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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Colm Og Mo Chroi

Donal Óg (Young Donal)
by Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory

Translated from an anonymous eighth-century Irish poem

You have taken the east from me; you have taken the west from me;
you have taken what is before me and what is behind me;
you have taken the moon, you have taken the sun from me;
and my fear is great that you have taken the Spirit from me!

I have been blogging and writing articles on a daily basis now for almost five years. Almost all of the the time I write about major events in my country Ireland and in the rest of the world. Now I am putting a simple blog together about my son Colm. I have been blessed with this beautiful boy, who will be three on the fourth of May. After making most of the mistakes it is possible to make in lifetime and missing my other children desperately, for once in my life I can say I have been a good father.

Colm was taken from me by his mother, despite having a peaceful home without arguments or any indication she was leaving. Colm had a really good home that was loving caring and nurturing. Colm has been missing for over a month and is now in another country with his Mum and her boyfriend, without my permission or knowledge of which country he is actually in. Colm has an Irish passport and I am legally registered as his Father. I have been the principal carer from nine in the morning until eleven at night for quite sometime, while his Mum was working.

Colm trusts me to protect him, especially when he is scared. Because Colm carries an Irish passport and was removed from our home without my knowledge and brought to another country without my permission, I am within my rights to prosecute for kidnap but have been advised by a good friend against it. This blog is a record of this fact and of the fact that Colm is my heart and the only human being I have been strong enough and wise enough to love unconditionally in the way my heart has always wanted to love all of my children.

Anyone reading this and is aware of Colm's wherabouts currently, please convey the content of this blog and the deep love of his father to him - brian clarke

Monday, March 21, 2011


        IRISH LINKS -

An Observation by a Gaelic Teacher, I wholeheartedly endorse.

 I am sick of these fascist blueshirt west-brits ! 

As a secondary school teacher, I have taught international students who are not actually obliged to learn Irish (once they move here after eleven years of age), but actually start to learn the language… why? Because they are actually INTERESTED! Wow! And I don’t often see such enthusiasm. When they pass out the Irish students in language acquisition (which generally doesn’t take too long) the resentment among the others becomes very apparent.

One student recently informed me: “Irish is our language. They (i.e. immigrants) shouldn’t be allowed to speak it.” A case of misguided nationalism (and thinly disguised racism), I think. Believe me, if an international student wants to learn Irish and speak it, I am more than happy to help out. The Irish refuse to speak it and use it. The aforementioned student seems to come without all the emotional “baggage” that the Irish-born student is usually laden-down with. Why should I object? I’d quite happily swap a couple of disgruntled Irish students for a dozen ‘immigrant’ students, who are eager, enthusiastic and seem to take a pride in acquisition of the language that I rarely see elsewhere. If Irish-born students have an objection to this, that’s their problem. With each passing day, I am more and more convinced that the future of the Irish language lies increasingly in the hands of ‘immigrants’ settling in Ireland and their young children who will study Irish here in school.

Join the CAUSE for Justice & REAL Peace Ireland

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The SS grew like Martin McGuinness's crew within the Provisionals, from a small paramilitary unit in Derry, to a powerful force within the Provisionals in Derry..Eventually it became a force of almost a million, some of whom became political police who exerted more political influence in the Third Reich, than their standard armed forces, much like the Secret Services of her Majesty and first deputy in Occupied Ireland today.

Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, was also Adolph Hitler’s half-brother according to Emily Elizabeth Catherine Josephine Mary Windsor-Cragg, an illegitimate daughter of Edward VIII Duke of Windsor. King Edward VIII of England was forced to abdicate as the British King in 1938, because of his whole-hearted support for Hitler and the Nazis.

The House of Windsor through Queen Elizabeth with devious propaganda, copied later by McGuinness, portrayed King Edward VIII as unusual. This was untrue as the British monarchy was working with the City of London bankers, funding Adolf Hitler's rise to power, just like McGuinness's mentored rise through the ranks later that helped build the Nazi war machine. The British monarchy wanted to make Hitler strong to fight Stalin to consolidate their power base worldwide.

Martin McGuinness's crew within the Provisionals, like the SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to a powerful force that has served so well, the fascist British Queen's "Praetorian Guard", which like the Nazi Party, has been the The Queen's "Protection Squadron" in Ireland.

Now McGuinness the British fascist lectures Ireland, that aside from no dissident journalists, there should be no protests against the Queen’s forthcoming visit to Dublin. Even the UVF highjacked Indymedia Ireland, still carries article after article about McGuinness being a British MI6 spy for the British for decades, while McGuinness has been unashamedly helping Indymedia Ireland, by attacking ''dissident'' journalists, while at the same time, his "Praetorian Guard" are involved in the ongoing murders of Irish political dissidents.

This is part of the Irish fascist tradition following the abdication, King Edward VIII of Engalnd, who revealed he worked in close collaboration with the Nazis in Spain and Nazi Blueshirts of Fine Gael, all collaborators of British Occupation in Ireland, to create a British revolution, to overthrow Churchill and recover the Kingdom from his brother King George VI. Not for the first time the British Royals like King Billy, treating the Irish loyalists like butt monkeys. The Washington Post and London Observer reported this later.

At the time King Edward stepped down allowing Martin McGuinness's mentor Queen Elizabeth II to claim the throne in 1952 illegally. Several years later she had incest with her second cousin Prince Phillip and married him. He had many close ties and relatives with the Nazis besides McGuinness. Prince Phillip was in the Hilter Youth and his brothers-in-law was high up in the Nazi party. His belief in Nazi ideology is clear if we look for example at what he has said on the subject of overpopulation.

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." Prince Phillips quote, Deutsche Press Agenture. What kind of of sick individuals would try to be reincarnated as a virus to solve overpopulation? Prince Phillips is absolutely obsessed with reducing the population just like McGuinness with Irish republican dissidents or  Hitler wanted to kill off his dissidents and form a master race. Like McGuinness and Indymedia Ireland's hatred of dissident journalists, Hitler also organized serial quality book burning and censorship.

Prince Phillips also works closely with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was a former Nazi SS officer as McGuinness works closely with the Zionists. The House of Windsor is more German than Hitler. In the 1800s, Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg got married creating the German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Their name was changed to the House of Windsor by King George V to hide its German ancestry because of World War. However the British King George V was a Field Marshal in the German army right through World  War while poor Ulster Scots were being slaughtered left right and centre in places like the Somme. The litany of Royal abuse of Irish loyalist butt monkeys like McGuinness is relentless.

It's clear that Queen Elizabeth and the House of Windsor adore the Nazis, with the motherless, Prince Harry addicted to dressing up as a Nazi regularly, reflecting what these fascist British royals are really all about.Now this disgusting creature of a Queen wants to visit Ireland, with this Nazi McGuinness operating as a tout with his Praetorian Guard.

The British royalist embedded media of Royal charter, maintains that Queen Elizabeth only has symbolic power, but they are clearly liars. Queen Elizabeth is officially the head of state of sixteen compliant 'countries' and is believed to want to get Ireland back in the Commonwealth, with the help of collaborators like the tout McGuinness and Royal visits. The House of Windsor rules and interferes daily in secret in Ireland, using front men like deputy-minister McGuinness, to implement royal british policy in Occupied Ireland and act like a shock absorber to bear the brunt of public anger of her cuts and savagery.

It is sickening even for Irish dogs to watch McGuinness refer to Queen Elizabeth as her majesty and Prince Phillip as his Royal highness. McGuinness has entirely bowed down to her majesty, to the point of licking the arse of this elitist piece of garbage. She should be referred to as a royal Nazi piece of trash and deported from Ireland the moment she soils our green land, with her blood dripping Irish holocaust foot.

The scum state of Ireland is supposed to be a free country and the idea of a royal bitch visit is in direct conflict of the little hard won freedom thee is. Its disgusting even for Orangemen watching McGuinness lecturing, on appropriate Irish behaviour when dealing with this oless count. The Brutish Royal family and their elitist arse lickers, like the fascist tout McGuinness,  follow this established anal protocol as part of their control of Irish people. Like her bloody Brutish Military institutions in Ireland, established their bully protocol, so the Irish people don’t question orders, training and teaching of people to be slaves, while the British themselves boast, they never will be slaves. McGuinness besides being a tout and a fascist buffoon, belongs in a sewer, not in any institution of leadership in a free, peaceful, Ireland.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Butt-Monkey Ireland Ethnically Cleansed Again with Corporate Financial Terrorism

  The B-Eurocrats of the European Union believe they have pulled off a coup by tying Ireland to a bailout agreement that makes them billions in profit.They haven't however calculated with the tradition of emigration in Ireland since its last holocaust, when the British were last ethnically cleansing the Irish. On that occasion Ireland lost more than 6 million of its population, on this occasion of the 1.8 million taxpaying workers, they are already emigrating at the rate of a thousand a week and it is becoming a tsunami of ethnically cleansing Ireland again. 

The 1.8 million will soon become 1.7 million and then 1.6 million until Ireland is cleared of the healthy Irish or they stand and rebel. The terms of the bailout are totally unrealistic and the lifeblood of Ireland, the real wealth creators will all leave or fight except a few remaining eejits left, to slavishly try and pay taxes to the values of hundreds of billions pay to the gnomes of  Zurich and the City of London. The EU is guilty of financial terrorism on Ireland and ethnic cleansing.

William Hughes described the last  Ethnic Cleansing in Ireland very well in a Millennium Perspective;

" With respect to Ireland, ethnic cleansing has been the essence of British rule dating from the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169. One of its earliest racist laws, enacted in 1367, was the "Statute of Kilkenny." It prohibited intermarriage between the British and (Gaelic) Irish under penalty of death. To the British, the Irish were subhuman.

If one thinks of Irish history as a play, crafted in London's Whitehall by its bureaucrats, at the direction of powerful wirepullers, where the actors (read individuals, political parties, military, police, etc.) are given certain roles, but the end result is already known by the wirepullers, then the tragic drama of Ireland under British rule can be understood.

Since British outrages against the Irish are so many, space requirements permit me to cite only a few of the more egregious ones.[8]

The Great Terrors

In 1520, when Henry VIII broke with Rome, it added religion to the bias against the Catholic Irish. Under Henry's daughter, the murderous Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), the killing fields of Ireland ran red with the blood of innocent victims. It is estimated 1.5 million Irish peasants were starved or "put to the sword" and much of their lands seized by English predators, while she reigned.[9]

By the time the zealot Oliver Cromwell arrived on the scene, the Irish were ripe for more carnage. "It has pleased God to bless our endeavors," he wrote of the mass slaughter in 1649, by his Puritan troops of 3,552 Irish inhabitants of the seaport town of Drogheda, just north of Dublin. He pompously continued, "I am persuaded that this is a righteous judgment of God upon these barbarous wretches." This Drogheda massacre is one of the leading examples of the insidious British policy of ethnic cleansing in Ireland. Another is Cromwell's sacking of Wexford and the killing of 2,000 of its citizens.

