's crew within the Provisionals, like the SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to a powerful force that has served so well, the fascist British Queen's "Praetorian Guard", which like the Nazi Party, has been the The Queen's "Protection Squadron" in Ireland.

Now McGuinness the British fascist lectures Ireland, that aside from no dissident journalists, there should be no protests against the Queen’s forthcoming visit to Dublin. Even the UVF highjacked Indymedia Ireland, still carries article after article about McGuinness being a British MI6 spy for the British for decades, while McGuinness has been unashamedly helping Indymedia Ireland, by attacking ''dissident'' journalists, while at the same time, his "Praetorian Guard" are involved in the ongoing murders of Irish political dissidents.

This is part of the Irish fascist tradition following the abdication, King Edward VIII of Engalnd, who revealed he worked in close collaboration with the Nazis in Spain and Nazi Blueshirts of Fine Gael, all collaborators of British Occupation in Ireland, to create a British revolution, to overthrow Churchill and recover the Kingdom from his brother King George VI. Not for the first time the British Royals like King Billy, treating the Irish loyalists like butt monkeys. The Washington Post and London Observer reported this later.

At the time King Edward stepped down allowing Martin McGuinness's mentor Queen Elizabeth II to claim the throne in 1952 illegally. Several years later she had incest with her second cousin Prince Phillip and married him. He had many close ties and relatives with the Nazis besides McGuinness. Prince Phillip was in the Hilter Youth and his brothers-in-law was high up in the Nazi party. His belief in Nazi ideology is clear if we look for example at what he has said on the subject of overpopulation.

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." Prince Phillips quote, Deutsche Press Agenture. What kind of of sick individuals would try to be reincarnated as a virus to solve overpopulation? Prince Phillips is absolutely obsessed with reducing the population just like McGuinness with Irish republican dissidents or  Hitler wanted to kill off his dissidents and form a master race. Like McGuinness and Indymedia Ireland's hatred of dissident journalists, Hitler also organized serial quality book burning and censorship.

Prince Phillips also works closely with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was a former Nazi SS officer as McGuinness works closely with the Zionists. The House of Windsor is more German than Hitler. In the 1800s, Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg got married creating the German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Their name was changed to the House of Windsor by King George V to hide its German ancestry because of World War. However the British King George V was a Field Marshal in the German army right through World  War while poor Ulster Scots were being slaughtered left right and centre in places like the Somme. The litany of Royal abuse of Irish loyalist butt monkeys like McGuinness is relentless.

It's clear that Queen Elizabeth and the House of Windsor adore the Nazis, with the motherless, Prince Harry addicted to dressing up as a Nazi regularly, reflecting what these fascist British royals are really all about.Now this disgusting creature of a Queen wants to visit Ireland, with this Nazi McGuinness operating as a tout with his Praetorian Guard.

The British royalist embedded media of Royal charter, maintains that Queen Elizabeth only has symbolic power, but they are clearly liars. Queen Elizabeth is officially the head of state of sixteen compliant 'countries' and is believed to want to get Ireland back in the Commonwealth, with the help of collaborators like the tout McGuinness and Royal visits. The House of Windsor rules and interferes daily in secret in Ireland, using front men like deputy-minister McGuinness, to implement royal british policy in Occupied Ireland and act like a shock absorber to bear the brunt of public anger of her cuts and savagery.

It is sickening even for Irish dogs to watch McGuinness refer to Queen Elizabeth as her majesty and Prince Phillip as his Royal highness. McGuinness has entirely bowed down to her majesty, to the point of licking the arse of this elitist piece of garbage. She should be referred to as a royal Nazi piece of trash and deported from Ireland the moment she soils our green land, with her blood dripping Irish holocaust foot.

The scum state of Ireland is supposed to be a free country and the idea of a royal bitch visit is in direct conflict of the little hard won freedom thee is. Its disgusting even for Orangemen watching McGuinness lecturing, on appropriate Irish behaviour when dealing with this oless count. The Brutish Royal family and their elitist arse lickers, like the fascist tout McGuinness,  follow this established anal protocol as part of their control of Irish people. Like her bloody Brutish Military institutions in Ireland, established their bully protocol, so the Irish people don’t question orders, training and teaching of people to be slaves, while the British themselves boast, they never will be slaves. McGuinness besides being a tout and a fascist buffoon, belongs in a sewer, not in any institution of leadership in a free, peaceful, Ireland.

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