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Thursday, February 10, 2011

President John F. Kennedy's Contemporary Ireland

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy

The basis of the Belfast Agreement or peace process, supposedly the agreed democratic common denominator, between British monarchists and Irish republicans was presented to Irish republicans, originally by their middle-management negotiators back in 1973, as an alternative to their fight for freedom. The basic principle for any change offered, was that instead of blanket censorship of Irish republicans in the media, they would be given a state sponsored platform, to allow them to PERSUADE the contrived majority, of the un-constitutional status of occupied Ireland. That PERSUASION rather than armed struggle would be the basis for any change in the status of the one party, non-democratic state of occupied Ireland.

After approximately twenty years of assassinating, blackmailing, buying the opposition within the Irish republican movement and the loyalists to the British monarchy, the deal was eventually squeezed through. Naturally authentic Irish republicans who yearned for a coherent Irish republic with self-determination, on the already small island of Ireland, were at best sceptical if not totally opposed to this dissolution of Irish sovereignty but some for the sake of peace, against their better instinct were willing to go the extra mile for the sake of peace.

The reality of what has transpired however, is that the media platform given, was usurped for the glorification of the middle manager negotiators, raising them to the cult status of the individual in the modern media, rather than the equality, liberty and fraternity principles of the republican tradition. All of the media in both parts of Ireland has long been compromised to embedded agents of the British, corporate interests and local self-serving Anglo-Irish colonial establishment interests, with its gombeen politicians. We are what we consume and contemporary Irish consciousness under such a barrage of dis-information like all dying civilizations is either psychotic or delusional.

The almost total blanket censorship of Irish republicans which existed, was meant to be lifted under the principles of the agreement, have in fact been selectively applied with filters, intranets and rampant censorship, to allow only those who serve the long-term interest of the British establishment to PERSUADE. The reality is that there isno indie media of any significance in all of the island of Ireland. Nominally as sop to local interests there is and Indie media setting an agenda of distraction, dis-information and astroturfing campaigns to fragment and euthanize any Irish progressive even further.

Persuasion under such conditions is impossible, even for authentic Irish peace activists. The Irish media which is saturated with secret British intelligence agents, continues with its operatives on the ground to criminalize the voices of Irish republicanism while normalizing two British compliant police states on the island and ghettoizing the Irish people of no property, under the control of police mentored criminal thugs.

The fragmentation of the Irish community, on the island of Ireland even further, from the existing two British complaint scum states, into criminal fiefdoms, is a further extension of the age old repressive colonial foreign policy of divide and conquer. The results coupled with the deepening crisis of western capitalism, are producing intolerable conditions of material deprivation, despair, alienation, elite corruption and merciless oppression for the dispossessed native Irish people. This continued malign British repression in Ireland, coupled with their former holocaust and Irish slave trade has almost obliterated Irish culture and its ancient civilization, with a cocktail of gombeen slavery and alcoholism within their two barbaric police states.

With a unilateral policy of almost total censorship across Ireland's British, corporate non indie media are creating the John Kennedy reality of "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

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