The infamous "Cromwellian Settlements" followed his conquest of Ireland. Millions of acres of land (41 percent of Antrim, 26 percent of Down, 34 percent of Armagh and 38 percent of Monaghan) were allocated to English Protestant settlers. The landowners of Irish birth were either killed, banished or forced out to Connaught in the west of Ireland, where it was hoped "they would starve to death."[11] A Cromwell biographer labeled this massive confiscation of Irish lands, "by far the most wholesale effort to impose on Ireland the Protestant faith and English ascendancy." The British policy of colonizing Ireland with Protestants still has repercussions which are felt today on the streets of Belfast.

From 1649 to 1652, one-third of the population of Ireland was destroyed. Petty, an English historian says, "660,000 Irish people were killed." Twenty thousand Irish boys and girls also were sold into slavery to the West Indies. The Irish peasant farmers that survived were forced to pay rent to their usurpers. Once prosperous home grown industries were also destroyed because they "competed with British factories."

The memory of the holocausts under Elizabeth I and Cromwell have been forever seared into the psyche of the Irish race. Cromwell's evil idea that Irish Catholics were "barbarous wretches" has, too, unfortunately, passed into the British mindset.[15] Parliament reacted to Cromwell's crime against humanity in Ireland by passing an infamous Resolution that legitimized ethnic cleansing. It stated, "The House doth approve the execution done at Drogheda, as an act both of justice to them and mercy to others who may be warned by it."

After the shaky British monarchy was restored in 1660, under Charles II, the vicious propaganda against Irish Catholics continued unabated. Many of the "vilest pamphlets" hyping the threat of a supposed "Popish Plot" against the Crown were printed in Holland.[17]

When James II, Charles' brother, succeeded him as King of England and Ireland in 1685, the hopes of Irish Catholics rose. His defeat, however, by the forces of William of Orange, at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, on July 12, brought renewed disaster. More confiscations of Irish lands followed and the adoption into law of the notorious "Penal Laws" in the late 1690s. Their net effect was to hold that, "The law does not presume any such person to exist as an Irish Roman Catholic."

As time passed, there were periodic, but failed, rebellions in Ireland. In 1845, with nationalist aspirations at their lowest ebb, the moans of the starving were heard. The potato crop was blighted and famine stalked the land.

The Irish Genocide

Author Thomas Gallagher sets the scene for this unspeakable tragedy in his moving testament to the Irish dead, Paddy's Lament: "A famine unprecedented in the history of the world, a chapter in human misery to harrow the human heart was about to start, and even little children could see its quick, sure approach in the nakedly fearful eyes and faces of their parents."[19]

By the mid-19th century, Ireland was a country of eight million, mostly peasants. As a result of years of exploitation, they survived as tenant farmers and were never far from economic disaster. They were forced to exist on a single crop: the potato. A disease turned the potato into a foul slime. When the Irish masses turned to the British government for relief, they received the back of London's hand.

Meanwhile, "Food, from 30 to 50 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint (from Ireland) by 12,000 British constables, reinforced by 200,000 British soldiers, warships, excise vessels, and coast guards... Britain seized from Ireland's producers tens of millions of head of livestock, tens of millions of tons of flour, grains, meat, poultry and dairy products-enough to sustain 18-million persons."[20]

Gallagher estimates two million died from the famine. Writer Chris Fogarty, however, places the numbers "murdered at approximately 5.16 million... making it the Irish holocaust." Distinguished legal scholars, like Professors Charles Rice of Notre Dame U. and Francis A. Boyle, U. of Illinois, believe that under International Law, that the British pursued a barbarous policy of mass starvation in Ireland from 1845-50, and that such conduct constituted "genocide."

The Wrong of Partition

An armed uprising occurred in Ireland, on Easter Monday, 1916. It was quickly crushed and its leaders executed by firing squads on the orders of General John "Mad Dog" Maxwell. In the next general election, in 1918, Sinn Fein, the Republican Party, won 75 percent of the seats allocated to Ireland in the London Parliament. In defiance of Great Britain, its representatives set up an independent parliament known as Dail Eireann (Assembly of Ireland). London replied with massive violence, spearheaded by the "Black and Tans," fascist storm troopers.

Two years of war ensued with the Irish Republican Army, (IRA) fighting the British to a stalemate. In 1921, a truce was declared. During negotiations for an Anglo-Irish Treaty, British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, issued an ultimatum to the Irish delegation: Sign a draft treaty or face immediate and "terrible war." The signing led to a bitter civil war and the partition of Ireland, with the six northeastern counties becoming the bogus state of "Northern Ireland."

After the civil war ended, Eamon De Valera became Prime Minister of the "Irish Free State," which consisted of the twenty-six counties in the South. On July 1, 1937, a Constitution was adopted by his government rejecting partition and any oath of allegiance to the British Crown.

Six County Police State

Since the late 60s, British rule in the North of Ireland has been marked by events, like "Bloody Sunday,"[26] the "Dublin-Monaghan Bombings,"and the death of the "Ten Hunger Strikers."[28] It has employed political assassinations, a shoot-to-kill policy, raiding of private homes, plastic bullets, the repressive Diplock Court system, tear gas, surveillance, torture and deportation in order to suppress the Irish.

As resistance by the IRA to the occupation intensified, so did renewed oppression.[30] Actions, like the torching of Catholic churches, and the murders of attorneys Patrick Finucane and Rosemary Nelson, have underscored its policy of terror.[31] Although British officials regularly deny any responsibility for Loyalist (read Protestant, Unionist or Orange Order) terrorism, strong evidence suggest the contrary.

Thanks to American activists, Ex-British Army Captain, Fred Holroyd, (MI 6) revealed to a C-Span audience details of Britain's "dirty tricks" in the Six Counties. British tactics included murders, bombings, framing of innocent victims, black propaganda and kidnappings. Holroyd said the Special Air Service (SAS), undercover military personnel that are licensed to kill, are controlled directly by the office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, and that the SAS, often referred to as "Margaret Thatcher's Praetorian Guard," ran spies into the 26 Counties.

British wrongdoing didn't stop at the Irish shores. It also unsuccessfully opposed the MacBride Principles, U.S. sourced anti-discrimination legislation, which promoted equal employment opportunities for Catholics in the sectarian dominated Six Counties.[35]


A "Peace Process," in Ireland, was boldly initiated, in 1993, by Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and the Social Democratic Labor Party's John Hume. It eventually evolved into the 1998 "Good Friday Agreement." Unionist prevarications, however, and the reluctance of Blair's Labor government to trump the Orange card, despite having a 179-vote majority in the Parliament, have brought it to the brink of failure. Keep in mind that on December 19,1993, the London Sunday Times reported a secret Anglo-Irish deal to "smash the IRA, if a peace deal is rejected."

Some now wonder, if the "Peace Process" is yet another example of Perfidious Albion's dirty tricks. They ask, "Will British ethnic cleansing return once again to Ireland and with a fury that would shame even Cromwell?" Only the wirepullers at Whitehall know for sure the answer to that troubling question."

While the debate on whether Whitehall returns with ethnic cleansing to Ireland again continues, there can be no debate about the fact that the European Union, has already using financial terrorism to protect its Euro, sacrificed Ireland on the altar of European ethnic cleansing. Superstate financial terrorism is a crime against the Irish people and Ireland, every bit as much, as the British crimes of de-populating Ireland of more than six million of its people.

 The only solution in this quagmire, is an Irish velvet revolution, like Egypt or Tunisia to prevent it and to topple the corrupt, self-serving, brown-nosing, Anglo-Irish gombeen establishment, that have always managed and enabled the rape and ethnic cleansing of Ireland. The political reform being bandied about, is a futile cosmetic elastoplast effort at distraction, that will not stem the haemorrhage of Ireland's life blood.Again Ireland is at the crossroads of revolution or once again engaging in a surrender process of finally losing its national integrity and the remainder of its Irish people, unless of course the UNESCO World Heritage Centre  make them a protected species, with the help of UN forces!

Ireland is a relatively small island, with the remaining part of its population not already wiped out by the British, scattered to the extent of 80 million Irish diasporadoes, all over the planet, while imperialist financial terrorism has depopulated and divided its island. It needs enlightened, empowering help to guide the velvet revolution necessary, in a pro-active direction, otherwise it will continue to sink in the clutches of corporate fascist forces, beyond recovery, never the less it first must make its stand !

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Friday, March 4, 2011


In the dialectic that followed a recent article in The Guardian newspaper, it ran roughly along the following lines, with one contributor commenting;

"The gombeen financial Eurocrats of the ECB and IMF thought they had pulled off a major coup when they tied the Irish to this particular pernicious bail out agreement. What they didn't factor in was the readiness of those 1.8 million taxpayers to up sticks and take their skills to other more fertile pastures. 1.8 million will soon become 1.7 million and then 1.6 million and so on. The terms of the bailout were unrealistic to many observers before the bleedin' ink was dry. Just wait until the real wealth creators leave the equation and there is nobody left to pay the taxes to pay the gnomes of Zurich. The ECB may be guilty of financial ethnic cleansing."

The Irish are left with essentially two choices, ethnic cleansing by mass emigration or revolution !

The article created further discussion along the lines, that the eternal brown-nosing by the Anglo-Irish establishment, earned them description. nux, asinus, Hibernes verbere opus habent, as part of their own survival, administering imperialist rape of their own people. Ireland is now ready with a new government, to resume its place in history as a depressed economy continuing in that legacy from fascist blue shirt father to son.The Irish political establishment in the form of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and their always reliable lapdog, careerist Labour, bought for a couple of Euros, are serving their Euro-masters well, like they served their predecessors, in their compliant scum state, mentored by Britain.

As Europe is returning to 1929 and "Economic Consequences of the Peace" pre world war two, with the whiff of revolution, corporate fascism is rearing its ugly head again in Ireland again with Fine Gael and their side kicks the pre-cursors.The agreement of the IMF, with the old Government who caused the problem in the first instance, with unilateral guarantees to the bankster bondholders and the election of a new Government, closing the stable-door afterwards, rather than the election which should have been held, before the conniving political and economic treasonous deal was done, perpetrated by a Cowen government, enslaving the Irish people, making sure the banksters palmed their losses off on the Irish State and ordinary people.

The current EU/IMF LOAN, with high interest rates means that Ireland with debts in the region of 200 billlion euro probably 400 billion ultimately, repaying it at current interest rates, means that the IMF/EU would make billions of profit from Ireland's misfortune, charging higher rates of interest than the IMF/EU get it originally for. It is well understood by anyone with more than one braincell in Ireland, that this is all going to fall apart. That is why the looting is still ongoing on a huge scale. Presently a bunch of useless sheep are simply numbed observers. For the moment the public service administrators are still getting their high salaries. The cuts are not actually applicable to those at the top of Irish society but the staff on lower pay will take the hit, along with proposed 90,000 state job losses and ever-more brutal austerity for at least a couple of decades, while public money is fed into insolvent banks.

The physical result is a mountain of houses that no one wants and house price that are unsustainable

The developers of greed have NAMA set up to prop them up and they are already preparing to buy back their original investments at rock bottom discounts. The bankster bondholders have been bailed out. The rot in the Irish soul as a result of surviving centuries of Imperialism in cunning slavery mode, has resulted in many Irish being fully aware and passively supportive of the rottenness, which permeates the ruling classes in Ireland.

They even admire the dishonesty, the graft, the money laundering, the drug money with all the manifestations of greed which, in the has brought about Ireland's downfall once again.Its to late now to see the consequences of their stupidity. People get the government they deserve and all governments in Ireland are essentially puppets of the ruling classes inevitably with the tacit acquiescence of the people.God help the Irish people if they deserve the corporate fascist government of Fine Gael.They have made their bed, now they should lie on it, is the general call but what of its hungry youth, emigrate or rebel are the only choices.

This debt wasn't created through financing the country, it was created by bankers. It is private debt which a traitorous government forced on ordinary Irish people, it is odious debt. 1.8 million tax payers cannot pay hundreds of billions of debt? they simply can't, the dogs on the street know it, everyone in Ireland knows it, Europe knows it, they are trying to buy the euro time and it simply won't work. The regime being imposed on Ireland is utterly unrealistic. A depressed and deeply indebted economy with just 1.8 million people at work cannot underwrite private banking liabilities of €200bn or 135% of GDP.

The whole present day capitalist set up, stinks to high heaven and the Irish poor and the vulnerable are going to suffer, as the IMF dictates social policies directly and indirectly, that favour the continuation of their warped system, which will continue to protect the privileges of the few at the top, at the expense of the majority at the bottom. It won't be long more before Ireland awakens to see its youth in revolution. Irish politicians promising what they clearly cannot deliver for a couple of decades, with the economy out of their control, will give Ireland plenty of time, to sort out the island's utterly broken dysfunctional political system.

Join the CAUSE for Justice & REAL Peace Ireland

Is It Time For Revolution?  :      Information Clearing House: ICH

Is It Time For Revolution?  :      Information Clearing House: ICH

The Irish state generally known as the scum state, has been ruled constantly, since its inception by two of Europe's most right-wing parties. The record of disgraced Fianna Fail and its crony bankers are fresh in people's memories but with offshore banker and corporate money flooding the coffers of Fine Gael for a media blitz of brainwashing, the waters are being muddied for the angry Irish electorate. While Fianna Fail is right-wing, Fine Gael who are now quasi-fascist, servicing exclusively the interests of the corporates and the modern British corporate of the Commonwealth. Fine Gael's founders are war criminals in the same tradition as Adolph Hitler, Franco and Mussolini as the following explains.Cumann na nGaedheal joined the National Centre Party to form a new party, Fine Gael, on 3 September 1933. Eoin O'Duffy became their first President. The National Guard became the Young Ireland Association and became part of the fascist youth wing of the party. The party target was to create a corporatist United Ireland joining the British Commonwealth. O'Duffy left the party after a disagreement with his Fine Gael colleagues, almost all of the fascist blueshirts remained in Fine Gael.The Fine Gael Blue shirts raised an "Irish Brigade" that took the side of fascist General Francisco Franco's in the Spanish Civil War against the workers in Spain. Their founder attended the Montreux Fascist conference in Switzerland.The Fine Gael Blueshirts are the Irish equivalent of Hitler's Brownshirts and Mussolini's Blackshirts. They employed paramilitary-style uniforms and greeted each other with the Fascist salute. Fascist ideology is still widespread among rank-and-file members of young Fine Gael, many of whom hate the Irish Republic.The Army Comrades Association which was created in 1932 to promote the interests of ex-National Army and police members, to defend conservative and foreign corporate interests. They were also infiltrated by the British Secret Services, while they in turn infiltrated the Irish Police force in large numbers to halt what they perceived as an emerging threat, from organized Irish workers and people of no property. They became known as the "Heavy Gang" who still torture and batter protest students on the Irish streets.What is of particularly worry for ordinary Irish people, is that the Irish scum state army is also heavily infiltrated with Fine Gael Blue shirts, who over the years through patronage, have filled almost all of the the officer ranks with fascist Fine Gael blue shirts. When the British secrets services MI-5 set off no warning car bombs in Dublin and Monaghan, slaughtering 33 innocent civilians, they were sided by the fascist blue shirts, who had infiltrated the Irish police at the highest level. Immediately after the slaughter Irish police burned all of the evidence, while in the Irish Parliament, debate on the matter was censored.Sometime later Frank Stagg an Irish republican died on Hunger strike against these British instigated injustices of occupation. His brothers and wife wanted to have him buried in a republican plot in Ballina. However the fascist Fine Gael Irish Government kidnapped his body and ordered the flight to be diverted to Shannon Airpor,t with his body then brought to Ballina and buried, in order to prevent Frank's last wish, along with his wife and brothers wishes but the fascist blue shirts of Fine Gael covered the grave with concrete to prevent it.The founder of Fine Gael, on August 27, ordered two anti-treaty fighters shot, after they had surrendered in Tralee. James Healy, was left for dead but survived to tell the tale. Another Republican was shot in Killarney after he surrendered, while James Galvin was shot and dumped in Ballyseedy woods outside Tralee. A party of nine was wiped out near Sligo by blue shirts, including John MacNeill, the son of Eoin MacNeill, who were found shot at close range in the forehead, indicating being shot after surrendering.However perhaps the worst atrocity of the Civil War was ordered again by Fine Gael's founder . At Ballyseedy Bridge, in County Kerry, nine Republican prisoners were tied up to a tree beside a land mine which was then detonated. One of the prisoners however lived to tell the story and refuted official reports they had been the victims of an accident. Vol. O'Brien miraculously survived. He had both legs hanging on by a little skin and muscle. They were amputated immediately on arrival in Tralee.The founders of Fine Gael ordered Irish republican prisoners to clear mined roads in Ireland. On March 7, nine political prisoners were taken from Ballymullen barracks in Tralee to Ballyseedy crossroads and tied to a landmine, which was exploded while the survivors were machine-gunned. One of the prisoners, Stephen Fuller, was blown to safety and although he was badly injured, escaped to tell of the event afterwards. O'Duffy's troops in nearby Tralee had prepared nine coffins but could only find eight bodies on the scene.This was followed by other similar incidents with mines within twenty four hours of the Ballyseedy killings. Five more political prisoners were blown up near Killarney and another four at Caherciveen. Another political prisoner, Seamus Taylor was taken from Kenmare jail to Ballyseedy woods and shot dead on the orders of the founder of Fine Gael. It has since emerged over the years, that the blue shirts beat the prisoners, tied them to explosives and then killed them. At Cahirciveen, the prisoners were shot in the legs before being blown up to prevent them escaping.All of these war crimes are the backdrop to the blue-shirt Fine Gael collusion with the British, in the wholesale slaughter, by no warning explosions of 33 innocent Dublin and Monaghan civilians. All of this activity was taught to them by the departing British Army, who continues to sponsor them to the present day, to prevent a real Irish Republic being established, while the tactics have been passed on to the Americans by the British in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.Irish workers and people of no property can expect no mercy then, after the corporate and bankers sponsor Fine Gael to power on the pending Irish election to ensure that ordinary Irish people continue to bailout the fraudulent banks and enable corporate fascism to run smoothly in the Irish scum state. Students protesting for a third level education can expect the continuation of being battered out of the country by blue shirt fascist police, while Irish republicans can expect more torture by the blue shirt heavy gang. See details @The Irish Blog

The Pensive Quill: Excuse me?

The Pensive Quill: Excuse me?

Join the CAUSE for Justice & REAL Peace Ireland

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Cricket World Cup:

Ireland beat England in the Cricket World Cup today, in probably the biggest shock in the history of any sport, they were 400/1 outsiders to beat England and there were Irish takers!. They not alone beat the English at their own game, the also broke two World records by securing the tournament's highest ever run-chase when Kevin O'Brien clocked up its fastest ever hundred in World Cup history..
He reached his century from just 50 balls, in their World Cup victory over England.
O'Brien said afterwards "I'm pretty speechless at the moment.
"To be honest it's the best innings I've ever played since I started playing cricket. I just kept going and kept beliving and it went our way."

In the last cricket World Cup minnows Ireland shocked the World Champions by also beating Pakistan and putting them out of the competition as result Pakistan's English manager kicked the bucket immediately after the game, with suggestions he was murdered. Todays win came despite the fact that England since the last World Cup stole Ireland's best player Morgan who was playing for England. Irish people are over the moon about it and now believe if the y can beat the English at their own game , they can beat them at anything, including getting their occupying army out of Ireland once and for all !

There 's talk on Facebook of the Irish turning their bats into shillelaghs at some wild parties of celebrations tonight as in the video below !

Link to Pictures from the Phuckers in the BBC



How it Happened ;

Irish Hero Kevin O'Brien

  1. Meanwhile on Sky, Bob Willis says Kevin O'Brien will "probably be made a saint shortly." Matthew Hayden's century in St Kitts against South Africa four years ago (previously the best World Cup ton) came off 66 balls, O'Brien made Hayden look like Boycott - his came off 50! What a player, and that's the last comment from me, so goodnight and rest easy. If you have any energy left, please read Sam Sheringham's match bulletin. Oh and remember the BBC TV highlights are at 2200 GMT on BBC2, red button and on this website.

  2. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew 
    "There will be people turning on the radio, and there will be people rubbing their eyes in disbelief. To see any team come and win from that position is pretty something, but when you are the underdogs it's pretty special."
    Just a quick reminder if you didn't spot my comment earlier, Ireland were backed at 400-1 halfway through this chase on some betting exchanges.

  3. BBC Test Match Special's Alan Lewis 
    "I am virtually in tears, I can hardly speak. I just never thought this would happen. This has been the most incredible day in Irish cricket history. The fashion of the victory, the way we went about it, the team spirit..the calmness and assurance at the end. It is just truly remarkable. We just did it in such a calm fashion."
  4. 1710 
    Kevin O'Brien: "Knocking off the greatest run chase in World Cups - it's pretty much the greatest day in our lives. We believed in ourselves even after losing the other night when we should have knocked off 200 against Bangladesh."
  5. 1702 
    Andrew Strauss: "Things were looking pretty comfortable but we weren't reckoning on an outstanding innings from Kevin O'Brien - it was pretty brutal and set us back. Our World Cup dream's not over by any means, we are going to have to bounce back and learn from this but we have haemorrhaged runs in all our games so far. We put down three or four catches today and in the end that's cost us the game."
  6. Twitter 
    From aaronwhite910: "Fair play to Ireland. That was one hell of a chase. With possibly the best ODI innings ever."
    Well the nuts and bolts are that that was the highest successful chase at a World Cup, and it included the fastest World Cup century. As well as some very happy Irish fans, I suspect there are one or two bruised Australians with some tough Ashes memories who enjoyed Kevin O'Brien and his mates' assault.
  7. Twitter 
    From bossbeechyscoop: "The blame starts at the top: Strauss one-day captaincy is clueless: please retire from ODIs at end of the World Cup."
  8. Nicholas Green, TMS inbox: "Does this mean Ireland will be now commandeering England's best players for their all conquering side?"
  9. 1703 
    Alex Cusack: "I was just trying to knock it around for Kev, because he's got the power. I think we'll have a few quiet beers tonight." Kevin O'Brien will be chatting later when he collects the man-of-the-match award.
  10. 1658 
    That really was an extraordinary result, Mooney completing the victory with a four off the first ball of the last over, bowled by Anderson. Let's remember they werew 111-5 needing 328 to win with barely 25 overs to go. How on earth did they do it? Kevin O'Brien, pink/purple hair and all, was the principal hero with 113 from 63 balls, and believe it or not he actually slowed down towards the end. But never foreget the efforts of Alex Cusack (47) and John Mooney (33 not out).
  11. 49.1 overs 
  12. 49 oversIre 325-5 
    So it's Trent Johnston to join Mooney with 11 wanted from 11 balls, and he's almost won it with his first shot. Broad's attempted yorker was a low full-toss and it skidded away for four. Seven to win from 10 balls. Great, great running from Ireland as Johnston pops one down to long-on, the fielder (Tredwell) did not send back a very good return really, and they get two. Now Johnston, the cool, cool Johnston who hit the winning runs against Pakistan four years ago, takes a single, and Mooney who has played an admirable role moves to 29 with another single. It's three to win from six balls, very hard to see England avoiding defeat now.
  13. 48.1 oversWICKETK O'Brien run out 113 (Ire 317-7) 
    They went for a silly second run, and there was a great return by Bresnan to Prior, O'Brien's brilliant innings comes to an end.
  14. 48 oversIre 316-6 
    G Boycott: "If you leprechauns can't get over the line now, I don't know... My mum could win it from here; you've done the hard work." Anderson is bowling as Ireland prepare to finish off this remarkable, brilliant chase. O'Brien is pretty tired as he jogs a single to deepish mid-off. Huge lobbed mis-hit from Mooney, but there's no-one fielding at mid-on and it's another Irish single. Oh, good solid clubbing shot from Mooney for four, that could be the death knell for England. Ireland need 12 to win from 12 balls.
  15. 47 oversIre 308-6 
    Broad went down with some bad-looking knee injury just now. Wheels and carts... things dropping off all over the shop. Now it's Bresnan bowling his last over and he starts with a couple of dots at Mooney, before the batsman backs away and smashes one through point for his third boundary. Bopara looks on from behind the boundary edge. Expressionless, but a pound or two for his thoughts right now. Another overthrow tossed away by England as Bresnan kicks the ball past the stumps. Ireland need 20 from 18 balls.
  16. From Jonathan Johnston, TMS inbox: "As an Irishman this is very exciting, and if we can beat England it will firmly put us on the map as a cricketing nation. However I am a bit nervous as Ireland can self destruct sometimes in these situations."
  17. 46 oversIre 301-6 
    It's 34 needed from 29 balls after the first ball of Broad's eighth over is hit for a single by O'Brien down to mid-off. After two more singles, there's a dot and the tension just keeps on building up. Mooney's turn to crash a drive for four. It's a horrible, gently floated ball outside off stump from Broad. Where are the brilliant yorkers? The slower ball bouncers that England produced in the Caribbean when they won the World Twenty20? England are bowling utter tripe, but Ireland have poured pressure on them and will thoroughly deserve this victory.
  18. 45 oversIre 293-6 
    Brilliant take by Prior off Mooney's shoulder as Bresnan, in his ninth over, surprises the left-hander with pace and bounce. Then after four dot balls Mooney edges another boundary as he did with the last ball of the previous over. If he'd missed either Ireland would be a bit behind the rate, as it is they are still cruising. This is going to the wire though, I fancy.
  19. 44 oversIre 288-6 
    Broad has managed to keep England afloat in his final spell. O'Brien takes a single, and it's a dot at Mooney before a single from the third ball. O'Brien charges back for a second run from a carefully-played pull, that's well played by Ireland. Defensive push for a single now. It's so interesting how he's gone from biffer to nurdler. Mooney smacks Broad for four with a thin outside edge to a drive. Nine from the over. Ireland remain firmly on course.
  20. Twitter 
    From drucej31: "Great knock from O'Brien against one of the worst England bowling and fielding displays in living history."
  21. 43 oversIre 279-6 
    Bresnan at Mooney. Dot ball. Bell swoops from cover, it's another dot. Quick leg-bye now, O'Brien and Bell tangling and there was only going to be one winner there. O'Brien is quite an imposing presence, never more so than today. Single for O'Brien, has he decided to stop the big hits for now? Now - run-out chance is missed by Bell and there's an overthrow, I'm sorry to report.
  22. 42 oversIre 275-6 
    Easy single for O'Brien, so can England heap some pressure on the new man, who is John Mooney? Let's see. First ball at the left-hander is a dot. And then he takes the strike with a single off the last ball. Ireland need 53 from 48 balls.
  23. 41.3 oversWICKETCusack run out 47 (Ire 273-6) 
    Huge misunderstanding between the batsmen, and Collingwood threw intelligently to the bowler's end, where Broad dived at the stumps. Cusack was out by an inch.
    Broad has to pull this out of the bag for England, well somebody has to otherwise it's game over. Broad's bowling to Cusack, who almost drags a drive onto his stumps, fine stop by Prior but they scamper a single. "Where are the yorkers that England normally bowl?" asks Simon Hughes on TMS. Could there be a run-out?
  25. 41 oversTHAT'S 100Ire 272-5 
    Strauss hasn't a clue who his best bet with the ball is now. As it happens it's Yardy who bowls and Cusack, who has now found his range, hammers a shot back past the bowler for four. O'Brien defends. That's very interesting...  And now he turns a low full toss for the two runs he needs for his century, off exactly 50 balls. Ireland need just 56 to win from 54 balls. They are favourites to win now, odds-on favourites having been 400-1 at one point!
  26. 40 oversIre 263-5 
    Oh welcome to the Irish party, Alex Cusack! A huge six off Collingwood's first ball, Ireland barely need a run a ball now. They should win this fairly comfortably, it's like Sunday's match all over again. O'Brien hammers Collingwood down the ground for four to go to 97 from 47 balls. He's about to register the fastest World Cup century by some distance, and he's got pink hair!
  27. 39 oversDROPPED CATCHIre 252-5 
    Yardy starts the 39th over with a leg-side wide. Have England spurned their last chance to end Ireland's fairytale? Cusack drives to long-off for one. Another error from Prior brings Ireland a bye. Everyone's getting a bit nervous because Ireland have started to drop a gear or two, and now Yardy's put down Cusack off his own bowling! This World Cup goes from bad to worse for England.
  28. 38 oversDROPPED CATCHIre 248-5 
    Kevin O'Brien is 10 runs away from probably the finest World Cup century ever. Very shrewd, they're pushing the singles now, because they don't need many boundaries. Very shrewd indeed. Cusack's played a brilliant foil for O'Brien in what will be the most impressive performance by an Irish cricket team ever if they can pull this. Strauss has spilt O'Brien on 91, towering, towering shot but England needed that so badly.
  29. SMS 
    From Anon: "I will join in the negativity. Scraped past Holland, struggling against Ireland. It's like an England football team World Cup performance."
  30. 37 oversIre 243-5 
    Bresnan falls over after delivering a ball at Cusack, who gets the single that Ireland need to bring the remarkable Kevin O'Brien back on strike. The required rate is barely seven, Ireland can afford to take it easy and still win. Remarkable stuff this, you know. England appeal for lbw against Cusack but decide not to review the decision. O'Brien smashes a pull shot for four, Yardy can't get there. And he follows up with a huge six as the Indian fans begin to scream in pleasure. They are loving this innings.
  31. BBC Test Match Special's Alan Lewis
    BBC Test Match Special's Alan Lewis 
    "The bowlers are on edge. Everyone's trying to put their tuppence in now."
  32. BBC Test Match Special's Alan Lewis
    BBC Test Match Special's Alan Lewis 
    "I'm going to have a word with the producers to let me stay on and see this through. This is turning into one of the greatest innings in World Cup history."
  33. From Thomas Atkinson, TMS inbox: "Great stuff from Ireland, chance now for the England bowlers to stand up like the batters had to do against Holland and India…"
  34. 36 oversIre 229-5 
    Three precious dot balls from Yardy at Cusack before the fourth ball goes for two, and the fifth for one. Last ball of the powerplay, crashed by O'Brien through wide mid-off for four more - he's on 80 from 39 balls, and 30 from his last nine balls.
  35. 35 oversIre 222-5 
    Anderson to Cusack, England desperately needing to exert a modicum of control. The required rate has been plunging from way above eight to almost 7.5, which is do-able. Thin inside edge off a huge heave from O'Brien brings him four more. Oh that is a fine, fine shot. Drilled through the covers for four more. He is onto 70 from 36 balls! Now here is a very mighty six into the stands as 17 runs come off Anderson's over. Ireland are down to 13-2 to win this from 400-1 at one point!!! And that six travelled 102 metres apparently, the biggest of the tournament. Gee whizz!
  36. 1542DRINKS BREAK 
    Anyone getting a bit nervous thinking Ireland could pull off the unthinkable? I think England will win, but not by much. Anyone want to share in the negativity stakes now, or perhaps just applaud O'Brien's brilliant innings?
  37. from Chris Bryson, TMS inbox: "If only Ireland batted like this last week against Bangledesh, we could be chasing down a second win from two!"
  38. 34 oversIre 205-5 
    Ireland need 136 to win from 17 overs and have already made England's final powerplay batting look thoroughly feeble. Cusack does the right thing, again ensuring O'Brien takes most of the strike. Bresnan is bowling, and O'Brien top-edges a pull over the slips for four. You can't begrudge him the odd slice of luck. This is the fastest ODI fifty by an Irish player by the way. Now he slams Bresnan over point for six. Alarm bells continue to ring very loud for England and their supporters now. Marvellous stuff from O'Brien and Ireland.
  39. 33 oversIre 192-5 
    Anderson and Strauss spend an age to set the field. The good news is that Jimmy is proving pretty effective right now, lovely dive from Strauss cutting off an O'Brien drive. Then O'Brien reaches his fifty off just 30 balls with a lovely hook for six! This is alarming for England.
  40. SMS 
    From Suggs: "England are doing well with the bat, but bowling looks ordinary and fielding is well below recent high standards. Unlike SA and Aus they have a class spinner. Trouble is they do not have reliable death bowlers for flat tracks."
  41. 32 oversIre 183-5 
    Broad has been hit out of the attack, it seems. So Yardy returns with his left-arm "darts". It's the batting powerplay so Ireland will surely have a real "dart" themselves in these next five overs. Another dreadful error from Prior, four byes here and Strauss shakes his head. O'Brien pulls Yardy twice for four, great over for Ireland! Hideous bowling from Yardy.
  42. From Mark Ooj, TMS inbox: "If you take the point that you should double what you've scored at 30 overs . That makes it a narrow win for Ireland."
  43. 31 oversIre 167-5 
    I hope Strauss reads the riot act to his team after this shambles of a performance. Anderson is back on at this end (Broad's first five overs have cost 44 runs by the way!) and he sends down three dot balls before Cusack gets key man O'Brien back on strike with a single.
  44. 30 overs166-5 
    That's the 50-run stand off 31 balls as Cusack gets a lucky edge through the slips for four. Now a much better shot travels through the covers like, well "a tracer bullet" if you're Ravi Shastri. It's 162 needed from the last 20 overs. Could they do it?
  45. Twitter 
    From iamjoshknight: "It's not so bad getting 2 or 3 fielding errors against Ireland. But 2 or 3 against SA would be suicide."
    Spot on
  46. 29 oversIre 156-5 
    This is turning into a very handy innings for Ireland from Kevin O'Brien, who moves to 33 as he waits in the crease this time and uses the wrists to glance Swann for four. Great shot. Swann finishes with 3-47 which is a fine effort from him, but he tailed off a bit in the last two overs.
  47. SMS 
    From Adam Ant: "Agree with Matthew Bowles. Far too negative with your comments. England's achievements in the last couple of years deserve better coverage."
    So shall I jack in this commentary and just opine about the Ashes for the next hour or two?
  48. From Jack, counting his chickens in the TMS inbox: "A relievingly light hearted match after the tense India match to take my thoughts off ICT coursework."
  49. 28 oversIre 149-5 
    Broad, following an expensive opening spell, should enjoy himself more now he's back into the attack. He was excellent in the warm-up games before getting ill. A modicum of inswing for the Notts seamer. Great stop from Trott on the third-man fence keeps Cusack to two rather than the four he was looking for. O'Brien digs out a yorker, then a grim delivery down the leg-side goes for five wides but Prior, who's having a bad game, should have stopped that. O'Brien cuts for four to go to 29 from 16 balls. Required rate coming back down to eight an over. Strauss looks furious.
  50. 27 oversIre 138-5 
    Swann's figures receive a slight dent as O'Brien moves to 19 with a slog-sweep for six. And there's another six from O'Brien, again mowed over deep midwicket. If he stays in for another half hour or so that 100-plus run that Matthew Bowles is after might not be coming.
  51. Twitter 
    From Matthew Bowles: "You are a tediously negative. Barring a 2/3 of fielding slips, this has been very professional so far. 100+ run win coming."
    I think he means two or three fielding slips
  52. 26 oversIre 123-5 
    A nice shot from O'Brien, thumping Yardy over short midwicket's head for four. And there's another, slammed through the covers. Wrong length, too full and too wide and got the treatment.
  53. 25 oversIre 113-5 
    Easy two for Cusack out to deep extra cover. He should be an actor with that surname. Swann beats his attempted cut, however, and it's hard to see how the Irish well get close now, but they have not been a pushover - they rarely are.
  54. 24.2 oversWICKETWilson lbw Swann 3 (Ire 111-5) 
    Nelson strikes for the second time in the match as Ireland also lose a wicket on 111. That ball from Swann was going nowhere except middle pole.
    England aren't keen for this game to go the distance, as Swann has a slip in for Wilson. Big appeal for lbw, given out by Bowden and looks a good shout, but Ireland review.
  56. 24 oversIre 111-4 
    Lovely time for Yardy to come back into the attack after his first over went for eight, which incidentally is exactly what Ireland need per over. Wilson's struggling to pick the gaps, but does get O'Brien on strike with a single to short fine-leg.
  57. 23 oversIre 110-4 
    Kevin O'Brien, a good old-fashioned biffer, edges a drive for four. Top marks for positive intent, and he's wearing a cap rather than a helmet which is good to see.
  58. 22.2 oversWICKETJoyce st Prior b Swann 32 (Ire 106-4) 
    Another wicket for Swann as Joyce comes a long way down the wicket, misses a flighted delivery and Prior completes a very straightforward stumping.
  59. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks 
    “I think to win a tournament like this you need a more aggressive second spinner than Michael Yardy. If they had picked Adil Rashid, he would not have necessarily bowled 10 overs but he might have duped a few batsmen out. They have gone for the very pragmatic but absolutely admirable option of Yardy but he’s not really a spinner.”
  60. 22 oversIre 105-3 
    Joyce must play the Sachin/Strauss innings of Sunday now if Ireland are to pull off a miracle. He calmly puts Wilson back on strike by taking a single off Collingwood's first ball. An energetic Bell swoops in to keep Wilson on zero, but the number five is up and running eventually with a single down to third man.
  61. 21 oversIre 103-3 
    Tidy finish to the Swann over, with one arm ball beating new man Wilson's outside edge before the next one does the other thing, spinning sharpy into the right-hander's pads. Required rate has zoomed to 7.75.
  62. SMS 
    From Stuart, Milton Keynes: "Re the idea of a 'thumping win' for England. I don't care if we win by one run. It will be better for the team's progress to win in tight finishes than by getting a false impression by winning by 300 runs."
    I disagree, but hey there are probably many who think the same way as you...
  63. 20.2 oversWICKETO'Brien b Swann 29 (Ire 103-3) 
    O'Brien's bright little innings comes to an end as his attempted slog-sweep is missed and Swann celebrates a wicket, an important one.
  64. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks 
    "We've got the off-cutters and off-breaks as England try to build pressure and create another chance. They created a couple of chances of course that should have been taken."
  65. 20 oversIre 102-2 
    Very good running from the first ball of this over gets O'Brien a couple off Collingwood. And now there's two more with a dabbed sweep. Pressure is off Ireland again as the 100 comes up, and it's another decent over for the underdogs.
  66. From Paul Smyth, TMS inbox: "Realistically if we couldn’t beat Bangladesh then England are a pipe dream. But no harm in dreaming."
  67. 19 oversIre 96-2 
    An undercurrent from you lot e-mailing and tweeting away is that England are lacking a ruthlessness and I whole-heartedly agree with you. They must at the very least put some serious pressure on these two now, who have each been given a life. Swann's doing his bit, with five overs for 18 to date.
  68. 18 oversIre 92-2 
    It's time for Collingwood's cutters and wobbly things. O'Brien's doing very nicely for Ireland, but Joyce needs to step up his scoring a little to help out his mate. Failed "Dilscoop" attempt from O'Brien, and a good tidy start from Collingwood.
  69. SMS 
    From Sreejay, Chennai: "I don’t see why Boycs should think it’s ’pathetic’ that Indian authorities complained! Dave Richardson came out and practically called Dhoni a fool for not getting a rule nobody understands. Geoff B is becoming more like India’s Sidhu on the mic."
  70. 1426DRINKS BREAK 
    It's drinks in Bangalore.
  71. 17 oversIre 90-2 
    O'Brien is on the charge again, but has to be content with a single off Swann. Slightly better from England, but it's unlikely they're going to record the big thumping win they were after.
  72. Twitter 
    From former England captain Michael Vaughan: "I am afraid England players have spent too much time at my fielding academy."
  73. 16 oversIre 86-2 
    Hayden Ballard, who has just e-mailed in, suggests Bopara in for Anderson. Well I don't know about Ravi "bowiling his full 10" but he's a much better bowler than England seem ro realise. Strauss appears to rate the rank rubbish of Pietersen above Bopara's brisk medium pace, which is very bizarre. Meanwhile, O'Brien plays a muscular drive over midwicket's head for four off Bresnan. Rubbish down the leg-side from Bresnan, helped down to the rope for four. Great over for Ireland.
  74. 15 oversDROPPED CATCHIre 76-2 
    This is the last over of the bowling powerplay, and Swann gets through O'Brien's attempted sweep. Now the batsman cuts, but straight to point. There's a single down to long-off at last before Joyce gets a single to short fine-leg. And Joyce hits a six off the last ball of the over which is dropped by Anderson at long-off. A slightly more purpseful jump would have ensured a catch. England are fast becoming the weakest fielding side in this tournament.
  75. From Hayden Ballard, TMS inbox: "Bopara in for Jimmy anyone? Fast bowlers are not doing it on these Indian tracks, Ravi can bowl his 10...and then we’d have a finisher...rather than having to keep watching Bresser, Yardy and co. attempt to get it off the square?"
  76. 14 oversIre 68-2 
    Bresnan's bouncer is too hot for O'Brien. One cannot stress enough how important Bresnan and Swann are for England - and they are doing a fine job in tandem right now. The required rate is in excess of seven an over now and England will be happy enough, though Ireland cannot panic yet.
  77. 13 oversIre 66-2 
    The brakes have come on hard since Stirling's departure, and Joyce does not look like the man who scored an ODI century in Sydney four years ago. A thick inside edge almost rattles his stumps as Swann continues to bowl nicely.
  78. 12 oversDROPPED CATCHIre 64-2 
    Alan Lewis on TMS says it's frustrating that Stirling often gets starts before playing a silly shot. His wicket this time was a case in point as Ireland had already scored plenty of runs from the over when he went for one shot too many. Ah, there's a very bad dropped catch from Matt Prior from a top-edged pull by Joyce. Unbelievably, Anderson had also dropped a much tougher chance from the previous delivery. Tough luck Bresnan.
  79. From Karim Govani, TMS inbox: "Great to see Ireland give this chase a go! No one gave England a prayer chasing 338 the other day. I don’t think Ireland will win but they will get to around 300."
  80. 11 oversIre 63-2 
    The Yardy experiment comes to an end as Swann replaces Yardy, Strauss opting to take the bowling powerplay. O'Brien gets off the mark with a single and that's a very good start from the England off-spinner who will enjoy bowling at two left-handers.
  81. 10 oversIre 62-2 
    Niall O'Brien is at the crease now. He and Joyce are two good batsmen and they need to produce a big partnership. Dot ball to end the over.
  82. 9.5 oversWICKETStirling c Pietersen b Bresnan 32 (Ire 62-2) 
    Short and wide from Bresnan, that's not like him, and a terrible place to bowl at Joyce who latches onto a square-cut for four. England need a wicket. Now the slower ball is misdirected, and Stirling glances it fine past the man in close for four more. Easy boundary, but now he's out - the pull goes wrong and he's easily caught by Pietersen.
  83. 9 oversIre 53-1 
    Strauss pulls a little rabbit out of the bag, Yardy to bowl inside the first powerplay. Interesting exchange on TMS as Aggers reveals India are lodging an official complaint to the ICC about Bell's not-out verdict the other day. "Pathetic," says Boycott, with no little disdain. Four singles are followed by a Stirling block, before the opener thumps one through the covers for four.
  84. Twitter 
    From alihalljones: "Stirling will be playing for England in 2015 World Cup then back playing for Ireland in 2019."
  85. 8 oversIre 45-1 
    England turn to one of their heroes from Sunday, Timothy Bresnan of Yorkshire. Quick single from Stirling, then Joyce plays and misses with a flirtatious little waft before Collingwood charges in from backward point to ensure the next one is also a dot ball.
  86. 7 oversIre 42-1 
    Classic Joyce. A shot high on the finesse tarrif, late cut off Anderson for four. Ireland are not too far behind the required rate. Anderson is warned for running down the wicket after delivering the ball. Four leg-byes come via another poorly directed delivery. Not sure what happened to the best bowler in the last Ashes series, but he wasn't peppering the areas outside leg-stumps out in Australia.
  87. SMS 
    From Alan in London: "Stirling won't last beyond the first over or two of spin."
    When people make predictions like that, they are either scarily accurate or hopelessly wrong.
  88. 6 overs32-1 
    Broad has made the wise decision to stop bouncing Stirling. Instead he goes the other way, bowling as full as possible. Then he gets one wrong, slightly short and well wide of off-stump, which Stirling slams over mid-on for four. Lovely, lovely hit. It's England v Stirling out there.
  89. 5 oversIre 26-1 
    Joyce misses out as Anderson slips one down the leg-side, while Stirling also scampers a leg-bye. Joyce drives for his first boundary - too full from Anderson and put away accordingly with some style through the covers. Much better from the bowler, just misses the top of off-stump with one that completely did Joyce.
  90. SMS 
    From Luke in Belfast: "Have a deal with Paul Stirling that every six he hits I owe him a Chicken goujon meal, tasty incentive!"
    He doesn't look like a chap to turn down a chicken goujon meal...
  91. 4 oversIre 20-1 
    Stirling, who was also the best of Ireland's bowlers in my opinion (even though he only took one wicket to John Mooney's four) takes four runs off Broad with a thickish inside edge through the on-side field. Broad comes back with some accurate stuff, then he tries a short one but Stirling pulls him with great comfort for four more.
  92. Twitter 
    From BBC Sport's Alison Mitchell at the World Cup: "Lot of excitement about Paul Stirling - after the same no of games for Ireland, he's scored more runs and at a faster rate than Eoin Morgan had."
  93. 3 oversIre 10-1 
    Anderson is working up a decent little rhythm against Sussex's Ed Joyce, first maiden of the match.
  94. 2 oversIre 10-1 
    Joyce slices one down to third man off Broad, Stirling pushes to mid-off, and now he pulls Broad for six! Lovely shot, got that away from the fielder so it was always safe. If you fancy backing the outsider in a two-horse race, Ireland are currently trading at 100-1 to win this match.
  95. NOT OUT 
    Aleem Dar was bang on with his decision, Broad's delivery at the left-handed Joyce pitched outside the leg stump.
    Here is Broad, 5kg lighter following that sushi argument, appealing vociferously for lbw, they are going for the review.
  97. 1 overIre 2-1 
    Joyce plays and misses at a ball angled across him, might have nibbled away a bit. First runs, Broad (he of the dicky tummy) moves across from mid-off to keep Joyce to a single. "Eating sushi such a long way away from the sea!" says Boycott in reprimanding style. Geoffrey is known for bringing his own food into the grounds. A wide from Anderson gets the Irish another run, and Stirling leaves an outswinger well alone.
  98. From Edward Lewis, TMS inbox: "Great to hear Alan Lewis on today. I am ancient enough to have, when I used to be scorer for Trinity College Dublin in the early 60s, seen his father Ian play often. We were always glad to se him out! A fine player, I also remember him scoring 41, all off Alf Valentine for Ireland against Windies in Dublin in 1963."
  99. 0.1 oversWICKETPorterfield b Anderson 0 (Ire 0-1) 
    Wide half-volley outside off-stump. Rubbish ball, but Porterfield unluckily drags it onto the stumps.
  100. England batsman Ian Bell: "At start of the game we wanted to get some good runs on the board and it was nice to do that again today. Jonathan Trott and I know each other inside out so it was good to put on another partnership. We need to come out and do the basics really well and pick up another two points tonight."
  101. 1314 
    James Anderson needs to bowl well. Here he is, William Porterfield on strike, Paul Stirling his partner. Floodlights are on. Game on!
  102. 1241INTERVAL 
    We will resume at 1315 GMT by our estimation. Rahul Dravid is in the TMS studio during the break, I'm off for a break.
  103. 50 oversWICKETBresnan c Johnson b Mooney 4 (Eng 327-8) 
    Swann, timing the ball much more surely than Bresnan, pings Mooney down the ground for four. Bresnan is caught in the deep off the last ball. Four wickets for Mooney. Well done Ireland, some really accurate stuff over the closing few overs. England were straining like leashed dogs for more runs over the closing dozen overs, but couldn't do it and lost wickets in the process. They should have plenty, I'd be surprised if this Ireland side can make them sweat, but go on, prove me wrong!
  104. 49 oversEng 318-7 
    Swann and Bresnan can only pick up a single off the last three balls. This is all rather feeble.
  105. 48.3 oversWICKETYardy b Johnston 3 (Eng 317-7) 
    Another England batsman backs away, and hacks at nothing. How do we get Bopara back in this side? He needs to play, surely, especially with no Morgan to call on, though I accept it's difficult to pick the person to make way.
  106. 48.1 oversDROPPED CATCH 
    Wilson dives forward to swallow up a catch off the bat of Yardy, only he misses it, bad drop that, bad luck Johnston.
  107. Chris Phillips, TMS inbox: "RE Nick Fleet, did you not see the England vs India match? Yes, England haven’t been as explosive today as we might have liked, but it takes a brave person to suggest England are lacking in the batting department having chased down a mammoth 338, in a World Cup match, in India, against India."
  108. 48 oversEng 315-6 
    Not sure I'd have sent out Yardy with three overs to go. Broad or Swann for me. Any road, Yardy dabs a single off Rankin, Bresnan connects with fresh air, gets a single and Yardy clean misses a couple. Ugly stuff. Just THREE RUNS OFF THE OVER!
  109. 47 oversWICKETCollingwood c K O'Brien b Mooney 16 (Eng 312-6) 
    Mooney bellows in frustration as a couple of misfields give Collingwood extra runs, and so the Durham man is back on strike to thump the medium-pacer for a towering six over long-on. That was the second biggest six of the tournament, though I don't know how you measure them - presumably predictive ball-tracking devices are used. Mooney misses a chance to run out Collingwood, his kick goes wide. Attempting another six, Collingwood is caught at long-on. Redemption for Mooney.
  110. From Nick Fleet, TMS inbox: "Is anyone else not concerned that England only have four in form batsmen. Without Bopara, Morgan or Wright, we have no strength in the middle order. We'll be alright this game, but come South Africa..."
  111. 46 oversWICKETPrior b Johnston 6 (Eng 299-5) 
    Despite the decent-looking total, this has been a peculiar innings from England. They haven't really accelerated at any point. Ireland have done well to prevent a really big score. And now Johnston bowls Prior, backing away, horrible hack, missed.
  112. 45 oversEng 294-4 
    Prior hits his second ball for four. Full toss, smashed with little fuss through midwicket. Mooney is furious.
  113. Twitter 
    From BBC Sport's David Ornstein: "Eng-Ire at #cwc orgruelling gym session in Finchley? The latter for Finn & Morgan!"
  114. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks 
    "England have been clinical and professional but they haven’t set the pulse racing. On this surface, on this ground, a score of about 320 is probably about par. England are not absolutely impregnable."
  115. 44.4 oversWICKETTrott b Mooney 92 (Eng 288-4) 
    Big, lusty swing. He misses and back goes off-stump. Crikey, Trott will be frustrated to miss his century.
  116. 44 oversEng 288-3 
    Funny isn't it? Back go the fielders and Trott immediately deflects Rankin through the slip cordon with total control for an easy four. Collingwood gets a couple of singles, and England avoid a close run-out chance.
  117. Bell had every chance to score only his second ODI ton, but he lost his way in that power play. Found it easier to score boundaries with the fielders back, bizarrely. Great diving catch by the man at midwicket by the way.
  118. 43 oversWICKETBell c Stirling b Mooney 81 (Eng 278-3) 
    Bell joins his county colleague in the 80s with a gentle single off Mooney. Interesting graphic on TV shows that Ireland have bowled too short or too full the whole innings, only one boundary scored by a right-hander from a ball classes as "good length". Let's hope one of the 2,000 analysts employed by the ECB points that out to James Anderson. Bell has faced most of this power-play and has hit only one boundary, he's getting frustrated. So am I. And now he's gone.
  119. 42 oversEng 274-2 
    The penultimate over of the powerplay is entrusted to Johnston. Fireworks time? Nope - Bell drives straight to cover, no run. Now he lofts over cover, single. Bell has batted patchily today. There should be sixes and fours, instead Trott defends to point, now he gets a single to long-off. Better from Bell, another Dilscoop for four.
  120. 41 oversEng 267-2 
    Young Dockrell has to bowl a lot in powerplays - he slips another one down the leg-side and to the boundary, this is getting messy from the Irish now. But apart from that filthy ball it's a very decent over.
  121. 40 oversEng 257-2 
    What will happen now with the (slightly) faster pace of Cusack to deal with? A wide down the leg-side beats O'Brien (standing up) and that's five to England's total. Bell drives straight to backward point, no run. We have our first boundary of the batting powerplay, Trott beating mid-on with a bunt down the ground, and now a really clean off-drive gets him four more as he goes to 80.
  122. From Rob, TMS inbox: "Trott and Pietersen might have equalled the great Viv Richards' record of getting to 1,000 runs in 21 matches, but I fancy that Sir Viv's 21 matches were not against the likes of Holland, Kenya and Ireland (with the greatest of respect to those rising cricketing nations)."
  123. 39 oversEng 241-2 
    The five-over period that dare not speak its name (for England batsmen) - it's the batting powerplay. Six fielders must stay inside the ring. England lose a wicket every 14.7 balls in batting powerplays, third worst behind Pakistan (12.6) and West Indies (14.2) of Test nations. (Thanks to Opta Sports for that). Dockrell is bowling, and not a single shot is played in anger but a couple of wides help the batting side's cause.
  124. 38 oversEng 233-2 
    Improvisation from Bell, it's the "Dilscoop" (TM Mahendra Mapagunaratne, 2009), the lofted sweep played fine off a seam bowler. Johnston's the perfect pace to attempt the shot off. Interestingly, its original purveyor - Tillakratne Dilshan - is a BBC website columnist for this tournament.
  125. Twitter 
    From tonyprice1877: "Always remember being told you should double your score at 30 overs so England on for 350... I fear it may not be enough"
    If Ireland win with 351 then I'll do something very silly
  126. 37 oversEng 224-2 
    Trott takes a couple of runs off Dockrell to join Sir Viv Richards and Kevin Pietersen among the two batsmen to reach 1,000 ODI runs in only 21 innings. Amazing that two of those should be England players, quite frankly. Ooh - nice boundary from Ian Bell off Dockrell from a well-struck cover-drive.
  127. 36 oversEng 215-2 
    After that one over from Rankin, Porterfield is obviously not impressed and summons old man Johnston in his stead. Overall run rate dips below six an over again as England garner four singles from this one.
    Not sure the last drinks break I signalled was an official one, they're having a longer one now in any event. Fifteen overs to go, another 120 would be nice but my feeling is that Ireland will struggle to get anything approaching 300.
  129. A spotter's badge for James Clipson, TMS inbox: "Billy Midwinter played for Australia then England then Australia – not exactly the same as Joyce as Midwinter was born in Gloucestershire. He was playing for Australia against Middlesex but WG Grace decided Gloucestershire’s need was greater and spirited him off to the Oval." (badges not actually available)
  130. 35 oversEng 211-2 
    I knew bits were starting to fall off my brain. Scotland have Hamilton (see below) and Dougie Brown who have done a mid-career England dalliance. Kepler Wessels may have played for a rebel South Africa before going to Australia for a bit and returning to SA, can't remember exactly. Stirling finishes off with 1-45 from his 10 - Bell hitting him over midwicket for two to go to his 50 and bring up the 100 partnership.
  131. 34 oversEng 205-2 
    TIme for the one bowler with a bit of pace in this Ireland team, Boyd Rankin, which means one Warwickshire bowler and two Warwickshire batsmen doing battle. Despairing dive from Wilson on the square-leg fence, Bell pulling efficiently for four. "Short, that, and it's powder-puff," says G Boycott - not convinced that Rankin has "trained on" in recent years.
  132. From Garry O'Reilly, TMS inbox, who was first with: "Didn’t Gavin Hamilton play for Scotland, then England picked him a couple of times which meant he had to wait five years before he finally returned to play for Scotland?"
    Time for a cool one, it's about 30 degrees out there. England beginning the final charge. Profitable last couple of overs...
  134. Twitter 
    From BFInnoBystander: "World's Greatest Batsman (TM) knocks up another 50, yawns, scratches his guard again and beckons 'more' "
  135. 33 overs198-2 
    Stirling is into his ninth over, Trott and Bell push the score along. Now there's a widish yorker which is edged for four by Trott - but that was played on purpose, I believe.
  136. 32 oversEng 189-2 
    Almost a catch for Ed Joyce off a false shot from Bell out at widish long-on. Joyce is, I believe, the only cricketer to have played for one country, then had a go with another (England), only to return to his country of birth. Someone correct me if they can find another example. Trott gets two off Dockrell to move to 48. And there's his fifty, lofted sweep for four. He has a terrific ODI record has Jonathan Trott.
  137. 31 oversEng 178-2 
    With eight wickets in hand, we shouldn't be too critical of England, you know. The main idea is to ensure victory after all. Stirling has been the pick of the Ireland bowlers today and even when he drops short Bell can't capitalise. Reflections on KP's dismissal from Geoffrey Boycott: "He has plenty of talent but thinking is not his strength."
  138. SMS 
    From James in London: "Another idea for making the boring middle overs more interesting... How about the further you hit the ball for six the more runs it is worth... So if it clears the boundary it is still a six, if it goes in the crowd it is 12 runs... And if the batsman hits it out of the ground it is 18 runs? Would add a lot more excitement."
  139. 30 oversEng 175-2 
    Dockrell is into his sixth over, England need some boundaries really, and here comes Bell, very elegant footwork - and clipped gracefully over long-off for six.
  140. 29 oversEng 164-2 
    Stirling begins with a couple of dots here, but Bell gets off strike with a thump down to deep square-leg. Trott gets a single, before Bell gets something really loose, wide full-toss, and can only add another one to his score. The gentle strangle continues...
  141. From David Smith, TMS inbox: "So KP manages to turn a right arm finger spinner into a left arm finger spinner by reverse sweeping. Anyone surprised he got out?"
  142. 28 oversEng 162-2 
    Dockrell is back into the attack and Pietersen is on the laptop on the England balcony. Twitter? E-mail to Jessica? Ebay? Hopefully, he's studying his silly shot which got him out. Quiet out in the middle.
  143. 27 oversEng 159-2 
    Trott down the wicket to Stirling, and here's a lofted on-drive for four. Interesting, mid-off could now go back to the fence but the field stays the same. Two dots ensue, before the man at backward point makes a fine stop off a square drive. Two singles end the over.
  144. 26 oversEng 152-2 
    Ah, the slumber is broken by an elegant lofted drive from Bell for a one-bounce four off Cusack, who has replaced Mooney. Andy Flower, shades on, looks on rather grimly. The England coach was the only member of the balcony not to be wreathed in smiles after that tie against India. He's a bit like Duncan Fletcher in his ability to control emotions.
  145. Allen Maslen, TMS inbox: "How about this to liven the middle overs up... Every time a boundary is hit, the bowler has to bowl the ball again, like he would in case of a no ball. This would make for potentially limitless scoring during the "boring" overs."
  146. 25 oversEng 144-2 
    Simon Hughes on TMS likes the look of Paul Stirling, who is on the books of Hughes's old county, Middlesex. He's a chunky little spinner in the Samit Patel mould. Three dots to Bell, who batted much more brightly than this against India. He gets his single before Trott misses an attempted reverse sweep. Excellent over, lots of under-spin, getting the ball to turn away from the right-handers if anything, rather than inwards like off-spinners are meant to.
  147. 24 oversEng 143-2 
    Trott moves to 34 with a single through point off Mooney. Bangalore is 1,000 metres above sea level, didn't you know? Well, I didn't. And we almost have a run-out as Trott was caught ball-watching while Bell came haring back for a second run. Throw went to the wrong end, otherwise that was curtains for Trott. Actually Niall O'Brien wasted time breaking the stumps at his end - should have just thrown it to the non-striker's end and he might have had his man.
  148. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks 
    "Lots of talk about the powerplay being dangerous for the batsmen. When are captains going to make the leap as though to say: 'if that's what happens when you HAVE to bring in the fielders, why not bring in the fielders when it's not compulsory?' "
    In fairness, that's what Porterfield was doing in that last over, and Trott was lucky to get that streaky boundary
  149. 23 oversEng 138-2 
    Much more of this gentle tapping about and England will have to settle for 280-odd. Or maybe not, streaky boundary from Trott, genuine outside edge past a vacant first slip for four off Stirling. Seven men inside the circle, bit of pressure being applied.
  150. 22 oversEng 130-2 
    Nice idea from Simon Mann, who says "any sixes hit between overs 20 and 40 should count as eight". That might liven up the middle overs, he feels. Vic Marks gently chuckles as Trott and Bell just keep the score ticking over, equally gently.
  151. 21 oversEng 126-2 
    On TMS, Simon Mann reckons England want 320-plus despite the recent success of the Irish spinners. Stirling is causing a few problems with balls sliding on with the arm and not spinning into the right-handers. He beats Trott with a nice ball and the run rate has been pegged back to six an over (which is still pretty good).
  152. SMS 
    From Mat, Cornwall: "I have a plan to counter England's powerplay problem, use a lower order batsman as a "powerplay watchman"?"
  153. 20 oversEng 122-2 
    Dockrell is surprisingly hoisted out after his first four overs cost only 17 and brought the wicket of Strauss. Does he need to be "saved"? Mooney it is instead, and there are just four men saving one for Bell who is one not out from seven balls. Inevitably, he finds a gap and picks a single. Trott hits a low full-toss through the covers and they run very hard for two. He's 23 from 24 balls, nice start.
  154. 19 oversEng 118-2 
    Porterfield makes a super stop from short midwicket to prevent one single, but the next ball Bell takes adavantage of a rather generous gap at mid-on to get off the mark. Commentators are not happy that Bell was allowed to get his innings going that way.
  155. BBC Test Match Special's Alan Lewis
    BBC Test Match Special's Alan Lewis 
    "This is an interesting phase of the game with two new batsmen at the crease. From an Irish perspective if we can break this partnership, we have Collingwood coming in who isn’t in a bundle of form. The one thing this Irish team don’t lack is energy in the field. Both of these bowlers can keep the run rate down so Ireland can get back into this now."
  156. 18 oversEng 114-2 
    It was a really poor shot by Pietersen, who clearly felt the need to try something different. I refuse to accept he was simply "bored". Yet another unfulfilled innings from the great enigma that KP currently is. So it's the two Warwickshire men as Bell marches out to face Dockrell. The Irish spinners are doing very nicely at the moment.
  157. 17 oversWICKETPietersen c N O'Brien b Stirling 59 (Eng 111-2) 
    Spin at both ends. It's the off-spin bowler Paul Stirling, who appears not to have done a charity haircut/hairdye. Or maybe he has and it's just not as obvious. Stirling beats KP with a rather cunning arm-ball and that's OUT - caught off a reverse sweep by the wicketkeeper.
    Time for something refreshing... Interesting to see whether England keep on pushing or just sit back and push singles for a while with the field back. Let's try to avoid the awful "Sudoko overs syndrome" - a phrase coined, I believe, by former Reuters cricket writer Tony Lawrence.
  159. 16 oversEng 110-1 
    Trott is having a decent look at Dockrell before attempting a flick off his pads which is comfortably fielded by the man at short fine-leg. Finally, he picks an off-side gap for a single. Good over from George, as Kevin O'Brien comes back on to the field after getting some attention.
  160. Twitter 
    From DamonDidcott: "You see, someone even MENTIONS the word 'powerplay' and England lose a wicket. It's a hex!"
  161. 15 oversEng 107-1 
    Two lovely boundaries from the new man Trott off Mooney: a square-drive followed by a late cut, and now Pietersen hits a short one off the front foot high over midwicket for six. That ends the bowling powerplay, so Ireland can send a couple more people scurrying to the boundaries. Relief.
  162. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott 
    "He tried to be too clever there. He made that fantastic 150 the other day but he was cheeky and a little careless today. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing for England because it gives someone else a chance to spend time in the middle. England want their best players to peak in time for the quarter-finals."
  163. 14 oversEng 92-1 
    A long conference between Porterfield, Johnston and Dockrell as Jonathan Trott prepares to face his first ball. More replays of the Strauss shot, he seemed a bit hurried and did not get into position to play a sweep or a pull - but give the bowler lots of credit, perhaps got some overspin or "dip" on the delivery to fool a very good batsman in top form.
  164. 13.3 oversWICKETStrauss b Dockrell 34 (Eng 91-1) 
    The 18-year-old strikes. Careless shot from Strauss, trying to pull or sweep something that wasn't really there for the shot, and he just gets a bottom edge off Dockrell onto the stumps. Now, can Ireland build on that breakthrough?
  165. Twitter 
    From bossbeechyscoop: "Eng should take batting powerplay early if these 2 still together: and if one gets out, send Broad in."
    I know this chap, he's at the ground. Any colour you can provide from the Chinnaswamy stadium, Beechy?
  166. 13 oversAPPEAL - NOT OUTEng 89-0 
    It's another change for Ireland, with the 29-year-old John Mooney's medium pacers getting an airing. The men in green desperately need a wicket, but Strauss won't gift them anything here, dabbing down to third man for one. Pietersen moves to 53 with a very sharp single to point. A huge lbw appeal but that can't possibly be out, would have missed leg stump by a foot. Decent start from Mooney.
  167. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott 
    "Kevin says he has no problem with left-arm spinners. All I can say is that if a particular type of bowler kept getting me out I have a serious problem. Mind you, Kevin will be much happier facing Dockrell with 40-odd runs on the board."
  168. 12 oversEng 85-0 
    It's time for the 18-year-old wunderkind of the Irish set-up, George Dockrell. He's a left-arm spinner you know, and Pietersen has had a few problems dealing with them in the past. Not much turn for the youngster, but he's located a nice length. This is the second over of the bowling powerplay by the way, so only three men are allowed on the boundary and Pietersen comes down the track to hit his 40th ball wide of mid-on for four and go to 51 not out.
  169. From James Pope, TMS inbox: "This game has major significance for my flatmate today, as it is the first strain on his mixed nationality relationship. A proud Englishman he is dating an Irish woman and as this game is before the 6 Nations clash, the pressure begins today! Whoever wins, they lose (and me, I live with him!)"
  170. Twitter 
    From Baron_Flumpy: "I give it another few overs before Pietersen does something stupid and gets himself out."
  171. 11 oversEng 77-0 
    Strauss comes skipping down the track like a gambolling lamb in spring, but gets nothing on a Cusack delivery outside off stump. He's being outscored by Pietersen now, and the right-hander has looked more solid too. Cusack presents one in Pietersen's arc right on his pads and it's launched for four. That was asking to be smashed away.
  172. 10 oversEng 72-0 
    Pietersen, who has scored more than half his runs in this tournament through mid-off and mid-on - someone's been listening to Goochie I think - launches Johnston high and handsomely over mid-on for his first six of the day. A low full toss gets England and KP two more, but Strauss has to hurry to get back in time. Good over for England.
  173. 9 oversEng 60-0 
    Alex Cusack, a medium-pacer, comes into the attack and sees Strauss deflect his first ball through the vacant slips for four. Pietersen bangs a cover-drive into the turf, and that bounces over the fielder close in and has enough oomph and timing on it to reach the boundary too. No excuses for England if they fail to get well over 300 today. But Strauss is almost caught at short midwicket, pulled out of a forcing shot and it ballooned off the bat, but didn't reach the fielder.
  174. SMS 
    From Chris, Hampshire: "Could George Dockrell as he improves turn over to the England squad like Eoin Morgan?"
    Indeed he could, and he gave an interview earlier this week suggesting he might, in time, do exactly that.
  175. 8 oversEng 50-0 
    No change in the bowling yet, Johnston - one of the heroes in that win against Pakistan four years ago - keeps plugging away. Singles here as the team 50 comes up, but a better over for Ireland.
  176. Twitter 
    From thefuggler: "To be fair, a robust forward defensive goes for four at Greys Green..."
    This is true, but the short boundaries are compensated for by a tricky wicket which is often damp and uneven
  177. From David Wignall, TMS inbox: "Could this match also be seen as a recruitment opportunity for England? Is it considered bad form to steal the other team's best players during a tournament? Or a match?"
  178. 7 oversEng 46-0 
    With Botha not in the team today, all-rounder O'Brien would be needed to do some bowling, and after a quick spray of something from the physio he gets back to his feet, briefly removing his cap to show off some pink hair-dye. Good news. Rankin completes the over.
  179. 6. 4 overEng 44-0 (DELAY) 
    Runs keep coming, Strauss moving to 19 with a couple of runs flicked off his pads. Rankin pitches one up, but Strauss can't pick an offside gap. Lots and lots of empty spaces in this big stadium, which is a big shame. First extra of the day is a Rankin wide. Kevin O'Brien fielding at wide mid-off has collapsed in fielding the ball and has picked up some sort of injury.
  180. 6 oversEng 40-0 
    Each batsman takes a single with Niall O'Brien (wearing a helmet and shades) coming up to the stumps for Johnston's bowling. The closer attentions of the wicketkeeper seem to work as England's pair are kept quiet for a while - until a ball on leg-stump is disdainfully flicked away for four by Pietersen.
  181. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks 
    "There’s no justice that Rankin went for six there. It was a good bouncer and Strauss was not in control of the shot. A let-off for the England captain. Rankin is a big man, he’s got a bit of bounce and he deserved a wicket there."
  182. SMS 
    From Andrew, Belfast: "Quite depressing that eight years ago I was playing schools cricket against Rankin and Porterfield. Think I could have taken KP with my leggies but Bell and the rest would liked the look of them."
  183. 5 oversEng 34-0 
    Finally, Rankin does try a short one, and it works - Strauss swaying out of the way to show the bowler a bit of respect. Perhaps expecting another awkward one, Strauss plays a rather ugly attempted drive next up. Big top-edge from a Strauss pull now, and he is lucky! It just disappears over Dockrell at fine-leg for a six. Luck of the English.
  184. Twitter 
    From iamthewrongun: "Big Boyd looks like the monk out of the Da Vinci Code with his new hair, hope he doesn't flagellate when he bowls a wide."
  185. 4 oversEng 27-0 
    Strauss moves to 10 as he slashes Johnston over a vacant fourth slip area (approximately) for four. How long will it be before the exciting young spinner George Dockrell gets a go?
  186. Twitter 
    From AltCricket: "Strauss in ODIs over the last year: 24 innings, 1,235 runs, average 53.69, strike rate 95.58, 3 hundreds and 9 fifties. That's the most runs of any captain and and the most runs of any opener. Yeah, more than Amla, Sachin, Dilshan, etc, etc..."
  187. 3 oversEng 22-0 
    Thick inside edge from Pietersen as he squirts through square-leg for four. Memories of one of my lucky boundaries for Turville Park at Greys Green last September. Next one is very much KP and not Oliver Brett, a cleanly cracked straight drive for four more as Pietersen rushes to 15. Rankin should try some shorter stuff really, just to see what happens. Two from Strauss to finish a fine over for England, the Irish fielding's a bit ropey by the way, betraying some nerves.
  188. 2 oversEng 11-0 
    Johnston (clean-shaved) strays onto the Strauss pads and there's plenty of space for England to canter a couple. Nest one's tempting, full and outside off, but the England skipper turns down that tempting little cream cake and instead mistimes a shorter ball, with KP urging him through for a single. KP's legs are so wide as he bats he could be astride a huge horse.
  189. From Vaclav Marsalek, Prague, TMS Inbox: "As maybe the only fan of cricket in the Czech Republic, I wish Strauss to score a century on his birthday today. The game on Sunday was magnificent. Just a shame this sport is being played by so few countries."
  190. 1 overEng 7-0 
    Rankin's charity barnet of choice is a bleached, spiky gelled thing. Anyway, Strauss gets a single and Pietersen comes right across his stumps to collect two with a purposeful leg-glance. Now he times one from outside off-stump through an on-side gap and that's an effortless boundary. Could be runs galore today.
  191. Twitter 
    From Surreygirlsoph: "Ravi should be playing. I don't understand why Colly is there and he isn't? Really James Foster is the best wicketkeeper too!"
    Are you sure you aren't an Essex girl in disguise?
  192. 0859 
    Here's Strauss and Pietersen, who once had a brilliantly horribly hairdo of his own (a sort of dead blue skunk, in 2005) and the first ball will be bowled by Boyd Rankin. When he gets it right he's a pretty fast and testing bowler.
  193. 0857 
    We have just had a rousing rendition of Ireland's Call - now that's what I call an anthem... followed by the inevitably more staid sounds of God Save the Queen
  194. SMS 
    From Anonymous: "Botha's dibbly dobblies will be missed but Wilson, who is usually a keeper, is breaking through for Surrey so should provide good batting depth. Cusack is in for White btw which means there are only the two spinners in the line-up."
    Thanks for that, and apologies for missing the second Irish alteration from the team beaten by Bangladesh in their first match of the tournament.
  195. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew 
    "England have only played Ireland three times, but they have never been pushovers. Ireland have a statement to make; I think they will fancy themselves to be the strongest of the associates and this is a chance for them to show that."
  196. From Steve, Antwerp, TMS Inbox: "It has to be said ... let's hope Ireland hit a purple patch ... but only take England to the wire (and no further!)"
  197. 0848 
    Test Match Special is on air for the duration, so please listen to our eminent commentators, especially when the stuff I type becomes terribly boring. The first ball will be bowled in precisely 12 minutes - looking forward to this one, big paceman Boyd Rankin might get a bit of bounce and seam movement early on...
  198. 0845TEAMS IN FULL 
    England: AJ Strauss*, KP Pietersen, IJL Trott, IR Bell, PD Collingwood, MJ Prior†, MH Yardy, TT Bresnan, GP Swann, SCJ Broad, JM Anderson
    Ireland: WTS Porterfield*, PR Stirling, EC Joyce, NJ O'Brien†, AR Cusack, KJ O'Brien, GC Wilson, JF Mooney, DT Johnston, GH Dockrell, WB Rankin
    I am still not entirely happy about an England middle order without Ravi Bopara in it, but Ian Bell proved his credentials on Sunday and we have to have two spinners, so this is the right team for England in my opinion.
  199. 0840 
  200. 0838TEAM NEWS 
    Just the one change for England then (Broad for Shahzad), and one too for Ireland - Gary Wilson in for Andre Botha. Irish fans - how does that alter the balance of the side? Please get involved with twitter, e-mail, SMS etc...
  201. 0836 
    Strauss, whose birthday it is today - he's 34, is briefly asked to reflect on the tie against India: "It's ignited the World Cup, not just for us, but for the tournament as a whole." Ireland captain William Porterfield, wearing shocking purple hair, reckons he's happy enough chasing as long as they can restrict England to a total that isn't too huge. "We're pretty confident, we're ready to go."
  202. 0833TOSS NEWS 
    England win the toss and bat. Confirmation that Andrew Strauss has called correctly and will bat first on the ground where he hit that brilliant century on Sunday. Bright blue skies, more big runs on the way for him and England? Broad does play, replacing Ajmal Shahzad.
  203. 0827 
    The toss is due in three minutes, and we will bring you news of that, along with the teams, as soon as we get it. Remember,Stuart Broad is hoping to return today after missing the brilliant tie on Sunday against India. (The match Simon Mann was just referring to...)
  204. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann 
    On Twitter: "Not quite so many in today at the Chinnaswamy..."
  205. 0820 
    Say what you like about the last two World Cups - and some fairly unkind things have been said about them - but we did have one or two delicious moments when the minnows swallowed up the big sharks. Could it happen today when England take on Ireland in Bangalore? Well, could it?

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